Sunday, April 13, 2014


I've been in such an impossibly foul mood the past week. Damn you PMS.

But my mood's gotten better 2 days ago because of my mom and a shopping trip to Ipoh. Yes, another mini shopping haul :)))

Funny thing is, about 4 days ago, I met up with my National Service buddies in Ipoh. And I didn't buy anything.

But it was a fun outing :D I already miss all of them! Next outing, Ipohmali friends come visit Kampar for a change :)


So the reason for another short post today is because I am panicking.

It is already mid April and I only have one and a half more months to go until EXAMSSS. I panic. The fact that it's the two last papers of my course makes it that more scary. It's like walking on a tight rope because I do not want to re-sit *touch wood*!!!!


I will study until 2am today!!!

Random: so today I find that fruits and sweet potatoes can only fuel me for a few hours before I start starving. How does one stay full with just fruits and vegetables? I cannot lah. I need my grains and flour goodness.

My brunch earlier today.

So I posted up this picture on instagram today and in all honesty, I thought that this picture was ugly. Haha. But I still got likes. Lol.

Last time fruits and vegetables could keep me content, but lately I've been eating small morsels at multiple intervals. Like many many many intervals. Like 10 times a day. But tiny morsels each time cuz my tummy shrank. Again. But my appetite got bigger.

Do I make sense to you? Cuz I don't know what I'm talking about.

So I treated my self with tom yam pan mee at 大家姐. THE BEST tom yam pan mee in the world! Merlin enjoyed it too :)

I feel like eating more sweet potatoes now.

Signing off,
The sehssi potato

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pictures in Jan & Feb

As I have a horrible backlog of pictures in my phone, I decided to do a picture post this time for the months of January & February :)

2-month internship stint

So I had 2 close colleagues in the audit department where I worked in. Due to the nature of my work, I hardly got to see the other interns. So I was mainly hanging out with permanent staff, namely these 2 haha.

Trina :)

Ana :)

Laura is from the tax department but we still remained close throughout my intern period :)

On the last day, my seniors surprised me with this! You have no idea how touched I was :')

As it was my last day, my colleagues and I went to celebrate at Antipodean, Bangsar.

Bukit Putih hiking + waterfall

Meet up with Annilis

Attended mum's convocation in KLCC

Attended my aunt's colleague's wedding

There are more but the above is enough to remind myself as to why I need to get fairer HAHA.

I recently hauled quite a few things online. So I'm gonna do a review soon :))

And lately, I have been quite active on Instagram because... I don't know. If you haven't, follow me there! I'm Miyenfong over there :))


Friday, April 4, 2014


Hello humans. I am back.

I have been missing for a very long time because I ran out of fuel to return to Earth. But I am back. So.. yeah.

Ok, this is me just realizing that this post will be the first post of 2014.


To bring y'all up to date:

For the first 2 months of the year, I was interning in KL in one of the big 4's. Corporate life is so different. Just makes me appreciate being at home and having nothing to do so much more.

I passed P3, failed P4. What the faggot la. My first fail. Oh oh oh. But never mind, I have already passed the stage of feeling pitiful. I have only 2 papers left this June :) Then I am FREEEEE.

I had a disastrous big chess tournament and a good small tournament last month. I have another big tournament coming up this end of the month. Oh oh oh.

Oh and my beautiful potatoes, I am addicted to online shopping. Oh oh oh. Especially shopping for make up and skincare stuffs. I love Hermo.

Don't know why, but moolah kept rolling in the past 2 weeks and I bought so many things. I am so happy my potatoes. Oh oh oh.

I haven't gotten to the stage of being comfortable shopping for clothes online yet. I mean I do drool over those many many gorgeous outfit photos on instagram and all that but I don't feel comfortable buying clothes online, although I did buy some clothes online before, because of all the uncertainty of the sizing and cutting... what am I crapping about.

Oh oh oh.

Right now, I am really considering buying my own laptop because I can! *milestone unlocked* Probably I should save up just a little more first. I don't want to go back to scrimping every cent.

And I probably should start taking selfies again because I'm not getting any younger #perfectexcuse

Ok so there goes my first post of the year my humans.

I apologize for the lack of depth this post offers. I promise to update my blog more frequently now. Said the girl who breaks her promises.

No really. Because I am back.