Sunday, January 24, 2016

[Braces] Month 1 and 2: I am officially a braceface!

Hi all!

So some of you may or may not know I've FINALLY gotten braces on. I've been with my braces for nearly 2 months now so this post is very overdue. Anyway, I did write a little something something on my experience during the 3rd day that I got my braces on:

This is day 3 of braces. It hurts quite a fair bit when I eat. I can't chew. So I've been inhaling chee cheong fun, mashed potatoes, bubble tea and porridge ever since the braces went on.

A little back story on why I decided to be brace faced.

I've been wanting to wear braces since I was in high school. My teeth aren't severely bad but I suffered from a slight protrusion resulting in a bucktooth look and my lower teeth were crooked. I wasn't able to close my lips naturally, and closing them meant a lip strain.

Sometimes my teeth bothered me, sometimes it didn't. My mother said my teeth were nice just the way it is. But in the back of my mind, I always wanted to get my teeth fixed. Also, quite a few number of people commented I have rabbit's teeth T_T

Its just that what stopped me from getting them on last time were the lack of finances and the fear of having them on for years.

Now that I am working and earning my own money, I was like YOLO. Also, being a budding Youtuber, having good looks gets you a little further if compared to someone who doesn't really take care of his or her appearance. Of course talent and hard work and consistency is very important too, but like it or not, looks also play a part in the world of YouTube.


I got it on on 13 November 2015 at the PJ Orthodontist Specialist clinic. It wasn't painful at all.

I got Damon type. They cost more than the traditional metal braces but is said to hurt less and is more effective is moving teeth to their proper positions.

The process of getting them on is painless. Right after everything, my teeth feel tight. I feel pressure in my mouth, but that's it. Its not until the 2nd day that shit becomes real. Haha.

And my entry for the 3rd day ends abruptly. Lol. What I meant when shit becomes real, is my teeth literally felt like dropping off every time I attempted to clench my teeth together. Now that I've gotten used to my braces, I'm able to blog about them more objectively now.

In all honesty, I admit that there were a few times when I doubted my decision to go braceface, especially during the first 1 and a half weeks after getting them on. My teeth freaking hurt! I think I lost quite a fair bit of weight during that period.

First Tightening

I went for my first tightening early this month, and the doctor just tightened my lower row. His plan is to straighten out the lower row completely and then only see how far in the upper teeth can be pushed back. The result will also decide whether I would need to extract any teeth depending on how straight  and "in" I want them to be. About the pain factor, they did hurt for a couple of days but nothing as bad as when I first had them on :) I could chew on food, but very lightly.

Changes I've Noticed So Far

My lower row of teeth are straightening out woohooo!!! Now only slightly crooked, but mostly straight. Teehee. People have also started commenting that my upper row of teeth are more "inside". Fingers crossed, by the time it's time for my 2nd tightening, my lower teeth would have straightened completely so we can start getting to work on the upper row.

Ok that's all guys. No pictures cuz all too ugly lol.