Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Should I continue saving up for my Samsung Galaxy S2 which has a very decent camera but risk not being able to capture special moments in the near future.


Should I take a chunk out of my account and get a decent camera, in which case the Samsung Galaxy S2 will have to wait?

So two days ago, Angel came over for some girl time. She brought along an army of clothes , make up and stuff. Haha.

Here's how my table looked. Ya, there's an egg tart over there.

We first put on some make up.

Getting any hair out of the way before painting my face, or rather my eyes.

I did mine pretty fast. Rather basic make up. My eye make up consisted of shades of browns and glittery pink. And my eyes are pretty dark and deep set naturally so color-wise there um... wasn't much of a difference. Haha.

That's why mascaras and eyeliners are vitally important. I wasn't aiming for Lady Gaga. I don't really want purple eye make up cuz knowing my barely there make up skills, I'd end up looking like Godzilla's wife.

So while waiting for Angel to complete her look, I camwhored.

Need to do something with those bangs.

MOWGLI (cuz she looks like that character from Jungle Books and she's usually prancing around with her underwear on) and I!

More... more!

This is my sister, Merlin, doing what she was born to do.

This is my best rendition of her pose.

This is how I usually look.

Oh, and finally Angel's ready!

Pretty leh? I did the fake eye lashes for her! My first time :D

Obligatory friendship picture!

And now, for the first time... *drums roll*

Ok, skip that. So this is the first time I'm actually doing some kind of Cheeserland-fashion-post-thingy where outfits are shown.

Top from Ipoh Parade - dunno what's that shop called.
Skirt also from Parade - this one also dunno, but it's from Thailand.
Boots - You'd never guess. RUSSIA! Haha.

Ok, maybe this fashion-post thingy isn't working out cuz I don't really remember the names of the places I buy clothes.

Anyway... whatever la.

Second and final outfit.

Dress from Times Square - no idea what's the name called again. But! JB bought this for me. Heehee.
Heels - Angel's one.

Cuz I was bored.

You know what, maybe I should do more of these fashion posts! Cuz I'm slim now. HAHAHAHAHA!


YES!!!! DONE!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!! Tau tak aku demam giler sekarang?? Yes, for my readers I painstakingly completed this post with a fever! I blame my brother whole heartedly for passing on the virus to me! I HATE IT!!! Ok, have to rest now. If not faint. Seriously T.T

P.S. Starting from tomorrow, I don't think I'll be blogging that often because of coming exams and all that shit T.T

Monday, March 26, 2012

I need a camera!

After last night's emotional post, I had to cover up with something lighter. Lol.

Gonna be meeting Angel later to talk about some competition (I don't know what it is yet, neither will I blog about it later cuz I don't wanna spoil anything. Haha.) but I don't know whether it suits me. Oh, and when competitions like these come around, a good camera is definitely handy.

Which I don't have T___T

And somewhere mid-year, I'll be going on a trip outside the country (hopefully!) with friend(s). Excited! But I don't have a camera! It'll suck not being able to take pictures during times like these.

Maybe one of these days I'll get my damn butt over to Yik Foong or Lowyat and buy one. Money isn't an issue. It's more of laziness. I don't really have an idea of what kind of camera I want neither do I know a suitable price range for my needs. Which means I need to do research. I'm a very prudent buyer. *ahem*

But the problem is I'm saving up for my Samsung Galaxy S2! Oh well, let whatever be, be lah. I'm not in a rush to get it anyway. *Goes crying in a corner*

Time to study! Bye!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NAG 2012 & formspring!

Before I forget, I went to see the NAG chess tourney Stick and Merlin were participating in last week. It was held in OCM KL. Open to under-18s only. Tournaments like these make me miss my teens.

But I'm still young. Faaaarrrr from 21. Yup, that should do.

I got there on the 2nd day of the competition. Then I found out from Merlin that Kay Lynn visited too. But on the first day! Y u no tell me u come?? le sigh...

A picture from the event.

Spectators not allowed into the playing hall. But then again, this isn't Midvalley, Cititel where voices are muffled by the carpeted ballroom.

Anyway, stayed in KL for 2 days. On the 1st day, Skinny (who isn't playing either) and I went to watch John Carter at Times Square. I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty damn good. I shall now refer myself as Princess of Jarsoom (earth)! Ok.. lame.

On the last day, went to play kiddie games in the big toilet/changing room with chess friends! It was hilarious. Shall not elaborate any further. Suffice to say, we were in there for a good 2 hours.

Next, wtf. Like doing some chore only.

On Tuesday, moi went to Remy the bulldog's 21st birthday party held at his house. Big boy now eh! It was quite fun. Better than expected. Mainly cuz he kept his bullying to the minimum. Lol.

Angel and I got there like the punctual friends we are. Chit chatted with Remy and had steamboat. And I got to see little baby Jayden too! So adorable. That's Remy's sister's baby. Remy's an uncle now.

Doesn't sound right. Haha.

Later Remy's Utar friends came over. Had the cake cutting ceremony and then Angel had to go back home. Y u go so early?? But I stayed back to chit chat some more. Then all of us decided to play... wait for this... hide and seek!!

Bunch of 21 year olds playing hide and seek. Epic.

Courtesy of my brainchild idea. Haha. So Remy counted and all of us got away in the car and drove to Maybank. Another epic idea.

And guess what? Benjamin, one of the boys, is my national service friend. It's been sooo long. So we caught up on each other while waiting for the bulldog to sniff us out. In the end, omg... Remy's such a loser. Called one of the guys to go for DoTA. Bloody game. What a way to bail out. Pfft...

Anywayy... um... what was I gonna say again?

Oh yes, I made a really sweet girl friend Si Hui (don't know the spelling) in the process too. She's so friendly :)

So anyway, Remy and Si Hui walked me back home and I chatted with Polly over the phone for a while. It's been some time since I spoke to her. I miss her T.T

Alrighhtttt... now to the fun bits. S**t, suddenly damn hungry lidat.

I've signed up for formspring!!! Personally, I think it's a busy body's haven! There, you can ask whoever (who's using the app lah) you want whatever questions you're dying to ask him or her.

Like for example, you've got a major crush on this hot guy and you're dying to know whether he's available or whatever stalking questions you want to know. Just ask away!

Or course you can choose to either be anonymous or show your name. Anonymous of course la. Anyway, whatever you like la.

FYI, I'm passed the stage of stalking my crushes k! Okaayyyy...

But you know, if you have a secret crush on me *AHEM* flips hair or if you're lesbian (FML. I am not lesbian) then feel free to stalk me with questions. Haha!

Friends also can poke fun at each other by asking embarrassing and private questions. It's up to the other party whether they have the guts to answer those questions. It's the name of the game!

Seriously la, really a pat po haven for gossips and rumors:P

So, go sign up and we'll have fun shooting random questions at one another :) It's pretty darn easy too. No need to create new account la, confirm email la, this nonsense la, that nonsense la. Just use your facebook account details.


One serious drawback is that it changes your old facebook layout to the new timeline. Not a problem if you like/already have timeline la. But I hate dislike it. I guess I've gotta get used to it.

So if you wanna find me on formspring, my name's missymiyen.

If I find an interesting question there, I might even write a full blown post about it here. Win-win for all. Ngehehehe.

Update: I know I promised pictures in this post. Here's several measly pictures of me during the latest chess tournament. Sorry :(

Yay! Fulfilled my promise:P

Ok bye.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeling grateful & Life update!

Tonight, I don't know why but my heart feels very warm and nice and fuzzy and all other positive words you can think of. I'm just soooo grateful for everything that is and that has happened.

God has a funny way of working. Initially, things may not turn out to be what I want, but in the end, it turns out to be the best decision I've (unwillingly) made!

I want to trust and know that I'm being taken care of (spiritually?) and guided every step of my life.

Everything that's happened, happens for a reason.

Ok. Thought of listing down "things I'm grateful for" but suddenly my instincts told me that I still had to complete the final F5 chapter.

Anyway, I will still jot down my... *deng*deng*deng*

Life update!!!

Just had to do that. So ya...

Won some ka-ching yesterday at the chess tourney! But I've spent it on family's dinner at Teppanyaki in Sg Wang. That's the least I could do for my papa who's been the most generous father I could ever ask for. I only have one father. Hahaha. Ok. Not funny.

After coming back from KL after a grueling 2 days, I was and still am very tired. Like drop dead kinda tired. Like... like... zombified. Like... soul deprived. Ok, who thinks I'm exaggerating? But really lor.

Esp last nite. 2day ok ad la. Shit. I blogging like I texting ad.

Not to say the 2 days were bad, it was fun and good! That's why it's so tiring! Is it me or do I not make any sense? Anyway, I always love family-time-shopping-in-KL-chess-go-here-go-there kinda trips. Having a big noisy family always adds to the fun :)

But can't wait for the Royale Starex. Then the whole family won't be cramped up. Sorry I crashed the first car :(

So last night, I fell asleep on the couch waiting for JB to finish watching football. After I don't know how long, he woke me up and in a gentle, romantic and affectionate way told me.... that I had saliva all over his pillow.


Other than that, I talked in my sleep too. I RARELY ever do that. Can't remember the last time I did it other than last night. Man, I must've been fatigued.

FYI, all the men in my life (as in my bros, my dad, my ONE bf and even my grandpa in case you get any funny ideas) are all crazy football fans. My life is filled with football junkies. So yeah... I shall be that typical girlfriend that sits in the corner while she waits for her boyfriend to finish watching 22 men chase a ball around a field.

No lah... I like football too! *grins* Okayyy....

So bla, bla, bla... Can't wait to get my hands Samsung Galaxy S2!!!

I shall write a longer, better post with pictures next time. Promise! But duty calls and I need to cure my guilty conscience and STUDY!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Nagas Chess Tourney

Right now I'm in DATCC, the litte quaint quarters of Malaysian chess near the heart of KL. I'm currently playing in New Nagas Standards Chess Tournament. Today is day 2 and the final day. My dad's organizing this 2-day event.

This is the first tournament I've joined after such a loooong time. I think it's been more than a year and a half since my last competition. So I was kinda hesitant to play. Helping out no problem la.

But to play? Man, I really thought I was sorely out of practice. I scared get last, tarak face pulak. Most of the opponents were good (for me la) e.g. Jax Tham, Fadli Zakaria, my brothers etc. But in the end, to hell with my face la. To be honest, I miss the game. Some more, this tournament is actually a family project. So I want to give my full support.

At this stage of the tournament, I think I'm doing alright and having fun :) And I'm definitely not last. Haha!

I've just drawn round 6 and am waiting for the final round.

Will update more once I get back home.

Ah yes. Before signing off for the last game of the tournament, remember my last post? So my soul sister, Angel, wrote an awesome sauce post on her blog backing me up here. *sniff*sniff*

So touched laa... T.T

Monday, March 5, 2012


Sometimes I read topics from forums or where ever and I find it interesting. So I write a blog post relevant to the topic and post a link of my post back to that specific forum topic.

AND THEN, some people go bananas and start chiding me for trying to sneakily promote my blog... in a frigging SARCASTIC way. I mean, wtf. Seriously. My business lah. Why do you even care?

And when I write my own experiences about job applications in Genting or how I tackle ACCA payment problems or whatever, I'm trying to help people get relevant, reliable information considering how little information the Internet has on these specific areas. Especially since I know how it feels being in their shoes.

I'm not even selling anything or asking for anyone's money.

And you know what, there are other people OPENLY promoting their stuff. Go chide them lah. Some people really have stagnant air for brains and should shut the hell up instead of blurting out ignorant rubbish.

I feel like cursing a lot more, but shall refrain.

Ok, enough bitching ranting. I'm hungry.

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's March! - and successfully paid ACCA exam fees


*ahem* okay. So yesterday I wanted to register and pay my ACCA exam fees for the June 2012 exam session. And to get a discount on the fees, I had to pay before the 8th of March (for early bird payments). After this date, I would be charged the standard rate. And the difference is like RM50++ per paper. And I'm taking 3 papers. And I'm not a gazillionare..... yet.

There weren't any hiccups when paying for my previous 4 papers through myACCA (online). But this time round, I encountered problems.

I was unable to pay my acca exam fees through myACCA after trying the whole time I was at home.

From yesterday morning, I've been trying and trying and trying to get through the system. I seriously felt like puking. And every time just after the FINAL step, I always got this message:

"Your payment has been unsuccessful - please try again."


I tried the whole of yesterday's morning - then in the afternoon went out with Angel which I'll write below - and then tried the whole frigging night.

No success. I looked up forums and they said that ACCA's server is usually congested during times nearing the payment deadline.


Started to feel very desperate. I needed the specials rates! Frigging frustrating I tell ya.

FYI, I'm using Maybank debit card. Had no problems paying the previous papers, overseas banking service activated etc.

So this morning, I tried again but then something happened and then Maybank blocked my card.


Cuz uh... I tried waaayyy too many times..

So finally, I called up Maybank after many, many, many tries. Then finally a lovely lady answered the phone (FINALLY). I think god must have heard my prayers.

And she told me what to do. I found out that I'm supposed to increase my purchase limit.

I think my purchase limit at that time was RM500. I think that's the default and previously, I paid my papers one at a time. But this time, I'm paying all at once since they're held at about the same time. So 3 papers at my current study level cost me RM1000.

No wonder lah.

I didn't give a damn and maximised my purchase limit so I wouldn't get into any other problems similar to this.

After reaching home, did the whole drill again and with fingers crossed -


So anyone experiencing problems paying fees through myACCA even though you have activated the overseas banking service of your debit/credit card, maybe you could try increasing your purchase limit.

Oh, oh. Also try paying in the AFTERNOON (around 1pm to 3pm Malaysian time). The server wouldn't be as congested as compared to other times of the day.






Ok, shit. Have to start being Hermione Granger.

At times like this, I do wonder if I were attending classes, what the difference would be. My time would definitely be more defined by my timetable. But for now, I'm enjoying the flexibility of my time.

I may complain about missing out stuff, but at the end of the day, I just wanna feel grateful. Once I start working, I'll be missing this period of time so bad.

And who knows what I can do with my time in the near future?

Moving on, I went out with Angel yesterday. Went to play a few games of pool at Maxbreak. Out of 4 games, I won 3! Haha. Both of us are relatively newbies to the game, so maybe I got lucky :P

Then went for an early dinner at McD. Gossiped and yapped so much like we usually do. I can never post our conversations here. They are way too... deep. Lol.

Anyway, both of us may be planning to do something new together. Can't tell you what yet. We'll see. But I'm kinda excited if everything goes smooth-sailing :D

Note to self: Shouldn't walk back home alone too often.