Sunday, October 11, 2015

[Beauty] Hermo #MYCYBERSALE2015 Haul


I know I've been MIA for god knows how long. But I'm back :D 


I need to stop saying that because every time I say that, I disappear for another 10 years.

Fun fact: This month marks my 1 year as a working professional! *pops confetti*

Confetti aside, I'm not going to lie but working full time (and OT-ing on a REGULAR basis) has eaten up a significant amount of my time and energy. So by the time I get home, all I want to do is sleep.


Dear blog, 

I'm really sorry for neglecting you for so long even though I have unlimited WiFi. 

Yours truly,
Your master

P.S. if you read my previous post (which was like 3 months ago), you'd know I now have unlimited WiFi which I didn't have in my previous room.

To be honest, I really want to start spending time doing things I really like again, like blogging ;). I won't promise anything concrete to my readers, but I'm trying to get back in the game and achieving more work-life balance for myself and also for my readers lol.

Also, in my previous post, you'd know I recently bought a car. So she (yes, it's a she-car) arrived before Raya and I'm seriously sooooo grateful for her! The mobility and freedom my baby car gives me more than compensates its cost. I'm not even joking.

Little update aside, I decided to give myself a little treat (because I'm such a hard little worker) and recently ran a super sale in conjunction with #MYCYBERSALE2015 and their prices were off the roof! Not kidding. So I just had to buy something.

Feast your eyes on my haul!

SIGMA BRUSHES!!! SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE! *hyperventilates* It's their color pop collection that comes in a super cute polka dot tin. Convenient to take around if you want to.

I never really imagined that I'll be owning Sigma brushes so soon. Because like, I don't even put on makeup. But its just nice to have and it was cheap.

Actualllyyyyy... it's for something. Not gonna tell. Teehee.

Also, I got a FREE BRUSH from SIGMA because I purchased the above set. This is their E70 - medium angled shading travel brush.

ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 pencils!!! I'm excited and the exclamation marks cannot be contained. 

I blame Pony (one of my favorite beauty gurus I stalk on YouTube) for purchasing these pencils. But she makes the most amazing makeup looks with these pencils and it looked so simple to re-create and I was just sold. 

So I purchased 3 colors, No. 4, No. 28 and No. 48. 

No. 4 and No. 28 are shimmery shades, ideal for putting in the inner corner of my eye, or the aegyo sal line for that tear drop effect. No. 48 is a nice dark brown color with very slight glitters for lining with a natural effect.

Lastly is this sheet mask I purchased because I had to hit a certain value to my purchase to utilise a discount voucher and I was off by a few ringgit so I just grabbed this mask for RM4.

Haven't used this mask yet, but judging from the cover of the mask, I'll be using it after my gym sesh. Haha.

So that's all for my online haul this time round. Pretty satisfying.

I've bought a few times from already and I'm quite happy with their services so far. You can read my previous experiences with them here and here.

The first time I heard of them, they weren't such a popular website yet. But now, is one of the biggest beauty online shop in Malaysia! That goes to show if you do things properly, slowly but surely good things start to build up :)

Ok. Today is Sunday, so I'm gonna go out and do a little shopping before Monday strikes. Oh god...

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Toodles xoxo