Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mid Year Goals & my first mille crepe

I apologize for my sporadic half hearted blogging recently. Bah.

But today, I've suddenly gotten a bout of motivation. Might as well capitalize on it.

I contemplated opening a Dayre. It's a mobile blogging app. Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers seem to like this app, especially since Dayre is being used by top Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers.

The "number of followers" and "likes" features remind me of instagram. But instead of a single picture, it's of a blogpost. Very interactive.

I decided against it though because a Dayre post is limited to only 500 words. I find it just a little bit too inflexible for me. Also, I wanna keep this blog active and with another blogging app competing, this blog may go into obsolescence. And I want to set aside some free time for my "secret project" down below. HEEHEE.

Dayre. Maybe in the future. Who knows.

So since it's June, which is the middle of the year (and also for the love of nothing better to do), time to list down my MID YEAR GOALS! *awkward smile*

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Mind block. Post exams and I'm bored. Don't know where my inspiration went. I need some form of motivation.

So my post exam life so far has been both enjoyable... and boring. 

After my exams, I wanted to start exercising again. BUT... IT'S BEEN HORRIFICALLY HOT LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS I TELL YOU. The last week has been dripping with heat. I can't even take a nap in the afternoon without waking up because of the heat.

I want to install an air cond unit in my room! Even my dad just yesterday installed one in his room. Although my mum has one in the master bedroom but never seems to use it because... better not say if not I get in trouble haha. How to exercise I tell you?

Remember I said I was planning to buy a laptop after my exams? I'm laying that thought off first because I have plans to go on a holiday. I'm doing all the research and planning for the holiday and although its just going to be a short holiday and not my first one, I'm scared because it's a... different case.

Now for a violent digression.

I am proud to say that I have already watched X-men, Edge of tomorrow and Maleficient. Because I deserve a treat. X-men and Edge of tomorrow was GOOD. I don't mind watching them again because they're that good. I especially enjoyed Edge of tomorrow :)

Maleficient on the other hand was boring as....

Maybe because I was watching it with my mum. Haha. Jokes.

Okay, a few problems I had with Maleficient.

*Spoiler alert* 

Why is the King so hell bent at killing Maleficient? Because she cursed his daughter? That's because you stole her wings you stupid. And if really the king loved his daughter so much, why did he send her away to live with 3 utterly incompetent fairies? Hahaha. The fairies are a joke. Not in the funny way, but in the unbelievably useless way. And after 16 years, Aurora returns. Guess what the King does. He hugs her briefly and locks her up in a room like she's some kind of property. 

Oh well, at least my baby sisters enjoyed it. I think. Hah.

Ah! One of my best buds just got engaged. No, not because she's preggo or anything, it's just... like that lah. Weirddd. Haha. But I'm still very happy for her. This whole getting hitched thing is all so new to me. Soon I'll be attending weddings. Not my parents' friends or relatives. But MY friends! Oh, oh. Age. 

OH OH OH. If ya know, I just ran my own little giveaway! IT WAS FUNNN. LET'S DO IT AGAIN :)))

Ok, I'm bored. Gonna go... do something. I don't even know what. 


Friday, June 6, 2014

Review: Worthy Book Malaysia Latest Editions & Giveaway!

Why hello there.

I have just finished my exams and so am currently waiting for my results. I am so nervous.

Anyway, one of my goals after my exams was to get back to blogging :))) Because I like. So ta-dah!


So today's post is targeted at people who like shopping and saving. Which is pretty much everybody. 

Today, I'll be reviewing the latest Worthy Books in 2 different editions: 
  • Ladies Edition
  • Food & Beverage Edition

First up. What is Worthy Book?

It is in simple terms a book made up of *clears throats* 





So for those of you who enjoy the thrill of using vouchers to get special discounts and save more than the human next to you, this is THE book for you.

And a little surprise for my readers. If you read until the end of my entry, I will be giving away a total of 100 Worthy Book vouchers to 10 lucky readers! 



The book specially created for foodies. 

Inside the FnB Edition you will find food discounts and freebies worth '000s. There are over 175+ vouchers that can be used at over 80+ shopping malls in Malaysia.

Some popular FnB outlets you can use your vouchers on include:
  • Kim Gary
  • Bar B Q Plaza
  • Ochado
  • Subway
  • Sushi Tei
  • Blackball
  • Breadtalk

You can spend a good few hours just browsing through this book.

If you're someone who likes trying out new food, this book is going to help you save a lot. You can buy this edition at only RM29.90 which I think is extremely reasonably priced.


The book specially created for ladies. I don't know whether they will be coming up with a Men's Edition. Does this mean ladies shop more than men :(

In this edition, you can find more than RM11,000 in freebies and discount vouchers!!! There are over 120 vouchers that can be used in over 50 malls in Malaysia.

This book cover a range of deals: shopping, beauty, fashion, health and wellness.

OMG Celebrity Fitness deals!!! 

Other popular fashion outlets that have teamed up with Worthy Book include f block, Zalora and Three Sixty.

Facial and skincare deals!

Ladies Edition is going at RM25, which is even cheaper than the FnB edition! Crazy or what.

So I checked out Worthy Book's Facebook page and it seems they are pretty popular with students especially, garnering a rating review of 4.7/5.

You can find them at the below mentioned links for more updates.

W: www.worthybook.my

F: www.fb.com/worthybook

I: www.instagram.com/worthybook

T: www.twitter.com/worthybook_my

B: www.worthybook.blogspot.com

Y: www.youtube.com/user/worthybook


Ladies Edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected myNEWS.com outlets in KL & Selangor. Alternatively, it is also available via www.worthybook.my.

Now GIVEAWAY time!

10 lucky readers will win 10 vouchers each from me. Note that this giveaway is only applicable for West Malaysia.

All you have to do is complete 3-simple steps to win! Just follow the instructions below ;) Contest ends 14th June 2014 :)

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Enjoy lovelaissss :))