Monday, January 30, 2012

Pearls of wisdom

Found this on Facebook. Just thought I might share it here cuz it's so uplifting and positive!

Be impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of the Word in the direction of truth and love.

Don't take anything personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

Don't make assumptions: Find the courage to ask questions and express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

Always do your best: Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to when you are sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.

Amazing! Just what I needed:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Dragon Year!

Hey everyone! It's the year of the Dragon! I have a feeling that its gonna be a pretty good year ;)

This year's CNY has been very enjoyable and memorable so far:) Can you believe that this is the first time after several years since I have actually celebrated CNY properly? Looking back its been... wow. Now it's... yay.

Although not all relatives were present, after a hiatus of 3-4 years, anything done and everyone present is special during the New Year as long as my family is together :)

So family left for KL on Sunday. Our first pitstop was Giant to buy some mandarin oranges as gifts for my relatives. Family also bought new shoes. I didn't buy because... um... it wasn't necessary?

Before we continued our journey, Mowgli went on a few motor car rides. Yeah, more than 1. Pictures below is the first car. There followed 2 more different cars. Really spoiling her la.

Hurry up!

After that we went to Bui Kor's house for New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner. Had steamboat! It was quite nice:) And have I told you that their house is so beautiful? It is!

There were also fireworks at a distant to cuci mata. Later cousins and siblings played with firecrackers. I did manage to throw one though. And that's about it. LOL. I dunno why, but I have a fear of loud noises since I was a kid.

Bui Kor's colleagues gave her and family cakes for CNY. I particularly liked this one. It was so moist and chocolatey (how to spell ah?).

Ok, this is getting tiring. All right, I'll let the rest of the pictures do the talking.

Fooling around in cousins' room. Stuffed poodle humping on stuffed pig.

Stuffed smaller bear humping on stuffed bigger bear.

The person behind those masterpieces?

Skinny - The perverted artist.

The next day - shopping at the Curve and Ikea! OMG, it's been sooo goddamn long since I went to Ikea. I remember when I was living in KL, one of my favorite places was Ikea.

I loved, loved, loved the way they showcased their stuff there.

We first had lunch at the Curve.


Boo was sick during the 2 days in KL :(


Now for Ikea!

Surrounded by your halo...

Sisters love!

Boo isn't enjoying it. She's sick :(

One of the displays in Ikea. Trying to act like it's our own living room.

Later at night, family went to popo's house for CNY dinner. This year, instead of popo cooking, the aunties took over. Guess what we had? Spaghetti-mania! We also had fireworks. Super loud! Huat ah! :P

My aunties on my mother's side, although adults, are all like friends with me. So we had a lot to chat and laught about. It was fun!

The next day we went to 1Utama.

The dragon deco was sooo majestic!

Then we went to Candylicious!!! First time I've been to that place. It was soooo eye popping and colorful and heavenly!


Lunch was at Otak-Otak place.

Teh tarik. Meh~

God knows what it's called.

Vegetarian satay.

... More food?

Otak-otak pau.

BBQ chicken.

And more food.

The End!

Whew! Now it's time for friends! :D

Here's wishing to an exciting and successful dragon year! May next year's CNY be even more joyous :D

p.s. I kinda miss my amah during times like this. I hope her spirit is always with us :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Been sick

Sooo.... I haven't updated for some time now because me down with a fever for the past couple o' days.

I don't often get sick. The last time I was really sick (as in not the kicimau cold or cough) was about 2 years ago. Back when I was in school. Man, I sound old.

But until today, I still have that wheezing sound when I talk and I still feel a bit weak. It's been what? 5 days? I have this mentality that I will recover within 3 days. Well, technically, I did. Hmm... but still not to the extent where I can go for a walk around town and not end up panting like a dog.

But strangely, I like the feeling of being post-sick - the stage where you can be said to have made a decent recovery but not fully.

The feeling or the aura or whatever you wanna call it feels very homey and nice and comfortable. Like I'm in this cosy country home with rolling hills and weather as cool as in Cameron.

Also, I have this lingering feeling that something nice and exciting is going to happen. I don't know whether the eve of CNY has anything to do with this.

Oo... me likes.

As a result of my sickness, I haven't been able to stick to my study plan :(

I'm lagging behind. Me scared.

I have to buck up.

I secretly hope that I can go study somewhere nice and sophisticated.

Ok, that was random.

Last night I stayed up till 3 something am playing Plant vs Zombie. F*** larh.

Ok. I shall find one day to write a long fat ass post. Don't you love it? Ta~

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let it go

I shall forget the past.

The now is what's important. In fact, there is nothing wrong with now. Everything is good.

The only way that there is something wrong with now is if I keep pulling unnecessary baggage from the past and let it affect my present.

I don't want to feel gloomy or down again because of the past. I want to enjoy the now. The now is good and the future is bright.

Looking at it objectively, I have everything to be happy about.

I have a healthy, fully functional body, wonderful, supportive people around me, a nice place to stay in and something positive to look forward to everyday.

So why do I need to purposely pull myself so low by thinking about the past when it has already passed and doesn't affect me, unless I want it to?

I want to be more forgiving and grateful and appreciate all of life's moments.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Less banana

One of my 2012 resolutions is to be lessbanana.

A banana is a fruit is used to describe a Chinese who doesn't know how to speak chinese but speaks english instead.

I'm a banana. Okay - not 100% anymore, but I was a complete banana when I was younger. And I have heard certain people accuse banana people of being lan si (arrogant and snobbish) because we speak english.

And I f**king hate those certain people. I did not generalize ah. Don't frame me.

Let me tell you a very interesting story. When Merlin(my sister) was in chinese primary school, my mother went to the office one day to settle something. My mum's chinese isn't very good so she spoke english.

At that time, there was this particular woman malay teacher listening on. Then later, that malay teacher went into class and Merlin was at that time chatting behind the class with a friend. And that woman scolded my sister and told her not to be so SOMBONG (yah, she used that exact word) like my mum, just because my mum spoke english.

When I heard it from Merlin, I felt like going to the school and slapping that woman - twice... and hard. She was insulting my mother of all people. Why? Because my mother is a banana.

F*** that mad woman's life. Oh mama, my blood boils for you.

For one, we, or at least I, don't choose to be a banana. Circumstances of life and my own character made me become who I am today.

Of course there are many, many people who accept us bananas gracefully. Some don't dare speak to me. Lol. I don't know why - or maybe I do. Some aren't interested. Haha.

But so long as you don't insult my mother (or my grandmother or my father or grandfather or... or... or my nenek moyang) then I'm fine with that lah.

And yes, I know chinese is becoming increasingly important, especially since I'm living in Kampar( a primarily chinese town).






Which explains why I'm writing this post. LOL. I forgot after recalling that story.

So one of this year's resolution is to improve my chinese (yes, yes, I know I mentioned it earlier). I mean I AM a chinese after all.

My chinese did improve since I started taking a conscious effort to improve it.

But I wanna improve further.

So I've started watching HK dramas. I prefer spy and thriller HK dramas than family dramas. The only family drama I watch are KOREAN, OK???


*wipes sweat*






Where was I?

Oh... yes. HK dramas. So yeah, I'm watching Lives of Omission now. It's about triad, gangs, spy-related stuff. Damn interesting. Although the hotness of the main actors of that drama cannot compare with Korean main drama actors, the storyline is really nice. Hell, yeah...

And having a chinese speaking boyfriend does help a lot too.

When I was single, I always thought that I'd couple with someone who speaks english as well as me. I mean, like attracts like right?

But life has a funny way of working out. And yet, now I'm with a wonderful chinese-speaking boyfriend who has given me the chance to learn and experience sooo many new things - especially improving my chinese which is in the context I'm focusing on (just had to add that boring sentence in).

Getting him was something I never expected but ironically, it has been one of the best things that has happened to me :)

On a last note. Feeling agitated? Calm down - have a banana! It has calming properties. Hehe.

Had to find an excuse to put in this awesome picture.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ipoh shopping trip with family

Just got back from Ipoh and I feel like puking. BLEARGHHH!!! Car-sick :( Bleh...

Family and I first went to a famous tau fu fah shop in Ipoh. Dunno whazzit called. Ate a bowl of taufufah and drank some tau ching. Effing full.

Then later went to Yik Foong. Daddy bought a new computer. So now his old laptop has become the kids' property. Ngehehehehe.

I browsed the laptops there and I've decided to get meself (in the future lah) an ASUS, Corei3, NVidia GeForce, 14" inch laptop. Budget around RM2000. Not bad, not bad. Daddy says if I manage to do something (can't tell you wazzit, cuz if I fail then tarak face), he'll pay for me :)

Once I get my new laptop, I am so gonna go crazy and install Sims 2 and all it's expansion packs into it. I'm not too hot about Sims 3 cuz the graphics sucks.

So after that, we went to Ipoh Parade. Me bought me self a new pair of bling bling sandals for RM45 (!). I like the bling bling look but after walking a while with them on, they hurt soo much in between the toes!

I guess I could try to break into it by wearing it often by it's gonna be a painful process:( I think I just wasted Rm45 :(

Why the f*** didn't I just refuse it? Gah!

After we bought the shoes, we went to another shoe shop and the shoes there were so affordable and nice and... and... and... so... nice! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME??? Some more, majority of them max RM20 per pair nia!

Merlin bought 2 pairs of shoes there, all for only RM40! And they're more comfortable!!!


Haih. Save money, save money, save money. No wait. More money, more money, more money.

Just ate Thai mango rice. It's pulut rice mixed with santan and sweet mango. It was nice for the first several bites but then it got a bit jelak after that.

F*** la. I can't download episode 18 of Lives of Ommission. And it's getting sooo interesting. So I hope episode 19 downloads fast enough.

Oh yes, tomorrow's Monday. Happy Monday everyone! Hehehehe.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last night

Tripped... and fell (duh) last night on a metal drain. My toenail digged into my toe and... pain lah. What else. Wiping off the blood from my toe also stung.

And then later, when Skinny and I got into the car, he reversed and banged into another car which was also reversing. Blind spot I guess. Slight damage. No one could be blamed.

So anywayy.... I need to start being more productive. Slowly making a game plan for the year.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bitter memories

What's the use of scoring straigh As for exams when you flunk one and get blamed for it forever?

I can't be perfect, I do slack.

And just because I couldn't do it for STPM, all the blame is put on me. I shouldn't have wasted my time getting straight As for my previous exams when it got me nowhere.

Where am I now? At home studying.

If I say I wanna attend classes for ACCA, I get scolded. "Don't expect me to pay for your classes. You flunked STPM so you face the consequences. You didn't do well and didn't get a scholarship. So don't complain."

Yea, yea. I'm notoriously evil for not doing well.

I feel imprisoned.

'Tis the year to be jolly!

Welcome 2012!

Ok... I know I haven't update in a while and it's been already 4 days into the new year. But tis me first post tis 'ear!

So New Year's Eve was... meh. I got stuck watching football with JB and his friend instead of catching fireworks during midnight! Skinny and his friends even managed to accidentally stumble upon the fireworks display! How unfair is that?

Moral of the story, when your friend says there's no fireworks, don't take his/her word for it.


But... after that, all was cosy *loves*

So the past few days of 2012 have so far been good... and BUSY. I am completely overwhelmed just by thinking what I have to achieve this year.

So yesterday I read this from Yahoo! Shine (I'm a Virgo by the way):

Year 2012 Overview
This year is all about non-stop action for you, Virgo. With Mars spending the entire first half of 2012 in your sign, you may start to wonder if there will be any break in sight before 2013. The first quarter of the year will be under Mars's retrograde influence, a transit that could push you into a semi-neurotic workaholic mode. Be sure to give yourself plenty of physical outlets in order to channel all that excess Mars energy. When Mars turns direct in Virgo in May, you'll possess tremendous energy to make amazing things happen!

With Neptune moving back into your partnership sector in February, you'll settle for nothing less than your true soul mate; either that or you'll feel blissfully wedded to your spiritual nature ... or perhaps a little of both! In any case, this is the time of your life to realize how important it is to satisfy the longings of your soul. You've compromised, settled and rationalized trying to make the wrong relationship right for long enough. Now you're willing to wait for the real thing.

You'll be thrilled to know that Saturn, after putting the brakes on your spending over the last few years, is finally about to take leave of your financial sector. Any financial challenges you've had to endure since 2009 should come to an end this October. A change of residence or alterations to your current abode are possibilities under the next wave of eclipse patterns. June's full Moon lunar eclipse in your domestic sector is the beginning of many profound changes to affect both home and career prospects between late 2012 and early 2013. And then, the new Moon solar eclipse in November in your communication sector could bring new potential for learning, speaking, writing or travel opportunities.


Ok, the busy part was true. I'm not a staunch believer of these kinds of things although I like reading them for fun... but this year looks pretty good to me :P

Usually, every new year comes with new resolutions to form (and eventually take on - that is if your self-discipline doesn't fail you).

But right nowI couldn't be bothered about thinking up and forming new resolutions them down. Cuz I already am very, very clear and... just so, so goddamn clear (like pure mineral water) about what I have to do. It's not about whether I want to or not. It's a matter of dead if I don't.

Ok la, not to the extreme of dying. But you get the idea.

2012 To-do-list

2. Tetris battles (ya I know, very important!)
3. Chess
4. Prepare for the event of moving to KL a.k.a. earn & save money

A few exceptional resolutions that I will jot down:

2. Get a goddamn LAPTOP (no less than i5 processor)!
3. BLOG more often!

Ok, done.

I expected to write about my weight. But over the past weeks', I've noticed my tummy shrinking and during lunch (I don't really eat breakfast at home), I ate a small serving of fried rice with egg and my tummy already felt uneasy and queasy. And it was the like that for the past week.

Is this what it feels like to be thin? Lol.

Maybe in a week's time, I'll write down a more comprehensive, unnecessary resolution list.

So what's your new year's resolution?

P.s. Taylor Swift's "Crazier" song is soo beautiful! xoxo...
P.s. OMG, Super Junior's "Mr Simple" sooo sexy! *swoons*