Wednesday, November 28, 2018

GUIDE | How to Get Out of The Rat Race (a.k.a. the Dreaded 9-5)

I'm realising the more I don't use my creative muscles, the more I feel like I'm losing my touch - my writing, public speaking / debating, my doodling / drawing and my chess skills.

And I know because blogging used to be my FAVORITE thing to do. I remember just writing and writing and writing and not caring what people thought about it. And I was so good at it.

I loved writing. I still very much do. I used to always get my essays chose by my English teacher and having it pasted to the back of the classroom walls for other students to see. Lel.

I loved debating and public speaking during high school. Yes, it was scary. But it was exhilarating.

It was a good kind of stress. And that's the stress I want to be feeling when choosing my life career. Not the bad stress *cough*office life*cough*.

Too often times, we get sucked into life doing something we were "told to do". We're not machines goddammit. Pardon my language. But we really are not goddammit.

I'm trying to find that zen in life. I've been working in the corporate 9-5 life for slightly more than 4 years now, and I'm about done with this man. No in the hell way am I doing this for my entire life.

Think about it. Literally your WHOLE life, you're exchanging MOST of your time for some money that's not really that much tbh. Until you reach CEO or partner.

I get it. Not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth.

I know a lot of people who are born with it though. I also know people who have built their wealth themselves. And guess what, I am in awe with them - with these freaking rich people. Because to be brutally honest and based on my observations, if you've got money, your avenue of choices and experiences in life expands by A LOT.

With money, you're able to travel to more places, meet new people, expand the horizons of your mind, open up possibilities you never imagined were there. There's a reason why people are so interested in the lives of the rich. It really goes to show that money runs the world. Almost literally.

I mean don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that you won't have problems if you're rich. All I'm saying is I'd much rather have rich people problems than poor people problems. The gist is - if we wanna be rich, we have got to build a healthy relationship with money.

So the trick is, how do we get to the point where we don't lose all our hair earning that money and building that wealth for the life we yearn? How are we able to have that wealth without waiting until we're 50?

And today, I just wanted to touch upon how we can kickstart the process of slowly getting out of the rat race and stepping towards a more fulfilling life.


So if you're like me and not born Kardashian-rich, chances are, you most probably will have to get a job to get some money. Because let's be honest here fam, we need some money to get started with whatever we want to do. I mean that's life fam.

You get that job, in your spare time and to do that side hustle that you're always wanted to do.

That's my aim. I'm not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up (ha-ha-ha), but all I know is I don't want to be bounded to a desk working 9-5 and feeling that bad stress errday.

  1. Build high income skills. 

    What's that one skill for you that you think it's unique to you and that people are willing to fork out money for?

    For me, its writing... and talking.... and envisioning plans. Lel. You can tell that I tend to lean towards abstract skills. I want to hone those skills even further. In my line of job, well I am able to hone the above skills to a certain degree. Not all can be within my control. But I'll take whatever opportunity that comes along so long as I don't get more stressed out. Balance you know?

    So keep building on those skills in your free time.
  2. Hustle by the side.

    I'm not exactly sure whether what I want to do can generate income. But I have to build that belief that I am good at what I do and this adds values to other people's life. Because often times, we doubt ourselves too much. And when that happens - we tend to rely on people to tell us what to do. We lose ourselves and our inner confidence in that way.

    And one way to build it is to work on myself and be the best possible version I can be. Work on yourself after work. Everyday. In whatever form. Even if you haven't a clue on what exactly you "want" to do, improving yourself (i.e. on your fitness, your looks, your knowledge) can open doors to opportunities.

    One of my hustles is to write. Keep on writing. Everyday. What's yours?
  3. Network

    This also includes surrounding yourself with like-minded people. People who share similar visions or aspirations as you. Also, by building valuable network with successful people, you get to learn more and often times, you will find having these people in your life may help you get a better footing in whatever you're aiming to do.

    So, be nice to everyone.
Ok, that's the 3 How-to's for today. I actually have a lot more to blabber on. But I think it'll spill over to the next post.

I'm still working on myself. And as this blog matures with me, you'll get to come with me on this journey and see how life changes with me.

"It's not the years in your life, it's the life in those years."

Damn that is some #instaworthy quote that I have GOT to use in my next #instapost.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

[HEALTH] Supplements I take

Hey yaaa,

Today I just wanted to do a real quick post on some of the supplements I've been incorporating into my diet for some time now.

What types of supplements to take is very subjective. It really depends on your needs and goals. I started taking supplements most probably because I find it hard to incorporate all essential minerals and nutrients into my diet. And also a lot of my supplements have got to do with my skin goals. Because as you know, your gurl here is serious about getting good skin especially now that I'm in my late twenties.

So here goes a brief outline of supplements that I take:

1. Multivitamins

If you're a beginner to taking supplements and don't know where to start, I recommend starting out with multivitamins. Multivitamins is like the base of supplements and they contains most essential vitamins and minerals in small quantities that helps in the maintenance of overall good health.

2. Fish Oil

I mostly take this for my skin because omega-3 has been well known for its benefits to the skin.

3. Evening primrose oil (EPO)

 EPO contains omega-6 fatty acid to maintain overall well-being especially for the ladies out there.

4. Collagen

I've not really explored much about collagen pills. I've only ever tried one brand which is Total Image, because just so happened that day I went to Watsons, and this particular brand was having a purchase-with-purchase promotion and the collagen pills were going for 50% off so I took a bottle to try. Planning to explore more into the world of collage pills. Will do another post for that.

5. Vitamin C

I try not to rely too much on vitamin C supplements as I think that getting in Vitamin C through the diet is even better. One way is through my green smoothies. Recipe over here.

6. Chlorella green algae 

Traditionally used for general health, I usually pop in the recommended dosage daily of about 6 mini pills as a back up for my greens intake. If you want great skin, I firmly believe diet plays an extremely crucial role and the 2 main ingredients to make up a great diet are your greens and fruits.

I'm always on the look out for easy ways to incorporate my diet with essential nutrients. But I know that supplements are just supplements to your diet. You can't pop pills to replace your diet. Still gotta work on that clean diet.

Ok so that's the end of this short post. Do let me know what kind of supplements you guys take in the comments below! :)

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Braces Q&A: Cost of braces, Extractions, Pain, Changes to Your Face Shape etc. (BRACES UPDATE: Closing Gaps Stage)

First post of February. Here goes a braces post for you all today.

BRACES UPDATE: I've had my braces on 2 years 2 months so far and had 4 teeth extracted. I'm now in the process of closing up the gaps in my teeth. Right now, my ortho is moving my 2 canines back so that my 4 front teeth can move back. My left canine is a little bit more stubborn though.
So in today's post, I'll be answering some common questions on braces:

1. Why did I get braces?

My problem before I got braces was I had a case of bimaxillary protrusion, and I always wanted to get it fixed but then I didn’t want my parents to pay for my braces so now that I’m working and earning my own money, I decided to take the plunge to get braces on my own. And bimaxillary protrusion is where my upper teeth and lower teeth flare out, much like a horse. Some people call it bugs bunny teeth or rabbit teeth. I don’t really have big two front teeth but my upper teeth flared out making my whole mouth protrude out. crooked lower teeth row and Class II overbite as ideally, the upper teeth should sit half way through the lower row of teeth. Also, my bottom row teeth were crooked.

2. What type of braces do I wear?

I wear damon braces. There are a few types of braces out there. As far as I know, there are the traditional metal braces, damon braces and invisalign. I got damon braces which supposedly works faster and are less painful than traditional braces. Damon braces are basically self-ligating braces meaning with damon braces, you don’t actually get those colorful rubberbands around each bracket because they clip together themselves. They are also a little bit smaller than traditional braces which is also a big pro aesthetically as well.

3. Cost

I live in Malaysia and my damon braces cost me RM6,500 inclusive of X-rays and retainers (extractions separate at RM60 per tooth - in a different clinic). Traditional braces are slightly cheaper, maybe around RM1000 cheaper.

3. Did I get any tooth extractions?

Yes, I did. I extracted a total of 4 teeth. Yes that is a lot, and that is why I took so long to decide to extract my teeth. After getting my braces on, I literally took 1 year to decide to extract my teeth. I wanted to see how far my teeth would go in and whether my protrusion would be solved without extractions. But for cases with protrusion, it is likely that you may have to get extractions because you need the extra space to move in the teeth. Before getting my extractions, I actually went to get a second opinion, before finally deciding to take the plunge to extract my teeth. And I have never felt happier because now, I can really see the progress and the changes to my teeth that I want.

4. Does your jaw/face changes after wearing braces?

The answer is yes. I have found that since wearing braces, my face has changed shape and even more so after I got my extractions. I have a much sharper jaw line now and a less protruding profile. But because I am still in the middle of my treatment, I can't exactly tell you for sure how the final outcome will be. Let me show you how I looked before braces.

This was how I looked before braces. As you can see, I had a much more plumper face back then and I don't know, whether it's because I am older now than I am back then and I lost my baby fat. But it's just been 2 years, so I don't think that getting older in the span of 2 years could have made such a big difference to my face shape. Some of it definitely had to do with me wearing braces and getting extractions. I am actually very happy with how my face has changed with braces so far.

This is my profile now still with braces.

6. What are elastics for?

If you can see, which you can, I have these little hooks on my braces. Im having elastics now to improve my bite. I will make a separate video on elastics because I have a lot of tips and hacks that I would like to share with you on elastics.

7. Does it hurt to have braces on?

The short answer is yes. I wouldn't say excruciating pain but you will definitely feel quite a bit discomfort and soreness at first like your teeth become really sensitive and fragile and sometimes it feels like its about to drop off. The process of putting on your braces is fairly painless. But it's after you get your braces on, that's when the pain starts. It's just because there's suddenly this foreign object in your mouth that's putting constant pressure on your teeth that makes your teeth and mouth really sore. And I remember when I first got my braces on, the pain lasted for approximately 2 weeks. And I was like "what did I get myself into?". But after that period is over, your teeth gets used to it and there's literally no more pain. And then there's the pain after each tightening session. . The pain after each tightening session is not as bad as when you first get your braces on. And it usually last for only a couple of days.

8. What do I hate about braces?

The fact that I am wearing braces and I am a brace face in my adult years. Another thing that I hate about having braces is during the time I'm eating. Getting food stuck in your braces and having to use your tongue to get the food out is really a pain in the a$$. I cannot stand it. It just gets really inconvenient a lot of the times. Also, I can't eat certain foods, especially hard foods such as apples and biscuits because it just gets everywhere and it's just a mess. So yeah, eating is definitely a hassle.

As I am mostly closing my gaps at this stage, there's really nothing much to report back as every session is just seeing how much the gaps have closed. I'll update on my braces again once all the gaps have closed up and we'll see the next course of action. After all the gaps close up, my ortho will be re-aligning my teeth roots. I'm going to my ortho once every 2 weeks now. Fingers crossed, I'll have all my gaps closed in the next 2-3 visits.

By the way, if you're the "video" type of person, I've done a few braces series videos on my YouTube channel. So do check it out if you want to know more about braces.

YouTube Channel Name: Missy Miyen


Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I remember seeing SK-II commercials everywhere, and where its ambassadors would rave about the Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) as a “miracle water” claiming it would give crystal clear skin to its users.

I know that SK-II is considered "high-end" in the skincare world and I never really bothered about it. But I realized that youth and skin is precious and it's better to spend more sometimes. So this year, as I am finally embarking  on my anti-aging skin care journey, I decided to give the highly raved SK-II a go.

I am a self-professed skin care junkie. I don't know when, but I think it was the last 1-2 years that I started to take really good care of my skin because, well, age.

I surprise myself sometimes.


I did my first official magic ring skin analysis test with SK-II back in 21 December 2017 (last month). And because I am awesome like that, here are my Magic Ring Score results for all to see:

So, my results show that my skin age is 2 years younger than my actual age.

I'm quite happy that my texture refinement scored the highest among the 5. That meant that my hydrating skin care was working. Hydration is super, SUPER important for good skin.

For radiance control and spot control, I scored okayyy. You're supposed to score around 50% for satisfactory skin. 48% - 54%  is 24-25 years old. Which is slightly younger than your real skin age. But still, it can be further improved.

But, for firmness power and wrinkle resilience. Oh. My. Good. Lord. Especially firmness. Basically those 2 readings were screaming at me to incorporate anti-aging products and lifestyle changes to my routine. I even wrote a post on HOW TO STAY YOUNG after that. LOL.

So for the first time in my life, my journey with SK-II began.


I purchased their basic welcome set containing the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) and RNA Moisturizer.

I use the 3 every day and night. However, for the FTE, I prefer to pour out the essence onto my palms and pat in on my face directly. I just feel like I won't be wasting so much and my skin can absorb more of it. I also sometimes apply more than 1 layer of the FTE because I feel more is, well more. Haha. No, seriously, my skin just soaks up the goodness of the Pitera and I feel that my skin looks better if I apply more.

By the way, I absolutely love the moisturizer. I don't know why, but it's the bomb. My skin feels extremely supple after it.

At night, I also layer on my holy grail Argan oil for face before the moisturizer. This gives the extra hydration needed by your skin. Hydration + anti-aging = winning skin care combo.

Also, have I told you I love masks? I use masks every few days and I absolutely adore the instant effects masks have on my skin.


I've heard from some of my friends that their skin experienced purging when they first used the SK-II FTE. Purging meant their skin experienced break outs when using the FTE. The reason is because the FTE works to "detox" your skin from the inside out before you can start seeing the results it claims.

So I was a bit worried that my skin would experience purging but luckily it didn't. It's been nearly a month of religiously using the kit every day and night, and there hasn't been any adverse effects on my skin. Each person's skin is different, and so will react differently. Just ensure you start out with the welcome set first before deciding to splurge on the full sizes.


So on 21.01.2018, I went back again to the SK-II counter to have my skin checked. I was quite curious and slightly nervous to see how my skin fared after 30-days of incorporating the products into my regime.

Here are my results AFTER:


OMG. I honestly didn't know whether my skin would even show any improvement. But OMG. It's now 22 years old! I'm honestly quite surprised how my skin improved in 30 days. Super happy I tell you!

My results have really been balanced out. Although my texture refinement has gone down, I think it was because during my first test, I actually put a face mask in the morning that day.

But of course I can't expect my skin to always have this good of a result. I still have to take care of my diet (DIET PLAYS A SUPER IMPORTANT PART!) and exercise consistently. Anyhow, I'm still super happy <3

W H E R E   T O   B U Y

You can get SK II products from any SK II counters in shopping mall department stores in Asia.

But right, I give you a tip, you can buy SK-II online and get them for slightly cheaper. One e-commerce website I recommend getting them from is LAZADA because it's a pretty reputable site and they offer pretty good discounts there.

However, if you're not from around Asia, you can get SK-II products online from AMAZON too.

Toodles till my next post! ~

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

BRACES: Should You Extract Your Teeth? | Will Extractions Ruin My Face?

Continuing my braces series video, today's braces video will be tackling a very debated issue. Should you extract your teeth for braces? I remember I took a super long time to finally extract my teeth.

In this video, I'll be answering some common questions regarding extractions, particularly in adult cases such as the pain of extractions, will extractions cause a sunken face and other alternatives to teeth extraction.

Hope the video helped allay some of your fears regarding extractions! Once again, thank you for watching!

I shall see you in my next post! :)

Monday, January 8, 2018


After so long, I have finally collaborated with my awesome bro, Thiveya, on a video for this new year's resolutions!

We've always wanted to do a pillow talk / girl talk kind of video for a while now, and I'm so happy we've finally filmed our first video together!

So we decided on 7 main resolutions this year:
  1. Set realistic goals
  2. Don't dwell too much on the past
  3. Be fearless in the pursuit of happiness
  4. Be consistent
  5. You are what you eat
  6. Get up, dress up and show up
  7. Exercise

I hope you enjoyed the video. I know it is a little bit too long, but ah well, it's okay. Always room for improvement, the next video will definitely be shorter and more concise.

For those of you who watched the video until the end, hope you enjoyed our giggles and most importantly, I hope the video brightened your day :)

Till my next post :)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Braces 101: My Braces Journey So Far | Extractions, Cost, Pain, Types of Braces etc.


First post of the year. I've had this idea for quite some time to do a series of braces on YouTube. For my first braces video, I talked about my extractions, cost of braces in Malaysia, types of braces and other braces related questions.

I started my braces journey on November 2015. I've had braces for about 2 years and a month now. Before I had braces or during the process of having braces, I had a million questions to ask and I was always scouring forums and binge watching a heck a lot of YouTube videos on braces.

Now that I've been on braces for some time, I want to in turn share my experience and tips and advices so far with people who were in the same boat as me previously.

Hope you guys found the video informative and helpful! xoxo