Wednesday, November 26, 2014

[Travel] Penang 2014


So last weekend, I went on a 3D2N trip to Penang with the boyfriend and friends. The trip in simple terms was EAT-BEACH-EAT-EAT-EAT. So beware. There is going to be A LOT of food pictures.

Day 1

Before heading to Penang, we had breakfast at Ipoh. Foh Shan dim sum. Long time no eat!

Then, we headed for a 3-journey to Penang.

On the way to Penang.

With the boyfriend.

We crossed the sea from the mainland to the island by ferry. I love ferry rides!

After touching down the island, the food hunting began. First thing on the list, famous mee sotong! "Best in the world!"

Doesn't look that appetizing on camera but it takes pretty good. RM5 per plate. You can either have it rebus style or goreng style. We had both and I liked both versions just as well.

Don't know who took this picture =.= But because it's so ugly, I shall put it here for entertainment.

After that, was BEACH time! Golden Sands :)

I tried para sailing for the first time. And it was exhilarating! The wind was especially strong that day and I am especially light. And I was unusually high up. And I have an especially imaginative mind. And I could see jelly fishes down below... many jelly fishes. And jelly fishes sting.

But what an experience! RM90 well spent!

The princess and the 3 boys.

L-R Moi, the boyfriend, the Penang lang and the KING.

Dinner we went to a place near by. Check out this hotplate yee mee. Check out ze PRAWNSSS.

Coffee Jelly! 

So YUMSSS. I really enjoyed this although I was a bit full from all the food during the course of the day. But really very yums I tell you. The Irish cream with eaten with thin slices of jelly. So yums.

Apparently this got in the newspaper. I can't really remember the title it won but it was something like "MOST YUMS COFFEE IN THE WORLD."

After that, we went for a walk around Straits Quay at night. Beautiful scenes. Didn't take any pictures of the place but I can picture it so clearly in my mind. Go google bah. Haha.

Day 2

Kopi C Bing.

Another famous curry mee we tried by the road side. Apparently the 3 old ladies working there for god knows how long are quite famous. Every now and then, photographers here and there snapped pictures of them.


One of the most famous char kuey teow stalls in Penang. The stall opens at 3pm. We started queuing up at 3.05pm. And we waited for an hour! Mad popular like nobody's business.  

Queued up for you!!!! I am proud I got to try this one. The Penang lang, after staying in Penang for 20+ years actually tasted this char kuey teow for the first time that day.

Later in the evening we went to Botanical Garden for a jog. Because we're awesome. Although I was sticky and sweaty and gasping for breath most of the time, I'm still awesome.

For dinner, we went to Northam Beach :)

Northam Beach for dinner! The view was amazinnngggggg! Sea view leh.

The KING, the boyfriend, the me.

Dinner later that night, we went to a place nearby Penang lang's house.

Day 3


Penang lang's sister's hotel. Woodwork House. If you head down to Penang, give this place a shot. Very, very, very well maintained and very nicely furnished. Tell her Miyen brought you there! *hehehehehe*

So pretty right! So young, already set up a hotel. *inspiration*

After that, we left for KL at about 3 to 4pm. On the way, we passed by KAMPAR (HOME SWEET HOME) to go to Tanjung Tualang for dinner.

The gang. I like my snobbish face.

AND THAT'S ALL! Ok, gotta go get ready for work liao. Enjoy your mid week people! :)