Wednesday, July 6, 2016

[VIDEO] Makeup and Skincare Haul: Sephora, Skinfood, Innisfree, Etude House etc.


OMG. Can you imagine that I actually wrote this blog post like a full month ago and I only just realised it's still in my DRAFT?!

I'm such a noob, I'm sorry guys T_T

ANYWAY, I'm back with another video. I'm on a roll (not really now, it's been a full month with no videos...sigh). LOL. It's a make-up and skincare haul this time round. I know in my video I said its stuff I bought during the month. I beg to differ. Its stuff accumulated over many many months. I'm not that rich to buy errthang in one go... yet.

Check it out here!

Products that I mentioned in the video:

1. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
2. Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off
3. Watsons masks
4. Tony Moly masks
5. Kiehl's Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence
6. Etude House Look at my eyes cafe
7. Etude House Play 101 pencils #4, #28, #48
8. Too Faced Cocoa Contour: Chiseled to Perfection
9. NYX Soft matte lip cream in Stockholm and Istanbul

Oh maiii.... do I look gaunt up there. Okay, I swear I look fatter now.

By the way guys. It was the 2nd time I filmed the whole haul. The first time I filmed, it was just bad. So I just did the whole thing all over again T_T You can guess by how I kinda rushed through some stuff because I just wanted to get it done and over with.

Anyway, it's the first time I talked through a video. I don't care if you think it's stupid because it was kinda fun. Lol.

Let me tell you the worst thing about editing the video is that my editing software (I'm using Sony Vegas Pro btw) ALWAYS hangs. I think because my computer like got banyak virus or something. I don't know man. So sometimes I forget to save then I have to re-trace my steps to where I last edited. It's a real pain T_T Ah well. You take it as it comes right.

ANYWAY. I hope you guys enjoy and if you did, like and subscribe la ok. Heehee.

Ok I shall end this short post here.

Happy June July!

Friday, May 6, 2016

[VIDEO] My 4D4N Phuket Getaway 2015

Happy Thursday middle of the night y'all! Ok technically it's Friday, but as I have not slept yet, It's still considered Thursday.

A quick one before I hit the sack. I posted a new video up on YouTube on Tuesday about my Phuket Trip last year :) I also did blog about it here.

First time actually recording the trip and the footages are not the best but it's ok lah for my first time. I'll do better my next tripp ;)

Enough rambling, and here ya go!

So if you guys enjoyed, give this video a thumbs up and subscribe because I'll be doing more videos. If you didn't enjoy, well drop a comment and let me know how I can improve! *grins*

By the way, today is a very special day because it's my momma's birthday!!


Too bad I can't be with her on this day because I have a job away from home. Oh wells, more motivation for me to branch out and seek flexibility and freedom.

Ok, I said this post is going to be a quick one. So I'll end it here. Till my next post peeps!

Goodnight! xoxo

Sunday, February 14, 2016

[TRAVEL] Phuket 5D4N Trip

Hey guys!

So today, I'll FINALLY be blogging about my Phuket trip that happened last year somewhere in November. Yarhh, wayyyy overdue I know. But better late than never lah right...

Here's a recap of my trip.

Day 1

We arrived at Phuket International Airport around 9pm and took a minibus to our hotel in Patong. The ride costs us 180THB each and was a long and windy 1 hour ++ ride. 2 hours in fact because the driver dropped other passengers first and wasn't sure where our hotel was. I get car sick super easily and I felt like dying by the time we reached our hotel. 

The hotel we stayed at was The Frutta Boutique Patong. I can only say good things about this hotel. The staff were nice and helpful. We reached our hotel quite late but our room was ready with refreshments and our drink served to us the moment we checked in.

So because both of us were so dead tired, we just decided to head down to a nearby 7-eleven to get ourselves some Thailand instant maggi mee and hotdogs. Quite yummy and dang cheap! 

Day 2

We rented a motorbike to go around the island with a map. Like Dora the Explorer. We of course explored Patong a bit, the beach, Jungceylon shopping mall and stalls along the road. 

We bought 2 pairs of sunglasses for 300 THB each at one of the road stalls. Big mistake. The seller quoted us 450 THB per pair which was like way overpriced. I bargained it down to 200 THB per pair. But then after negotiating, we settled for 300 THB. What a rip-off! Because after that, we found so many stalls selling sunglasses for like 199 THB per pair! Grrrr.....

Tip 1: Go around at least 2 stalls to get a feel of the prices first T_T Then slash 50% off LOL.

Tip 2: Try to exchange most your money back in Malaysia. The exchange counters in Midvalley and Jaya 33 offer very competitive rates. I noticed that the exchange rates around Phuket don't offer as good rates as the aforesaid ones mentioned.

So after our episode in Patong, we proceeded to go to Karon beach and Kata beach. We initially wanted to go further up the map and visit some temples and the original Phuket Town. But our butts ached from riding the motor most of the day and we decided to go back to Patong. Actually I didn't mind going all the way, but boyfriend was hesitant because it was already around 4-5pm.

And some good grub during the day! Mango sticky rice is the best I tell you. #sogooodddd

Day 3

We signed up for Similan Island Hopping Tour. Cost us about 2300 THB each. We could have easily opted for cheaper choices and go for islands like Maya Bays, Phi Phi Island and such which will cost us 1000 THB each but our hotel staff recommended us instead to go to the Similan Islands because the water and sea life there is way more beautiful than the other islands. 

So in the end we decided to go to Similan. Since I doubt we will be back a second time, might as well visit the more beautiful islands of Phuket. 

Its more expensive also because the Similan islands are situated much farther. Imagine a 3 hour ride from our hotel to the pier! Then another 40-minute speed boat ride from the pier to the islands. My first time snorkeling and I can't wait to go snorkeling again! Its just that I can't stand the long boat ride there. I heard from my brother that Redang Island is like perfect for snorkeling because you can literally snorkel anywhere around the Island without having to go through any boat transfers. Sounds like heaven.

Day 4 and Day 5

We used our so called off days for shopping for souvenirs at Jungceylon, lots and lots of food hunting, going for massages, trying out the hotel facilities and mostly just chilling around. Ugh, I miss the night food near Bangla Road. I wouldn't say the prices of the food in Phuket is cheap. Being a tourist place, prices also jacked up lah. What to do.

One restaurant I would definitely, definitely recommend for dinner is No. 6. No. 6 has 2 locations, one in town and one atop the hill. The one atop the hill is nearer to our hotel and because we rented the motorcycle, it was just a few minutes ride up the hill. For those coming from the one in town, there's a small truck that takes customers up the hill. That aside, the food at No. 6 is really, really good! Price also not bad.

Its a really pretty restaurant overlooking the whole of Patong town.

Cost of Trip

So for those of you curious of how much we spent there in total, here's a rough breakdown:

AirAsiaGo package (return flights and 5D4N hotel accommodation) = RM489 per pax
Expenditure in Phuket (island hopping, food, motor rental, souvenirs, massages) = RM1,000 per pax
Total: RM1,489 per pax 

Not bad for a 5D4N holiday to a hotspot tourist destination eh?

Toodles! xoxo