Friday, December 30, 2016

[VIDEO] Sister tag


So my sister was down in KL for a couple of days and we decided to do the Sister Taggg on YouTube! :D

See below lah. And enjoy if you enjoy watching us talk lah. Haha. Dunno why my nose so itchy throughout the video weii. Kindly ignore.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

[VIDEO] Daily make up look ft Laneige BB cushion

Hi guys!

New video up on my daily make up look!

To tell the truth, I filmed this video a good few months ago, but because my laptop has been infected by virus, the editing process has been a slow and painful one :(

I'm actually going to LowYat and have this issue fixed. Hopefully my laptop will be good as new once that's done. 

By the way, I'm more active on #dayre nowadays because its so much easier to blog on-the-go on my mobile rather than on my laptop after a whole day of looking at my work laptop.

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