Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Belated Merry Christmas everbody!

Changed my blogskin! How do you all like my new header? My first time meshing an image with a background. Ok lah. Decent enough la kan?

It's been quite some time since I wanted to change the header. I had to learn up enough photoshop and picasa. Inspiration from some of my favorite blogs :)

So over the Christmas season, I've been in KL WORKING. My auntie got me a job as a part timer in Sunway Pyramid for a 4-day exposale. Basically, I promote a member card and my role to get as many sign ups as possible.

And these 4 days have been surprisingly fun! Tiring... but good :D Mostly cuz I had wonderful company during work.

I've made some really, really good friends. Our counter comprised of 4 girl promoters including me. We 4 really bonded over those days. My colleagues:(in alphabetical order): Ai Ginn, Lih Yeh & Sze Ghee. I'll miss ya'all!

They are so very awesome in their own ways *loves*

I kinda felt a little sad on parting on the last day.

I enjoyed chatting with the customers. Many of them are so outgoing. Also, a few cute guys asked for my contact information. So yeah, there you go ego. Haha.

Ben (my aunt's boss) & Josh the MC were there too and I was always getting bullied by them. In a harmless way lah. LOL. Guess what? Guess what? Ben had actually spent 4 days with LEE MIN HO! Ya, you read right, I'm talking about the hot korean actor in Boys Over Flowers.

FYI, Ben's not gay. He was just accompanying Lee Min Ho's visit to Malaysia as part of his previous job in Etude House. Ben got Lee Min Ho to be Etude House's ambassador. How cool is that?

So that's how I spent this year's christmas. No singing carols. No eating by the christmas tree. No kissing under mistletoes. But I did enjoy myself :)

My dad got my mum and sister new phones - Samsung Galaxy Y. So my sister gave me her old phone which is actually my original phone which... uh... long story. Suffice to say, I'm glad to have my original phone back. The ringtone, the display, the phone itself brings back good ol' memories :)

On an ending note, the past few days with him have been fuzzy and warm *loves*


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am currently redesigning my blog but you can still peek in if you want, I am using a clear glass door. Check back soon when this message disappears.

Sorry for any inconvenience (told you this blog is under construction).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mowgli's bday, adventures with him & other random stuff

So anywayyy...

The last 2 posts were more like rants and ramblings and very dramatic expressions of personal feelings. Please ignore.

Now for the real dirt.

Last Friday was beloved Mowgli's 6th birthday :) I think this would be her first conscious birthday. I don't think she knew what a birthday was when she was 5... and below.

I took her out in the afternoon to choose her own cake. We went to something like 5 bakeries to find THE CAKE. And her choice = heart shaped with pink frills of ice cream. What to do. She takes over me :D

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I love this picture. It's so... romantic.

Her eyes so cute la :P

This is me playing with bits of icing and cake... and fire... and candles. Might as well jot down the whole list.

I will now write about my adventures with JB the past 3 days. Please skip this if you want to, as I don't have any pictures of us... or of the stuff we did. That sounded X-rated. NOT. Moving on.

On Saturday we planned to go with 3 of his other friends to Sungkai. Don't know for what, I'm guessing just a day trip. But the driver's brother needed the car so plan cancelled.

So instead, we did something better. We cooked lunch together :) His mother's kitchen is sooo hard to cook in. I guess I'm not used to the condition in there. I chopped the ingredients while he took out shells from the shrimps... or scallops. I have a small fear of taking out the shells. What if the shrimps or scallops are still alive? And their whiskers are so slithery and... alive. So just a small fear. Nothing big.

So after toiling for an hour plus in there, finally the food was ready for consumption:) The main star were the fried wontons.

From RasaMalaysia site. I didn't take any pictures of the food we made but they were pretty... flat. As in not puffy like in the picture. If that makes any sense. I think because the wonton skins were not big enough.

The issue I had with the fried wonton is the filling. Usually, normal wontons are filled with ground pork and shrimp/scallops (what the hell is the difference?) with bits of water chestnuts and mushrooms (depends on which recipe you're using lah). But the main ingredients would be ground pork and shrimp. Problem is I don't eat pork. I'm not an indian, it's just that I don't eat lah. Period.

So then I went on to find a vegetarian wonton recipe. And I found out to replace ground pork, I use mashed tofu.

And obviously, to season the filling, oyster sauce or soy sauce (with some pepper and salt) is a must unless you want to eat shrimp just like that. Eeew... Anyway, the almighty JB is a real noobie lah. Say no need seasoning and mushroom. Sheesh. I mean since we're not putting in pork might as well put in another ingredient in. The more the merrier ma.

And so, the Great Me incorporated both vegetarian + shrimp recipe (without pork) to make Miyen filling. Ok lah, I admit it's pretty easy to incorporate those 2 together. Anyone can do it.

So we made two batches. One vegetarian and the other one shrimp-filled. Both tasted good but I personally liked the vegetarian one better. Hehe. He said that the vegetarian one also tasted not bad. See? I told you so! Mushroom can one lah. Anyway, we did enjoy our lunch:)

Later at night he lost his keys to the house. Man, it was a looong night. And many things ensued with the neighbours getting involved. But after a lot of... um... drama, we managed to find a way and everthing was A - okay. Better than A - okay :)

And bla bla bla. Last night's dinner date was nice. We ordered salted baked chicken, claypot curry chicken and fried egg + onion while watching football. Nice food and MU won :)

Now for some randomness:

My sister's blinged up phone. Wonders what you can do to a RM90 phone. haha.
Sigh... those blings reminds me of my old SEX8 phone. Sexy... pexy. And that's not my feet or my hand fyi. My one nicer. HAHAHA!

Over the last weekend, my brothers participated in Perak Close (a chess tournament) held in Ipoh.

Skinny got 1st while Stick got 2nd :D I wanna be as strong as them la wei :( But me lazy. Me no practice.

Winner's trophies.

Have I told you I love love love Kampar's kai si hor fun? I'm gonna have it for dinner later :)

Oh guess what, guess what? Me going to KL in a few days time to go shopping with me beloved auntie Jenny :)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm facing life, my sun will rise.

All the days go so slow when you feel you're on your own, but I know it's just those little moments you feel so lost, so alone.

The world turns and you start to learn that everything around you might crash and burn. But always, know that you're not alone.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bleh. Tired of this.

You know, I do so many things and put in so much effort for someone I care so much about only to feel so damn unappreciated. Typical case of dead if I don't, dead if I do. Why go through all the effort when I'm gonna get slammed like I didn't put in the effort in the first place? I'm tied to this cycle. I feel caged in. I can't say how I feel cuz I don't want anymore drama. I just want to walk away and be someone else.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Mood: Good

There're so many things I need to update. I didn't feel like updating my last post in detail cuz I wasn't in the mood. But now, as the title says - me good mood people.

Starting with last week - the house was broken into by some muthaf***ing thieves. They stole my mum's new Samsung Galaxy W phone and a few hundred worth of cash from Stick's wallet.

And ironically, 2 of my siblings were awake pretty much the whole night... staring into the computer. Wonders what the internet can do to rob someone of their sense of the surroundings.

The thieves came up the balcony and through UNLOCKED doors.

The starting point of the scene of crime.

We've already pin pointed their route of crime and we are very positive that the thieves are living somewhere around our area - somewhere closer than expected.


Man, I can be a crime and investigation writer.

After this incident, family has learned to be much more careful. I'm still planning - together with my sibling(s) - to booby trap those thieves and whack the daylights out of them..... and then get back the Samsung Galaxy W.

But good thing that's all they managed to take. Worse could have happened and we could have lost much more.

Considering what happened the past month - kongkong's health scare, the car accident (which resulted in total loss of the car) and now this robbery - I think it's about time we're given a break. I mean, c'mon!

Moving on to lighter matters, family and I went to Ipoh a few days ago (we bought a new car). I've deduced that the clothes I see in Ipoh Parade - or Sungei Wang for that matter - are not suitable for me. My body type doesn't really suit those clothes.

I'm not the skinny, straight kinda girl. Neither am I petite. And I'm not kawaii. And I want to protect my modesty. You get the idea.

So for a change I've decided that I'm going to go for more classier pieces of clothings from stores like PADINI or SEED or whatever nonsense. Ok, so they might be more expensive but... nvm, I am just so happy with my purchases! :)

I bought a navy blue dress and a soft-lavenderish-kinda-navy-bluish flowy sleeveless top. I find I'm not very good at describing clothes.

I've decided against showcasing every piece of clothing I buy in my blog. Because I'm selfish like that :P

On top of that, sister and I went to Sasa and I stocked up on 2 more masks (have I told you that I love their masks?) and Merlin bought 2 bottles of nail polish - purple and white.

My manicured nails - mama's handiwork.

Moving on,

JB came back yesterday evening :D It's been sooo long since we got together - 11 days. No joke. lol.

I like being with him. lol.

Anywayy... guess what today is? It's Mowgli's BIRTHDAY!! My beloved Mowgli is turning 6 today! Will be going to buy the cake later and she's gonna choose :D

Will update more tomorrow.

Before signing off, Merlin curled my hair last week and here are some shots:

I like:D

But I think it'll look even better if my hair were another 5 inches longer ;)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeling blue

I'm not feeling at my best. No thanks to someone.

Anyway, I've (finally!) completed my F4 last Monday. SO freaking relieved. I can finally play tetris battle without that nagging feeling :D

The questions were pretty straightforward and I must say I had it easier than I thought. But we'll see when the results come out.

It was the first time I sat for a written ACCA examination. All the papers are gonna be written from now onwards. I am sooo glad I met Esther there. She was so friendly and helpful to me especially since I was badly in need of directions since I'm not a Sunway student. Esther's my 2nd cousin by the way.

Anyway, on the morning of my exam day, my relatives (kongkong and bui kor & family) came down for a 3-day visit.

It's been a long time since we got together. So yeah, lots of chatter and... tetris battles.

I'm glad that kongkong is still so jovial and sunny and... football fetish-y.

They just left a few hours ago to go to Penang. Then after lunch something happened. Suffice to say, some people are just soo sensitive. And I'm f***ing pissed off... bordering on depression.

I'm moody. Very moody. Thanks a lot!!!

I shall stop here.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Signed up for churpchurp...

...again. Very short update today as I'm sitting for my f4 paper tomorrow!

Help me by signing up for churpchurp darlings! xoxo...

It's free and by signing up you help make everyone richer and happier! :D No kidding. WIth every sign up I get RM1 and I'll help return the favor ;)

Click the link below:
Now you can earn rewards by sharing through facebook and twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

Can't wait after me exam is over!!! Rawr!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NAPBAS 2011 Invitation

Omigosh. I just received a call from Nuffnang inviting me to their Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011!

It was very, very unexpected because I did not reckon that my submitted post would actually get chosen. Haha =D

I asked whether I could bring along a guest since if I were to go, I'd have someone that I know accompanying me. But nope, the invitation is only for me. Too bad.

Anyway, I decided to turn down the offer because it falls on the 16th of the December which is my sister's birthday and boyfriend & I have plans during that time. And I don't think I know anybody there - scary - and I don't have enough money yet.

But I don't think it's the correct time for me yet because going to an event like this, I reckon I need to do my hair, wax my legs, get a dress, high heels, make up and transport - it all needs money and since I'm not in the running for any awards, I guess it's ok to skip this one for now.

Oops, I forgot to ask them whether transport will be provided. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter since I'm not going.

Whatever it is, I am so, so, soooo very thankful for the Nuffnang crew for reading my post and actually inviting me! Ya, unexpected since this blog has been with Nuffnang for only a few months.

Getting invited to my first Nuffnang event (although turning it down) has opened my eyes. I mean, things like this don't come very often. I think I wanna participate in smaller Nuffnang events first and get to know fellow bloggers before tackling huge events like this.

But, oh wow.

Signing off!