Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miss Global International Malaysia 2013: My experience

It's been so long and I'm only blogging about MGIM now. Oops.

So this trip is a culmination of a successful audition and months and months of preparation... sorta... for the big pageant week in July.

But I think I'll be taking a break from pageants for this year. It's been a whirlwind ride for me. And suffice to say, I've experienced what I wanted to.

Be mentally prepared when you enter a pageant. Especially the big ones.

One word to describe my 10 day Miri trip: Bootcamp.

No, really. My friend more aptly described it as a military camp. Haha.

It did not help that I fell sick 5 hours before my flight. And did anyone tell you not to travel air when you have a flu? It takes a heck of a time to recover.

In the plane with Shanel.

One of the hardest thing when you're down with a cold is to dress up nicely to go for dinners, events or stuff like that. And they're held in really cold places. Dressing up meant not being able to wear jeans or sweaters or long sleeved shirts. That meant getting FROZEN.

So rule 1: DON'T FALL SICK.

When you enter pageants, be prepared to be judged like crazy. Us girls were judged from day 1 by everyone around us. Like everyone =.= Left, right, up, down. Not sure whether I felt comfortable with people I don't really know judging me that will ultimately contribute to my overall score.

Now for the good bits :)

I've gotten more beauty conscious. I think. I think LAH.

Most of the girls there have very, very, very, very nice skin (and good make up skills). From what I gathered, almonds and prunes are god-sent. And just lots of fruits and leafy greens in general. And water. I'm sure you knew that right?

But when you're surrounded by girls with really amazing bare skin, you can't help drinking that extra glass of water or eating that extra serving of fruits.

Right now, my skin is bad. Haha. Okay.

Meet Julie. She has very nice skin :D

The most enjoyable part of MGIM were the dance rehearsals. I'm not sure whether I'm good at it, but I don't care. I love dancing.

I never had the chance to dance when I was younger. No, not even in kindergarten. Dancing in my room does not count.

So when I first found out we were gonna have dance rehearsals, I was very excited. And because I was already training for my talent performance, also a dance, for about a month then, I felt that more confident.

We had to memorize 3 routines for the grand finale.

A cultural dance, a dance based on Pitbull's "Feel the moment" song and Psy's "Gentleman." On top of that, our schedule was packed with strings of charity work, special dinners, visits, events, talks etc.

AND we only had time to rehearse either early in the morning or late at night.

For the talent night which was on the 6th day, I performed a k-pop dance in front of an audience in the shopping mall. My first time.

And... I loved it :') The rush of adrenaline worked in my favor thank god. I remember when I first started training, I was like oh god... I'm not gonna pull this off Ilooklikeasquid.

Although there was some problem with the sound system in the mall, I still did it!

That was my talent outfit for the night.

 Dancing burns a lot of calories. So aside from jogging, crunches and the works, dancing helped me get "bikini-ready". Because, holy, we had a bikini shoot first thing after we touched down at Miri.

Bikini sponsored by WoopzBikini

While waiting for our turn. Meet Eva.

We also had a self-defense class a.k.a karate class. I banyak enjoy the class. Brings back my high school Taekwondo memories in KL. I only managed to get to red belt before I shifted to Perak.

There I am in the middle looking wide-eyed. Literally. The sensei is cute. Just saying.

Checking ourselves out in the papers.

This was after jungle trekking. I also banyak enjoy this. I actually banyak enjoy all physical activities lah.

Wish we could have trekked further but I'm glad we didn't because I was wearing jeans. I did not know what we needed to bring that day :(

Meet my 2 lovely roomies btw. Quek and Nancy :)



Quek is the one always making Nancy and I breakfast in the morning. Because like Quek wakes up the earliest, followed by Nancy... and then me. 

And because Quek has a super minimalistic style, she takes like 5-10 minutes to do her make up. Mine takes about 15 minutes. No, not because I'm fast, it's because I always wake up late.

Nancy takes the longest to put on her make up lolol. 

I'm also the maknae in the room. YAYAYAYAYAY! Maknae in korean means youngest. I don't get to be a maknae often. So YAYAYAYAY! 

Oh ya, Nancy is now Miss Supranational Malaysia competing right now in Belarus woo ;)

Temple visit. In this shot, we 5 were playing around and imitated the "Sex and the city" kinda vibe =.=

Just like that yaw.

For the grand finale, we had to prepare our own national costume.

Initially I wanted to buy a lengha choli, a kind of Indian wear. But when the time came, I was cracking my head over how to save cost. Because at that time, there were all these small accumulated things that made me go over budget. And a typical lengha choli cost RM200.

So, no.

Then one day while wandering around Sungei Wang, I stumbled upon a shop that sold cheap traditional Chinese garments. God heard my prayers :')

My cheongsam which cost me only RM89!!! 

We also had to put on our own make up like in the morning everyday. So that really, really showed me what I was lacking in the beauty department. One of the most essential things I did not have was a compact/loose powder. And my BB cream was a shade too light. I'm not sure how I managed though =.=

Pointer: A pageant is an expensive hobby. If you don't have a proper make up collection or wardrobe to begin with, you're gonna have to spend a lot.

My evening gown sponsored by LuxeSwinger. 

Being my first time in such a long piece of material, I found it hard to walk in. And my heels were just very painful to start with.


Tip: Don't be stingy when buying heels because proper, stable heels can do wonders. Unless you're a pro.

Before I forget. Our hotel room at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club. Which was awesome.

Excuse the mess.


Sarawak's famous kolok mee.

And more food. Fyi, meals are sponsored. 

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

With 18 girls, you'd be surprised that there was not much bitchiness.

For me, I'm okay with all the girls except if you're rude to me or my friends. Then you have an attitude. And it gets on my nerves.

Ok that's all.

Oh ya, something I missed out. I did not win. Hahahahahaha.

But s'okay. I had my fill.

I want to take this time to thank all the sponsors and the crew for making us girls feel like VIPs throughout this whole trip. Haha. No, really, thank you :)

More pictures from my facebook profile HERE.

This is just a very brief summary about my 10-day trip. Want a super duper day-to-day detailed post? Go read Amanda's (also a finalist) rendition of her MGIM experience HERE. Waaaayyyyyy more detailed.

Oh, oh  I had my hair cut by Merlin. Got rid of the rest of my rebonded hair and my hair looks so much more fuller and healthier now :) It's quite short compared to my previous length but I think it'll grow back fast enough.

Signing off,
Finalist no. 6 SELENERRRRR

Now now, let's get back to calling me Miyen ok?