Friday, April 26, 2013

TT Mask Review


Lately (as in since the past few months), I've been having a slight obsession with face masks.

I'm addicted to the instant boost they give my face after each application. Also they're so convenient to use and bring around. They're like these customized power packs for my face. And some more, masks nowadays come in super cute packaging.

Ok enough.

So I've been lucky enough to have been selected to review some masks by Timeless Truth Malaysia in collaboration with The Butterfly Project :D

The lavender and pink printed opening letter :)

I'm so happy because

1. I get to save money
2. I'm a mask-lover
3. I get to save money.

I said that already.

So the mask they gave me to review is from the Moisturizing range and it's the INSTANTANEOUS BRIGHTENING COOLING one :D

They were generous enough to give me 3 complimentary masks! I already used up 2 last night! One for myself, the other for Jb.

And it's so good.

I really, really, really like this cooling mask. The sensation was so soothing and refreshing and minty and icy... and snowy.

And I guess my face did get brighter. But I don't care, I'm in it for the cooling effect.

The mask is made of a thin type of sheet which hugs the face perfectly. And I actually couldn't really feel the sheet on my face because it's so delicately thin. Which I like :)

I used it at night.

But the last one I'm saving up for when the weather's really, really hot. Which is like, in Malaysia, any day. I already feel tempted to order more of this mask online.

Anyway, today I'm feeling very happy lah. So many good things flowing to me recently. I feel so blessed :')

But I also have many things to do. Aiihhhh... I'll be sitting for 2 very major papers this June. I have to score well! I wanna pass as fast as possible and get a good job in KL ;) I can't wait to be earning my own big money. Cuz no matter what, money does give a degree of freedom. A very big degree.

After my exams, I'm going on a shopping + pampering spree! There's a looong list of things I have to get. CANNOT WAIT. It's gonna be so fun.

Right now, I'm also on a mission to tone my body.

1. Get rid of flabby underarms. I don't have much flesh under it but I still want it taut :)

2. Butt exercises. I want a PERKY BEHIND. Nuff' said.

3. S-line tummy. I don't want hard washboard abs that look like... they belong to a man. I just want a nice, firm, narrow waist.

How the hell does her tummy look like that? 

Ok time to go. Enjoy life!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last week

So last week has been pretty swell.

Few days ago, went on a family trip to Penang. Gurney Drive to be more specific. The Gurney area lah.

And when you go to Penang, all you take are pictures of food, food, food and... the sea..

Penang! One of the best things about going to Penang is definitely the ferry ride. The worst, hands down, goes to the amount of cars on that teeny island. Ho ma lord.

So cool right that spiral thingy. What is it anyway?

We did some shopping in Gurney Plaza. I bought this mask that I'm so excited to try out!

Now the pimple on my nose is BIG. So I can't wait for it to go down so I can try out the mask.

Diverging, because he was on a week long break last week, that meant movie time.

Oylmpus Has Fallen was nice, especially with Gerard Butler starring. But killings were predictable. Like ANY character that doesn't have more than 10 minutes of screen time gets shot down like nothing. Even if it's the president of South Korea.

But Oblivion was ohmaigad I-LOVE-IT. Reminds me of Moon but only better. Not the moon moon, but the film moon. Homaigad... Oblivion so good. 

Anyway, now that the week is over, my mid-April goals are:

1. Whip myself into shape. Like into this shape


She has the exact birth date as me! Down to the last digit :D

I'm so pathetic...

Ok lazy to write down other goals. 

Oh and if you've miss my face, here's a picture for ya ;)


Haha. Sorry lah, got pimple on my nose.

Went to KL that day to accompany JB to buy his Note 2. Yes NOTE 2 BAGGARS! And both his sisters recently bought PINK note 2s.... 

*looks at my S2* 

I also went down to redeem a free detox treatment at midvalley. And got pushed to buy their travelling skincare kit worth RM88 D:

Damn hardcore they sell their products... Like I was in this interrogation room. Kept saying no, no, no, but they kept pushing

Haih, whatever lah...

So anyway I bought this really cute Hello Kitty casing (see above). RM30. Is that a good price? 


Brain jam.

Ok, have a good end of the day y'all!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bare faced the BB way

One thing I tak boleh tahan is slathering foundation on my skin. I'm a very hill billy kinda girl. I blame my mum. But when it comes to important events/appointments, I try my best to drop that look.

The few times I did "full make up", I went for the "normal" routine a lot of you more experienced buggers should be familiar with: 

1. make up base + SPF
2. foundation 
3. concealer
4. highlighter 
5. blush
6. powder

Although I purposely put just a light layer of each product, girl, there're still 6 of them.
I felt choked-face. Geddit? Geddit?

I don't either.

Ok lah, people do full make up for me I enjoy. Cuz it's therapeutic bla bla bla.  But when it comes to me doing my own make up, I'm conscious about the amount of stuff I put on my face. And that plays a psychological role too.

So the next best solution for me without having to go through that nightmare came in the form of 


So I couldn't be happier when sponsored me Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream in Fresh :D

I need this especially with so many BIG events coming up. Usually I'm just happy with going bare faced with a dash of johnsons baby powder. But... not very glamorous lah.

First things first, 

My BB cream came in 01 Fresh, which is like KUNING LANGSAT. 

Cuz that's what it says on the bottle. Haha.

Consistency is pretty light. Easy to spread which I like.

Ok guys, my skin in really bad now cuz my cat died, my dog flew to Antartica, I had to force myself to wear black (I hate black), my hair grew an extra inch, I'm having my period.

So I'm showing a before & after picture of my hand.

Left side: bare, Right side: BB cream

As you can see, the right side is clearly brighter than the other side. It looks a bit too white now, but after a while it settles in.

When applied to my face, trust me when I say that my skin did get BRIGHTER and EVEN TONED overall.

For spots, the cream failed to cover some, but for the lighter spots, it did okay. The color blends in well cuz I got kuning langsat skin. My mom calls it the kopi manis color. Haha.

You won't get that super glossy matte finish. But you'll get a very natural finish. I don't know if it works for people with like really terrible skin, but on mine it's good enough. I have normal to combination skin.

But I don't recommend putting the cream on skin like my nose (see drawing below).

The surface of my nose is especially sensitive during that period. Which is now.

It's really in a bad condition now. 

I tried it on my nose and I don't know whether the clogging effect was significant, but I washed it off immediately after my left brain logic kicked in. I try to avoid putting anything at all on big blemishes and open pores until it heals.

Anyway, best is product for instant nose smoothness is using filters lah. Hahahahahaha.

This was after a 3-hour bus journey. And yes I was wearing the BB cream.

If you have normal to combination skin like me and you hate the heavy feeling foundations give, this is very good. It's not perfect, but it does the job well enough :) 

I'm not looking for a super perfect finish.

Just something that covers up well enough and looks natural.

I'll choose this BB cream over foundation anytime.

Retails at RM16.90

Once again, thank you OnlyBeauty for giving me the chance to review this :)

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