Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miss Shanghai Semi Final

AAHHHH... feels darn good to be back home. My feet oh my feet. 

So just last night was Miss Shanghai's semi-final for my group. If you think being in a beauty pageant is easy, I'm telling you... IT IS VERY TIRING. But I like it. Haha.

So this is the deal, there are 14 girls, 7 will qualify to the grand finals. That means half will get kicked out.

Ok fine, straight to the point, I did not manage to get into the finals. I FAILED MY FAMILY AND BF AFTER GETTING THEIR FULL MENTAL SUPPORT!! Nice move T__T


Looking at the bright side, it's a good thing I did not qualify. 

Because I can safely say I'm the only outstation contestant. And travelling from Kampar to KL for rehearsals and on the event day EVERY bloody time is just... let's just say I pokai ad lah. 

And I think (Anita influenced me to think this lol) I lost out because of the voting round. I did not bring along supporters (my choice, I'd rather not have them come actually, damn embarrassing letting them see me catwalk lol). 

Although theoretically voting counts for only 30% of the total marks, I still can't help feeling you gotta be popular lah. Then more money donated to charity ma. No votes, no money lor. 

Anyway, whatever. In the future, avoid anything that does with voting lol. Unless I'm Justin Bieber.

The judges this time round were different than the judges during the heat round. I particularly did not like one of the judges this time round. 

He seemed tipsy during the end of the show and he kept cheering on his favorite contestant (who's also my good friend). I think this is strange, judges aren't supposed to be so blatantly obvious. But then again, he's probably drunk. But then again... not at all professional. Egh.

I very bad lah. I think if I got in, I won't be saying all these things lol. What to do. This is called protecting the loser's dignity. Haha.

I'm terrible.

Still, a few of my good friends made it through, so babes if you're seeing this, congrats! Can't wait for the finals :D

PHOTO TIME! Apologize in advance for the blurry pictures. My phone camera sucks at taking pictures in low lighting.

Pecky, me and Anita before make up.

Girl on the left this time is Jiayi, me and Anita with make up and hair done.

Pecky and I.

Pecky and Anita.

Anita and I.

Okay, you're confused aren't you?

Shanel and I. Lovely girl I met on the day itself. She's super friendly.

Tell you a story about my hair that night ah.

I requested for big soft curls. And then my stylist did something to my hair that was NOT big soft curls. They were SMALL TIGHT curls. ...nice... I was horrified. I look like some nerdy dorky goopa loopa. So I spent a good amount of time in the toilet combing out the curls to make them looser. 

And below is the result.

Good thing I asked her to chill with the hairspray. 

Nah, Anita for you one. Lol. Before.

After :)

And then at the end of the show while waiting for the results, we FINALLY got some free time to take pictures.  

My cheongsam :) It's sponsored and free size. So it's not altered to fit which explains why some parts are are loose around my waist.

Ok, I don't wanna put captions anymore. So you just scroll and see the pics lah.

This is Charissa. Also a new friend I made that day. Pretty right?

Heat 2 girls in the semis. Out of the 4 of us, only Anita made it through T__T

Damn blurry lah. What to do. At night. Some more it's outdoor. And I don't want to use flash. Flash is just... bad.

Okay lah, wanna take a nap ad. Wanna write some more but I haven't been getting much sleep past 2 nights.

So adieu :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The 4th week of January

Hello! So I just watched this trending video of this Australian dude, Adrian, randomly kissing strangers and trying out um... corny pick up lines. And wow... At least he's good looking. Haha.

Ok, so it probably looks a bit staged but who knows?

So this week is the LAST week of January and... damn! Writer's block!


Never mind. Photos!

So this is during one of my study sessions at Jb's place. And he's playing doTA like usual. Screw him. Haha.

I have finally, like FINALLY printed out my P1,2,3 stuff. Yay.

P.S. That is NOT my bra at the top left corner of the picture. That's his sister's =.=

Bought this sparkling pink polish from the pasar malam. Lol. First time I'm buying nail polish there. RM4 :)

I'm not really a nail polish kinda girl. I can't even remember the last time I bought nail polish. It's usually Merlin who buys them. But I wanted this color for something ;)

FINALLY bought a nail polish remover. And I just finished my Hada Labo Moisturizing cleanser. Wanted to buy the same one but since it's RM15, I tried out the cheaper Biore Facial Foam. Only RM5 something. Haha. 

Not bad la so far. 

Gold dangling ear rings from AgroMall. Forgot the price but I think it was something like RM4.90. Cheap right? I find I actually like gold colored things. I mean, if you play it right, the color looks very glamorous as opposed to "old".

Sister Diary's Black Pearl Mask! 2 pcs for RM8.90. A bit pricey but I love this to pieces! I find it instantly brightens my face after every use. I am also planning to get the Deep Brightening and Whitening one.

And best of all is that it's paraben free and alcohol free. I found out that a lot of moisturizers contain paraben, even the ones I have. And paraben is... dangerous. I have to find a moisturizer that doesn't contain it after I've used up mine. 

Random doll house DIY set I bought for Mowgli and Boo :)

Ok bye!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Why am I still sick???

Not the bed-ridden/dying kinda sick, but like the can't-go-jogging kinda sick level. I am tired of this... this has been going on for too long lah. I wanna need to jog lah wei. Because of this sickness, I'm looking more and more like a skeleton. I need to get into shape FAST.


I think I am like really, really, really blessed. I don't know. The revelation just dawned upon me these past few days. It got me thinking.

This prolonged sickness and it's effect on my "schedule", a long-time friend popping up suddenly in my life making me think of decisions I never took seriously, this sudden opportunity to do what I've always dreamed of doing, skills and talent I'm picking up really well and MORE opportunities popping up - all this in just a span of a month.

I think 2013 is going to be a good year fingers crossed.

Digressing to...


I still need to print my P2 and P3 books. And results for Dec 2012's sitting will be out on the 8th of FEBRUARY 2013!!!

Oh god, oh god, oh god... please let me pass my F6 and F9 with good marks. PLEAASSEEEE! This pre-results period is always the most anxious.

I've been thinking...

If I ever decide to go for the Oxford Brookes BSc in Applied Accounting (something which I opted in during the initial registration of my ACCA course) after completing my ACCA papers, I need to score well enough in my F4-F9 papers to get at least into upper second class of degree or MAYBE even first class.

Because like you know, it's cool having a professional qualification AND a degree.

According to the ACCA Global website on the BSc Degree:

ACCA and Oxford Brookes University have worked together to develop a BSc in Applied Accounting, which is available exclusively to ACCA students who wish to obtain a degree while studying towards the ACCA Qualification.

To be awarded the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting you must:
  •  be registered with Oxford Brookes University ie opted-in to the BSc degree scheme before passing any of the three ACCA Fundamentals papers, F7, F8 and F9 
  • pass the three ACCA Fundamentals papers F7, F8 and F9 and pass other papers as required to successfully 
  • complete all nine Fundamentals level papers complete the ACCA Professional Ethics module according to the RAP submission dates 
  • complete and pass the Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project. 
The degree must be completed within 10 years of your initial registration onto ACCA’s professional qualification otherwise your eligibility will be withdrawn.

I didn't know all this until a few days ago when I was chatting with a friend about this. Damn if I knew earlier, I'd make sure to have studied harder. BECAUSE, as with all degrees, OBU can be split into different classes of degree.

The class of BSc will be based on the average mark determined from the exam marks of the Skills papers (F4-F9) and obviously the grade achieved for the research paper.

I had already passed 4 Skills paper before I knew about this OBU thing.

Right now, I've calculated my average score per paper for F4, 5, 7 and 8. And I'm only averaging at 60%

That's like at the border line for an upper second OBU degree, no matter what grade I get for my research paper.


But then once I actually start working, I don't know whether I'll want to get that OBU degree. Because like, you got your ACCA already what. And it'll take time and money to do that research paper. But according to dad, the degree is useful if ACCA graduates want to steer into the academic line and start teaching accountancy in Uni.

We'll see.

No matter, I have to study harder weiii. I don't really like my marks.. It does get dreary studying alone at home with no competition to spur you on. But I just have to grit my teeth and tunnel on.

Man, right now, I just wanna clear all my ACCA papers and get the hell to work and start earning LOTS OF MONEY.

Sorry ah, my posts nowadays not many doodles or photos. I'm not in the mood to draw-take photo of drawing-copy into pc-edit in photoshop-put in blog or take self-pictures.

Feels like I have so many things to blog about, but I wanna hold back first and wait for the correct time to write them out here.

I don't really have many things to blog about lah. Haha.

Okay lah, time to download more notes.


Friday, January 18, 2013


Whenever I wanna start a blog post, I get distracted by reading other blogs. And then before you know it, I'm watching Namewee's parody of "listen" on Youtube. For the 75455675256th time.

My favorite line:

"So if next time, you kena rape by the adults, you must BUKAK YOUR BAJU, show him your NENEBOK, and press like on his KUKU BIRD, because he got his DEGREE and you are O-LEVEL. No matter how, we must RESPECT the adults."

HAHAHAHA. That guy is like a god lah.

So that wasn't the main point of this entry. The main point of this entry is...

I have no idea.

I love my boyfriend <3



I've been down with a high fever for the past few days. I think Skinny passed it on to me. I TOLD YOU THAT THE VIRUS IS INFECTIOUS. But you never listened. Damn you. Still cough in front of me =.=

Got so sick I had to forgo going for rehearsals yesterday.

Aah... what rehearsals might I be talking about?

If you've read my previous post, you'd know that I've been participating in the Miss Shanghai Beauty Pageant And I pulled out. And now I re-joined.

Yes, I ain't PULLING OUT people!!! Haha.

Thanks to THIS newspaper article.


I mean, whenever I get in the newspaper, it's almost ALWAYS about chess. Not that I hate it (I like it a lot actually lol), but nice to have a change of uhm... environment :)

It's a loooong story how this article got me to change my mind and re-join the contest. Tell you next time lah. But I very happy now :)


If you wanna support me, lai, lai, lai! Come to Afterwerk at The Scott Garden at about 8.30pm. 

Ok... I seriously don't think anyone's gonna turn up and support me lah considering it's on a weekday. And that no one actually reads my blog. Haha.


Oh and I also got myself a stage name/nickname. You can now call me...


You knew that was coming didn't you?

But I like Miyen too. So don't stop calling me Miyen if you're used to it :)

I've always wanted a stage name. But I didn't want something tooooo western. So mainstream. I wanted something Spanish, Grecian, you know. And since Selena Gomez is my current idol, pakai her name only lah! *grins*

Eh, eh, eh, show you something ah...

Vanessa and Selena!

My all-time favorite celebs looking so close together :D They look similar yea?

Ya, I know. All my idols are dark haired, olive-skinned one.


Today is the 3rd day of my sickness. And I lost my voice. Fabulous. And I still need to shop for some stuff later. And I'm on a budget.

I have rough idea of the list of things I have to buy. With RM100.

Will tell you whether I succeeded in getting those items withing budget or not in my next post :)

I think next post will be something like Budget Barbie. But just that it'll be in a blogpost form.

Ok lah, have to start studying again since I'm well enough to move around now. Kid you not, past few days, wanna walk to the toilet also feel like passing out.

Ciao! xoxo

Monday, January 14, 2013

bar.b.q. plaza & FORUCHIZU

About a few weeks back just before Christmas of 2012, I went to KL with a passion... again. I love KL. I don't live there, so whenever I go there, it's usually to places accessible by public transport. 

So most of the time, I'm spared of KL's famous jams. Unless it's a family vacay, then yeah, I'm stuck in the car which is stuck in the jam.

But other than that, I love the bustling crowd (thank god, I don't have ochlophobia), the freaking gigantic malls, the seemingly never-ending amount of events to go. And just everything that city has to offer... sans the traffic... and moolah, LOTS OF MOOLAH.

I've professed my love for KL way too many times now.


After collecting my Nuffnang prize, Merlin, Angel and I went for some very hassled shopping around the city centre. 

Went to "pick up" Angel from her "headquarters". That was the first time I've ever been to a friend's little rented space. Disregard Genting quarters. Those came in complimentary with the job. And then in a span of the next 2 weeks, I went to 2 other friends' rented rooms in turn. Like attracts like.

So unknowingly, I've gotten the feel of the price with regards to the location and size I can expect for a rented room in KL.

Which is very helpful considering I might be shifting there after studies. It's either KL or Singapore. I hope.

That was us goofing around waiting for Angel to finish prepping.

And then, the trio.

First stop, Times Square. 

Merlin bought the cutest bag there and Angel got this adorable toy plushie for some gift exchange program at her workplace.

And then we headed for some overdue lunch at bar.b.q. plaza! My first time there to that very hyped up place.

Barbecue platter on the left, steamboat platter on the right.

Rice I was not able to finish. 

I always seem to fail to finish my food. Bad. Very bad. Shame on me. Shame.

Then we rushed to Pavillion to drop Angel's plushie toy off at her office.

And now deco time.

Miniature me with... big ice-cream.

Then we hurried our little feet over to KLCC. For FORUCHIZU. We've never been there before, so yeah, our first time there you morons.

It's a brand created by Malaysia's top 2 fashion bloggers, Cheesie and Audrey.

Browse, browse, browse. 

I find the prices there are too pricey. I guess the price range is aimed at working ladies. Not poor students like me. Ah well, incentive for me to get rich.

And we're DONE.

After that Merlin and I ran like crazy to meet family at sentral. We got a scolding because we were late T___T

I'm not really good at ending my posts in a "HAPPY ENDING" kinda way... so, uh...

Signing off,