Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That girl




So today I was wondering...


What makes a person happy? More like what makes ME happy?

To have whatever I want the moment I wish for it?

Nah... it won't be meaningful then.


Sometimes I expect too much and I forget that the joy is in the journey. I guess some things cannot be forced and that they'll come in their own good time. Well, it better come.

They say good things come gradually. But I believe that good things happen in a split of a second. That everyone's just waiting for that break in their lives. Sometimes it comes, sometimes never. If never, better luck in your next life buddy.

Oh man, if my brothers read this, I bet ya they'll be laughing their arses off. Their sister is a preacher. God forbid.


Whatever. I shall continue my preaching.

On second thought... maybe I shall stop.

So I know this post is completely random especially with my pictures randomly popping up. But I like.

ANYWAY, what I'm trying to drum into my thick skull again and again is just to be grateful. You've got so much to be thankful for girl! *BIG SMILE*

On a sadder note, I've reached the limit in my flickr account :( So I'll either have to upgrade it (which will cost me money) or upload from blogger (which uh... a bit unreliable). Oh well, we'll see.


Peace out to a completely useless post!


Monday, July 30, 2012

KFC Outing with Loges and Meitheng

Wow, pretty direct post title I must say.

But it's gonna start out pretty indirectly. pfffttt...

Haven't been the most energized person of late. I've been sleeping really late for the past week. Usually around 2-3am. Occasionally 5am. And last night I tried sleeping at 12am. But only managed to sleep at 2.30am... after drugging myself.

Ok, just kidding.

To put myself to sleep (doesn't sound right but it'll do) I read and read and read until my arms were too tired to hold up the book. So that means exhausting my arms makes me sleep.

Have to make sleeping earlier a habit before I start looking like I just came out from a very horrific horror movie.

Anyway, I'm gonna be random here but, I've had enough of PALE LIPS! *bangs table*

I've been having pale lips and cold hands since a few years back... because I can't remember having them when I was a kid. So yes, a few years back.

Don't believe? This is pale lips me T__T


Ok... doesn't look that pale now la. But it'll look paler in the pictures below!

So I've researched a few ways to cure pale lips:

Exercise (gets the blood pumping to your lips) and put honey! Honey has moisturizing effects and kinda plumps up the lips. 

Dunno ah. Internet say one ah.

Ya, I haven't been exercising as much as I'd like to. I SHALL START.... tomorrow. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. What was the name of that poem again?

Anyway, before I divert anymore further, to the point of this entry!

Yes, KFC outing with my bubbly form 6 friends! :)

Loges & Meitheng
Loges & I

Oh man... look at my dark eye circles! Need to sleep EARLY!!!

Meitheng & I.

See my pale lips? See?? I prolly should stop complaining.


JB would be dissapointed.

Everytime I don't finish my food, he'd shake his head and remind me of the fate of the poor African people.

I try! But I just cannot finish lor!


After reaching home. I like to have my hair outta my face.
Gonna be totally random... again.

Ellips hair vitamin - smooth & shiny

This capsule rocks my socks! Ok, it's for my hair not my socks. It's done a pretty darn good job for me hair so far. Instant smoothening effect. I like! I'm on to my second box (each box has 12 capsules).

Ok, bai!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

7 steps to happiness

You don't realize how much one little thing can hurt me. I know that makes you feel that my attitude is kinda sucky, but that's cuz I care too much.

And maybe I should stop.

Yes, this is supposed to be an awesome post, but I lied. It's not. My mood's not exactly at it's peak so bear with me.

I don't know why I exploded. What's wrong with me these past few days? I admit I'm snappy towards you lately. But I am just frustrated. Frustrated that the things we planned to do together during this time did not happen. That you're holding back for some stupid thing.

*breathes in*breathes out*

My biggest problem is that when expectations are not met, I get really annoyed. And yes, us being different makes me feel that sometimes I'm in the wrong place. That I judge you too much. But really, nobody can judge... unless they're some god which means they shouldn't even be on earth (just sayin').

I just have to accept. 

I stumbled upon the below picture in facebook 10 minutes ago when I wasn't feeling terribly high.

God has a funny way of making me feel better :)

I know that you're not wrong. I know sometimes I just get really moody for no apparent reason. But at the end of the day, I just want to snuggle up to you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bits n' pieces of news

Oh gawwddd.... my a** hurts so bad. My eyes hurt too.

BUT - I'm really, really happy with my latest set of drawings for This Girl Likes to Draw - Our Song. Because... because... uh... I like them. That should do. Hey, I really do :)

Anyways, I just finished learning how to create captions and speech bubbles like an hour ago, and popping them in my little story. Do you know how much agony I had to go through? A lot. *THUMPS CHEST*

I really, really want my own laptop. So I can use it whenever I have spurts of motivation at home. Because now it's like, my spurts of motivation come when Stick is on dota. What the hell.

No, I'm not only talking about my budding comics, but STUDIES!

Oh yeah, I've been out a lot to JB's place. And I find it much more... conducive to study there. Because like his sisters aren't forever plastered to their laptops. So that means I can plaster my face to THEIR laptops! Weee~

No really, I do find it easier to study there.

On a totally different matter, check out Selena Gomez at the Teen Choice Awards a few days ago! She's soooo sweet in that dress! And that hair! And those shoes!


I'm not a lesbian.

Ok, going to get that waaayyyyy overdue shut eye. G'night y'all :)


P.s. I know my posts haven't been much of anything lately. Promise an awesome sauce post next! (although I have no idea what it's gonna be)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New comic blog!

Sorry for the lack of updates! My life just isn't as... updated lately.

So anyways, exciting news! For me at least.

I've created another blog! :)

No, I am not abandoning this blog. No way.

It's because my new blog is a COMIC BLOG :D :D :D


So I'm gonna be dumping all my cartoons and what not there while this current blog is going to stay as my life journal where I post all my bimbotic pictures, dramatic musings, life updates etc.

If you noticed, I switched back to having a sidebar in this blog. That's because now with my other comic blog, I don't really need such an open blog post for my drawings here anymore.

The name of my new blog is *deng* *deng* *deng*

I know, I'm such a creative rat.

I couldn't figure out how to combine my lifestyle blog with drawings... it just don't stick. But yet I really wanted a place to draw my imaginary world, so why not a new blog? That way I get the best of both worlds *grins*

Anyways, I want to be a happy girl and from now on. And the best way is to show gratitude!

I'm going to list out one thing I am grateful for in life everyday.

Today's gratitude goes to:

My mother! Thank you mama for being so patient with me and for opening my eyes to so many good things in life and teaching me gratitude :)

What are YOU grateful for today?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Facebook fanpage & other news

So I've created a page for my blog waaayyyyy back (like more than a month ago) but have only come around to announcing it on my blog now. 

It's called Another Reality @missymiyen.



Other news. I'll be representing Malaysia in the Olympiad chess tourney next month. And... and... and... sigh... I don't really feel up to it T__T

Also, that means I HAVE to get a smartphone and a new luggage bag for the trip. That's a lot I have to account for.

Not to mention I have to speed up my studies.

I'm not even sure I'll be able to pass all my ACCA papers I recently sat for. Oh god, let me pass them all... spare me the misery of having to re-take...

Ok, I'll stop scaring the shit outta myself and move on to "happier" topics.

I really can't wait to go dye me hair. I've decided that I want a sleek brown color. No more ombre waves because... I don't know... kinda hard to maintain waves and the ombre effect is expensive if I'm doing it at a salon. Correct me if I'm wrong.

But I predict I'll dye my hair only after Olympiad. 

Let me hit the jackpot.

Oh, and I'm prettay excited to be getting a smartphone. Although it's going to demolish my dad's pocket and also mine... partly. But I don't care, it's an INVESTMENT dude. The returns will flow in during the phone's lifespan. I hope so. 

I WANT A SAUMSUNG S2! I really don't care that the S3 came out. I like the S2's design and size. And I heard from my friend S2 dropped its price to RM1300 now. Yeah baby.

I'm trying to get JB to touch his savings and also get an S2. Then we can haz couple phones! Ngehehehe...

Oi... I'm sorry but I have to stop bashing the keyboard and get back to studying. Ta~


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer in Clinique Beach Party 2012

I'm a happy, happy girl :)

Just got back from a 2-day KL getaway with Merlin. By the way, pictures were not edited in any way. There are way too many of them and I couldn't be bothered.
So first day we went to Sunway Lagoon for the Summer in Clinique Beach Party and it was fun, fun, fun :D I think this is the first official time I'm going for something like this. And I ache for more!

The whole atmosphere with the throngs of pretty girls, photographers with their huge a** cameras, a few bloggers I spotted here and there and that ingrained competitive vibe made it an enthralling experience for me:)

We both received a free goodie bag and a coupon entitling us to a free drink each at the registration counter.


Then came the free makeover! I love free makeovers. I do. It's very soothing on my face to have the make-up artist constantly touching my face.

Before make up.
After. The make up was very light to suit the "summer" feel.

After that, photoshoot session! It was... funny. Haha. I'm not used to photo shoots. But at the very least, I managed to get in a decent picture.

Nah, let you see the picture... upside down. Because I like.


Oh my, my outfit kinda coordinates with Clinique's summer colors XP

Wonder why there's such a crowd? Because one of the main events of the party is a cover girl search for both Cleo and Cosmopolitian magazines respectively! Exciting eh?

And, no I did not win. Yes, very big surprise. ROTFL. There were like sooo many pretty girls there. And only 2 winners, one for each respective magazine.

Man, some girls were like... whoa. Dang. They really come armed. Haha.

So very tough fight. I was one of the competitors.

Just kidding. Lol.

I shall stop embarrassing myself.

Ok, ok, this is the pretty winner.

Cleo winner
I think she's prettier in real life :) I'm very jelly T__T I wanna win too! *delusional*

But after this, I feel heated up to go for more of these kinda events XP 

It's different! I like different. Different is fun :)


To the Wildlife Park!!!

Ok, I'll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking.



Bloody ginormous rabbit..





Then later we went to play in the water. I couldn't really enjoy myself because I had make up on. And my make up remover was in the locker. Which was locked.


Merlin enjoying herself. Jelly.


Then we went to... dunno where. I think another part of the Wildlife park. I think it was Nature's walk something something.










Yes, that's a rabbit :)



Look what I spotted. Preparation for MTV World Stage where JUSTIN BIEBER would later be performing!!! But sadly, we no ticket. Seeing the fans thronging Sunway Lagoon made me........ damn, I'm definitely going for his next concert in Malaysia!!!

After Sunway Lagoon, we proceeded to Sunway Pyramid for some food.

Korean food... again. Merlin's request. Tell you ah... I am getting sick and tired of korean food.







My kimchi ramyun. It was ok. Not fantastic. Just ok. The price was... NOT OK.

Then we jalan-jalan around Pyramid. Oh, oh, guess what???

Just the day before, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were shopping at Pyramid too!!!!! Whadafag... I was so close... T__T

Late in the evening, we arrived at KL Sentral to wait for auntie to pick us up.


Proceeded to grandparents house. I don't have pictures for the second day because camera tarak battery and I tarak bawa charger.

But the second day was spent at 1Utama. Oh, I am also officially sick of Chatime.... for now lah.

Last picture to top this post off.


Ngehehehe... enjoy your week peeps!