Monday, August 29, 2011


The CLEO September 2011 issue is AMAZING. Covergirl is Katy Perry (I love her!) and they gave like THREE freebies away: a Biotherm skincare lotion sample, a Palmolive showerbath sample and a MANGO bookmark!

And their magazines are never thin.

I met up with Angel last Saturday and just updated each other on one another's life. We hung out for hours :) I missed her :) I guess she'll be heading back to KL soon to continue her studies. I think I'll be heading to KL again next month for something I'm planning *wink*wink* and I wanna sleep over at her place! It's gonna be a blast if she agrees :D

And today I went for lunch with the girlfriends (Clarrise, Harsherin, Meitheng, Pushpa) and Mok at KFC.

Some are returning to KL/Nilai/Indonesia and some are leaving for Terengganu and Sarawak. All NEXT WEEK.

Must be pretty exciting for all :) I wish them all the best!

Girlfriends and I talked about relationships. All of us are taken (except Meitheng) and we were betting to see who would be the first to walk down the aisle among us. It was fun. I mean, I'd be stoked to watch my good friend (who are of the same age) get married. It'll be soo cute!

Two of them betted that I'll be the first to walk down that stupid aisle.

Frankly speaking, I am not AT ALL thinking about that. I may day dream about wedding dresses, but that's about it. That's because:

1. I like the word "girlfriend". It sounds so pink, flirty and young... and fluffy.

2. I don't really like the sentence "I'm his wife." (eew... no offence to my mum).

3. I hate small kids(lol, kidding). But seriously, I have a 2-year old sister and I have had enough of seeing her shit on the floor, like everyday.

4. Oh, and I like my surname.

Although this is my longest (and most serious) relationship yet, I am thoroughly enjoying the ride. Thinking about little things like the way he suddenly hugs me from behind, I blush. *blushes*

Y'know, just an hour or two ago, I was browsing through my "wish book". It's been a year since I actually went through it and most of my notes were LAST YEAR'S notes. It's sorta like my diary where I write down my wishes and stuff.

There were so many things that came true too. Ticking them off my wishlist just blew me away! Making wishlists and seeing them come true just empowers me. Things like getting a stable flow of money after a major financial crisis that lasted several years really makes me feel so grateful for the simple things in life.

1. A super comfy bed and super lumpy pillows. I like 'em real lumpy and squishy.

2. Big, clear, crisp monitor screen. Like typing this post on a huge TV screen.

3. Bloody fast internet connection.

4. The way the upstairs looks like a cyber centre.

5. I like my legs. I like my figure. I like the fact that I do not need to wax my legs as they are forever hairless.

6. I like how my mum can be so hilarious at times.

7. I like how Boo and Mowgli (my sisters) are so cute. Boo looks like a muffin top. Mowgli looks like Mowgli from Jungle Book.

The End.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New facebook account

Yay! Finally had the time to open a new account :)

So nice to reconnect with me pals :)

Only have one picture uploaded.

Which gives me the chance to camwhore more :)

My facebook name is still Missy Miyen.

Boring lo. But I don't want to change it again and again.

I've been wanting a christian name. Y'know, for fun or work purposes.

The first name I was infatuated with was Imogen. I know it's not really a common name but it sounded unique then. Now it just sounds... androgynous.

Then Missy (which stuck until now cuz it rhymed with my name. Sorta). Then Vanessa because I idolised her last time. Then Charmaine as suggested by one of my part time working colleagues.

And currently, it's Katy. Because it sounds fun and sweet and... purple. Don't ask me why.

But I won't be bothered to put Katy beccause everybody will be like, you changed your name... again?

So I'll save "Katy" for work life.

Love fest

Made lunch for loverboy and I. Home-made spaghetti :) These 2 days, we spent most of our time together. I needed some company while family's away. I'm so thankful to him because he took so much time out to be with me. He left an hour ago and I suddenly miss him so much :(

Argh! Cannot be like this lah I.

To the pictures.

Crabmeat balls and sliced & fried chicken sausages (they look like oiled worms).

Prego spaghetti sauce. It was on the sour side so I put in my own seasoning: pepper, black sauce, oyster sauce and salt.

Adding the sliced sausages into the sauce. Angel suggested this to me.

Ta-dah! Ready to serve!


When you tell someone you love that you really appreciate what they do for you (considering that you hardly tell them things like that because you're not the mushy type of person), you will feel sooo good!

Although it's a little bit embarassing (especially if you're not used to saying things like that), seeing their lit up expressions or if you can't see them, sensing the sudden change in the tone of their message really makes your day:)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Say wha?

So I got a few people who were defensive over what I wrote in my last post. Well, this is what I have to say.

First off, I never mentioned that ALL degrees are flimsy.

I said "BASIC" degrees.

Okay, I admit that the word "basic" is a very vague word. And I believe what you thought what BASIC meant was ALL degrees.

Which is NOT what I meant.

I do not think that a degree in Information Systems is flimsy. Neither is a degree in Architecture.

What I did not want to do was list down those "basic degrees".

You know why? Because basic degrees is SUBJECTIVE. To a genius who's holding a QUANTUM PHYSICS degree, a basic degree might mean a degree in educational science.

A basic degree is for me, a fairly simple degree that is relatively EASY to get and most people with below average marks will be opting for. ELEMENTAL degree not an in-depth degree. Logically thinking, are those kinds of degrees going to give you the EDGE in the market?

And I specifically mentioned that if you're smart, take something that STANDS OUT and can make you IN DEMAND in the market. And when I said take something that STANDS OUT, what do you think that means? Take a more CHALLENGING/DEMANDING course or DEGREE.

And anonymous, from the way you write, you sound pretty smart. But its curious that you would immediately take offence. Why? Because you thought that your degree is flimsy (??)

If you truly believe that it was worth it, then what's the fuss? Just ignore what I write. I don't even know what degree you're holding.

I'm just meaning well. That's all dude. So chill.

"Unlike other basic courses, you end up holding a flimsy degree that won't get you far truth be told and can only get you a norrow scope jobs. And truth be told, degrees are not long lasting. You wanna find a job with a basic degree when you're 40? Fat chance."

I got flamed because of this particular paragraph. Please note that I used the words BASIC COURSES. Are all courses "basic"? And refer to the paragraphs earlier. I mentioned that my results were SUCKY (as in TERRIBLE) so I was not able to apply for HIGHER COURSES. Yes, basic, pretty vague word. But again, I'm refering to it as EASY/SIMPLE.

One of my aunties is a degree in BLANK - FILL IN YOURSELF. And she is currently working in a company for more than 10 years and is struggling to get promoted. Why? Because her qualifications were holding her back! Her colleagues her age have all gone higher due to holding higher qualifications. Truth is, she's a smart lady but when she was young, she thought she couldn't handle a tougher course so she settled for an easier one.

That's a fact.

But even with a so called flimsy degree, you still can be a multi millionare. Go run your OWN BUSINESS. But that's besides the point.

I'm not implying that I'm SMART, but a girl is entitled to her opinions correct?

"ACCA too, offers narrow job scopes, so you're pretty contradicting. There's no difference because if one gets a degree he/ she also has the choice in opting other choices in life too. It's not like you can't and it's not like it's a dead end. Really now, it's a laugh to say that ACCA is something that STANDS OUT. lol???"

And yes, in my opinion, I think that ACCA stands out for ME. I don't know about you.

Maybe a degree in PHARMACY stands out for YOU. Maybe a degree in BUSINESS stands out for my NEIGHBOUR.

So what? You're entitled to your own opinions and mine, to mine. We're not going to have a war on that are we?

How do you know that ACCA offers narrow job scopes? Have you done a research on it? Have you spent weeks trying to figure out what ACCA is about? I have.

So if you are going to University, if possible, take up something that's going to make you STAND OUT not blend in.

And I think you forgot this sentence. Does this imply that ALL degrees are flimsy? Then why would I bother writing take up something that stands out in Uni if all are flimsy?

And once you've gotten your degree, OF COURSE you can opt for other choices in life. I didn't say you couldn't. But then wouldn't it be a bit of a waste?

Let's say you're 30. For the sake of argument, let's use a degree in Medicine and a degree in Nursing. The "basic", less in-depth course would be Nursing. So obviously the potential emplyer is gonna choose that person with a degree in Medicine. Because a degree in medicine STANDS OUT.

Its the same with ACCA and a related course like a degree in accounting. Duh. Of course you can always upgrade to ACCA but it may take a little bit more time.

I didn't say ACCA is superior. I'm HAPPY with my choice so I have an urge to BRAG. Is that also a crime? This is my blog.

And I believe that ACCA is superior to whatever choices I (not others) could have made if I did not know what I was in for. If I chose to do a degree in Business instead of ACCA, I would think that I made a LOUSY decision.

Why? Because my goal then would NOT be to study. But to enjoy University life. I could not choose to do a higher degree in University due to my results which did not meet the requirements. So I either had to settle for a really "basic" one or go PRIVATE and do ACCA.

If you notice, I'm doing a LOGICAL COMPARISON. And I'm doing this comparison because I believe I can handle ACCA. And ACCA is a superior decision in that perspective. Not relating to my PEERS.

I won't be able to compare ACCA with a MEDICAL degree because they are not related.

But I would be able to compare a MEDICAL degree with a NURSING degree. Which one is "basic" and which one STANDS OUT?

I'm not saying that Nursing degree holders are stupid. I'm saying that if you are capable (and SMART enough) to be a Doctor, obviously you'd go for that.

As simple as that.

Case closed.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I deleted Nuffnang ads on my blog

Because they are useless. Totally.

Customer is not satisfied *pouts*

My mum's blog, which has been desolate still managed to earn RM8(!!) from Google Adsense.

And this blog which has been with Nuffnang since it's birth has earned nothing but a big fat "O"


Why are they so stingy? 10 cents also cannot give meh?

It's so disheartening. I'm basically giving them free ad space for nothing in return. So many months and they give me empty promises. Gah. Annoying max.

And what's the hype with being a Glitterati member? I don't see anything special loh considering I was a Glitterati.

So I removed the ads but I don't know how to delete my account! Help. *puppy eyes*

My Nuffnang account under Problem is, that email is BLOCKED!!! I have no effing idea how that happened. What if someone is misusing my email??

What if they're using my email to access the hundreds of ringgit in my Nuffnang account? *perasan*

The culprits will rot in hell.

But whatever it is, I'm just shutting down as much as possible, anything related to my old email and those sites that have tricked me *Nuffnang*cough*Nuffnang*

Oh, and one more thing. I've removed my chatbox too. It's annoying to see blogwalkers trying to make me click their links.

Maybe in the future I'll sign up with Google Adsense but not until I get my traffic up.

For now, I'll just enjoy writing :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Ya lah, I freaking lazy to take self pictures the past few months. Because what la, and lah la.

Anyway, I'm planning to open a new facebook account... again. Cilaka. But I miss my gazzilion friends *ahem*. Wanna see what they're all up to.

So open facebook sure must have pictures right?

Who wants to be friends with an empty profile picture? Or a picture of Mickey Mouse and his friends?

Anyway, tonight I coerced my sister into slave labour = tying my hair. She says my hair is so damn smooth *AHEM* so it's like freaking difficult to tie.

I don't know whether to take it as an excuse not to tie my hair or a compliment. I think it's the latter.

But finally, I got braided hair. Me sucks at braiding my own hair because my hair's so damn smooth :D

No lah, I just suck la cuz my favorite hairstyle is... letting my hair go.

So then we randomly started taking pictures. My two younger sisters joined the fun but later went to sleep, I was still snapping with my 13 year old sister late into the night.

She's Merlin. Gawd, I hate typing "my 13 year old sister" so many times. So Merlin and I were camwhoring. Sounds wrong. But oh well.

Finally, proper photos of myself I can actually put up online! Yay!

Expect my profile to be up tomorrow... or maybe this weekend. Just forgot I have an exam this friday @_@

Usually, the pictures taken by my family members are of my half naked little sisters running around the house or throwing a tantrum or peeing on the floor or starting a fire. Just kidding on the last one.

And they too, shall be given a name each. Boo (2 yrs) and Mowgli (6 yrs).

This is Boo.

That is Mowgli.

Still with me?

Merlin, Boo and Mowgli. My 2 brothers are Skinny (older one) and Stick (younger one). Cuz that's how they are. Literally.

I'm KATY :)


...or my mum's goofy face popping up my doorway. Or my half assed face staring into space.

Courtesy of unproffesional photographers who's aim are to take the most unflattering pictures of the brood as possible.

Yea, the uglier the better weh!

Suddenly got writer's block.

So on with the vanity pics. Usually I'll edit the pictures by playing around with the lighting or cropping 'em. I also have photoshop although I'm still learning how to use it.

But tonight I can't be bothered with editing my pictures. So they are in their true, raw, grainy form.

And also, check out our house clothes! AWESOME! Just kidding. Please don't check them out.

The only one that I edited the brightness and contrast with is the first picture.

The rest tarak edit.

Merlin and I.

This is pretty charm bracelet (don't know whether you can see it) was bought for me by JB during our first virgin trip to KL together. Sweet memories :)

A clearer picture of it on my silky smooth legs. LOL. Quite the opposite actually. They're kinda dehydrated at the moment. It's flaky.

The cicak look.

Say hi to my new camwhoring partner!

I'm wearing a sweater in the pictures because it's bloody cold tonight! Make it bloody cold the whole day. Scratch that again. It's been bloody cold for the past few days.

Me likes :)

Ok, bye.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Just got back from the rain

Just got back after stuffing my face with 2 pieces of KFC with JB.

Right now I'm sitting in front of the computer sipping a cup of hot chocolate. It's raining outside and family's out. Enjoying the sound of mice scratching the ceiling boards.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Egg tarts

Baked egg tarts with mum yesterday :)

Mum bought new moulds and ingredients. The moulds we had were too deep. I wanted it to taste like the egg tarts sold commercially but with that homemade freshness and crispiness.

And this is the first time we got the taste and texture and look right! I mean, we baked egg tarts a few times before this but the pastry would come out too... hard or crumbly or... I dunno. And placing the dough into the moulds were a hassle because the recipe we used were the tough dough type.

But whatever, this time mum used a different pastry recipe and it turned out really nice and crispy! Hongkong-style :)

The pastry really makes alot of difference!

The filling wasn't a problem so we were good to go.

Unbaked pastry in moulds ready to be filled.

Fresh outta the oven!

Nom nom!

Tasted delish!

I have in total, gobbled up 5 egg tarts today. On top of that I had a bowl of tom yam noodles and chocolate banana smoothie. Gah!


Pardon, I have a love-hate relationships with egg tarts.

There goes my weight. Sigh.

I like really big, clear pictures on my blog (or none at all). But sadly, my post frame width is a bit too narrow. If you noticed in my Nubra post, I enlarged the photos but they got too wide for my blog post frame.

Does anyone know how to make a really chio, pink blogskin for me?? Anyone?? Because everytime I try changing my blogskin, I get all kinds of errors. From the blogskin not being compatible with my site to the skin being too rigid and inflexible.

I'm thinking of revamping my blogskin this Christmas :)

And getting my very own Christian name :)

Yes, Christmas. I live in the future.

oh f**k, I re-read my last post and noticed so many grammar errors in my post! Going to correct them. Malunya.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

KL day trip

I love the new monitor screen. It's so big. Next time I buy my laptop, I want it to have a big screen too.

Just finished part 13 F1 MCQs. 5 more parts to go before I can move on to Objective questions. Gonna finish all 5 parts today.

As I promised, I shall write about my KL day trip a day ago.

4 people went all together. Another double date. Aim: 3 of them (except me) wants to buy new clothes and shoes for University life next month. I just accompanied JB to help him choose his clothes. Anyway, he said if I didn't go, he wouldn't go too. So I just went for the fun of it and to be with him although I'm not close to the other 2.

I slept over at JB's house because the train was scheduled to leave at 5.50am. We met Wai Sam and Ah Wai at the station and reached KL at around 8am.

Which is like really early. If I planned the trip, I'd take the 8 something bus to Bukit Jalil and from there, take the monorail to where ever.

So had roti canai for breakfast in one of the shops opposite Times Square. During breakfast, 3 of them were yakking away without giving a s**t to me. I just kept quiet and ate my food like a good girl. I'm used to it actually lah.

I'm not close to the other 2, so can't really talk to them lah. Try to talk also tak ngam. Boring loh.

When people don't want to involve me, I don't pretend to be part of the conversation lah. Last time I was like that. But now, look like noob mai look like noob lah. What the hell.

Anyway, after the shops opened, we went our separate ways.

Seriously, JB decides on his clothes super fast. I mean I just pick like 4 to 5 clothes for him to try on. Then he goes to the changing room and after a few minutes, he comes out with his choice. He doesn't really fuss about what he wears.

Sometimes he overdoes it by wearing really old, washed out shirts so I do my part by limiting the amount of time he wears them. But we're in Kampar lah. Who cares right? At least confirm he's 100% man. Haha.

For me, I try on an army load of clothes, put them all back on the rack, zip out of the shop and run to other shops :P

So after 2 hours, we finished shopping for his clothes. Then we went to watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I chose the last seats so we can make out in peace. But in the end did not, because too exciting liao the show.

And surprisingly, the ending was happy. I thought maybe Caesar (the star ape) or Will would get killed or something. But only the bad guys died. Yay! I like happy endings :)

Then went to Sungei Wang, walked around, then discovered we were hungry. So I saw this huge advertisement on one of the pillars. It was about the T-bowl restaurant, a quirky toilet concept restaurant. Quite popular, came out in the newspapers before.

So went there for lunch. The chairs were shaped like colourful toilet bowls. The tables were basins and the utensils were mini men's cubicle, bath tubs and miniature toilet bowls. Their menus also have Dessert also served like shit. Cute leh. In a bizzare way.

But JB like tak ada response. He just went in like it's any normal restaurant -_- Is it him or are boys generally like that in their attempt to maintain their coolness admist all things cute?

Too bad I didn't bring my camera. Hold that thought for a sec. No use also lah bring my camera. Because:

1. Camera is lousy. Hands have to be super duper steady especially when taking near shots, if not pictures guarantee come out grainy and blurry.

2. JB doesn't like taking pictures. So I'll look like a noob... again. Generally, most guys don't really like taking pictures. But just wait until I get my hands on a new camera!

I ordered Cheese Baked Tuna Rice which was served in a miniature toilet bowl, which I thought, tasted really nice, rich and creamy. Jb doesn't like it though.

He says he's not used to the taste. He ordered Canto Fish Rice served on a seashell platter. They gave a very generous portion of rice and a good amount of fish. I thought it tasted nice. I asked JB how it tasted and he immediately said it tasted too sweet for his liking. That's because you makan with too much sauce lah dear!

Very mang la I. Next time I tak mau pilih tempat makan anymore. Always the food isn't nice for him. Conclusion, I'll make a very bad food reviewer. Everything tastes good to me so long as it's not shit pun intended. How can I remain so humble and modest? Haih...

Anyway, if you wanna read a really good post on the T-bowl restaurant, here's a really good post with big, high def pictures of the restaurant.

For dessert we had, uh... I forgot. But it was really nice. Lot's of fruits in blended lychee ice. Even the almighty food nitpicker agrees.

Bill came out to RM42. RM4-5 was for the service charge. Bloody high service charge me thinks. JB, thank you for treating me ah. Muah!

After that we went to Low Yat to have a look at the cameras and laptops. I cannot wait to get a new camera and laptop. I think I'd like a laptop first. Cuz I already have a camera. Just that it's a bit crappy loh.

At 6pm, met the other couple. Ah Wai bought more things than his girlfriend. They had like bulging plastic bags. Worth a few hundred bucks.

Too bad I don't have that kind of money to spend like that. And also, I'm not going to Uni. So no use also buy nice clothes.


Around 7pm, boarded train back to Kampar. Reached Kampar at 9 something. Freaking tired ah I tell you. Legs masuk angin already. Once I reached my house, didn't bother bathing. Just changed into pyjamas, hopped into bed and fell fast asleep.

Okay, I feel very nauseatic now. Looking into the computer screen until wanna vomit liao.

So ciao!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nubra review - Strapless bra

Have you ever wanted to wear those pretty bare back dresses/tops or deep-Vs or tank tops with spaghetti straps but you have no idea what to do with your unsightly bra straps or lines showing?

I hated my bra straps showing in those kinds of tops. it just kills the whole look. And everytime I go shopping, I could only choose tops with cuts that hid the bra straps. So un-fun.

I found out about nu bra, a special kind of bra where you just paste in on your bosom, fiddle a bit with the position and ta-dah! You get an au-naturel cleavage without straps or any visible bra lines! Awesome ya.

A heaven sent strapless bra.

I went online and did some research and placed an online order with MOIS nubra company. I chose MOIS because their nubra received good reviews. Some nubras from other companies were not sticky enough or lacked a variety of colours.

Check out their facebook page at the bottom of the picture. They have some really pretty designs.

So I purchased the pair (bras use "pair" ah?) last Saturday. The price for one was RM60 and I chose a pink one. My parcel promptly arrived on Tuesday. Was so excited when I got the parcel.


The plastic casing. Super important because that's where I store my nubra after hand washing and air-drying it.

The adhesive side. It's super sticky to the touch.

So anyway, I just got back from an intensive KL shopping day trip with JB and two other friends yesterday. Will be posting about that soon.

And with the help of my nubra, I wore a backless halter, deep V top to KL. No strings attached! Literally.

*sheds tears of joy*

And it stuck all day long (about 15 hours)!

Washing it was easy enough once you know how to do it.

Happy with my purchase :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm an ACCA student!

Okay, it's been a gazillion years since I last posted. No mood ma.


A short update:

Good news! For me at least la.

I am officially an ACCA student member!

Yes, me no re-taking STPM anymore. Changed my mind in June.

I applied online. I was kinda worried that my application wouldn't get through. That's because I was dealing with the getting the application through to the UK and I wasn't enrolled in any college or institute, so I wouldn't be getting any help from anyone but mum.

Mum and I did everything solo.

We made calls to the bank, to the ACCA Malaysia office, scoured the ACCA global site and made sure we attached the right files in the right size just to make sure we wouldn't slip up anywhere.

The registration fee is 72pounds. That's about RM360. So if I don't get it right, that's 2 months and money wasted.

So I paid the fee using Maybank2u (my first time paying online using my Maybank debit card *proud*)to the ACCA UK office or whatever you call it. And after 1 and a half months, I've finally received my confirmation letter from UK.

I took up ACCA because it gives an overall view of business making and bla bla bla. Okay, this is boring for y'all.

For those of you who don't know, ACCA is a professional accounting qualification that's higher than a degree. It consists of 14 papers and if I religiously am consistent with my studies, I can finish 'em all in 2.5 to 3 years. I'll have to pass 6 papers per year. The hardest being the the last 5 papers.

That means I can go out, live independently and start making big money once I'm 23 years *fingers crossed*

I just got back from Ipoh and I've booked my first exam session at Sunway College Ipoh for my first paper. Nervous! The fee to sit for a paper is no joke. So I better pass!!!

Right now, I gotta go send out the "Penarikan diri daripada STPM" letter and hopefully get at least 60% refund of what I paid to re sit my STPM back.

Will be writing more soon. But for now, toodles!