Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A slew of updates

It's the 6th day after exams. And I am exhausted.

I sat for my P1 and P2 last Tuesday and Wednesday. And I am so happy it is over. I repeat myself, "I AM SO HAPPY"

This time round, I did the professional papers which are supposedly a notch higher than the skills paper. But really, I don't care what type of paper it is. I just want to get it done and over with.

After exams, to celebrate, boyfriend and I went for a movie. After Earth. A classic. I don't get all the hate this movie received. Didn't hit off well with the critics. 


"Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice."

The whole movie was based around this concept. May sound corny to some. But, I quote "turn all corniness to your advantage."

One thing though. I couldn't take Will Smith's serious character seriously. No pun intended. He's usually wacko. And to see him so serious, I needed time. Still, good.

Thursday was my do-nothing day.

Except that I did a mean set of workout exercises with Skinny. And the next day I hurt like crazy. I even got a cramp from the exercises while driving...

And then after that, my schedule was social event after social event. TIRING LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS I TELL YOU.

Met up with Angel and her friend for half the day in BB because she had to go back to KL the next day.

Wow... I look pretty... mad. 

We ate at Fancy Mee for late lunch. I've always wanted to eat here. So it was my first time.

Angel in the background ;)

I had Mum's pan mee. Not literally my mother's, it's just the name. Quite nice. But I still prefer Dai Ga Jie's Tom Yam pan mee. That's the best.

So I needed to get some "stuff" for the pageant. And I wasn't good at buying stuff like that. Good thing Angel  knows her stuff. Haha. *checks item off list*

Saturday & Sunday
Hung out with my old Perak chess teammates in Ipoh for one and a half days. Gold memories :')

Me in the car on the way to Dai Syu Geok.

Lawrence looks like he needs a break from us 2. Hahahahahaha.

And I look so tanned.

Kay Lynn, you-know-who, Siew Ting. We were the Charlie's Angels for MSSM 2008 :')

Balls... red balls. Big red balls. Heavy big red balls.

I shall not go on to narrate how I bowled that day.

My dinner at the dunno-what-Sifu in Kinta City. Wok Sifu? Tang Sifu? Oh, oh, I know! WONG SIFU! Hahahahaha. That was a joke. 

Not bad la my food, but I couldn't finish it. As usual =.=

We ordered an extra plate for Kay Lynn's imaginary friend. Hahahahahaha.

Siew Ting and I stayed overnight at Kay Lynn's place. And those love stories just kept pouring out. Tak boleh berhenti. Just pour and pour and pour. 

Until 4am this Siew Ting still wanna pour. Hahahahaha. Just joking ah. Don't angry ah.


Then the next day, I went down to KL for a fitting session at Luxe Swinger.


I get car sick easily. But it got better as I... aged. But the journey there yesterday was HELL. Pure hell.

I felt like puking. I really thought of asking the bus driver to stop so that I can go curl on the road and lie there forever. Don't wanna talk about it lah.

I think this is karma for not listening to my mama. That day hor, she asked me not to eat the maggi mee at her computer. But I still ate in front of her computer :(

Anyway, Gwen and I were one of the earliest to reach the place. So we could choose which dress we wanted first. And the dress I chose had this really beautiful, wispy skirt. I also liked the color :) It was the first dress I chose off the rack.

I can't reveal more, but I'm excited to show you guys how it looks on the night itself :D

For those who don't know, I'm talking about a pageant I joined.

Anyway, the other finalists are mad gorgeous. I think I looked like a half drunken girl with smudged make up yesterday. Hahahahahaha.

Cuz after the terrifying bus ride, I rushed to meet with Gwen with no rest in between. Once there, I do 5-minute make up. Hahahahaha.

Before I went back, I had dinner with JB. I miss that boy :')

Needless to say, I took the train (and not the bus) back. End of story.

Few reminders to myself:

"I am here not to please everyone. Not to impress anybody. I am here just to do what I want, without inhibitions."