Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My so-called fitness routine


I will write about the activities I do in the moderate to vigorous range.

Moderate: Chores/Long walks

The way I get chores done around the house can only be described in one word: professional. I'd like to think of myself as a highly qualified chartered cleaner. Put it another way: I make a pretty mean aunty.

Professionalism aside, chores burn a lot of calories. I mean, duh, you sweat and you ache. Obviously something is getting burnt.

Even the simple art of sweeping and mopping the floor trains your arm muscles. So does shampooing your hair to think of it.

And spring cleaning - the mother of all chores - is NO JOKE. Recommended: Once a month. Or less. Or wait until your mum screams at you to help her spring clean. Think 3 hours of active to vigorous exercise.

And long walks around my little town... I quite enjoy them. You wanna take full advantage of long walks? Go at 2pm. You get sauna and you get tanned. And your hair will get an orangey tint.

Vigorous: Jogging/Running

I call it vigorous because I sweat bucket loads. And because I don't aim to be an Olympic weightlifter. Thinking of it, spring cleaning should be under this subheading also. But no matter.

I've been jogging very little. Heck, that is... a lot already ok? I mean if you also take into account chores and long, hot walks around town. Or just call me lazy. Or making excuses.

My only vice about jogging is the act of putting on my sports bra. It... suffocates me. SO bad.

Guys have it easy. All they need is their underwears. Do they even have sports underwears for guys? Like is it really tight? Maybe it's as tight as their swimming trunks. I've seen what Usain Bolt wears. Do boys wear those underneath their limpy sports shorts? If they do, then fine I'm wrong.

But still, sport bras are not the most comfy attires around.

But weighing the pros with the cons, I'm seeing a tighter bum and toner thighs! :D

I prolly should jog more. And stop spelling probably as prolly.

P.s. Okay guys, I am currently out of town and therefore my blog will not be updated as often as it used to. But I will still be updating. Only not so much more. Have a lovely... third-last-day-of-August! :D 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 & Instagram

So as some of you might have already one way or another, hokey-pokey, abracadabra known, I got me self a new spanking white Samsung Galaxy S2. My new bebe! I love her to bits!

Yes, it's a female. I just checked.

My last phone was a good little sturdy LG phone that is a value of RM90. But never underestimate those cheap little phones. They last long. They are like cockroaches... did you know cockroaches are one of the longest living insects on earth? They survived all sorts of catastrophic catastrophes to show the world that... these little buggers sure are durable.

So anyway... my new bebe. I love her. I said that already.


I've been setting me eyes on this phone for quite a bl**dy long while now. Ya, even wrote about it HERE. And the joy of my manifestation coming to life is unparalleled. It is a joy unbeknown to the... I can't seem to complete this sentence.

Marvel comics, here I come again.

Those handsome boys also gave me a free casing to go with me new bebe. Ooh la la... PINK!

And the headphones were prettaaay awesome too. In white. You wanna hear a story?

I had to wait like a week for a WHITE S2. Black was available. But not white. I checked every store I could possibly lug my butt too (in Kampar lah) but alas, my efforts were futile. It seems that EITHER white is very popular/exclusive/rare or... maybe they're not stocking S2 white anymore due to the availability of S3 phones.

Cut the boring story short, I nearly got a BLACK S2. I even nearly got a BLACK Nexus. Due to outside influence. But I am so glad I stuck to my guns and waited out for the white one. Yes I had to place an order. And it was... so worth it.

Ok end of boring story.

Okay, I know some of you are prolly thinking, "Yeah, yeah, you got yourself an S2. SO WHAT?"

Well that is because, I have a blog/diary. And dude, that's what you write dude. All in the name of blogging. AND ALSO BECAUSE I BURNT MY POCKET, LIKE TOTALLY ANNIHILATED IT, TO GET THIS BABY.

Get what I mean?

Alright moving on. I am officially on Instagram! Yes because I can now post piccies with my bebe. Oh wee~

Follow me at- @missymiyen

Recently, I've been thinking, with all this facebook-ing, tweet-ing, instagram-ing, blogging (especially public blogging) etc, life isn't so mysterious anymore.

I sometimes feel like I shouldn't be posting too much, shouldn't be writing too much. Nowadays, everybody knows what everybody is up to. Okay, not EVERYBODY. But like... many bodies. Well, I suppose there's both the flip side and the uh, non-flip side to it. *shrugs*

Suddenly... I do wish I had many more blogger friends. It is fun to be on the same stage y'know.

Okay, I have to go and save the world now. Ta~


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lazy update

Just received an email on my next trip overseas soon. Oh my god, I don't feel prepared o.0 Wargh... Ah well, just do my best and have fun :)

I'm gonna miss my family and my boy T_T Won't tell you what it is yet in case I have a dangerous stalker amongst my lovely readers :P 

I reckon these few days will be a flurry of studying, writing posts, packing and spending as much time with ma loved ones.

Talking about studies, I'm finding it very hard to mug down the contents in my tax book. It... is... undeniably... tiresome. Or maybe I've just been very distracted lately. My mind is all over the place. What with my new handphone (which I will write about next!) and all. 

I have to get a grip. Like seriously. I hope this euphoria of um... brain-not-functioning-properly is just temporary. Or else I will rot in procrastination. 

I shall have to design an awesomely flawless plan to amp up my productivity. And I shall proceed to see it through.

Anyways, I have to switch up my skincare routine because my skin seems to be breaking out a bit more than I'd like to. Healing crisis maybe? Or maybe just itchy fingers. 

Oh god, it's already 2.30am. What the hell am I doing up this late??

Ok goodnight y'all! xoxo

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend road trip

This weekend has been a blast! It has. Really. For me. I need more of this. Lots more. God, give me more. Thank you.

On Saturday, went out with Jb and his friend. Spent most of the day in Ipoh. We went to Dai Syu Geok (literally translated to Under The Tree) for breakfast. Had one effing big bowl of porridge. Damn full after that. The boys ordered a lot of food. A lot of liu to be more precise. A LOT. Like each piece of liu is ginormous.

As I always say, sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Not I always say la, but a girl's gotta sound wise when she's gotta sound wise.

Then proceeded to Aeon Station 18 for Step Up Revolution. After that awesome movie (I wanna dance!!!) - it was awesome ok. if it wasn't awesome then get lost - the boys followed me around while I shopped window-shopped.

Later had SnowDream at don't know where. Some where near Kinta City. I think. Don't ask me. I could be very wrong.

This is the Tako Ballz series with barley, snow fungus and pearl add-ons.

This is the Soybean series with peanut, red bean and pearl add-ons. I love this one! It was really good :)

I went to the toillet and when I came back, it was 50% gone. Explains why this bowl looks less than the other picture.

After that went to the hawker centre near Wooly. Then bli bli bla bla, reached Kampar at night.

Then the next day, Sunday, was a road trip for food and sight see-ing with a big group of people. I got up early in the wee morning and left for Ipoh for some Foh San (富山) dim sum. The place was jam packed with people! Waiting is something you have to brace yourself for if you wanna eat at Foh San on a Sunday morning.

We finally got a table and settled in for some good grub. I didn't take pictures but here a few pictures from the net which resemble what we had that day.

(Source: Ipoh Chai and Ken Wooi.)

Went to a chinese clinic for a while because Jb's eye was... I don't know... really red. He thought it a small matter but momma had different ideas and insisted he go see the doctor.

After that was a 2-hour drive to Sitiawan to visit the famous Tua Peh Kong (大伯公) temple. It was a hot, hot day with a lot, lot of people. But the place was beautiful!

Went inside the Monkey Garden. It was much breezier in there.

Yea, nothing much except paya bakau. But at night the tide would rise and I'm guessing a lake forming around.

Jb and I. His eyes are sensitive under glaring sunlight.

The breeze was pretty strong there. That explains our haphazard hair. It was so cooling even under the hot sun.

My chinese animal sign! The goat :)

Later, we headed to a seafood restaurant somewhere in the area. Lumut and Sitiawan are filled with seafood eateries!

The food came after one hour. But it was expected. The sheer number of customers warned us beforehand. Anyway, the wait was worth it because the seafood was really fresh and juicy. We had fish, crabs, sotong, vegetables and... I forgot what the rest are called.

Took a picture during the wait.

Then at night, headed to Aeon Station 18. Again. Wtf. Lol. Twice in a row. But still, not complaining :)

And finally after that, we lugged our tired butts back to Kampar and onto the cozy wozy bed. The end.

Sometimes, I complain a lot or get sensitive over nothing but the thing is, god has given me one of the best things I've ever had. And at the end of the day, I'm just really grateful.

Enjoy the Raya holidays peeps!!!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tips on how I categorize my blogposts

So if you've noticed, which I think you did not, I've finally sorted my posts into different categories (see sidebar).

You won't find ALL my posts sorted into their respective "houses" yet because... um... that day I got shoulder ache after deciding on the categories I wanted. And the sorting hat went missing.

I think I've categorized about 30-40% of my posts so far. Will do the rest when I'm not busy wasting my time on other time wasting activities.

I have 190+ posts so far and I wanted a system where my readers can easily refer to similar posts and skip posts that hold no interest to them, knowing that everyone will not have equal taste.

So the categories are:

There are 8 categories so far for those of you who cannot count. Okay, I shall stop insulting your intelligence.

Anyways, here are some personal tips for deciding on categories for your blog. Follow at your own risk.

1. Don't have too many categories

Just a personal preference because too many categories make my sidebar look cluttered.

I like it simple and straight forward.

Try to decide on categories that are meaningful and relevant to your blog. But having a personal/lifestyle blog makes it extra difficult to sort because well, these kind of blogs have ALL sorts of content!

I guess that's one advantage of having a niche blog.

Whatever. I still managed to divide my pie blog into 8 generous slices. Not too exhaustive or detailed.

You'll also need to have a miscellaneous catch-all category where you dump posts where are neither here nor there into. I call it General.

One good thing about having a very tight number of categories is that you can always add on more when needed.

2. Think about what each category holds

If you don't plan this out beforehand, you'll be seeing many extra unnecessary categories popping up in the future. And before you know it, your categories won't look like categories anymore. They'll look like list of tags or endless keywords. Unless that's what you want, then I cannot say anything la.

Just as a reference, here's how I planned out mine.

  • Academic - ACCA, exams, payment of fees, results, study resources, study tips etc.
  • Beauty - Make up, skin care, hair etc.
  • Fashion - Outfit of the day, clothes haul, accessories etc. 
  • Gadgets and techies - handphone, laptops, reviews on them etc.
  • General - A catch-all category; miscellaneous news etc.
  • Lifestyle - Happenings, events, travel, outings etc. 
  • Personal - Daily, rants, goals, relationships etc.
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Nuffnang, Instagram, forums etc.

I predict that I will be adding another 2 to 3 more categories in the future. See? That's why starting out with a minimal amount of topics is a good idea.

3.... I can't think of a third one. Dang. Aiya... 2 good enough lah.

Ok abrupt end. Happy sorting! :D


Update: Until now, I have added 2 more new categories. Doodles (since I'll be adding more comics to this blog) and Advertorials. Yes! I've been getting requests! *grateful* (but I am picky with requests - so not all get accepted)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Woopz bikinis review

Finally got around to writing a review on this.

I know this post is long overdue but better late than never yeah?

So anyways, more than a month back, I purchased my FIRST ever bikini from Woopz Bikinis an online shop in Malaysia run by 2 entrepreneurial girls who have a love for, well... beaches!

At that time I was on the hunt for something that resembled the one that Selena Gomez wore on one of her vacations in Hawaii:

It's a bandeau styled bikini which I think is really cute! If you're not very top heavy, I recommend going for this style.

I wanted to buy online as retail stores could get pretty expensive. So I scoured the internet until I stumbled upon Woopz Bikinis! Blessing in disguise because I found nearly the exact style I wanted... only in PINK! How lucky can I get?

I read some pretty rave reviews before purchasing. And 3 days later, this came through the mail:

Packed in a pretty little box.

Unraveling the sweetness inside... The color is in a lovely shade of pink.

Like pink candy-cotton floss...

The material was very nice to the touch and stretchy, which is good!

Full view. I like the ribbon string in the middle. Gives a whimsical touch.

Closer look.

I wore it to a water park and paired it with a knitted patterned top and hot shorts.

Remember this? More pictures in this POST.

Under my beach wear, I am wearing the pink bandeau bikini. I am modest like that. Haha. Can't wait for more beach events/trips! :)

Overall, I'll give it thumbs-up! Not bad for my first purchase! 

Website: Woopz bikinis
Price: RM59.90
Delivery: Punctual


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stop 114A: Internet Blackout & other news

So today's the Malaysia Internet Blackout day in support of the Stop114A campaign.

I only heard of this 114A amendment today. I delved more into it and I was like... what in the world?

For those still in the dark, read about it HERE.


I know a bit small. Bigger version HERE.


On other news:

My handphone buttons are getting harder to press. But fret not my fingers! Because... *deng* *deng* *deng* *deng*... I'll be getting a new spanking handphone SOON. Can't wait, can't wait!!! :D

It's gonna be white! My second favorite color. A close contender to pink.

Which means I'm going to be nearly broke. Whatever. (Update: I'm not going broke after all!!! Yes! :D)

So a few days ago, I went shopping in Ipoh parade... again. Family trip. See? I told you I go there way too often. And then the next day I bought some clothes from a boutique in old town. And I spent money on these two occasions. Like a lot.

The person who first came up with "shopping is therapeutic" must be some rich bugger. Unless you're earning bucks then fine. But I'm not categorised under that group.

So conclusion is... I have to start applying for small jobs every once in a while after Olympiad. Oh yippee.

On another note:

I've been wanting take a few good professional looking photos. Like taking them properly MYSELF. I wanna learn how to take pretty pictures. I am not talking about self photos exclusively, but all other sort of... things/sceneries/bli bla bli bla.

Not half-a**ed because if it's half-a**ed, I might not take it in the first place since it ain't gonna serve any purpose. Because I'll probably upload it... only to delete it.

Either full-a**ed or no-a**ed.

Oh yes, thinking of doing vlogs too. Since like you know, my time is all mine. We'll see. We'll see.

I just realised my grandfather reads my blog. He's hipster like that! Hi kong kong!!! :D :D :D

On other news, today JB and I were "maids" of the day. I shall not elaborate but suffice to say we worked and worked and worked until we ached all over. I think next time, hiring actual maids would be a way better idea. But good therapy I think. In a way.

Ok bibai!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Outings and positive musings

I feel pumped up again!

Like life is starting to treat me real good again :) Dear life, keep it up and you'd better not stop.

Ok, maybe it's because I'm starting to think positively again.

But that's the thing you see. It feels so dang good to be seeing the positive side of everything. Sigh... like I'm in this pink fluffy candy bunny lollipop unicorn teddy bear pastel world. So nice to be in this halo of positive aura...

Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.

There're so many opportunities everywhere. It's whether I wanna take them... or shove them down the gutter. And everywhere I turn, I see little bits of magic popping up from the remotest place.

I know you're probably thinking "You mental tart. Go back to the place where you once dwelled, the place where mental tarts flourished. Go. And begone."

But... sheesh, to each person their own belief.

There were a few small factors and events here and there that triggered that little switch to happiness. Oh and my own mental effort to block the negatives or divert to the positive.

Because the past week, I haven't been the most angelic... uh... angel. In fact I've been the most devilish devil. You know how when you're feeling all self-pitiful and depressed because you think you've got such a miserable a** of a life?

You attract your dominant thoughts.

That feeling is addictive. Like I can't get out of it. Like the negativity is some kinda drug. I know it's wrong but I still wallow in self-pity (especially at that time of the month... actually not really lah. depends on whether there're a lot of chores left to be done).

And I end up with lots of pimples and clenched teeth and a mean face. Oh we don't want that do we?

So learning to control my emotions have been playing a major part of my life recently since I'm starting to understand that my emotions affect the people around me. A LOT. Especially my mother. Haha.

I just wanna be a happy bunny all the time and I believe.. can and should be phenomenal.

Ever had the feeling that you just really wanna do something but yet you're scared of what people think la, this la, that la; and end up not doing it and then later regretted your inaction?

When you have an inspired thought, you must trust it and act on it.

P.s. The colored quotes are sourced from here. Didn't think I was that wise did you?

Which is not the main point of this post.

*ahem* So moving on to the main point of this post.

Hung out with Angel yesterday. Haven't seen her for quite some time. And I don't know, but yesterday was a surprisingly very relaxed and happy outing with her.

I bought a few stuff from yesterday:

You should see Angel's haul! She makes me feel like I need to start earning some serious mojo.

Visited this one particular boutique, POSH BOUTIQUE, for my first time. And the pieces (of clothes) there were FRIGGING RIDICULOUSLY DAMN NICE!!!

Only thing not very nice is the price lah. But that is subjective. Because for me, anything with a price tag is expensive.

Later went to KFC (again) and was pleasantly surprised to see that the original SPICY is back! Woohoo! :D

Random: Ok, I know sometimes I do complain a lot about people (who doesn't?) and I know I shouldn't. 

So I shall stop.Because that just makes me another... b**ch. Lol. I ain't no saint either. Everyone has their good sides yes? It won'd be an overnight change, but I'll try. I want to stop.

Ok, preaching stops now.

Anyways, today I tried out the Garnier Oil Clear self-heating sauna mask. You're supposed to put in on your T-zone but I ended up spreading it on the most part of my face.

I've never tried a "sauna" mask. So I was curious. Upon contact with my fingers, I felt a warmth of heat cruising through my skin. Ooh... like that la...

And I still have some left in the packet enough for another go :) The sachet mask comes in two applications. But from what I noticed, each application can last me 2 rounds. So that means 4 rounds altogether. Value for money, value for money, and because of that I shall purchase it again :)

I am now utterly excited for what I'll be getting me grubby hands on later! WOOHOO! Let's just say it's one of my dreams coming true :D


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ACCA June 2012 Results

Just received my results at about 12pm today and...


Words can't even explain my sheer happiness right now! I'm estatic!!! Whew... That SMS made my day!! :D

If you read this post, you'd know that I was not at all confident for my F5 paper from the June 2012 sitting. FYI, I took F5,7 and 8.

This wasn't helped by the fact that the past few days before the results were released, I've been having dreams that I failed my F5 paper... and also another paper. And in those dreams, I was getting 10+% to 20+% ...whaddafag? I cry cry:(

I was already bracing for the fact that I might need to resit one paper (F5 most probably). And then the sweet, sweet news came... and I momentarily died in euphoria. This ain't no damn dream! I... I actually passed... mother-of-mercy...

But with the benefit of hindsight, I now know all those dreams were all nerves. If they were prophecies, fark... I don't know whether I'll kill my teddy bear or beat the daylights out of the first person who even thinks about approaching me.

Weeheehee~ I don't need to fan about re-sitting! I can now fully concentrate on my next 2 papers without having to play with the possibility of the need to squeeze in a retake paper :)

I am just so very, very grateful. Thank you baba for hearing my prayers! *sniff*

Wish I had more to write, but I don't. Actually I have. But... nah... Ok, I know what to write.

Teen Wolf rocks! That should be enough.

Okay... going to buy dinner :) 

Nitey nite.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Updates and small hauls

Nearly a week ago, Jb and I went to Ipoh Parade to catch The Amazing Spider-Man.

This version is more comical than the original movie. But I prefer the original version better because I get the feeling that it sticks more to the classic Marvel comics storyline.

In this movie, Peter Parker doesn't seem to be depicted as a boy genius. Rather, his father is. I don't know. Some scenes made him look genius. But then on second thought, the formula was his dad's. Even if he was, he looked more like an average Joe rather than a nerd.  I guess some other comics depict him that way.

All in all, quite enjoyable lah. Aiyo.

Ipoh Parade is getting boring. I think I've been there way too many times. I miss KL. Unless you are on a mission to buy clothes, then Parade not bad. Other than that... um... I tak boleh tahan. I need a change of scenery.

Anyway, I also bought a novel from NovelHut. "How to Trap a Tycoon". It's a romantic novel but leans towards the wittier side of things. No, it's not the hot, passionate, steamy kinda novel. Look at the cover also know already la.

I used to love reading teen romance novels when I was 13 to 16 years of age. And then, I stopped. I guess because I shifted to Kampar from KL. And Kampar doesn't exactly have Kinokuniya. Kinokuniya in KLCC used to be my favorite book store back then. Yes, I was partially nerdy. OK, 80% nerd.

Ok... still a nerd now.

*sniff* Memories...

Yes you saw right. RM4.00 for a second hand book. I also wanna sell some of my old novels to NovelHut. Earn some extra pocket money.

After Ipoh. It was tiring... This was after a short nap.

Bought this mud mask from Guardian a few days ago. I am in love with Montagne Jennesse masks! This is my second mask purchased. It's not a sheet mask, rather you spread the um... cream on your face and wait for it to dry. Very cooling sensation after wiping it off.

And just yesterday, I purchased my first 2 ever Japanese magazines in English! Ray and ViVi!!!

I love, love, love them to pieces! :) Personally, I think way better than Cleo. I dunno, half the pages of Cleo are filled with advertisements 0.o

But the pages in ViVi and Ray are ALL filled with juicy goodness and very, very relevant and wearable fashion.

These 2 pages I think were the only "expensive clothes" section. The rest of the apparels seen are those where you can buy at places like Ipoh Parade and Sungei Wang.

Falsies and colored contact lenses guide! How not to love?

Change of topic. Haven't been feeling well. I feel fatigued. What's wrong with me? I feel light-headed. Gah...

Saw Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan last night. The dissapointment on LCW's face after the match was heart wrenching :( Felt like giving him a big hug... Hey, you'll ALWAYS be Malaysia's hero! :)


I have to seriously buck up on my studies.