Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Good day mate!

Through the very awesome Butterfly Project, YADAH is inviting 50 bloggers to a party this coming 4th of January! 


The lil' girl's Yadah and that's her pet alien, Yom Yom. Hi Yadah. Hi Yom yom.

To stand a chance of being chosen as one of the lucky 50, YADAH x The Butterfly Project prompted me to stand back and think about how I wanted to improve my overall wellness and uhm... beauty for the coming year.

So I present to you MY BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS:

1. Love myself
If you're confident and happy with how you are and look, nothing else matters. One bad habit is to compare ourselves with other people. So I try my best lah.

2. Stop touching my face.
You see, the worse my skin is, the more tempted I am to fuss about my skin. Everyone shares my sentiments? So one way I found effective to combat this is to not look at the mirror (as much as possible) and to put my mind on other matters.

3. Eat healthier and more
Since I lost a bit too much weight, my skin has been in a pretty bad shape. So I've been trying to eat more food and healthier food. 

My drawing of food looks very bland. Because healthy food is bland. No I'm just kidding. No I'm not. But I will eat.
Although I will always love my maggi.

4. Sleep earlier
Good quality sleep = healthy, glowy skin.
Lemme get this straight. I sleep very late as a habit. But this is going to change next year because I have to be waking up at 5 something a.m. for the next 2 months. I will have no choice. Blessing in disguise!

5. Work that booty!
FYI, I just finished my exams. So I wrote down a list of thing to do after exams. I haven't gotten to the exercise part yet. I am going to get to it. I think I'm going for more resistance training and less cardio. Because I don't wanna lose any more boobies.

6. Buy GOOD QUALITY make up & throw the bad ones out
THIS. God so help me, I am going to BUY. Due to the fact that I don't put make up much at all, my old make up has gone stale. But next year, I resolve to spend more time "decorating" my face =.= and invest in QUALITY make up and not cheapos.

7. Use natural, organic products. (This is a long one. You are going to suffer)
Psychologically, I am very uncomfortable with using chemical-based products. Because I don't wanna die young, I research suspicious sounding ingredients and what I find are not exactly unicorns.

This is also due to the fact that I come from a family that advocates taking care of the skin through using as little chemicals as possible. I've also seen first hand what harsh chemicals like steroids can do to the skin over time. And it is not a pretty sight.

I know it's nearly impossible to avoid using chemicals. I do use chemical-based skincare although I try to minimize my dependence on them as much as possible. But there are dangerous cancer-causing substances like parabens and sulphates out there that we should avoid if we can. 

I've been researching natural skincare methods like oil-cleansing (not with your usual cleansing oil but rather with actual organic cold-pressed oils like olive oil, avacado oil etc.), uses of apple cider vinegar and mixing up vegetables and fruits as face masks. 

The problem with natural remedies is that it's time consuming and it is going to create a lot of mess in the kitchen. Also you have to be careful not to mess up your skin's acid mantle (the natural balance of the skin) so research is inevitable.

Organic skincare lines like Juice Beauty and KORA Organics are pretty pricey and not available in Malaysia. 

So long-winded...

So when I was introduced to YADAH skincare, an organic natural South Korean skincare line, my interest was piqued. 

Not only is this line gentle yet effective, it's also chemical-free, has no artificial colouring and is derived from natural plant ingredients!

Click on the pic above to find out more about Yadah Malaysia!

And I researched their prices. I must say they are quite affordable. Now, I don't know about you but... is this GOD SENT??? 

Gotta try it to believe it!

Thank you once again to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for kicking off the new year in the most perfect way for us butterflies! And thank you LITTLE WONTON for agreeing to play host to this partayy :)

If you're interested in joining this giveaway, simply go to: and click the giveaway tab.

Just follow the instructions and you're done!

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Kampung girl signing off.


P.s.: I'm so sorry my drawing sucks. I drew it on the Note 10.1. I still need practice.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Hermo Christmas Wish List


What is it: A reputable online shop that offers an extensive range of beauty products at reduced prices like EVERYDAY I no lie.

My first experience with Hermo was when they gave me a pair of feet mask to review. You can read my review HERE and enjoy pictures of my foot.

And recently about a few weeks back, I made my first virgin purchase with Hermo for 2 aloe vera gels.

I was very, very pleasantly surprised by their very punctual delivery and the way they wrapped up my products. A++ I no lie again.

Hermo sells quite a variety of korean beauty brands like Etude House, Yadah, Tony Moly, Nature Republic and the latest craze 3CE cosmetics.

Can someone tell me why 3CE resellers in Malaysia are SO reluctant to state their prices out in the public and would rather us potential customers whatsapp them privately to ask for the price? Why so fishy sia?

Fyi, Hermo states their 3CE prices for everyone to see.

And truthfully, korean/japanese brands are all I'm really interested in now. I really honestly just enjoy browsing through. Because I am still a student with no income.

BUT THEN. Wait for it...

This Christmas month, guess what girls? Hermo, in collaboration with the Butterfly Project, has decided to play SANTA 2013!!!

So this is how you get your chance at having your X'mas wish come true.

How To Make A Wish List?

Browse and make a wish list worth up to RM80 on any products you set your lovely eyes upon. Link it to the product page. Your wish list can be combined or just consist of 1 item. Santa Hermo will visit your blog & grant lucky butterflies wishes this Christmas!

25th Nov- 14th Dec: Create your Wish List on your blog
17th Dec - 24th Dec: Santa Hermo grants wishes! 

I'll write more on how you can submit your entry down below. But before that...

What did I wish for?

1. TonyMoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF30 / PA++ 50ml (RM65)

THIS. Santa, I want THIS.

I am going to start my internship next year. So I need to look presentable yet I don't want to be going to work with a layer of foundation which may feel too heavy and may lead to breakouts.

CC creams are lighter than BB creams and I really don't mind a lighter coverage because I'm used to going around bare faced anyway.

AND I've never tried a CC cream before. Only BB. So I really want to try my hand at one of these.

For the remaining RM15, I am going for a mask.

2. Beautymate Baby Skin Ultra Moisture Barrier Mask (RM9.90)

Just look at the packaging. LOOK AT IT goddammit. Okay.

*fingers crossed*

So children of the blogosphere, you can enter this giveaway by following the relevant steps HERE.

Build your Christmas list, like a few facebook pages and submit your entry. Easy.

Remember to link the product link to your blog and link Hermo to your blog.

While you're at it, why don't you sign up as a member for The Butterfly Project? It's a Malaysian beauty blogger community that holds MANY events for us budding beauty bloggers. 

Very interesting and fun! Although unfortunately I could not make it for their events this year :( 

For those of you who don't own a blog or just simply do not have the time to blog, fret not! For the month of December 2013, Hermo is running awesome deals. I repeat, awesome deals. So awesome that you'll want to continue plastering your butts on the chair for the next 5 hours. So go! Shop!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Essential Damage Care Review

During my last trip to Singapore, I got a conditioner and hair mask from the famous Essential Damage Care. Thank you Jee Kor!

I first got to know of this range through Qiuqiu's blog. Also, bubzbeauty highly recommended the Essential Honey & Shea Butter mask in her videos. So I decided I HAD to get them the next time I came down to Singapore, since it's not available in Malaysia. 

First thing I notice, the packaging. Second thing, the price. 

I got a bottle of conditioner in Nuance Airy for $4.9 and a tub of hair mask in Honey & Shea Butter for $9.9. All from Watson's. I think their prices are very, very, very affordable. I mean for an average Singaporean earning an average of $3000. 

Even after converting (approximately RM12.25 and RM24.75), I still think it's not bad of a price for an average Malaysian earning an average RM3000. And it's more expensive if you get it online.

So, I have been using them for more than a month now. 

Let's start with bitter.

The pink conditioner just.... no. The Nuance & Airy range is supposedly for limp and thin hair. I'm guessing that this conditioner is suppose to add more volume and "air" to the hair of limpy-haired girls. 

The first few times using this conditioner, my hair felt okay. Not spectacular, but okay. You know, not bad. Works fine. Average. Ok, I'll shut up. 

But the longer I used it, my hair, especially the ends, started to have a plastic-tangled feel to it. With lots of "puff".

I started noticing these signs when I went to KL for a whole week and I brought this conditioner with me. It was drying man. 

And mind you, when I noticed my hair started getting dryer, I started slathering MORE conditioner at a time. Like a palm-size each time. The first few hours, my hair looked fine. But after that, POW.

I seriously think it works by sucking out the "excess oils" from your hair thus making your hair "airier". One good thing about it though, it smells nice. Like flowers.

Moving on. 

Now, the hair mask is a different story. The Honey & Shea Butter range is more suited for girls with hair like mine that needs a lot of moisture and taming. The consistency, very dense and saturated yet spreadable. I only use this once a week. 

But since I don't wanna use my pink one anymore, I'm using this mask in place of my conditioner. I don't care. It works nicely as a conditioner. And I don't wash my hair everyday SO. 

My hair is very manageable after each use. Like a silky, soft... pillow. My hair seriously feels like a silky soft pillow the more I think of it.

But I don't think it can rescue my split ends. Because once a hair splits, I see no way how a hair mask can merge split ends back together even though it claims it can.

I have to chop off another inch off my hair next month :(

You need very little to go a long way. You see? After more than a month, there's still quite a lot left. It smells nice. Not too strong, not too light. Like honey and shea butter.

Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask: 
I like it. I don't mind re-purchasing it. But then again, it's not available in Malaysia. SO.

Nuance Airy conditioner: 
Not for me, maybe for you. But not for me. Pity. I liked the pink packaging.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miss Global International Malaysia 2013: My experience

It's been so long and I'm only blogging about MGIM now. Oops.

So this trip is a culmination of a successful audition and months and months of preparation... sorta... for the big pageant week in July.

But I think I'll be taking a break from pageants for this year. It's been a whirlwind ride for me. And suffice to say, I've experienced what I wanted to.

Be mentally prepared when you enter a pageant. Especially the big ones.

One word to describe my 10 day Miri trip: Bootcamp.

No, really. My friend more aptly described it as a military camp. Haha.

It did not help that I fell sick 5 hours before my flight. And did anyone tell you not to travel air when you have a flu? It takes a heck of a time to recover.

In the plane with Shanel.

One of the hardest thing when you're down with a cold is to dress up nicely to go for dinners, events or stuff like that. And they're held in really cold places. Dressing up meant not being able to wear jeans or sweaters or long sleeved shirts. That meant getting FROZEN.

So rule 1: DON'T FALL SICK.

When you enter pageants, be prepared to be judged like crazy. Us girls were judged from day 1 by everyone around us. Like everyone =.= Left, right, up, down. Not sure whether I felt comfortable with people I don't really know judging me that will ultimately contribute to my overall score.

Now for the good bits :)

I've gotten more beauty conscious. I think. I think LAH.

Most of the girls there have very, very, very, very nice skin (and good make up skills). From what I gathered, almonds and prunes are god-sent. And just lots of fruits and leafy greens in general. And water. I'm sure you knew that right?

But when you're surrounded by girls with really amazing bare skin, you can't help drinking that extra glass of water or eating that extra serving of fruits.

Right now, my skin is bad. Haha. Okay.

Meet Julie. She has very nice skin :D

The most enjoyable part of MGIM were the dance rehearsals. I'm not sure whether I'm good at it, but I don't care. I love dancing.

I never had the chance to dance when I was younger. No, not even in kindergarten. Dancing in my room does not count.

So when I first found out we were gonna have dance rehearsals, I was very excited. And because I was already training for my talent performance, also a dance, for about a month then, I felt that more confident.

We had to memorize 3 routines for the grand finale.

A cultural dance, a dance based on Pitbull's "Feel the moment" song and Psy's "Gentleman." On top of that, our schedule was packed with strings of charity work, special dinners, visits, events, talks etc.

AND we only had time to rehearse either early in the morning or late at night.

For the talent night which was on the 6th day, I performed a k-pop dance in front of an audience in the shopping mall. My first time.

And... I loved it :') The rush of adrenaline worked in my favor thank god. I remember when I first started training, I was like oh god... I'm not gonna pull this off Ilooklikeasquid.

Although there was some problem with the sound system in the mall, I still did it!

That was my talent outfit for the night.

 Dancing burns a lot of calories. So aside from jogging, crunches and the works, dancing helped me get "bikini-ready". Because, holy, we had a bikini shoot first thing after we touched down at Miri.

Bikini sponsored by WoopzBikini

While waiting for our turn. Meet Eva.

We also had a self-defense class a.k.a karate class. I banyak enjoy the class. Brings back my high school Taekwondo memories in KL. I only managed to get to red belt before I shifted to Perak.

There I am in the middle looking wide-eyed. Literally. The sensei is cute. Just saying.

Checking ourselves out in the papers.

This was after jungle trekking. I also banyak enjoy this. I actually banyak enjoy all physical activities lah.

Wish we could have trekked further but I'm glad we didn't because I was wearing jeans. I did not know what we needed to bring that day :(

Meet my 2 lovely roomies btw. Quek and Nancy :)



Quek is the one always making Nancy and I breakfast in the morning. Because like Quek wakes up the earliest, followed by Nancy... and then me. 

And because Quek has a super minimalistic style, she takes like 5-10 minutes to do her make up. Mine takes about 15 minutes. No, not because I'm fast, it's because I always wake up late.

Nancy takes the longest to put on her make up lolol. 

I'm also the maknae in the room. YAYAYAYAYAY! Maknae in korean means youngest. I don't get to be a maknae often. So YAYAYAYAY! 

Oh ya, Nancy is now Miss Supranational Malaysia competing right now in Belarus woo ;)

Temple visit. In this shot, we 5 were playing around and imitated the "Sex and the city" kinda vibe =.=

Just like that yaw.

For the grand finale, we had to prepare our own national costume.

Initially I wanted to buy a lengha choli, a kind of Indian wear. But when the time came, I was cracking my head over how to save cost. Because at that time, there were all these small accumulated things that made me go over budget. And a typical lengha choli cost RM200.

So, no.

Then one day while wandering around Sungei Wang, I stumbled upon a shop that sold cheap traditional Chinese garments. God heard my prayers :')

My cheongsam which cost me only RM89!!! 

We also had to put on our own make up like in the morning everyday. So that really, really showed me what I was lacking in the beauty department. One of the most essential things I did not have was a compact/loose powder. And my BB cream was a shade too light. I'm not sure how I managed though =.=

Pointer: A pageant is an expensive hobby. If you don't have a proper make up collection or wardrobe to begin with, you're gonna have to spend a lot.

My evening gown sponsored by LuxeSwinger. 

Being my first time in such a long piece of material, I found it hard to walk in. And my heels were just very painful to start with.


Tip: Don't be stingy when buying heels because proper, stable heels can do wonders. Unless you're a pro.

Before I forget. Our hotel room at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club. Which was awesome.

Excuse the mess.


Sarawak's famous kolok mee.

And more food. Fyi, meals are sponsored. 

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

With 18 girls, you'd be surprised that there was not much bitchiness.

For me, I'm okay with all the girls except if you're rude to me or my friends. Then you have an attitude. And it gets on my nerves.

Ok that's all.

Oh ya, something I missed out. I did not win. Hahahahahaha.

But s'okay. I had my fill.

I want to take this time to thank all the sponsors and the crew for making us girls feel like VIPs throughout this whole trip. Haha. No, really, thank you :)

More pictures from my facebook profile HERE.

This is just a very brief summary about my 10-day trip. Want a super duper day-to-day detailed post? Go read Amanda's (also a finalist) rendition of her MGIM experience HERE. Waaaayyyyyy more detailed.

Oh, oh  I had my hair cut by Merlin. Got rid of the rest of my rebonded hair and my hair looks so much more fuller and healthier now :) It's quite short compared to my previous length but I think it'll grow back fast enough.

Signing off,
Finalist no. 6 SELENERRRRR

Now now, let's get back to calling me Miyen ok?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hermo Foot Mask

Just got back from Miri a few days ago. But before I get down to bombarding you guys with pictures, here's an overdue post that I've been meaning to finish up... until now. 

So, I don't exactly have the smoothest feet around and I hardly, if nothing, give any attention to them. How many of you girls out there actually give due care to your footsies just like how you care for your face? 

But recently, due to a changed mentality, I've started taking care of my body much, much, much more than before. 

I tak mau jadi those typical aunties with ugleh cracked feet, dull haggard face and knotted, matted hair. I want to be a glamorous tai tai. Hahaha. 


Then I realized, damn... my feet needs some TLC. I WANT PRETTY FEET TOO. It never ends does it?

So about 3 weeks ago, was kind enough to sponsor me a pair of foot mask by BeautyQ! 

NO MORE cracked heels, tan lines, permanent black & brown stains around my heels and toes.

This is a made-in Taiwan product. It is an exfoliation treatment for cracked, dry, rough heels and feet, that nourishes and moisturises your feet!

Now let's get down to the details. The product works by peeling off the outer dead skin of your feet revealing a new smoother layer underneath. 

This process doesn't happen overnight. Instead, it takes approximately a week for the skin on your feet to fully shed. And no, it doesn't hurt. 

So you first put your feet into the mask that resembles a soaked plastic bag. And being my first time, I had no idea how to seal the mask. I mean I did notice a "seal here" sticker somewhere along the line but it proved ineffective because it wasn't sticky and large enough to completely seal the whole foot mask up. 

So I resorted to using cellophane tape. Haha. 

And then I wait. You're supposed to have it on for about 60 to 90 minutes for the feet mask to do it's mojo.

To make it easier for me to walk around, I put on my fluffy pink socks from Daiso :)

You see the two long wooden sticks coming out from my socks? Let me assure you they are real legs. 

During the process, I did feel a slight tingling sensation around my feet. Like the skin became more fragile and... transparent for a better word. 

Leave it on for 60-90 minutes. After that, I took it off, rinsed my feet with water and continued my day like normal. 

I don't know whether I'm imagining things, but right after I took off the feet mask, the veins on my feet were sorta noticeable because my skin was sorta transparent. I'm a mutant.

And the floor felt slightly more slippery than usual.

But after a day or so, the "slippery effect" wore off.

And then the fun begins. According to the package, your skin should start shedding by the 4th or 5th day and last until the 6th or 7th day. 

But for me, my skin started shedding after the 3rd day and lasted about 3 days. 

The below pictures are similar to what I experienced.

OK FINE. I'll show you the picture of my foot :(

Don't ask me why there's a RM50 note next to my foot. I'm so mortified.

So yeah whatever. Cool yah?

I did not take an AFTER picture of my foot because... just because. But I'm really impressed with the results. My feet has seriously gotten smoother... and fairer if I may add. Probably because all the hard dirt has peeled off :)

So if you wanna purchase it, you can get it at HERMO.MY. If I'm not mistaken, there's a promotion going on for this exact foot mask now! So grab it while stock lasts :D

Once again, thanks Hermo for giving me the chance to try out this product. I'll definitely come back for more. If my budget allows :P


Friday, July 12, 2013

I need your votes!

SO! Miss Global International Malaysia 2013's official voting round has BEGUN! MGIM for short. Actually, voting began last week. Like on the 3rd.

And this is MY bunting! I am feeling pretty good about myself right now.

Oh, and I'm Selena btw. Haha.

I don't know whether MGIM will use this picture for the whole duration of the competition because... I think look like a Pharaoh. 

 Okay... I don't look THAT bad.

I'm probably looking like this:

I'm Cleopatra. I'm badass.

So conclusion is...

I look like a badass Pharaoh. Booyah.

So is this whole post about how I look like a Pharaoh in my bunting?

Actually... yes and no.

Because I'm here to announce the FISHING PERIOD!


For your information: The highest voted finalist will AUTOMATICALLY qualify into the TOP 9. That's awesome.

SO! If you love me as a person and think I deserve to get that extra vote, here's how to VOTE FOR ME:

This is my first time fishing for votes. And I'm not really sure how to go about it but...


Is this how you fish for votes? Am I doing it right? Am I  pushing people away from me? T___T

I leave the fate of my Pharaoh picture in your hands.


P.S.: I'm not sure when the voting will close. So just stay tuned la ;)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Killer Butterflies


Happy Birthday Papa!

Ok, next. lol.

I'm currently in love with 4MINUTE - '물 좋아? (Is It Poppin'?)' (Official Music Video)


My new favorite 4minute song :D

The song has a light-ish pop vibe to it. Not so loud and crazy. It's a song you can put on repeat and still concentrate on blogging. Hah.

And, HYUNA!! .... omggg.... how can you be so sexy??? I like her with black hair the best.

So last week was the Malaysian Masters, a special tourney held to select the Malaysian chess squad.

Because it was a week after my exams and with about a week to ready myself for battle, I thought I was gonna get slaughtered. 

But, I qualified for the national squad ;) Wee!

I know that previously I've been in the team before, but every opportunity given to me is still a blessing :) 

Top 6 women qualify. I got 4th. So logically speaking, top 6 men should also qualify yea? But I'm hearing top 8 for men. Oh I'm so confused. But whatever, if you're in the top 5, confirm your position will not be compromised. Unless you don't want to play..

Women results here. Men results here.

I love chess.

Pictures of my sleepy face in the hotel room first.

Sorry ah, just woke up. My free day that day :D

First round was in the Palace of the Golden Horses. 

Guest-of-honor was the prince of Perak, Raja Nazrin. Small talked with the players. When he got to the table my brother and I were playing at, he asked how old I was. So I told him and he went, ...wait for it, wait for it...

"Oh? You look so young!"


So happy... 

The presentation of the desserts there were really.... SO BLARDY CUTE CAN DIE MAN.



Subsequent rounds were at Swiss Inn at Petaling Street.


The men's section finished a day later. So that meant I had one free day for KL.

KL = shopping. Shopping was rad, babeh. Rad.

That day's buy.


In H&M's changing room... the purpose of this picture is not to show the dress. It's to show my DARK DARK SKIN. So a few days ago, I bought this. 

It was going to be either Sunplay or Biore. 

But Sunplay had one version in pink. So if it's pink, it's mine. Haha.