Friday, May 27, 2011

Orange Peel

I want a new laptop.

Me brother just got a free netbook from school a few days ago. And I went to KFC like 2 days ago and saw almost every student there on their free 1malaysia netbooks.

I was supposed to get one last year but noooo~ The politicians discovered that the netbooks were better off with them.

So lately I've been studying like a good girl and it kinda feels good. Like I'm rewritting that bad chapter in my life again. This time hopefully with a happy ending for that chapter. Hit rewind and am editing the bad bits.

A second chance.

The road ain't gonna be easy, but I'm prepared to work hard for STPM.

I'm not thinking about university or what course I'd take in the future. I had to drop all that and just focus.

I've limited my time on facebook because it is seriously wasting my life away especially at this crucial period.

When I study with facebook in front of me, I'm only absorbing less than 2% of what I can absorb compared to when I fully concentrate. Very inefficient.

There's an average of 5 months to go. I think I can do it. I'm making much more progress than compared to last year where I had left another 2 months before STPM 2010 and I wasn't even half prepared.

So anyway, I met my teachers yesterday to get some information and I'm going to attend a few chemistry classes in school next week. Taking this chance to clear some doubts about topics I don't understand. I'll be the around juniors with no one I'm close with. But I don't mind so long as I get some form of guidance.

I sure hope to find more interesting things to blog after this with more frequency. But for now, tata!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First double date trip

I am happy :D

3 days in the right company away from home can do wonders.

So I just returned from a 3D2N holiday in KL yesterday.

The foursome; me, JB, Wai Sam and Ah Wai left for KL last Sunday. We boarded the morning train and reached KL Sentral around lunch time.

From there, we took the monorail to Hang Tuah and checked into Olympic Hotel. Actually I was in a dilemma on whether to go for Hotel Sentral or pay a little bit more for a nicer hotel like Oylmpic Hotel.

The lobby.

The front entrance

Hotel Sentral is situated just next to the KL Monorail station but the place gets pretty seedy and dangerous at night.

Whatever it is, I think Olympic Hotel was a good choice. Walk a little down the hotel and you have China town. And so long as it's near a monorail station, that means you're connected to the busiest and most happening places in KL.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to go to Midvalley. So we took the KTM and boy, did we have to wait long. And because it was a Sunday, the crowd was unbelievable.

I didn't mind the long wait for the train or the crowded uh... crowd, but Wai Sam was near starvation. LOL.

So got to Midvalley and JB and I parted ways with the other couple. We had a lovely time just walking around. We didn't really buy anything. Just shared a set of McD and bought myself a bracelet.

My camera phone isn't exactly made for snapping close-up pictures. Can't wait to get a real camera :)

We thought of going to the movies but you look at Sunday queue and you can forget about watching anything.

So after Midvalley, got back to the hotel and rested my poor, poor feet. Later at night, we went down to Chinatown to hunt ourselves some dinner.

I tell ya, going to China town when it's 10 something at night isn't a very bright idea. But the girls had their guys so all was good... that was until this one foreign clothes seller was like staring right at my chest and asking me how much it weighed!!

WTF man!!! After that incident, I never left JB's arms again that night.

Anyway, I had claypot chicken rice for dinner. I just ate the rice and gave Wai Sam and her dude the chicken. Next time, I'll just have rice with black sauce. Shouldn't cost more than RM2.

Day 2

Had breakfast at the hotel, headed to KL Sentral and took a bus to Sunway Pyramid.

Funny thing was, I got emo there because JB's camera shy-ness really ticked me off. LOL. I should slap myself for nearly ruining the trip.

But all ended well and we went for a round of skating at the rink. My first time skating!

I tell ya, the ice is super slippery and glassy. I was having second thoughts of skating as I entered the skating rink gingerly.

It was JB's 2nd time so he guided me. Ah Wai was a natural because he skate boarded or roller bladed (I forgot) before this.

Anyway, after going halfway round the skating rink, I managed to get a hang of it and stopped depending on the wall.

So lover boy and I skated (or more like walk-skate slowly) around the rink holding hands. Banyak romantic la kita... beh tahan.

That picture was after our skating session.

We couldn't skate for very long because we still had Sunway Lagoon to go to!

All 4 of us bought the RM60 tickets which included the Water Park, Amusement Park and Wildlife Park.

We saw a little bit of the Wildlife Park, didn't touch the Amusement Park (what a waste) and mainly spent the whole time in the Water Park. That's because we had to leave after 3 hours or so because it looked like it was gonna rain heavily.

Self-note: If you wanna go to Sunway Lagoon, best to leave early and get there early if you want to even dream of covering all Parks in a day.

But still, I had a splashing good time in the water with JB. And I toned a few muscles while at it.

Proof: My arms and legs are freaking hurting now.

Finally, snapped a picture with camera shy boy XD

After drying up.

Then after swimming, we went back to Sentral. The long bus ride back was taking its toll on me and I started feeling nauseous. We were dead beat tired but because it was raining cats and dogs, there was no way to go back to the hotel for a rest first. So we decided to go to Berjaya Times Square for dinner.

We went to Food & Tea Restaurant. Personally, I thought the food was delicious and the ambience was cosy and posh. I was so hungry so the food tasted doubly good. But because of that goddamn bus ride that added gas into my stomach, I couldn't finish my food or risk popping like a balloon.

After dinner we went shopping again. This time, JB bought for me a dress (Spending all your money on me. Spend it on me - B.E.P). Times Square sells some really nice clothes at extremely affordable prices. And I was very tempted to buy a pair of flats (oh man, I think I have a fetish for flats now).

There was one really cute pair of PINK flats! Gah! It took me tremendous will power not to get it because I was on a budget and I didn't want to use up all his money, I controlled myself.

You know how hard that can be?? Do ya?? Oh well, there's always next time.

Then went back to the room for some well-deserved sleep ;)

Day 3

Had breakfast at the hotel and went down to China town for more breakfast where we had the "famous" fish porridge there.

After that, packed our stuff and checked out at noon. Our train left at 1pm so we had to rush to Sentral.

The train ride back home was smooth until just after Slim River where the train's engine broke down. We waited for like 2 hours in the train. But I wasn't complaining. Heehee.. OK, skip it if you're not me.

After some tinkering, the train managed to go until Tapah where it stopped again. Then we all transfered to another train all the way to Kampar.

By that time, it was 6 something in the evening and I was hungry. So he then took me out to KFC.

After dinner, we took a short walk around our quiet little town and then he took me back home.
The end.

Aaah... Memories *me likes*

Looking forward to our next trip :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A week worth of updates

Finally, it's raining!

It's been soo hot the past few days (no, make it the past few weeks).

You know, it's seriously torturous to blog with sweat trickling down your back. That's why I haven't been blogging recently.


Anyway, a few things happened in a span of the past week:

Mama's Birthday

The cakes are gorgeous. Why? Because I chose 'em cakes.

Mum's birthday fell on the 6th of May. When your mum's birthday falls so close to Mother's day, there's really no reason to celebrate both. Waste of good money.

So the kids bought her cakes and family had dinner at Kai Xin Restaurant.

Candle blowing session.

Me thinks momma is the funniest lady on this earth.

She huffed and she puffed, but the fire stood firm.

Because they weren't made of hay.

Sister's Birthday

Melin's birthday fell 6 days after mum's. Pity she was sick. But nevertheless, we had a great dinner and played Limbo Rock until my back snapped.


Final weekend of the SEA games selection

Me did not qualify. Me broke down during the last few rounds. Me stupid.

To qualify, I needed to get to the top 4. Which was supposed to be an easy task. But it turned out that I got to over confident and blew my chances. I blew it!

I got 5th dude, I got 5th.

BUT! All is not lost my friend. For behind every failure, there is something hidden behind that which cannot be seen.

A silver lining in that godforsaken cloud.

And that, my humankind, is the reason that we HUMANS WAlK THIS GODDAMN EARTH!!!

I didn't qualify. Big deal.

*goes to corner and bawls my eyes out*

Anyway, I was really sore after throwing the chance away. But right now, I don't really regret it happening that way.

At least god is indirectly (or directly) telling me to not screw up my studies this year. Nuff' said.

My Motor Test

Humans, rejoice!!

I officially have a big, fat, and very juicy P!!! For motor.

I can legally pick up dudes on me bike!

Waittaminute, it's supposed to be the other way round.

But nevertheless, YAY ME!!


I collected my P license today (3 days after the test).

And for the first time, I legally rode my sister around the town.

And then it rained cats and dogs.

And we got home soaked to the bone.

End of my first ride carrying a passenger =)

Anyway... I bought myself flats!

White is a veli pwetty color. It matches with anything, am I right?

You must be thinking, uh... yeah... so?

I don't usually buy myself flats okay? I prefer heels as compared to flats. If I were to buy something flat, it would be um... slippers. But after I started dating, I felt compelled to buy flats cuz I didn't want to tower over puny guy there.

I bought myself a pair of gladiator flats sometime ago, but it's like completely destroyed now.

Anyway, reason for that sudden purchase is because I'm leaving for KL tomorrow (Wee!) for a few days with JB and friends.

And since JB isn't exactly the tallest guy around *snorts*, I had to invest on a good pair of flats.

Or wear slippers there.

I'll write more about the trip after I get home!


Enjoy your weekend people.

For now, tata!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Over and over

During my form 1 till form 3 period, I was always very motivated to study. And a few months before a major exam, I'd seriously be studying my butt off easily half the day buried in books.

Studying dilligently just came naturally to me during that time. I didn't have tuition, my parents didn't nag me. It was all me. I enjoyed studying.

But once I shifted to Kampar, a whole new world opened to me. Parents started giving me lots of freedom (I guess that comes with age) and I started hanging out with friends more.

Suddenly studying gave me the impression of being nerdy. Well, you could say I was a geek in KL.

And unlike KL where you have to beg your parents to chaperone you to where ever you wanna go, Kampar is such a small town, I can practically hang out anywhere for the whole day without making my parents worry.

Aaah... new found freedom eh? Who wouldn't want that?

But everything comes with a price, no?

I started falling... falling... falling... being very dramatic here.

Distractions were everywhere. First was the freedom to go gallavanting where ever I wanted to around the town. Then were the too frequent and often unnecessary outings to Ipoh. Cafes, make up, shoes. The list goes on and on and on.

I even had a partner in crime, Angel. She and I would just spend the whole day hanging out. She's still one of my best friends to this very day.

Then came the boy and all the emotions. Then came endless dates and many firsts which left me feeling giddy for weeks (ok, not weeks. Just exaggerating).

Then came my parents finding out the truth and me getting busted big time (lol. at the end of it, it was hilarious).

So what I'm trying to say here is:


Ok. Um... but as I was saying, everything comes with a price.

God gave me all these really wonderful gifts and I abused them.

I didn't have any control over my freedom and I couldn't strike the balance between work and play in time.

And I flunked my STPM a.k.a. the gateway to University - to a whole new life.

To say the least, I was devastated. I officially have a certificate of stupidity from the government.

So I decided to re-sit (as y'all know).

I guess this is life telling me that if I can't control myself at my homebase, I won't be able to control myself once I'm outta here.

You know when I was young, I was jealous of my friends who were able to hang out with their other friends when ever they wanted to. Karaoke, movies, bowling etc.

But now I've kinda experienced that and I'm satisfied.

Now I'm not saying I wanna be a recluse. I still wanna have fun. But I'm gonna tone it down this year. Tone it WAAAYYYYY down.

Because the joy of acing all my subjects beats having a year of (brainless) fun.

After I redeem my results, the brainless fun can begin again.

For now, I wanna go back to being the geek I was.