Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey y'all!

I'll be going on a hiatus for the next 12 days or so. Don't worry. When I get back, I'll be back with a slew of updates, pictures, doodles and all the in-betweens. So much so you'll feel like you're getting spammed, up down, left right.

Can't wait to get back to writing my heart out!!!

Till then, adios! :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to get a boyfriend

Step 1: Show lots of cleavage
Like at least half a boob. And post it on every social media site you've signed up for.
Step 2: Feign dumbness
Like really stupid.

Step 4: Act fragile and weak
Play your part... to the extreme. That will make even very weak guys feel incredibly macho and protective.

And you're done! :)


Monday, November 19, 2012

November's 2nd week recap

Attended the #NNComic2012 gathering. Full post HERE.

Doodle, doodle, doodle... 

I wasted my time in front of the computer like all good girls do. 

Also tried my luck in the #NNShutterbugs14days challenge... but gave up after the 3rd challenge - the #OOTD one. Sue me.

And because he was back for his week-long study break, we had lots and lots of good food :)

And then he had to go back.

I miss this boy.


Thursday, November 15, 2012


To be freed of our dull day-to-day routines.

To experience something completely raw and exciting.

Aren't we all secretly wishing for that?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Nuffnang's Comic Bloggers Gathering Experience

Hey, hey, hey!

So last Saturday saw me attending the #NNComic2012 held at SetiaWalk, Puchong! I actually went! Omigosh :D

Oh, and I just had to have breakouts that day.

I won an invite with my entry here. You could say that was my first ever Nuffnang Gathering. I really enjoyed myself that day :)

Here's my outfit that day.

I left for Kampar in the morning and waited for Ernest and Cheeching to fetch me from Kelana Jaya Station. Thank you ah!!! *loves* Made me feel like VVIP. LOL!

I'm just joking.

While I was waiting, I asked the taxi driver there how much it would cost to get to SetiaWalk Puchong. And he said RM25. Wtf. So glad I have awesome people around me lah... *touched*

Anyway, I arrived at the gathering not knowing any of the 20 invited attendees. But left the gathering with sooo many new friendships! They were all really nice and friendly people! :D

Arrival of the VIPs!

The audience.

The event kicked off straight away with inspirational talks from both Ernest and Cheeching. And when I mean inspirational, I mean it! I was blown away, maybe because I'm really into all this new comic blogging concept and dreaming big and all.

I especially liked the way Ernest presented his ideas. Ernest, have you realized you've just started a chain reaction?

I've written down what they shared at the bottom of this post. So, if you're not the picture kinda reader, scroll to the bottom of this post and enjoy some meaty information!

I'll definitely be drawing more from now onwards. Did you notice those little doodles in my pictures above? :)

Next was live demo with Adobe Illustrator by the VIPs of the day.

Cheeching's skill with Illustrator was... wow. She's crazy good I tell you. Freaking fast. *in awe*

Maestro at work.

My idol... :')

And then, time for makan!!! Seriously, didn't eat s**t before I came.

The audience getting up, after the talk, to cari makan. 

But first, show you interior of CAFFEine ah.

CAFFEine was generous enough to sponsor us Nuffnangers tasty finger food. Although I was expecting each person to get like humongous baguettes or spaghetti or something like that... um, like that fat piece of baguette above.


But still, I enjoyed myself. I liked the brownies especially.

After that was the drawing session instead of the cliched autograph session. Ernest and Cheeching would each draw caricatures of the attendees that day.

I like this picture *big smile*

Each of the 20 invited Nuffnangers got a photoframe. I am in love with freebies.

Here's mine complete with Cheeching's and Ernest's caricature of me. 


I'm the right at the back. Dude, the top of my head looks so awesome I can't even...

And meet my new friends!

RidleyJingCheechingy and I! *love*

Ridley and I :)

Us again...

And again?

OK FINE! I hung out with her the most that day. So that's what you get for hanging out with me. HAHAHA! By the way, she's a cosplayer. Woots~! Check out her blog HERE.


Mr Arthur Yio!! Coffee fanatic this one :D

Jack from Loong-Updates :) He's an events blogger. I think he's cute. LOLOL.

Jayren from Jayren The ZOMPIRE. That name, that name... Haha. This guy networks like hell weh. LOL. He's very friendly :) 

You knew this was coming. Lol. Jack, me and Ridley. Fine, you want proper grammar? Jack, Ridley and I.

Tun Jie from Bacon Asylum showing his mettle! Check out that black-pad-pen thingy. Rawr!

Solo pictures with the stars of the day :D 
Cutie pie Cheechingy and I.

ErnestBRO and I :D Super sweet dude!

There were sooo many other notable comic bloggers there like, Kendy's Journal, Ericleeh, Bacon Asylum, ms. Bulat (who's actually NOT shy contrary to popular belief) etc. that I met but did not get a chance for a picture with them T__T 

I really do hope I'll meet them again :) Don't forget my face ah. Haha.

And then there was this art board/canvas thingy where us Nuffnangers were supposed to draw on. The final effect:

Eh, now only I realize my drawing's smack in the middle. What an eyesore.

Close-up of my little doodle :)

Ini Ridley punya doodle.

Eric from asked me why everyone draws so fast while he draws so slow. Actually ah, the faster I draw, the more gan-chiong I am. Really one xP

Near the end of the gathering, Sarah Joan Mokhtar, a pretty renowned cartoonist (although this is the first time I've heard of her T__T) gave a talk too. She's a mix - I love people with mixed blood in general. Their features...  :D

Basically, she advocated everyone to start comic blogging. I am soo glad I'm a lover of doodling. The support for comic blogging in Malaysia is growing!!!

Then catching the 7pm bus back home was another adventure by itself. Thank you Jayren for driving me to KJ station and saving my life! Thank you Ras for all that awesome emotional support! Lol. I freaking ran with her. Too bad no picture with her T___T

Ras, next time I'm so going to kidnap you.

Say Hi to Ras :)

I actually arrived at the station at 7.20pm. 20 minutes late. I thought the bus had already left. No thanks to this random guy who told me that the bus left. I was doomed...


But THANK GOD the bus was DELAYED! Delayed... the most beautiful word created...

So got back safe and sound with lots of good and... eventful memories ;)

And now, I'm going to share what Ernest and Cheeching divulged during their motivational talks.

1. Get organised
Plan ahead, jot down ideas there and then if possible. Be consistent in your postings or the look of your doodles. If possible, create a set routine or method for your posts or doodles.

I use the old fashion way of scanning in my doodles and adding colors using photoshop. I know there are more "high-tech" ways of doing it, but I'm happy with how my doodles are turning out for now... lah.

2. Be passionate
Don't do it just for the fame and money. Because if you don't get them, you're going to fizzle out FAST. Do it because you love it! And I love to draw! Fame and money are just bonuses that comes with real passion. Man, can I preach.

3. Decide on your niche
Well, this is a tough nut for me since I blog about almost everything there is to be blogged about... I mean, the brain-less side of it. But I've thought deep and long and hard, and I've decided that I want my blog to be about... *thinking long and hard*... all things girly.

ALL THINGS GIRLY. Now that's a catchy line. *puts it in book of ideas*

Don't steal ah. Haha.

4. Don't give up!
Draw whenever possible. Keep hammering at it. If people criticize you saying "Cheh, nobody's going to read  your blog also" or "You draw fugly-ly" or "You think what, your draw very great ah?", give them the middle finger.

And that resume doing what you do best, and over the years you shall attain perfection at what you do, and then you will achieve nirvana.

Ok, maybe I'm being a bit too far-fetched.

6. Branch outwards
Once you've got a handle on what you do, in this context comic blogging, explore! Break the borders of your blog!

Cheechingy and Ernest have already started branching outwards by having their doodles on postcards, t-shirts and all sorts of merchandise. Ernest has also made it clear on his blog that he wants to test the waters of animation :D

7. Research
And of course, all success must come with some hard work. I believe you don't need to re-invent the whole damn wheel. Be innovative. Look up tutorials, learn from the pros, practice, practice and..... don't forget to brush your teeth and go to work/class. Reality.

Which means I need to get back to my books.