Tuesday, January 9, 2018

BRACES: Should You Extract Your Teeth? | Will Extractions Ruin My Face?

Continuing my braces series video, today's braces video will be tackling a very debated issue. Should you extract your teeth for braces? I remember I took a super long time to finally extract my teeth.

In this video, I'll be answering some common questions regarding extractions, particularly in adult cases such as the pain of extractions, will extractions cause a sunken face and other alternatives to teeth extraction.

Hope the video helped allay some of your fears regarding extractions! Once again, thank you for watching!

I shall see you in my next post! :)

Monday, January 8, 2018


After so long, I have finally collaborated with my awesome bro, Thiveya, on a video for this new year's resolutions!

We've always wanted to do a pillow talk / girl talk kind of video for a while now, and I'm so happy we've finally filmed our first video together!

So we decided on 7 main resolutions this year:
  1. Set realistic goals
  2. Don't dwell too much on the past
  3. Be fearless in the pursuit of happiness
  4. Be consistent
  5. You are what you eat
  6. Get up, dress up and show up
  7. Exercise

I hope you enjoyed the video. I know it is a little bit too long, but ah well, it's okay. Always room for improvement, the next video will definitely be shorter and more concise.

For those of you who watched the video until the end, hope you enjoyed our giggles and most importantly, I hope the video brightened your day :)

Till my next post :)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Braces 101: My Braces Journey So Far | Extractions, Cost, Pain, Types of Braces etc.


First post of the year. I've had this idea for quite some time to do a series of braces on YouTube. For my first braces video, I talked about my extractions, cost of braces in Malaysia, types of braces and other braces related questions.

I started my braces journey on November 2015. I've had braces for about 2 years and a month now. Before I had braces or during the process of having braces, I had a million questions to ask and I was always scouring forums and binge watching a heck a lot of YouTube videos on braces.

Now that I've been on braces for some time, I want to in turn share my experience and tips and advices so far with people who were in the same boat as me previously.

Hope you guys found the video informative and helpful! xoxo