Sunday, December 30, 2012

My year in 2012

Bought my dream phone

Represented Malaysia in the World Chess Olympiad in Turkey
Link HERE.

Won a blogging contest for the 1st time
Ok, not exactly champ, but still. I won something!
Link HERE.

Attended more events

Experimented with comic blogging - and liked it

and a couple others...

Lost weight- and kept it off
Crossed the 2-year mark with him
Made many new friends with similar interests
Created a Facebook fanpage for this blog
Continued playing chess
Traveled solo - A LOT
Passed F5, 7, 8

Oh, I dug out my 2012 resolution at the start of the year. Here it is:

1. Be POSITIVE! - um... it depends la...
2. Get a goddamn LAPTOP (no less than i5 processor)! - FAIL
3. BLOG more often! - YES

I didn't write down a very long list then. Because I just didn't care. Haha.

Oh, ME at the start of 2012!
 Just had to put that in did you?

Goodbye 2012.

Hoping to achieve greater things next year!

2013 is going to be a blast!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Paintball and other random shit

So Mr. JB's UM friends came down for the weekend 2 weeks ago. It was fun getting to know them :)

These 2 are JB's roommates. So I ALWAYS hear about them.

And then these 2... I hardly hear about them. Haha.

On Friday we went to play paintball at the new town together with Skinny, Stick and Ah Mun.

It was a painful decision. The "guns" were some VERY mean looking ones. They were big, heavy and loud.

I thought I was going to die.

As I entered the playing arena, it was all Hunger Games, Hunger Games, Hunger Games...

I can only imagine what it's like to actually go to war, like the REAL one. *morbid thoughts*

But after all's been said... was FUN! Because after getting shot the first time, I know how it feels. So the "fear" of not knowing how the pain actually feels like vanished. It stings, but not to the point where I fall to the ground, like dead.

And after multiple hits, I lost all sense of pain. Sorta.

Those bruises and aches are my battle scars. It's still here. On my thigh. After 2 weeks.

But damn did my body ache afterwards.

I talk too much.


The next day, all of us went for dinner at Lung Seng, Tanjung Tualang. Seafood!

When coming back, JB, Kuan and I were discussing about... things.

That made me feel so small. Like this world is filled with boundless opportunities and inspirations. Like there are so many people out there making so much money with only their dreams to guide them.

And I don't know why I'm writing this.

Sudden digressing, I know Christmas is over and all but since I've been a good girl all year long, here goes my Forever Christmas list:


2. Pink Vaio E Series LAPTOP

3. Get BRACES - yes, I know it's been an off and on decision, but I want them now!

4. Go on more outings and event

5. Make up

6. And... and... and... I just realised I can't write my other wishes down here. Too private.

Ok, people. Happy err... last few days of December :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tour around Nuffnang's Office

Was finding something Christmas-y for today's post and I remembered the pile of very Christmas-y pictures I took of Nuffie's office.

So last Friday, I went down to KL to collect my prizes I won for my Veet It Off entry.

The "Tarzan's girlfriend" look that got me 3rd place.

Check out those awesome abs. However non-existent they may be.

Arrived at Nuffnang slash ChurpChurp's Office. And this greeted me. Tell me how many companies have this cute a logo? Disregard Toys r' Us.

And because Christmas at that time was just around the corner, the whole place was so... jingle bell-y and snow-y! Very pretty.

I shall shut up and let your eyes roam freely.

If my failing memory does not fail me, this is the entrance to Churp Churp's office. Birdie = churpchurp. Geddit?

And this would be the, hideout

At the left side of this "bar" were candy machines. Sweet Charissa gave out A LOT of candies to Mowgli and Boo. That's what little sisters are for. To collect candies for me.

I'm just kidding. 

Fine, I am fifty fifty kidding.

So this is where Nuffies work! I need to work here goddammit.

Check out the "flames". I think they're dying. Still... check out the flames!

If you're wondering, that's Mowgli and Boo. Have you seen the Jungle Book movie? That's how Mowgli looks like.

And Boo is from Monsters Inc.

Sweet and very friendly Charissa presenting me my pressies. She was the one who took my minions and I around the office :)


I swear the Nuffie staff are one of the friendliest people around.

My "Christmas" pressies!!! :) And there's a cheque to go with it. Nice.

This was before I tore off the Swarovski's wrapper. Yes, THE Swarovski. Just because this picture reminds me how queasy inside the car was.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Koji Dolly Wink Tea Party Isetan

2 days ago, I went for the Koji Dolly Wink Tea Party at Isetan, KLCC. It's a make up workshop held at Gino Caffe. Cosy place that one. 

This will go down in history being MY VERY FIRST MAKE UP EVENT.


In case you didn't know, Dolly Wink is a renowned Japanese make up brand known for their falsies.

This is a workshop with limited seating, on a first come first serve basis with RM60 per participant.

I think all together there were about 15 to 16 seats. And I got the last one. 

Lucky bugger.

Pic from Dolly Wink's FB page.

Look at those. Just look at those babies.

Lemonade served during the start event to like um... hydrate our esophagus. Sarcasm aside, it was very thoughtful of them :)

Before starting, the participants were paired up. I was paired with Li Ying. I thought she was... quite hot. Lol. She's only 18! o.0

This was at the beginning so we were strangers to each other. That is Li Ying acting like her S3 is the most interesting thing in the world. Well, it is. Sorta. 

I'm the one in yellow. In case you did not notice.

But then we warmed up and hit off pretty well after that :)

Pic from Dolly Wink's FB page.

Some girls went with full make up, some a bit a bit, some tarak make up.

I came with a bare face because it IS a make up workshop. 

Yes, that's a live presentation right there.

And then these are the eye shadows provided. The above 2 are the new eye shadows. The lower 2 are the older ones. But both were similar in texture and color intensity... I think.

Swatch of the top most eyeshadow on Li Ying's hand.

I like this set of swatches! Natural yet subtly glittery.

Swatch of the second eye shadow on moi hand. 

This is set contains the more common brown hues.

I HAD A LOT OF FUN PLAYING WITH MAKE UP! And Li Ying and I were talking a bit too much until the speaker noticed that we were not paying attention. 



Pic from Dolly Wink's FB page.

Participants doing their thang~

And because I no make up on, one of the many nice assistants there applied make up base and BB cream for me. AND also trimmed my eyebrows. Pro weh~

I think this is the first time I am satisfied with how my eyebrows turned out. I remember the first time someone trimmed my eyebrows, it turned out... ghastly. 

I tried on falsies in 11 Pure Sweet. This one is considered to be in the "natural-looking" range of Dolly Wink falsies. But when on me, it made a hell of a difference. In a good way lah. One of the assistants told me that because of the shape of my eye, I only need natural-looking falsies. 

Anything more dolly and I'll look like Chucky.

The make up more pronounced in real life. I love DW falsies! So soft I didn't really feel like I had anything on.

Li Ying and I with our Dolly Wink looks.

Ok. Enough.

And then at the end, we had desserts! One of my favorite parts. Oh yeah.

I liked the cheese tarts.

Group photo. The girl in the white top with long hair is freaking pretty. Kept staring at her.

And see that Koji goodie bag I'm holding? In there are Dolly Wink products worth RM250 - falsies, BB cream, eyeshadow, pink polka dot make up bag etc.

And I left it in Sunway Pyramid. In the toilet. I only realised it wasn't with me AFTER getting back to my friend's place. Like at 10++pm. So we frantically called up at cab, rushed back to Sunway Pyramid and searched that toilet.

It was gone. I am a sad case..

Haih... what to do. No use crying over spilled milk.

Never mind, better things will come to me in the future :)

Whatever happened, I still enjoyed myself at the tea party. Learnt stuff, made friends AND, I still managed to salvage a pair of DW falsies I was wearing. Kekeke.

OH OH OH, and guess what? Audrey from fourfeetnine came to visit too :D


Ok, bai.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I love free beauty samples!

I'm one of those average girls living in an average world with a more than average attraction to freebies.

So today I'll be sharing about some of the many freebies/samples/whatever-you-wanna call-it I've received.

A few weeks ago, I claimed a free trial sample for some kinda Estee Lauder foundation through EL's facebook page.

Ya, just like that. You go search for any free trial samples thingy then submit your details and ta-dah! They issue you a redemption e-mail for you to collect your pressie. Awesome.

I actually managed to redeem my free Estee Lauder foundation sample at Kinta City! I had problems finding the time to go and collect. There's a closing date. But I did in the end babeh!

I learnt a thing or two on how to choose the correct color tone for my skin. The EL assistant was very helpful. And the color scheme wheel is so cool. I want one. Can I? My skin tone surprisingly fell into one of the lighter categories. *stunned silence*


I think my daily skincare routine... is... working... *another stunned silence*

I chose the Light-wear foundation as I have never worn any foundation on my face ever. Never, ever, ever getting back togetherrr...


Light-weight gives a more natural sheen as compared to the Double-wear, which I'm not qualified yet to wear.

Now I'll have a foundation to wear to those big, big punya events! *peace*

And then a few months ago, I joined this small giveaway contest from Street Love. And I was one of the 30 lucky winners to get a taste of Benefit's latest moisturizing range: b.right introductory kit.

Yeah, long over due this one.

The have an emulsion, moisturizer and eye cream. Out of all, I enjoyed the eye cream DA MOST. The emulsion and moisturizer was too heavy for my liking. But the eye cream was good. It's the one on the far left.

Will repurchase it in the future after I'm done with the sample.

I've also recently submitted for a free Hada Labo lotion and Rachel K CC cream sample. Excited!

I've also received some free goodies from the very awesome Angel, who apparently got those goodies FOC too. I LOVE YOU!

Wanna get free beauty samples? Only Beauty is one website you can get free samples. Check them out if you wanna :)

Friday, December 14, 2012


I fell in love with Cheesie's white gown and darker hair which she posted on Instagram a while back.

So, I spontaneously decided to put it down on paper
Can't wait for your wedding!