Tuesday, December 26, 2017

[HEALTH] How to stay young

SOOOOO… I’ve come to the stage in life where I’m at the other end of my twenties (the older end) and I’m starting to embrace the fact that I am no longer a bright-eyed 21 year-old fresh graduate. Well I am still bright-eyed. Just not a 21-year old. HA-HA-HA.

But it’s OKAY!

It’s different ball game altogether now. I’m taking it as a challenge now to see how many years I can take off my face. It’s actually quite fun!If you’re in your mid to late twenties, it’s SO important to take care of yourselves right now because your twenties are kind of the last stage where we’re considered by the general public as “young ladies”.


The younger you start, the easier it is to pass off as younger than you actually look. Like if you start really taking care when you’re 21, it’s easier to look like you’re 21 when you’re say 25. You get the gist? The earlier you start caring for yourself, the easier it will be to maintain whatever you have in the present.I’ve listed some of my tips that I really believe in after lots of research and intensive girl talk sessions with girls / ladies of different age groups.
1.       Exercising

I’ve seen with my own eyes what exercising consistently can do to your body and face. I’ve witnessed ladies who are 10-15 years older than me and look freaking incredible for their age. Like literally, incredible I’m not even joking. I know one mother of 2 whose well above 40 with the most beautiful, bouncy skin that easily took a decade of her actual age. I was shocked when she told me her age. So I asked her how she managed to maintain such gorgeous skin. She said one thing that stuck to me until now.


Mind you, this lady was very well-off. She’s someone who can easily afford extravagant facial treatments and expensive skin care. But she said for her, exercise is number one. You won’t see the results now if say you’re still young, but trust that the long term effects of exercising regularly will pay off when you’re much older. And let me tell you, having clear, glassy, firm skin can take YEARS off your face.

If possible, try to exercise every day for at least 15-20 minutes. Studies have shown that women who exercise 30 minutes every day can shave off 10 years of their age.

2.       Get enough rest

Remember the gorgeous lady I mentioned above? Her next tip is to ensure you’re getting enough rest. That means cutting down on late night supper sessions in favor of getting your daily beauty sleep. Sleeping late can aggravate all skin conditions, including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Not getting enough sleep can also cause dark circles, lackluster skin and fine lines!


So try to get at least 7 hours of good quality sleep a day. Often times, a lot of time is wasted on social media and watching random videos. So there’s no excuse to not getting enough shut eye!

When the body doesn’t have enough rest, it releases more of the stress hormone cortisol. In excess, cortisol can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and elastic and wrinkles at bay!

Speaking about stress, this leads me to my next point.

3.       Monitoring your stress levels

I admit I am someone who’s pretty impatient. I always seem to want to be doing something and lately, I tend to get annoyed at petty things too. Not a good thing at all. But I’ve been working on it because, as stated in the previous point, having too much of the stress hormone cortisol can cause your skin to age faster than usual.

Don't stress out the small stuff and try to complain less or not at all. How I choose to relax is by practicing having a relaxing and pampering bedtime regime and skincare routine. One idea is to invest in candles and fragrance sticks to create a spa-like environment at home. I also love, love, love mask sessions. SOOO relaxing and so good for the skin. Also try finding a relaxing hobby. For me, I enjoy going to caf├ęs and chilling and blogging. Taking walks in scenic parks. Also, if you have the chance, consider taking up yoga and meditation.

4.       Skincare regime

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and is one of the first things people notice about you, because, well, your skin makes up literally your whole face. I take my skincare super seriously. For me, I got by the motto skin first, makeup second. You don’t need to have to be born with super pretty features, because having really good skin can do wonders to how you look.

I have done enough research and trial and error experiments on my skin. And I am blessed that I pretty much have figured out what works on my skin. I’ve recently amped up my skincare routine to include anti-aging products and I will post my latest skincare routine in due course because there are still some products that I’m eyeing to include it in my routine. Basically, figure out what works for you and establish a really good skincare regime and stick to it.

I also love a good facial massage as facial massages help stimulate your blood circulation and prevents laugh lines to a certain degree. I always look forward to my monthly facial sessions.

5.       Diet

I can’t stress how diet affects the skin, which kind of ties up with the point above. Sugar. Sugar destroys your skin. That’s all I’ll say.

Cut down your sugar, if possible try to eliminate it from your diet as much as possible. Sugar breaks down your skin collagen and also inflames the skin.

One more thing that I suggest staying away from is dairy products. Acne is usually aggravated by dairy products such as white bread, white rice, milk and cheese. So if you are prone to breakouts and looking to clear those dark spots left from pimple picking, I suggest to avoid dairy products and sugar. In the meantime, up your intake of dark green leafy vegetables and remember to drink lots of water!

6.       Health supplements and health drinks

Investing in supplements targeted at improving your skin is worth a thought. Some of the supplements I’ve tried and tested and decided that they made the cut in my diet are as follows:

i)                    Fish oil
ii)                   Vitamin C
iii)                 Chlorella
iv)                 Collagen supplements – this one I’ve just started taking and experimenting this month. I will continue trying out different collagen pills and report back my findings after a certain duration of time.
I know not everyone believes in taking supplements, but I have done my research and I’m keeping an open mind that supplements do assist in your journey to preserving youth with the condition that you take supplements ON TOP of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eating properly, getting enough rest and exercising regularly are the basic building blocks. Supplements serve as “assistants” to the above.  

So that’s it! I hope this post came helpful to some of you who are starting their journey to preserving youth and having the best times of their lives, older with more money but looking like university graduates. Cheers to youth!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

[PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT] What I've Learnt This Year - Lessons in Life (Emotional Bullying etc.)

2017 has been one heck of a year. It's been a year that I've learnt not only so much about myself, but also about other people. This year has seen lots of ups and downs. But I'm soooo glad that this year is closing on a pleasant "up".

Fast forward one year now, and I am in a completely different place in life. I am in such a better place right now *touch wood*. I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you that just a few months ago. But really, life goes on and time really did help me get through the pain. I've matured so much (I hope).

I am still the same clumsy, boisterous girl, but I think something inside changed. Some might call it "maturing". Whatever you call it, I feel more in tune with myself.

I've come a long way from that state of depression and sadness to a much more happier and stronger me that I think I am in a proper place to share what I've learnt this year.

Today's post is going to be a long, wordy one. So I recommend you grab a cup of coffee before you continue.


I remember somewhere around this time last year, I was a wreck. My life was a mess. I wasn't happy. I was feeling so insecure. There were so many things bothering me. The start of this year did not go well for me.

A lot of things were going on. But it was also the first time in my life that I was dealing with certain people blatantly talking behind my back and spreading false stories about me.

All this came as a culture shock to me, because I've never had people treat me like this before.
It was a time I questioned "why were people like that? ". Why were certain people so unkind? What did I do so wrong that such stories were spread so widely?

Also, that situation led to another problem - who were actually my friends? Who truly cared for me and who just wanted to see the "show"? And I absolutely did not know how to handle it at that time. Oh I was a mess in the beginning I tell you.

I know some people will beg to differ, but what I went through was in effect - emotional bullying.

How did I deal with this?

For a person with low self-esteem, that emotional bullying I went through would have completely shattered their self-confidence.

After the dust settled, and I saw everything clearly, I saw people for who they are. And perhaps not all people are kind after all. Not all that glitters is gold. That's the bitter pill of life.

But let me tell you something, once the dust has settled and once you see everything clearly for the first time, the naked truth and all, and you finally start accepting reality, you suddenly start feeling liberated. It's funny because when you finally "surrender", things miraculously start falling in place.

And its funny, but you kind of "level up". It's hard to explain, but when you accept the reality and you say "well that sucked. but oh well, life goes on" AND you start working on yourself and standing up for yourself everyday - good things start happening.

Different people have different ways to deal with it. But I was born and brought up in a certain way with certain tendencies and I do not mind a good fight - especially when I know its worth it.

You take responsibility for your OWN self.

So that's basically how I dealt with it. I accepted the reality and I took whatever that was said about me (whether behind closed doors or not) as a challenge to improve myself. When you start working on yourself, you start seeing your worth. You DO NOT deserve anything less. Whatever that person said about you IS NOT true. You do NOT deserve the backlash and the negative effects of rumors said behind your back.

So I started standing up for myself.

It wasn't easy, especially when you have people around you telling you not to stand up for yourself. Avoid confrontation, they say. Let time pass.

But time passed.

And nothing changed. Yes, they may have meant well by asking me to "ignore" those rumors and gossips about me. But you must know that they are not in your shoes, they do not know how emotional bullying can affect a person. They are not you.

So you decide for yourself. Do you want to remain silent? Or do you want to stand up for yourself?

I did both. I remained silent for some time. I did not want to instigate anything. I listened to my well wishers, to just let it pass. But then the rumors did not stop. In fact, it started spreading more. And when your reputation is on the line, and the constant untrue rumors keep spreading, I knew I couldn't let it go any longer. And I knew I had to stop listening to others and just stand up for myself.

Believe in yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT. Do not listen to people who think this is a small matter. If it affects you negatively on a daily basis. It is NOT a small matter. HELL no.

Stand up for your freaking self. And never think it's "too much". What the person is doing to you is "too much". Not the other way round.


Let's admit it. Some people don't really care about you. They just want to see the "show".

Some friends think they know it all and they start giving you advice. Even negative advice. That's when you should start questioning their intentions. Why did they have to tell you advice that would make you feel bad about yourself? It could be because they genuinely "cared" OR it could be because they just wanted to make you feel bad.

I used to think that all friends would have you in their best interest. But just be careful, do not trust people easily. I've learnt to filter out what certain people say. I used to believe what people would say because they sounded "convincing". But after what I've gone through, always, ALWAYS make sure you take a step back, and think about whether they really have your best interest at heart.

I'm not saying for you to cut off your friendship with that person. But just be firm and have your own stand


I cannot stress how important this is. I used to be that girl that would be totally devoted to a relationship. Where I'd lose my friendships and lose sight of my goals. But I cannot tell you how dangerous this mindset is. Yes, it's a wonderful thing to be madly in love with each other. But when this "love" starts taking over your entire being, and all you want to do is revolve your life around that special someone, you tend to take your goals for granted. You lose sight of your self. Feelings like jealousy and insecurity can creep in. And whether you like it or not, you'd most probably start becoming "clingy".

So it's absolutely okay to be devoted and in love with your special someone. But just remember to give yourself some love too. Because the person you will be spending the rest of your life with is yourself. Take good care of your body, eat healthily, reward yourself with some nice clothes once a while, work on your own goals and look good for YOURSELF before anyone else.

I will write another post and how relationships our generation has evolved and how its so vitally important to continue to look good for yourself and your partner even though you've been with the same person for a really long time.

This post is coming to an end and I just wanted to say that whatever I've gone through has made me stronger. Aside from what I wrote, ironically by sifting out certain people, I've discovered true friends that are literally gems - truly good people. I've also seen people change and matured. And I am so happy that I'm finally seeing the light and the people around me that I care and love are also happy.

I'm so excited for what the future holds. I know that the future may not be smooth-sailing. But so long as you continue to build the skills to overcome whatever obstacles thrown in front of you, I assure you, you will come out stronger. And life will reward you with experiences that the average person does not experience.

And this was what exactly this year taught me. To build those skills that strengthen your inner being.

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men."