Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nails, gossips and god knows what else

Yay! Had my first ever manicure yesterday with Angel =) She wrote an awesome post about it on her blog here.

I'm called Katy already. LOL!

Anyway I wanted a baby pink colour but it seems that my skin is too dark for that light color. Although if I really wanted that color, I could have gone ahead with it. It's not that bad but I finally decided to go with a darker, warmer pink cherry-like tone with a glossy finish to accentuate my skin tone.

I also bought myself 2 tops from Jim Fashion in Bandar Baru. The day before, I had already decided what I wanted to buy because they have an online site. I had really casual yet chic clothes pieces on my mind, so nothing frilly or dressy.

Here's the list of tops I wanted to buy:

I soooo wanted this top!!! Omigosh! So pretty! But it's f%^&ing not available!

Got stock. But the material was really thin and... fragile??

Same as above.


Wasn't even on the site there -.-

Not even there either.

Not there. %^&*

Not even on the site there! Wth. I wanted to get this color and I've been wanting this kind of off shoulder top for some time now! Sigh. Still in the progress of searching...

Conclusion: I didn't get any of the shirts listed above. LMAO!

The Jim fashion site at bandar baru and the link given above is the same. BUT! The bandar baru site has like HALF the selection from the real site. AND! you can expect at least a quarter of what's shown on the bandar baru site to not be available. Sad. At least now I know.

But the 2 tops I bought were nice. And affordable =) I shall post pictures of them when I have the time. Which means never lah k. Dream on!! HAHA!

Okay, now to do as many f2&3 questions as possible by nightfall, because I have so much to prepare since I'm expecting the arrival of someone tonight *wink*wink*




Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My favorite, most frequently used/abused blog quote would be "haven't updated in a gazzilion years" or something along that line.

So here goes, I know I haven't updated my blog in a gazzilion years.





It is all in my mind. This is an internal blockade I have to lift and conquer.

I shall update if I succeed COMPLETELY.

Okay, NEXT!!!

I am happy that censored bleep bleep bleep censored censored bleep.

EH, monkey, can I write about you or not? Very difficult to update my blog without mentioning you lah.

Ish. Anyway, I've got exams on the first and second week of October.


And then I will get my braces!!! If my dad doesn't change his mind that is. Please, please, please don't let him change his mind

On another note, I'm thinking of revamping my wardrobe. Because I am seriously lacking un-torn shorts. So next month, I wanna save a lumpsum to go shopping =)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cupcake failure :(

I attempted to make some Red Velvet Cupcakes for the first time. I screwed up T_T
Cuz it's supposed to be "red", I really went crazy on the red coloring. I didn't know when to stop. And after I've poured in like half the red coloring bottle into a batter meant for only 12 cupcakes, the batter smelt so... artificially coloured. On top of that, I put in too much buttermilk cuz I forgot. T_T

Anyway, the cupcakes LOOKED good. My mother and sister said it tasted nice. But that's because I masked it with cream cheese frosting. Ngehehehe.

Anyway, pictures...
Un-frosted red velvet cupcakes. Excessive red-ness uncalled for.

Cute eh? =)

Other cuteness. My sister hard at work.

And my mum's work of clay art.
Cuteness redefined =)

On another matter,

I am so dead. I have to start on the past year questions for f3 ASAP! Dead, dead, dead...

Time to hit the books again. Ciao!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My heart melts. I never knew I could feel this warm and giggly.


Today and yesterday has been soooooo sweeetttttt. Aww...

Omigosh. I could just die from all this sweetness!

Okay, get a grip.

On another matter...

Ahem. Today's my birthday.


To my peeps, thank you for all the warm facebook wishes and for all the wonderful SMSes! And thank you to those who called me up today to wish me! Love ya all!

I don't have most of my friends here since they've all left for studies. But Angel came back yesterday and we had such a fun time together today!

We did something so darn embarassing but just soo funny at one of the convenience stores in Bandar Baru. I will not elaborate further. Suffice to say, I will never step into that shop again.


My mama made a carrot & walnut cake for me :)

And best thing is, my dad told me that he'd pay for my BRACES as my birthday present! Yay!

But! On the condition that at pass my f2 and 3 first time round. I will! I will! :D

I never expected it. I really thought that it was just me and my willpower to save up my money to get my braces!

Ok bye!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011



What a vague word.

Y'know. You can't really believe people - not blood related - nowadays. Especially those you believed in. You put your hope into something. And then it all comes crashing down.

You realize that you can't trust those sweet words. Because it means absolutely nothing.

Behind your back, you're being deceived and lied to.

I was a fool.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Special delivery for you

I wanna buy more SASA eye masks. I bought 2 types of eye masks from SASA and they really worked for me! I mean, my eyes didn't magically become the most healthy eyes around because I've been sleeping at ungodly hours etc., but still, they provide instant relief for my abused eyes.

I like the blue one better. But I haven't tried the other colors yet.

The afternoon was pretty lazy today. On any other normal day, I really don't know what to do from 3pm to 5pm, except to sleep or eat -.- I should study but I dose off which brings us back to the former.

Yes, the boring time.

At about 5.30 in the evening, decided to camwhore... grudgingly... because the pictures were requested by somebody and because I was still feeling sleepy.

Abandoned my studies to camwhore.

After my nap. See how sleepy my eyes are?

Still sleepy...

My eyes suddenly got disgusted looking at the camera.

I apologize for the monotonous poses. My astounding creativity just wasn't present today.

Collages because I was getting bored of self portraits.

Little trinklets of memories.

Ok done! There's still a gazillion more in my pc but I'm not really a fan of slow uploading. So I shall stop the self torture here.

One thing I love, love, love about these photos is that I notice my hair is much longer than before =D Eeeee!!!

I'll go give my hair a nice long wash now. Tata!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr ape

Relationships and who you choose to be with are very personal. Don't judge somebody by who they are with. A likes B. Don't say "A, your choice sucks. B is too stupid, too ugly, too short, too fat, too dark... Hahaha. I can't imagine you two together."

It's one's own choice and it really is none of anybody's concern. It's just disrespectful when you critisize other people's relationships.

I really, really don't like it when people critisize the personal choices I make.

I have one "friend" who loves critisizing the person I chose to be in a relationship with. Let's call him Mr. ape. Mr ape has this uncanny ability to see only the negative in my choice. Which is very, very amusing because mr ape is nothing at all near prince charming level. He is very much in ape level. For the sake of sarcasm, I will call my choice, prince :)

He has been making fun of prince charming ever since last year. So I think it is alright if I rant it out now. I mean, it's been over a year and I just let it be, but mr ape has not changed.

I am not mad, but rather I'd just thought that I'd share this amusing mr ape character in my blog.

Now, you should know that mr ape looks like... an ape. Literally. Mr ape thinks he looks good just because he is tall and big. Therefore, mr ape bangs his chest and claims superiority over prince in every aspect. But he forgets one crucial thing. He is fat like an over-weight ape.

The most disgusting thing is, mr ape critisizes prince in front of other people. Mr ape blatantly, without any shame, will laugh and speak very loudly about all the shortcomings of prince. And his laugh is very yucky. it sounds something like a continuously loud snort.

Usually, I don't compare your choice to my choice or whatever. But mr ape is just provoking me.

And now, oh look. His own choice is being condemned by other people. His mate is not responding his affections. People are saying they do not suit one another. People are talking behind his back. People are talking bad things about his mate. I did not condemn his choice. Other people did. So what goes around, comes back full force.

His mate, let's name her she-girl, is being ridiculed by others. Which I think is unfair for her. It's too bad that she got herself entangled in this mess.

She-girl is a very nice girl, sincere and transparent. So sometimes she gets ridiculed for her innocence. After hearing her side of her story, I am ashamed that before this, I judged her by what I heard from others.

So mr ape, don't condemn people's choice unless you want karma to slap you full in the face.

Tra la la la...

I think I over exerted myself during Sunday night's badminton session. My arms feel like lead and my feet are all battered, blistered and torn because I played barefoot.

Ok, I'm just exaggerating. But it was true... until yesterday.

When I play badminton, I laugh uncontrollably. I don't know why. I half look like a witch.

Moving on, Loges came to visit me on Sunday. She's the sweetest thing. She left for Sarawak yesterday! She said it's nerve-wrecking but I'm sure it'll be so much fun!

In fact all my friends here are leaving, wait they have all left for University already! Sarawak, Terengganu, Seremban, KL, Johor, Penang.

Woohoo! So exciting lah. For some weird reason, I'm not like, missing them or anything cuz I can always meet up with them when they come back lah. It's not like they're at the other end of the globe.

I'm wildly excited for them. It's like, you start wondering a few years from now, what will they look like? How would they change? Where would they be working at? Would my single friends be taken? The new people in their life. The stories we would share when we come together.

Then I start wondering how I'd be few years down the road.

According to Loges, there're 2 major breaks for local universities. The first one is a one-month long break starting the end of January. The next major break is in July and that break spans for a bloody 2 and a half month. Crazy or what?

So it's not all that bad. Yay for them! And me!

Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong about these semester breaks.

On another note, I think I'm losing my mind. My brain is not functioning well. I think it's turning to mush.

So Dear Santa,

For my birthday, please improve my concentration and my problem solving skills. I would also like to have improved memory power. Oh, and I'd like increased adaptation to new challenges. I would also love to learn new subjects and topics fast and accurately.

With love,
Your believer.

I have to keep grinding my brains!!! I have so much to absorb and process in a limited time. I hope I'll be able to handle it well.

Originally, I planned to get a part time job at least once a month, but it's not as easy as it sounds for me. Besides I've deliberately made myself unavailable until mid-december, I guess I'll take on my next part time job somewhere during december.

And I'm now on a saving-spree because I am determined collect enough kaching for my braces by the year end :) Support the Braces for Me Wish Project! Thanks! I wish for a lumpsum of money, at least RM1000 to come into my life by then. Universe, do ya hear me? :D

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Negative thoughts breed stupid posts

I've been feeling sooo negative the past couple of days. Wait, the past couple of weeks.

Like I flare up over every single thing.

So yesterday's post was... well... a diss. Being so emotional, I got my facts mixed up with my feelings and ta-dah! You get a nasty post.

I kinda regret writing that post but I don't wanna delete it. It's to teach myself a lesson never to blog when I'm feeling negative. Because words get twisted.

Anyway, in case you're wondering, I AM STILL GOING TO WRITE ABOUT HIM BECAUSE... uh... just because. That's what you get when your gf's a blogger. Ngehehehe!

But seriously, I wanna clear up some things. Just that some things in my blog are blown out of proportion for the fun of it. Nothing serious actually.

I have another private blog but I've deleted in a couple of days ago because it's just sooo negative. I mean like, every post is full of evil. No kidding.

The best way to deal with negative thoughts is too, well, I don't know. LOL.

But all I know is that when I'm heated up, my emotions take over and when I let my negativity control me, I end up taking stupid actions.

Then when everything simmers down, I'm like "shit, why did I say/do that?". I get hurt, and others get hurt too.

So to minimise the damage, I've found a way to handle it (I think). Lock myself in my room, scream into the pillow as loud as pssible, write as many nasty things as possible onto a scrap paper and cry the living daylights out of myself.

And when that's done, tear the paper up and go to sleep. When I wake up, everything seems okay again. I then try to start off on a positive thought and hope to build it up as much as possible to feel in tip top shape again.

So no one gets hurt. No scars are formed. All I'm left is with swollen red eyes. But that can be remedied with a good, long sleep.

Much better than screaming out vulgarity to that person you're mad about or blogging about it in public where everyone's gonna see it or complaining about that person to every single soul you meet.

That will only leave scars and evidence of silly outburts.

Today, my mood is good. Better than before. I want to keep it up. It sucks feeling depressed and negative. So the moment I got out of the house, I tried thinking of good things. It was hard at first, especially when I've been thinking about the same negative thoughts for a while now.

But after a while, I get the hang of it.

Ok, going out with Polly later. Ta!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My new blogging policy - no more you

Blogging is an avenue for me to write down whatever pleases me. My blog does not have a niche. It's a random blog.

Sometimes I do write about specific niches whenever I observe, read or hear something that tickles my interest. I am then inspired to write down my thoughts about it.

But that doesn't happen often, as I don't often write articles on specific topics because I'm still young and I don't plan on singling out on anything specific yet.

So most of the time, I write about the things that happen around me. It's my blog and I can write anything I want to. But I set my own limits too and I try to not to be too transparent.

If I write about myself, I do not care whether or not I am exposing too much for others to know.

But the tricky part is writing about other people close to me. It's my blog and obviously, I have the tendency to write about things and people that affect me the most.

To my readers, can I ask you a question?

If you like someone, would you write about them? If you have someone special in your life, would you want to write about them? It could be directly or indirectly.

Especially girls. Most of us tend to lean towars the more emotional side of things. We want to express our feelings, someway or another.

To cut straight to the point: Does writing about your boyfriend or girlfriend invade his or her privacy?

I write about our experiences and memories together and what I like about you, about those special gestures you do for me. And I believe that I kept it as light as possible. Nothing too detailed. But you disapprove.

If somebody wrote about me in that way, I would feel so flattered. I'd feel really good. Somebody wrote something nice about me! Aww.

Whatever it is, I see myself attracting other new events and people into my experience. I won't be writing anything about us anymore.

Ok. The end.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st September

Mother says to breathe in... take it all in... and breathe out... let it all go. I can do it.

It's September and it's a special month for me. So I thought I'd just list a few major things I want to achieve for the next 4 months (before 2012).

1. Get BRACES!!! Wee~ Although it probably has to come out of my own pocket money. Better now than never. I don't want to be wearing braces to work. (You may not notice but my upper row teeth juts out at a slight angle and my bottom rows are crooked)

2. Pass F2 and F3 by end of next month, October. If possible, squeeze in F4 by this year. And increase my passing margin too. My passing marks for F1 is so-so only. I recently talked with one of my friend who's also taking up ACCA. Bloody smart guy. He got higher marks for F1 and I agree that F1 is relatively basic. Rats. He also said that mostly everyone that took f2 & 3 were passing with A grades! Wheewwww~

3. Start chess training again. I miss the whole competitive feel. I miss my mini friends. I miss the game :(

4. Weigh 48kg(or lesser. ngehehehe). I am currently weighing 50kg. I said it. It's out. Yes, its only 2kg, what the hell right. But I'm standing at around 5ft 4inches(164cm) only, so me thinks a 2kg drop will make a pretty significant difference.

5. Be happy! =)

Angel's going back to KL tomorrow morning. So today, we hung out a lot together. During our schooling days, we'd walk to bandar baru under the hot afternoon sun all the way from old town. But I got to drive the car this time round! Sweet =)

I remember the times where we used to walk to where ever. And we encountered so many strange things along the way. Some were just creepy. Nevertheless, memories of our walking days~

So we went for a facial at a parlour opposite GKH. Called ENZO Beauty Spa Station. They were having a promotion in conjunction with the Raya/Merdeka Celebrations.

I chose a promotional package costing RM39.90, Clay Organics something something. The normal price iss RM68. So I thought it was a steal =)

During the session, the masseur noticed that my skin had a dry problem so she asked me whether I would like to add on an extra mask treatment for hydrating. Cost an additional RM8. Normal price RM16. So I said yes. Only RM8. Give lah.

After 2 hours or so, I was done with my facial and I headed outside to pay the bill. Guess what? They only charged me RM39.90! LOL. I guess my masseur forgot about the extra mask treatment. And they trim your eyebrows for you free of charge too. LOL.

And it's 11 something at night now. I haven't done anything to my face but it still feels supple and soft to touch. Angel also commented that their blackhead extraction, albeit painful for her, is very effective.

Only gripe we had was the massage chairs that were a bit too hard. After some time, both our necks ached being on the stiff chairs for too long.

But still, compared to Herbaline in old town, I'd go for ENZO. I also felt ENZO's facial treatment really worked on me. Herbaline wins in terms of interior design and comfort but in terms of price and results, ENZO wins hands down.

Anyway, the lantern festival's coming. I wonder whether family will be doing anything.

I missed the times when grandma was alive. She was the one who held the whole clan close.

All of us cousins would come together and light up lanterns in the big backyard in our KL house last time. We'd off all the lights. Then whole place would be pitchblack except for the lantern lights that lighted the backyard. And we'd chase each other around the illuminated garden. Very beautiful.

Grandparents would also buy for us those little moon biscuits in different shapes and sizes. I remember being intrigued by those biscuits. And I'd be fighting with my siblings for the nicest looking biscuit.

And how could I forget those mooncakes. I used to love nibbling on the outer crust or skin of the mooncake. And I'd leave the filling on the plate and run off.

End of reminiscing.

So that wraps up another day. Happy September everyone:)