Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh hi!

I give up lah. Planned to finish Variance Analysis last night but I'm still going at it. The whole morning wasn't even sufficient to complete what I couldn't complete last night. Bloody long chapter. Not to mention I have 2 more chapters to go for today. Taking a break now.


2 days ago, me made Lemon Cheese Cake for da 1st time! Philadelphia cream cheese frigging expensive lah. I used a non-baking recipe. That means instead of baking the cake, I chilled it. Healthier. Right? RIGHT? Actually I dunno. Just say only.

Ok, may not be the best looking Lemon Cream Cheese cake you've seen, but at least family liked it! *defensive*

Ingredients for the uh... white layer: lemon juice, cream cheese and condensed milk.

For the crust: crushed biscuit crumbs mixed with butter.

Then afterwards chill in fridge.

All from memory cuz so bloody easy to make. Lol.

Should stop using the word "bloody".

Moving on. Last night, bathroom light went out... again. So skinny went to change light bulbs but the light was too dim. So he stuck candles all over the side of the bathroom.

Who's up for a romantic candle-lit bath?

Later when I went into the bathroom, I suddenly felt like I had entered an eerie castle. When I finally came out of the imaginary, this was what happened to me.






Ooooooooo... Ooooooooo... Gollum forehead.

Ok, lame.

Eh, I look kinda cute lah. Right? RIGHT??

Alright gonna take a nap before hitting that stupid chapter again.

P.S. FYI, my hair is not thinning! It's just that I have lotsa baby hair and a muthaf***ing big forehead.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Iphone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S II

SO what was I gonna write again?

Oh yes.

I'm planning to get a new phone in a year's time. Currently I have a RM90 LG phone. Lol. It serves its purpose but ya know, I'm human.

So I want a really, really good phone that takes nice pictures, have cool apps, pretty design, smooth performance etc.

Finance-wise, I don't want to hold back on this aspect. If I wanna buy a new phone, might as well buy something that I really like and that's gonna last a long time.

Also I've always wanted a decent camera that takes pictures that are sharp and clear enough for blogging purposes.

So I've narrowed my choices to 2 phones that are tops in the market for NOW: Iphone 4 and Samsung Galaxy SII.

You read right, Iphone 4, not 4S because I don't see any use talking to my phone.

A bit pathetic lor.

Price for both phones is around RM1800-RM2000 now. In a year's time, prices will drop so that's what I'm waiting for.

I'm still deciding which to go for. Some differences between the 2 phones in terms of:


Iphone 4 wins in this aspect for me. I love, love, love, the sleek metallic white casing. It feels very sophisticated and feminine (sorry guys!). And the screen! Gotta love the screen. It's so smooth and polished.

The SII design isn't bad either. It's just that some reviewers complain about the plasticky feel to it. Especially the back. For me, I don't really mind about that. So long as it's durable enough. SII's screen is also really nice.

Conclusion: Both phones are good looking and both come in White (very important! I hate black). But Iphone 4 is more aesthetically pleasing to MY eyes.


SII screen is larger than the Iphone's. So is its body (duh...) So if you have shitty eye sight, then maybe the SII is the one for you. My eyesight is half-shitty. Haha. So yarh, both screens are fine to me. The SII kinda feels like a mini tablet rather than a handphone. I have a slight fear that it may be flimsy.

But whatever. I don't really care about the size cuz both of 'em ain't fitting into my shorts pocket! Yes, my shorts are pretty mini. So, nope. Anyway, I have 2 sim cards, my main sim card is gonna stay put in my LG phone. The secondary one is gonna go in the bombshell phone which is going in my handbag.

Conclusion: Dude, size doesn't matter!


Very important aspect for every (almost) girl. If you notice, my blog doesn't have very many pictures of me. So I fall into that rare category of NON-camwhores. I don't like taking pics of myself and posting them on FB for attention.

I LIED. Haha. I'm an attention whore in every way.

*ahem* So anyway, SII's camera is superior than the Iphone 4's. It's main camera is 8mp while it's secondary camera (the front-facing one) is 2mp. Whereas Iphone's main camera is 5mp while it's front camera is only o.3mp.

So SII is very tempting in this aspect. But actually 0.3mp quality isn't that bad especially if you know how to play around with photo editing.

Take a look at Xiaxue's picture taken using Iphone 4's front facing camera:

It looks real pretty to me!

Conclusion: Whatever it is, SII's camera wins hands down.


Performance-wise, both are really fast with a mountain load of downloadable apps to play with! Although I've only used Android before this, I wanna try Apple.

Detailed specs:
1. Iphone 4
2. Samsung Galaxy SII

Conclusion: Draw!

ANYWAAAYYY... enough talk. I'm gonna have to start saving now!

More updates

Whatever happens, no matter how tough things may get, I'll never leave you. I promise.

Now on for some updates:

Went horsing around with Angel a few days before. Had some food at a cafe cuz it was starting to rain.

Mango House. I like!
Angel's drink: Iced Coffee Love Mocha. Man, the glass was HUGE!
My drink: Highland Strawberry Chocolate. Yums!

Photos courtesy of Angel.

We also ordered some french fries. Note to self: Golden bars is a direct translation of chinese. It means french fries. Got fooled there. Haha.

So we yapped there for like a million years. Lol. Everytime we get together, we can never stop talking.

Moving on, JB came back for the weekend. I'll miss him badly now that he's gone back to KL T.T

Can't wait for the long semester break to come. Sigh...

Oh yes, I'm lagging behind my studies, I haven't eaten dinner yet (Need to gain a bit of weight now. Can't believe I'm saying this.) and why the hell am I still here??


Monday, February 20, 2012

Boo's birthday and toilet pics

Starting of with some sleepy, ugly (yes, pile on the compliments please) pictures of me for today's entry. I'm not exactly the fairest of maidens just after getting out of bed, but here goes:

Camwhoring in the toilet doing you-know-what after waking up. Please don't run away.

The reason why I wanted to get braces last time. Also, I have a slight overbite. Noticeable when I talk real loud and uh... wild. I guess that's god's way of asking me to shut up more often.

But my smile's okay. *ahem*

Anyway, I decided not to go for braces in the end cuz I couldn't bear parting with my natural smile for 2 whole muthaf***ing years.

If I had braces on, this would be how my smile will be for the next 2 years.

Sooo, I've been spending hours - literally HOURS - like 8 hours in front of the computer DAILY. And after that I'll be buried in my ACCA notes/books (not exactly studying, more like staring - but still) or reading the newspapers. So for more than half a day, my eyes hardly move. That's bad, that's really bad. And my vision is getting quite blurry.

The only time my eyes move is when I'm having REM when sleeping. LMAO!

This is taking a toll on me body.

So I'm gonna try ONE day not going on the computer. That's tomorrow.

And if that works out, maybe I'll take on the next day too. Ideally 3-4 days for my eyes to get some well needed rest.

Because if I continue like this, I think I could risk going blind when I'm older. And no, no, no. We don't want that do we?

Anyway, it'll do good for my concentration also since I need it badly for my studies. I have 3 toughies for June. F5 paper I heard is no easy-peasy.

And I need to finish up the whole syllabus for 3 papers by mid-March! I wanna start on past years and revision ASAP.

Moving on, yesterday was lil' Boo's birthday!

Boo - She da boss...

So bros and I bought her (and ourselves) lots of cakes!
American Brownie from Secret Recipe. That's all I managed to salvage for the camera.

Pecan Butterscotch - Yums! The butterscotch tasted like light caramel.

White Lady

American Chocolate Cake

Secret Recipe wins hands down over other bakeries' cakes. SR's cakes are soo soft and the filling is delish. Not "jelak" like other normal cakes ladden with whipped cream.

On an ending note: I LOVE PORTUGESE EGG TARTS!

Abrupt end.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Beautiful Fairytale Cakes!

Beware: MANY (as in MANY MANY) PICTURES await.

When I was a young girl, I loved, loved, loved watching Disney Princess movies. I grew up with them so I have fond memories of them.

Cinderella was my favorite princess at that time. I especially loved the way her shimmery blue gown swayed when she danced with Prince Charming during the ball. So dreamy... Out of topic.

So recently, I've been obssessed with fancy, creative cakes draped in fondant. And guess what I found? This amazing facebook page called Le Torte di Renato

And I saw the most breathtaking designs on the cakes. FAIRYTALE themed!!! Soooo, so, so beautiful! They combined cake design with fairytale characters and that's literally the best of both worlds.

Enough yapping. Here are the pictures.


Snow White

Beauty and the Beast

Alice in Wonderland

Hansel and Gretel


Pretty eh? And in case you're wondering, it's all edible :)

Out of all the designs, I liked Nutcracker the best, followed by Hansel and Gretel.

Looking at all these cakes areso exciting! I don't know why. But I hardly see stuff like this in Malaysia.

Or maybe I just haven't been to the right bakeries yet.

Ok, I'm feeling hungry now, so... abrupt end.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Yay! I like the word Valentine's. I know it's a Christian saint's name who was buried somewhere in Via Flaminia. God knows where that is. After reading wikipedia, I still don't get how Valentine's day came about. Uh... because Valentinus was matryed? *shrugs*

But still, I like the name "Valentine's". Maybe I'll name my future daughter that. Hehe.

I like the advertisements, the articles, and the pictures of Valentine's day in newspapers, magazines and what not. Everything is so pink/red, girly, happy and romantic.

My last 2 Valentines' with him were very simple but meaningful. First was in Genting. This year's in old town. Basically we have a special dinner and little trinklets as gifts.

We don't go to fancy, posh restaurants dressed in formal attire with hair done-up and all. I requested not to be given anything too expensive. I think a big bouquet of roses could easily cost more than a hundred Ringgit!

Teddy bears, the good quality ones from Lovely Lace, are also like RM100++. I mean, we're both studying. Not working.

Once we're working, that's different. Hehehe.

Anyway, I'm already very happy just spending time together on that day :)

So how was your Valentine's?

Other Non V-day Updates:

FOK! ME WANNA NEW WEIGHING SCALE! Me been eating a lot these 2 days. Just now me ate a whole frigging bar of SNICKERS! WARGH... damn sweet! WARGGHHH!!! Will not eat them for the next 10 centuries. And then later me had a bowl of curry maggi mee. TOO MUCH. WARGHH!!!

WARGHH!!! So unhealthy. Me don't wanna me more than 48.5kg next time me weighs meself.

WARGHH!!! Me need a scale.

WARGHH!!! Me addicted to weighing scale.


Ok. Nitey-nite!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Of sunflowers and daffodils

Just got me ACCA F4 result today. Me passed! :) It was a law paper so me had better pass or else shame on me...

Me know me haven't updated me blog for the longest time. Me just exaggerating. But it has been pretty long. Me feels.

Before moving on, Me sister, Boo, broke me digital weighing scale!!! RM60 gone down the drain. Boohoohoo :(

The last time me weighed, me was 46.9kg. Me dunno whether to be happy or worried. Me mummy and some people say me face is gaunt. I think cuz me no exercise and me losing weight... unhealthily, me thinks.

Like this morning, me collapsed after getting out of bed. Me leg no energy and me dizzy. Me daddy said it's a dead leg - meaning me slept wrong position and there wasn't any blood flow. Dunno whether it's because me lack of nutrients or it really was a dead leg. Me thinks its the latter.

So me gonna start with last week. Me went on an Ipoh date with me bf. We watched 2 movies: Chronicle and Journey 2. Good stuff :)

Chronicle was cool. It tells a story through the lens of this socially awkward boy who's entire life is filled with bullies, taunts, and teases. No faimly love to him either.

So one day he gets supernatural powers together with 2 other friends. And their journey of self-discovery starts. Ending was... uh... something like "I am Number 4." That means there will probably be a sequel.

Journey 2 was amazing. Funny plot, nice graphics, a pretty ending and one of me favorite actresses (Vanessa Hudgens) is starring in it. Nuff' said :)

After the movies, we bought a piece o' cake from Secret Recipe. Chocolate Indulgence! *smacks lips*

Secret Recipe holds sweet memories for me. It was me first birthday gift from BF 2 days before we got together :)

One piece cost RM6.50. Me thinks it's worth it cuz a piece of Secret Recipe cake is BIG. Easily keeps 2 people happy.

So bla, bla, bla. End of date.

A few days ago, me hung out with me girlfriends and bulldog at KFC: Loges, Mei Theng and Remy. We had so much to talk about. Yapped for about 5 hours. No kidding. We even planned a trip to Hatyai, Thailand the coming June semester break. Me dunno whether it'll work out. Cuz me also have other plans then. We'll see.

So it was all fun and dandy except the parts where Remy kept making fun of me, me parents and me bf. Me dunno what's wrong with him. Me didn't like it.

After 5 hours of plastering me butt on the chair, Loges and me took a walk around Kampar. It feels nostalgic. Loges gonna be one of me besties forever *loves*

Enough with the updates.

Lately, me is obssessed with cakes! Not the normal cakes but the really big, fancy ones. Me obssessed with TLC's Cake Boss and Fabulous Cakes. The cakes they make are soo creative and fun. Makes me dream of me own wedding cake!

Me also been watching Say Yes to the Dress online. It's a reality show where brides choose their dream wedding gown. It seems so exciting :D

Me don't know what will happen in the future, but me thinks me will plan me own wedding. No wedding planner. It seems so fun :P

Oh yes, tomorrow's Valentine's! He's already back in Uni but it's ok. We already celebrated on Saturday with a big dinner. Best part of dinner. The fish! I loved it especially since it was fresh. The sauce was really good :P

On a last note, me thinks this is Google's best header so far :)
Classic and old school. Me likes :)