Monday, October 27, 2014

Silkgirl Moisture Boost Lipbalm Review and Updates


Sorry for the super long hiatus. Again. What with all the packing and shifting... and re-shifting again, settling in a new job, new people bla bla bla.

Working life so far is surprisingly prettyyyy enjoyable. So far! I'm nearly a month old in my new place and I'm loving it (because I have a packet of McD in front of me that says it).

A hell lot of things happened in the first 2 weeks that forced me to shift rooms in a span of a few days! Expensive lesson learnt but I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE NEW ROOM OMAIGOD THANK YOU GOD. So glad what happened, happened. I have an awesome family. The AWESOMEST.

ANYWAY. On to a mini review.

So I bought Silkygirl's Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm because when I swatched the color, it turned out very pretty on my lips. Silkygirl's products usually don't appeal to me, but these color balms were really cheap (abourt RM18 each) and the packaging looked quite sturdy.

I bought 2 colors: Coral and Poppy. I left Poppy in the office so I only managed to take pictures of Coral.

Coral is a sweet, soft pinky-peach color. Poppy on the other hand is an orangey color. Poppy shows up nicer on my lips. Coral accentuates the fact that my lips are maroon. And I prefer brighter colors since my lips are on the darker/paler side. Still, I do enjoy both colors.

It's quite moisturising and the color is buildable. Tip: scrub your lips before applying.

The downside is that this product has terrible, terrible lasting power. Sorry, but the moment I drink water, the color washes away like zzoooppp. And being in an air-conditioned environment, I am constantly chugging down water. So by the first hour, it really looks like I have nothing on my lips.

Tip: Refrain from drinking or eating with this lipbalm on (??)

Ok the end. My back aching like a mother and I need a bath.

Till next time. Ciao!