Sunday, July 12, 2015

4 months of updates


So, lots have happened since my last post way back in March (that's about 4 months ago!) and I am so happy I'm feeling this burst of motivation to blog today.

Basically, the past few months have been lots and lots of action and work.

1. New room

I've finally moved to a new room about 2 weeks back! I am SO happy with this new place - unlimited WiFi, air-cond and a good washing machine. WiFi - the reason why this post is here today (praise the sweet lord!)

And the room closer to the shuttle pick-up location too. My last rented room (which I stayed for 9 months) really made me appreciate all the little luxuries in life now. #grateful

2. Chess

So I participated in 2 measly chess tournaments so far this year. IDG and the D'pulze team tournery. IDG was okay only, while I performed horrifyingly in the D'Pulze chess team tournament - a wake up call for me. I have lost my prowess :( But I'm glad I have a bunch of chess-loving colleagues because it's spurring me to get back in the game.

3. New car (on the waiting list)

Never in my wildest dream would I thought I'd get a brand new car as my first car but I did! I've been diligently building up my savings and I'm soooo happy with this purchase! So it's not yet here but I can't wait till its arrives! (Hint: SOON) I'll let you guys know more once its here. Teehee.

Ok, my goals for the next few months.

1. Eating healthy

Now that my new place has a common kitchen area with gas and all, I'm able to start cooking my own meals at home - hopefully that translates to healthier eating and more savings! I've started to gradually build up ingredients in the kitchen, and also buying cooking ware and utensils :)

2. Exercising every week

So there's this new workout concept called KFit that I'm excited to try once my car arrives. Also, there's a lovely park nearby my house. I've already went there twice for short jogs. Hopefully, I can discipline myself for at least a session a week.

So that's all for today lah. Gonna go out for some window shopping now :)

Till next time xoxo.