Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Collages, because I was bored

My mum when I go shopping with her. She's a busy lady.

2013 selfies that I couldn't bear to delete.

And another one. Just scroll.

Oh, and current man candy ;)


Nowadays, I feel so much much much more anxious putting stuff out on my blog. Even pictures of myself! It feels unsettling. Disregarding the facts that I just put up 8 up there. Those were quite a while back so yah.


Ok. I'll go sort out some stuff first.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner

Today I am FINALLY reviewing the very popular Miss Hana gel eyeliner. I bought this quite a while back from Hermo.my. As of now, it's sold out there but you can check out other online shops like Nattacosme, HiShop etc.

This gel liner comes in 4 colors:

1 Night Black (without shimmer)
2 Galaxy Black (with shimmer)
3 Choco Brown (without shimmer)
4 Golden Brown (with shimmer)

I got mine in shade 1. I wanted shade 3 but it was sold out :(

Shade 1: Night Black

Claims to be water proof and smudge proof. I tested the claims on my sister and they passed :) GOOD! In Malaysia, cannot cannot afford to NOT be smudge proof. If not smudge proof, better don't wear at all. Because you will look like a badly beaten up raccoon within 10 minutes of stepping outside.

Swipe of Miss Hana gel liner
After being smudged and wiped with water.
Please ignore the fact that my sister's arms are particularly... hairy? I do not know why. It's not usually that hairy. Ew. =.=

Here's a before & after picture for comparison:

What I'll say about this gel liner in shade 1 is that it is VERY BLACK. I actually drew on the liner quite gently on my eyes but the color came out surprisingly pigmented. It glides on okay. Not as smooth as my Dollywink liquid liner (it is liquid after all duh) but not bad for a gel liner I think.

And because I am a true potato when it comes to make up, I find gel liners more forgiving than liquid liners. Also, I like the minimal make up look, so I do prefer tight-lining my eyes over the normal winged eye look. Gel liners are better for tight-lining in this aspect.

Where I bought: Hermo.my

Thursday, July 10, 2014

OOTD: Yellow Bowtie Dress

Just got back yesterday from a mini holiday in Genting. Picture post on that soon :)


1st happy news *drum roll* I GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!! WITH MY OWN MONEY!!!

So I was going around Low Yat yesterday and by chance I happened upon this VERY AWESOME DEAL. For the specs I was looking for, I did not imagine I'd be able to get this price. SOOOoooooooo happy :))) This post will be my first post on my lappie :3

2nd happy news *drum roll* I am now Zalora Malaysia's brand ambassador! *milestone unlocked*

Point of information: Zalora is one of the largest online fashion retailers in Malaysia.

May not be a big deal to some but it's a big deal to me ok?? So for my readers, you can get 15% off any item on Zalora's website.

Just enter the discount code: ZBAP1r9 

Applicable for any item on the website so long as you're a new customer :) On top of that, Zalora is also having a sale. Double whammy!

Moving on to the featured Zalora outfit of the day: A pretty pastel dress for casual dates.

Details of the outfit at the bottom of this post.

Kei&Kori by Zalora bowtie dress (RM29.50) | Ezra by Zalora T-bar flats (RM34) | Ipoh Parade boots

Enter discount code  ZBAP1r9 to get a further 15% off.

P/S Sorry I wasn't feeling particularly good during my little photoshoot because I just returned from a trip and had to rush off somewhere. That left me a window of opportunity of about 20 minutes. Didn't even have time to bathe lol.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Summer is here! If you're in Malaysia then - SUMMER IS PERPETUALLY HERE.

Since it's July (already?) and middle of the year, I think it's a pretty good time to take a holiday. Also, right now is the start of the semester break for some university students.

If you're anything like me, how about going down to the beach? I do enjoy a good beach holiday. OH I DO. There are plans for a beach holiday with friends in a few months' time and I really, really hope it comes to fruition. It's been too long since I last hit the beach.

So if you're planning to go the beach or just feel like lounging lazily in your porch but still want to look casually stylish, you need a smashing pair of flip flops gurrlllll (and guysss)- throw away your old flip flops and get the latest stylish flip flops from Havaianas!

Ok, I admit I had some difficulty spelling Havaianas.

ANYWAY. If you stay until the end of the entry, I have a little something, something for you ;)

The name Havaianas has a reputation for being the most comfortable flip flops in the market and with followers all over the world - behold the GOD of flip flops!

It's been gaining a lot of popularity in Malaysia as far as I know - and all for good reason!

A brief history about Havaianas:

Havaianas was founded in the year 1962 where their first shoe was inspired by the Japanese sandal design called Zori which was made from fabric straps and rice straw soles. The Havaianas foot bed flip flops has the feature of rice patterned textured in all its products. 

This world famous flip flop brand has an immensely wide range of trendy flip flop designs for both men and women suitable to be worn to the beach. I kid you not. EVERY COLOR IMAGINABLE IN EVERY DESIGN IMAGINABLE.


BECAUSE, you can customize your own slippers according your favorite color and style!

And it's not called WORLD FAMOUS for no reason okay? Take a look at the number of celebrities out and about in their respective Havaianas.

Gwen Stefani

Jessica Alba
Kim Kardashian

Kate Hudson

Reese Witherspoon

Tempted yet? If you are interested in owning your very own pair of Havaianas, one reputable local online shop you can check out is Zalora Malaysia.

A sample of Havaianas flip flops the store carries.

Where's Wally Flip Flops

Slim Fashion Flip Flops
Slim Animal Flip Flops

New designs are being added to the collection every now and then. So be sure to keep a look out for it!

And a little something for my readers, if you're a new customer at Zalora, you can use the following discount code to get 15% off.


Watchu waiting for? Get your Havaianas and be fab honey. Happy shopping!