Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Essential Damage Care Review

During my last trip to Singapore, I got a conditioner and hair mask from the famous Essential Damage Care. Thank you Jee Kor!

I first got to know of this range through Qiuqiu's blog. Also, bubzbeauty highly recommended the Essential Honey & Shea Butter mask in her videos. So I decided I HAD to get them the next time I came down to Singapore, since it's not available in Malaysia. 

First thing I notice, the packaging. Second thing, the price. 

I got a bottle of conditioner in Nuance Airy for $4.9 and a tub of hair mask in Honey & Shea Butter for $9.9. All from Watson's. I think their prices are very, very, very affordable. I mean for an average Singaporean earning an average of $3000. 

Even after converting (approximately RM12.25 and RM24.75), I still think it's not bad of a price for an average Malaysian earning an average RM3000. And it's more expensive if you get it online.

So, I have been using them for more than a month now. 

Let's start with bitter.

The pink conditioner just.... no. The Nuance & Airy range is supposedly for limp and thin hair. I'm guessing that this conditioner is suppose to add more volume and "air" to the hair of limpy-haired girls. 

The first few times using this conditioner, my hair felt okay. Not spectacular, but okay. You know, not bad. Works fine. Average. Ok, I'll shut up. 

But the longer I used it, my hair, especially the ends, started to have a plastic-tangled feel to it. With lots of "puff".

I started noticing these signs when I went to KL for a whole week and I brought this conditioner with me. It was drying man. 

And mind you, when I noticed my hair started getting dryer, I started slathering MORE conditioner at a time. Like a palm-size each time. The first few hours, my hair looked fine. But after that, POW.

I seriously think it works by sucking out the "excess oils" from your hair thus making your hair "airier". One good thing about it though, it smells nice. Like flowers.

Moving on. 

Now, the hair mask is a different story. The Honey & Shea Butter range is more suited for girls with hair like mine that needs a lot of moisture and taming. The consistency, very dense and saturated yet spreadable. I only use this once a week. 

But since I don't wanna use my pink one anymore, I'm using this mask in place of my conditioner. I don't care. It works nicely as a conditioner. And I don't wash my hair everyday SO. 

My hair is very manageable after each use. Like a silky, soft... pillow. My hair seriously feels like a silky soft pillow the more I think of it.

But I don't think it can rescue my split ends. Because once a hair splits, I see no way how a hair mask can merge split ends back together even though it claims it can.

I have to chop off another inch off my hair next month :(

You need very little to go a long way. You see? After more than a month, there's still quite a lot left. It smells nice. Not too strong, not too light. Like honey and shea butter.

Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask: 
I like it. I don't mind re-purchasing it. But then again, it's not available in Malaysia. SO.

Nuance Airy conditioner: 
Not for me, maybe for you. But not for me. Pity. I liked the pink packaging.