Thursday, June 28, 2012

Updates before jetting off to Singapore

Oh hi! Will be heading to the Lion City verrryyyy soon :D Excited max!

A few updates before I leave:

Last night Jb and I went for our usual pasar malam date and then saw a basketball game, held at the court behind the ACS field, later in the night.

 Bladdy hell, frigging mosquitoes kept biting me.

So anyways, here's a picture of me before date night.


Ah yes, I did pluck my eyebrows a very, tiny weeny little bit. You know, just the stray hairs. So yeah, mostly everything still intact. I don't think I'd go for anything too drastic. Which guy would want to wake up to find their girl with no brows. That would be Ju-on.

Just joking.

No really.


And then, after returning. My hair always look like I just got out of... the rubbish bin.

More, more, MORE!


Oh before I forget, my old specs were annihilated some time ago. So here are my new specs. Ta-chah! First pair of specs I actually am in love with :D


That tiny human at the corner of the pic photobombing me is Boo. Say hi to boo. Hi.


Oh and guess what yo! Totally awesome news :)

During our romantic walk through the sandy, sweat-filled, smoke-laden pasar malam, I suddenly decided with Jb that I'd dye my hair maybe one or two shades lighter. Think ombre.

Or maybe I'll just do some highlights.

Or maybe I'll just chicken out at the end. Most likely.

But here's a nice picture I found of Selena:



Love her hair color! I want!


We shall see...


So just this afternoon, I went for a Pizza Hut outing with girlfriends (in alphabetical order): Loges, Mei Theng and Pushpa. Later on, Loges's sister joined us too.

Had fun crapping and just catching up with each other on stuff :D I think we spent easily a few hours flattening our butts... on the chairs that is (in case there are any perverts trying to twist my sentence into... I can't even think of anything... but oh, they will, they will.)

Anyways, can't wait for our next meet up! :)

Wait ah...

Arghhhh! Why is it sooo hot??? Warghhh....!

Ok, continuing.... Wee~ can't wait to go to Singapore! Ok, gonna take a shower first before meeting up with oppa later XP

Oh one more thing, finally got my parcel from the mail! I love what I bought!!! Weee~ can't tell you what it is... yet.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Being how you want to be

miyen doodle 1

It's a pity some people are still being judged because of their past. People do change dorks.

And yeah, not everyone is perfect.


Shit lah... why my mail not yet come :(

I'm losing my patience :(

Dammit. I'm gonna cry :(

Ok, ok, think positive.


I think it'll be nice to give my future kids korean names. That will be sweeeeet.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The road not taken

megan fox

So I've been contemplating whether I've stretched myself too thin.

I don't know for sure whether what I've invested in will actually bear fruit. But then I remind myself that this life is just once. Might as well live life to the fullest. And to hell with preconceptions and unnecessary fears, just do it. 

I'm still young and I don't want to regret not taking the opportunity when it was there. 

So what am I crapping about? Ah yes, I gotta start saving. 'Nuff said.


I shall:

1. refrain from arguing over petty matters
2. be happy and always strive to look a the positive side of things
3. be patient and trust that what I want will come as long as I keep the faith
4. be thankful for all the good things in my life

On another note... yes! Finally got around to renewing my passport! Will be collecting it in a few days'. Thank you Jb for accompanying me. I know sometimes I can be a pain in the ass. Lol. Muah! :)

My god, there're so many things I'm looking forward to :D

Next entry: Hand drawn illustrations again :)

Have a good day lovelies!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Watsons make up haul

So yesterday, I participated in another one-day chess tourney held at Ipoh. My performance was way better than last week's tourney in Kampar. Last week's performance was shit. This week was... not shit. Yay :) I won some pocket money too so after the event, went to Ipoh Parade for some shopping :)

I bought makeup products and a pair of mini shorts. But today is just gonna be about my makeup haul :)

Before I start, Watsons is currently having a sale going on (until the 23rd of July) so if you wanna get anything from Watsons, this period's the best chance!

1. Garnier B.B eye roll on


I've been wanting to get a product to conceal my dark circles. Thought of concealers but most of them are way too pricey for me :( But when I spotted this product in Watsons and found that it had B.B benefits (yay!), I knew I had to have it!

Some more so affordable leh! Normal price RM24.90 but I got it for RM19.92 :)


I tried it on my eye last night but too tired/lazy/drugged to take pictures. But it works ok :) Haven't properly tried it yet lah. Will do a full review on it when I get the chance to wear it on a proper occassion

Benefits it claims to give:

1. fairer
2. more radiant
3. more even-toned
4. with less dark circles
5. with less dark spots
6. fresher (i think they were running out of ideas already. haha
7. smoother
8. less tired
9. more hydrated
10. tighten

But seriously, one roll of it dispenses quite a generous amount of B.B cream. Take a look:


2. Maybelline Hypercurl mascara


In a hello kitty design case! MAJOR CUTE! *drools* If you hate hello kitty, no problem, there's the other normal metallic pink and black design.

This mascara is more to adding volume as opposed to lengthening. And it also gives the "curl" effect. Dunno ah. They say one ah!

Normal price RM29.90. I got it for RM23.92.


That girl is Mowgli. Not me. I got boobs.


I applied some mascara a few nights ago and it glided on pretty smoothly. Happy :) I only applied about two flicks of the wand to my lashes but still was pretty noticeable. Dunno lah. Different lashes different degree of... um... noticeable-ness.

3. Maybelline Hyper Sharp liner


This is a liquid eyeliner.

Normal price RM23.90. I got it for RM19.80.

The last eyeliner I had was a pencil eyeliner from faceshop. Bloody annoying. The tip kept breaking. To be fair, the first few times using it was okay. But after some time, the tip got frigging fragile. Basically, the last 6-7cm of it was pretty much useless.

I don't know whether it's the same for all pencil eyeliners, but I decided to switch to liquid. I've tried gel before, but being the noob I am, I suck at taking care of my gel liner. The gel kept hardening up. And uh... ya... I wasted like 1/2 of the tiny weeny gel container because... i don't even know why.

But I've made a resolution to take care of my makeup from now onwards!!!


Look at the tip! Gorgeous. I applied it on my hand at Watsons.


It's the darkest black out of all the lines! After it dries, it gets pretty hard to wipe off. The rest (which included a pencil liner) faded after rubbing them.

But because it's super sharp, I had to apply it a few times on my hand to get that... um... width. Anyways, I need to practice using it since it is liquid.

I'm still looking for a good pencil liner! Just cuz I like the effect it gives. But I think that will have to wait. Until god gives me more money XP

Okay, that's all for today. Expecting something through the mail today! *squeals*


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Those pool times

So a few nights ago was just one of those pool sessions... but this time I brought me camera! Ngehehehe... Abbie and Ah Tham came too but I only realized I brought my camera like, later into the night :(

So only snapped Angel and Remy... the dog.

I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

My mouth hangs open when I'm concentrating on something. Pardon me. 
#likea... i don't know what to say
Easy peasy lemon squeezy
Last one. Getting bored of the blue table. Har-har.
After pool, bf and I went for supper at kfc! Tried spicy crunch for the first time. Ok lah, same like spicy but um... crunchier. Don't know why, I could hardly finish one piece of chicken. Guess it was the maggi goreng I had before pool.

Some pictures I took before bedtime :)

You know, when you prefer taking pictures with no make up on, that means... your make up skills suck. Haha.
At least my eyes look like got eye shadow on since they're so frigging deep set. Ah... thank you my dark eye circles.

Then got a call from Angel telling me that Remy's car broke down in the middle of... don't know where. Pity, pity. Good thing bf took me for supper. Lol.

Anyways... what was I going to say? Ah yes, I need to poop.




Saturday, June 23, 2012


Tonight, I've this very strong feeling that I'm being taken care of. I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking of god more often.

Lately, I just feel like whatever I want, I can have it so long as it's in good faith. I hope I'm correct!

I may be the girl who's neither here nor there, but if I stay true to myself and do what's right, things will work out for the better.
And I've just realized how awfully fortunate I am to have such a guy like him #thankful
It's gonna be a lovely night :) xoxo

Friday, June 22, 2012

Good day!

Morning peeps! Ok, not technically in the morning anymore, but I just woke up :D *yawns* *stretch* 

Like you'll give a damn.

A few things I need to get done today sooner or later:

1. Drew and scanned in a few doodles yesterday. Haven't colored them yet though. It easily takes me a few hours to color a few illustrations. But it gets easier. Behold the learning curve effect taking place...... Ok, that was F5 stuff. Skip it.

2. Settle some bank stuff. Because... I bought something gorgeous online! Can't wait to receive my parcel! *drools* *pants* Oh yes, speaking of buying stuff online, how to know which blogshops are reliable, which aren't?

Well, I found this site: Ta-dah! It's a site which reviews every possible blogshop there is in Malaysia. Very nice concept and very helpful indeed :)

3. Print F9 materials. Goddammit, I need to start listening to those lecture videos like... TODAY! I need that head start.... so bad. 

Oh, I'm going to Singapore soon! Woohoohoo :) Meet me grandpa and auntie. Woohoohoo... And go SHOPPING.... WOOHOOHOO...!

So that means I have to go renew my passport. woohoohoo.

Anyways, I've been using lotsa cash lately. I'll do a review on stuff I bought maybe on the next post or the one after. But I still have so many things I wanna buy! *drools again* Me shopaholic. #addicted.

The stuff I intend to buy are mostly skincare stuff... and make up stuff... oh and clothes... and maybe footwear... oh f***

So yeah, pretty wordy post. But next post will either be doodles or pictures. Which ever comes first.

Now for that mini Cornetto I saw somewhere in the fridge. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post-exam bliss

Random picture of Mowgli and I to start this post.


So past few days after my exams have been going really well so far. Been happily busy with the people I love and doing things I like :)

I've been going out with my shopping babe, Angel, for a few times and I bought some face masks:


I tried the Double Intensive Hydration first since I had terribly dry skin at that time.


Works in 2 steps. Step 1, you're supposed to put on the ampoule first. God knows what that is, but according to Angel, it's medicine for your skin.

Step 2, put mask, go play tetris battle while waiting. Sure more than 30 minutes one. So more than enough time for the skin to absorb. Done! :)

Ugly pictures coming up. 

With cleansed face.

With ampoule slathered on.
Finally, with mask on.
I wanna try the Cosway masks too. Saw their prices yesterday. Not bad lah.

I also bought some colored contacts from one of those accessory shops around town. The brand is Vivian and I got 2 pairs for RM30.

Price wise - reasonable enough. But the comfort - oh lord, I felt like  I had something hard in my eyes with them on. Quite uncomfortable.

Merlin also got a pair of brown colored lenses from Vivian and she reported the same discomfort too. Why didn't tell me beforehand? *stares at her* Another brand called Barbie or something felt more comfortable according to her. I dunno lah. Maybe next time I just get Acuvue. Haha.

I also bought my first pair of falsies - that were really dramatic one I put them on. I guess they're perfect for self-shots at home. I don't know whether I'd ever wear them out. Lol. Scared people call me fake cuz they are very noticeable. Haha. They weigh pretty heavy on the eyes too. Maybe also because I'm a newbie and I don't really know how to apply them falsies properly yet. *shrugs*

Falsies from Qbox - RM6.90 per pair
Vivian lenses in Gray
No make up and yeah, that's my house shirt. Cuz I just wanted to try on the falsies and lenses.
Another shot.
If you notice, my right eyelid has this slight gap between the falsies and my real lashes - a sign that I'm still new at this.
Anyway, quite ok lah. Looks good in pictures :) My eyes are humongous.
Can't wait to buy other false eyelash designs - the more simpler ones where I can wear out to events :D

Other than those above, I bought a host of other stuff.... which I'm too lazy to upload. Which I believe is none of your interest either.

Moving on, yesterday Angel and I went to Ochado! To be honest, I never heard of it before. Ha-ha. But it's something like Chatime. And since it was the 2nd day of it's official opening in Kampar, the place was crowded.

Courtesy of Angel
Some more pictures stolen from Angel's blogpost:

I had Ochado Milk tea. Ok lorh. Taste like Chatime nia. At that time, it was in the evening, so there weren't many people. But at night, it was hell. The queue was so long it reached the curb of the road. What? I wouldn't want to wait an hour just to buy a cup.

On other matters:

My mom is like the Queen of finding amazingly cheap stuff. That day I went with Merlin and my mum to Tesco, and I bought 3 tops and a skirt, all for only RM30! Everything was 75% off! So the most "expensive" top that was originally RM55 only costed me RM13.25! :D I am the next budget barbie! *pumps fist*

And I don't know why, but I'm starting to feel like life is throwing so many nice prezzies at me :) I suppose by not worrying so much, life certainly gets so much more chirpier!


I love post-exam periods. Ah... bliss...


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wishlist as of 19.06.2012

Oh hi!
Say hi to animated me! :D Yep, I've been hand drawn. After years and years of drawing on paper and keeping them hidden in my files, I finally have an outlet to display them! Omg, I could just cry now.

Anyways, as the title says, here goes...

1. Pink Vaio laptop

I'm done with always waiting until Stick gets off the computer so that I can use it. I want MY own laptop! MINE!!! A laptop where I can put in my room and shut the door and bling it up and use it to my heart's content. My own personalized laptop!

Do I really need it? Well... I'm not a university student or anything... but HECK I need it! I have many secret projects that I'd like to do in the privacy of my own room. #secretive

Also, I love Vaio's designs and their really nice, glossy pinks!

2. White Samsung Galaxy S2

Explained about this already here. And I want it... so bad. So bad. Yea, I know S3 is out, but I'm not some muthaf***ing heavy gamer or an app insane kinda person. So I'll settle for the S2. I expect prices to drop furtheeerrrr :D

3. Become a good driver

Ever since the accident, I've become a scaredy-cat on the road. Dammit. But I will conquer...! I want to be able to drive where ever by myself. It'll be so fun! I don't want to depend on other people to take me around. Dammit, I want a car. Let it be a small one.

4. Toned body

I've already more than achieved my target weight. Now I need to tone, tone, tone! Bring on more of those badminton sessions!

5. Clear skin

Will spend some freaking amount of cash on skincare... soon. Also I need to eat right more often. Cut down on instant noodles and fried, sugary stuff.

I've got like a dozen more stuff in my wishlist. But don't wanna write it all out lah. Those are the more... stupid kinda wishes.

Anyway, this is another doodle of me when ever I intend to study - I start looking at the mirror.


I'm gonna start prepping my study materials by this week. And I've learnt my lesson - I'll start on the past years and revision kits first! Study text later. Oh god... please let me pass all my 3 papers I recently sat for in one sitting T_T

Why is 49 days so interesting? I can stop turning my back to watch which is preventing me from completing this entry!

Done! Ta all! :D

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New blog header!

Wow... okay. I completed the header faster than expected. Dang, I'm efficient.

Self-praise is no praise. Fine.

Anyways, I quite like this header! :) I wanted something clean and simple enough that's not too um... in-your-face. I didn't want too many of my vain pictures popping up every time I open this site. Like my previous header:

I know, I know, it's nice (self praise again) but too much ME + PINK.

old design

I'll always like pink, BUT there comes a point in time where... what was I gonna say again? Heck, I still like pink that's why the girl's dress is pink! What am I saying? *confused*

So to the (only) element in the header:

writing girl
The girl is obviously me. She's drawing/doodling cuz that's what I like to do when I have nothing else better to do - and when I don't have a computer in front of me.

In case you're wondering, yes, I drew the girl myself using the old-fashioned pencil and paper way. Used photoshop to color it, add text and wa-lah! Sounds simple but if you're a newbie like me, I think your shoulders and back and butt would be hurting about now.

It's gonna be a jolly, jolly week... lalalala...


Changed the cushion at the back of the girl to a light yellow :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

National Close 2012 and lotsa random pictures!


Oh hi again! FINALLY completed all 3 papers. Past month was TORTURE. TORTURE I tell you. Don't wanna talk about F5. F7 was um... okay. I felt F8 was easiest out of the 3. It was also the last paper. So that means I can enjoy my temporary "honeymoon" after a good paper :)

After the F5 hell I was like, "omygod, 2 months to results. how can i stand the suspense? why so long one? i tak mau wait lah *throws tantrum* my life is over! what if i fail? shit, i don't wanna re-sit. *throws some more tantrum* i don't care about anything. just give me a bloody pass...". 

Let's say if F5 last paper, then how to enjoy my post-exam period? Thank god it was the other way round.

Anyway, after the final paper I felt this certain serene bliss and elation come over me. It was like a huge burden off my shoulders. Like, like... achieving enlightenment... *angels singing in the sky*

I feel now I can do whatever! After a tough period, the period after that always tastes extra sweet. Not talking about my period - menstruation ah. Sicko!

And I wanna use my time and MONEY efficiently. 

Cut the crap. 

For this entry, I'm just gonna be updating stuff that happened before my exam when I didn't have the "time" to blog.

First things first.

National Close 2012 (chess tournament in case you tak tau) - got 3rd :) But the last game was shitty. The rest of the games okay la i guess since I haven't been playing in a while. 

Some more it was held like 3 weeks before my exam. So if my skin looks dull and pale in the picture it's because of stress!  

Anyways... picture time :) The tournament was held over 5 days but only took pictures on the last day. 


Wanna see me receive my medal?


Nah, let you see my back lah.


One of the best parts of National Close was the fact that one of my bestest friend also participated! Jolyn Wong (use nickname lah :P)! She's a former Perak state chess player. She's soooo funny and wacky and easy going and I love her soo much! Haha :D

Nabila! - This cutesy got 2nd place.

Nithya - only 11 years old! You know, there aren't many girl players in Malaysia that continue playing chess after a certain age, like when they start their tertiary education. What to do... got boyfriend like that already lah.


FIFI! Adorable new friend I made. So funny :P


Wai Lun! - Taylors' student (as you can see from his shirt - how much more obvious can i get) and Jolyn's coursemate. Eh, forgot how to spell your name lah. Haha. Never mind, next time belanja you gong cha :P

More cili padi players - Li Ting and Camillia :D

Anyway, after prize giving, Jolyn, Wai Lun and I went to Midvalley. Coincidently, there was a Mickey exhibition at the centre court. So.... take pictures lah. What else.

Display of different versions of Mickeys.
For each type of Mickey, there's a small little story attached.

The centre piece. It's rotating. So we patiently waited for Mickey to rotate to our direction and then Tai Lun - my slave - took them pictures. That is what boys are for. Haha!

Jolyn has this weird habit that is a signature of hers whenever she eats. She loves mashing and mixing up food until it becomes horribly mutated.

For example: What happens to a plate of chicken chop with coleslaw and french fries as side dishes when it goes through Jolyn's signature style?

Shit happens. ROTFL.

Beamer! Insisted on sleeping with me at my popo's house - urgh. Had to blockade my sleeping area.
On the way back home!
Other random back-in-hometown piccies:


Jb's siblings. Look like my siblings only.


Mowgli and I. See the similarities with the above picture?


Guess what's that?

My drool! LOL.

Jb actually took that picture. I didn't know until the next day. Nonsense. Haha. I think this happened the day I came back from KL. I was exhausted and just fell asleep on the couch. And then major drool happens.


Pictures from family time at Sushi King:

Merlin and I! :D
See no double chin! Haha.
The almighty mother!
Oh yes, wanna see a picture of JB? Here:


Other randoms:

Merlin's work! I love it when she plays with my hair when I'm studying. Very soothing...
Ya my skin not very good in the picture and even now. It was study period. So like that lah. You know ah, exams are really not good for my skin. No-no. Stress this lah, worry that lah.

So I'm gonna start jogging again and get some face masks (I'm too lazy to use anything else. haha) to start clearing my skin :)
Merlin was gonna do something to my hair -again on a different day :D
New mirror!
Last one~!
 DONE! My shoulder ache lah. So gonna get my long deprived beauty sleep like now!