Monday, November 2, 2015

[Lifestyle] JB's graduation & my FIRST ever YouTube video!

Weeeee! So the boy has officially graduated from Universiti Malaya 2 weeks ago. Some pictures to clear the back log in my camera. Oh and by the way, all pictures shot by my new Sony a5100! Love this camera, especially the tilted screen. So useful man.

That day was soooo hot I tell you. I wouldn't say it was very sunny and bright, it was just super hazy and sweaty and... hot. The haze was terrible that day. 

So, so glad that at the time I'm writing this, the haze has cleared *touch wood*. After months of haze, I actually forgot how green trees and how blue the sky can be. Like a few days ago during a clear day, I was actually surprised at how vibrant the colors of my neighborhood looked.

By the way, I'm the girl on the left. LOL. I don't have a solo OOTD, but uhm... I'll just list my OOTD deets here lah:

Crop tee: Zalora
Cardigan: Kampar, can't remember where
High-waisted jeans: H&M

By the way, I've got a special discount code for my readers to shop at Zalora! Key in ZBAP1R9 to get 15% off your purchases heh :)

So, today I took a day off work to settle some bank stuff and to re-new my passport because.... I'm going on holiday next week!!! Hehehehe. Too excited. I think this will be the first real holiday I'm going to ever since I started working 1 year ago (time flies deiii).

I'll be posting pictures of my holiday on my instagram and Facebook here and here. Be sure to creep on me there k?

By the way, my life is going to change at the end of this November (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but you be the judge when the time comes, haha). Its gonna be a scary decision but its for me lah.

I've been wanting it since forever. So its now or never baby! I'm secretly very excited but also nervous.

So in conclusion, JB's face throughout this whole camera roll is literally = =. I rest my case.

By the way guysssss, remember that I've been mentioning that I'll be starting something new? Like that was ages ago, but never mind. 80% of my preparation is done. Can't wait any longer because YOLO. Time to unveil.

Its my very own YouTube channel!


Okok, so this is a whole new level of putting yourself out there. Like I'm actually a little bit afraid to let people know about this. Haha.

So this is my first EVER video I uploaded. Natural graduation makeup to coincide with this Graduation post. I'm totally new to all this and I don't expect my first video to be anything fancy. I didn't talk through my video because the audio quality of my camera's inbuilt mic isn't that good. I'm thinking of getting a dedicated mic if I were to do that. But that later since I've been spending quite a bit of money recently.

Ok so my channel's name is Missy Miyen to keep it consistent with errthang.

My channel is pretty bare except for this one video. I don't even have a proper cover for my channel. LOL. Still WIP.

So anyway, if you're reading this, just give my video a thumbs up and subscribe lah. Thank youuuu!

And I'm out!