Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life as a small town girl

Today has been pleasant so far.

I spent the whole morning with JB, cuddling and laughing and ya know, just enjoying our time together. He taught me this chinese online game. I learnt it (despite not knowing any chinese character) and now I'm in charge of upgrading his items when he's busy with work. Boys and computer games are inseparable.

I'm enjoying this relationship. He'll be leaving for university sometime in September this year. He doesn't know which uni he'll be attending yet, but it's likely that we'll both be enjoying the dreaded LDR.

I'm curious to know how this will affect out relationship. But I guess whatever will be, will be. Unlike some couples, we're not bonded to each other in any way unless we're, like, married. Which I don't even want to think of. Eew..

Anyway, I'm totally happy with him right now. Heehee..

So, to me life's update: I finished 3rd (!) in the recently concluded National Closed held a week ago in KL. To say the least, I'm very satisfied with 3rd placing. I haven't played a game of chess since September last year but at least I haven't lost my mojo!

Oh, and I met Siewting and her "unofficial boyfriend" there too! Went out after the last game for a drink and had a smashing good time! I miss that girl. I really enjoyed my time in KL. Everyday after the game, family and I would go hunting for good food around KL.

One thing I'm gonna miss is the famous Rotiboy bun from KLCC. The crispy, golden brown outer layer with tender soft insides filled with a buttery aroma. Fresh from the oven with that distinctive coffee smell... aaahh... Nothing beats Rotiboy on an empty stomach. Yummy!

I've only been buying their signature Rotiboy bun. Next time, I wanna get my hands on the other pastries sold at Rotiboy. They sure look deliciously yummy...

I know I have a massive sweet tooth. Plus, we stayed at my auntie's place. And her house is beautiful!

What's more, I had a whole room to myself, air-conditioned and all. As comfy as a hotel suite.

I wanna go on a short holiday in KL with JB! Splurge a bit on a good hotel, eat at KL's numerous night stalls until the wee hours of the morning, shop the whole day through. Cinema, bowling, enjoying the city's lights. But he's working now, so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Right now, I'm gonna go read about Maplestory. And then make myself a maple addict. I heard it's a fun game, not to mention f#*@ ing popular.

Since I have internet at home, instead of aimlessly surfing the net, might as well do something that's gonna eat out a large chunk of my time. I haven't been addicted to anything lately. And that's when I get bored. And when I'm bored, I eat. I guess subconsciously, this is another one of my crazy diet ideas. Haha.

MapleStory, here I come!

Monday, March 14, 2011


How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!
I am officially a CHURPER!

Me thinks the birdy is uber adorable...
I came across this social network community while browsing through Nuffnang. I peeked around a little, thought it looked fun and decided to sign up.

Basically, ChurpChurp is a community for social media influencers.

A brief introduction to ChurpChurp...

Social Sharing

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Like seriously.

That's cuz
ChurpChurp is basically paying you to promote their campaigns or whatever on-going promotion through the choice of your social sharing platform.

Dude, who doesn't want to earn money by tweeting or updating your Facebook status?

Like for example, there's this ongoing campaign in which you invite other people to join ChurpChurp.

Churpchurp will then pay you according to the amount of members you manage to bring to the community.

That's just one example. Right now, there's about 8 on-going campaigns. By sharing this campaign, I'm actually social sharing (from point 1 of the intro). I haven't tried social seeding yet.

And if you're wondering, signing up is free. So you have nothing to lose. Sound simple?

So what ya waiting for? Go register! Go, go, go!

Click the link below to sign up. Easy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chess X-pose

... is my family's new chess blog.

If you're interested to know the latest going-ons and our opinions on Malaysian chess, feel free to drop by the site. Click the link below to have a look.


So currently, dad's going to be covering the National Age-Group this year which starts like... today. The tournament will be held over 3 days.

Date : 12.3.2011 to 14.3.2011

Venue : Universiti Tecknologi Petronas, Perak.


Very nicely done I must say. So if you're free, come visit this annual tournament. Bring your family and friends. The more, the merrier.

My 3 younger siblings are participating. I'm too old to participate =.=

NOOO!!! I want to be forever 18!! *currently in a state of self-denial*

Anyway, I'll be competing in the upcoming National Championships starting from the 16th until the 20th this month held at DATCC, KL.


DATCC?? Say whaa..?

Isn't that place like a little bit too...small? Oh well, let's see how things turn out to be.



Friday, March 11, 2011

Life's good

Just came back from a dinner date with JB. I had McD for dinner. Ordered my usual filet-o-fish.

Why am I always ordering filet-o-fish? To tell the truth, I've never tried other McD burgers before except for this fish burger.

What a loser.

But filet-o-fish just taste soo good and I'm not really a fan of chicken burgers. Cuz it's like really heaty, greasy and fried and all.

I'm bloody trying to trim down my waistline, dude.

Another random update:

I just spoke to JB's mom for the first time tonight. LOL! She's a really nice lady *smiles*

Okaayyyy, I feel like I'm on a heavy, heavy dose of anesthetic right now. I can't keep my eyes open.

It's drizzling outside, the weather's super cool and my bed looks very inviting.

And I like my boyfriend. Me likey likey likeysss. OK... I... need... to... sleep...

Life's good...and I'm gonna sleep sooo well, your baby would be sooo jealous.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hollywood's latest Golden Couple, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez made their first red carpet appearance together at the star studded Vanity Fair bash last month!

Omigosh, they look absolutely perfect together! *drools* Soooo sweet!


Back to my life.

I am officially a private STPM candidate.

Bought my pin number yesterday and submitted my particulars online and I'm done. So no backing out now since I paid like RM200.

Fyi, to whoever's interested to register as a private candidate, closing date's end of this month.

I feel so in control of my life this year now. I mean, I don't need to go to school or university or work. I can literally do WHATEVER I want to do!

So I decided to improve myself this year academically, physically and mentally. STPM's in November, so I have an average of 8 months to have another go at it again.


Today has been slowww...I feel so goddamn useless right now. Like I'm supposed to be doing something productive like going over some chess openings or studying chemistry.

But I'm sitting here and blogging. Bah!

But not all is lost. I decided to go on this 24-hour water and fruit juice fast. Started from 8pm yesterday to 8pm today. I'm on this fast...cuz I want to. Got a problem with that?

LOL. No lah, this ain't some fad diet. Fact is, fasting just once a week is super beneficial. Cleanses your body and promotes a clearer mind. Serious.

So I've made up my mind to fast every WEDNESDAY of the week since I'm at home pretty much most of the time.

But...but...I gulped down a big bowl of tau fu fah just now. So is my fast like ruined or something? Aiyah...what the heck. It's not like it was a bowl of fries.

Anyway, I'm breaking my fast at 8pm by going to the Wednesday pasar malam with JB tonight! Wee!

It's been a long time since I went to the pasar malam. Genting tarak pasar malam. And it just rained a while ago so the weather's gonna be really nice later at night.

And now to soothe my guilty heart, I'm going to sign off now and go back to my books.


Monday, March 7, 2011

My decision after STPM

...is to re-sit STPM.


My results suck and I don't want to settle for just any course. I want to take a course I like AND be on a scholarship too.

I'm 19 and I don't want to be sucking out the family's income...like a..a...blood sucker.

And don't try changing my mind because I spent ONE whole month cracking open my brains and exhausting my tear glands deciding on what I wanted to do after STPM with my lousy results.

I'm so glad me family supports me. I mean how often do parents nowadays actually suggest their kid to re-sit STPM?

And registering for STPM as a private candidate now is easy peasy. Cuz everything is online now! All I have to do is buy a pin number from BSN, pay my exam fees there (the amount paid depends on how many subjects are taken) and just register online!


No need to go all the way to JPN to get the form, and back to the school to get the sign and back to JPN to get approval....and back....again.


Went to Tesco yesterday for the first time after resigning from my Genting job.

I bought 2 of those huge, rock-hard paper holders. Not the flimsy type. I dunno what they're called.

I reckon I'd be using a lot of those kinda folders since I'm planning on studying the organised way and not the hap-hazard-with-papers-all-over-my-desk-and-bed way.

And guess who I bumped into at Tesco?

Pheik Sheen!

She was busy working at Biolife. Or was it called Cosway? I dunno. All I know is that the logo of the shop is something like a rainbow.

She looked so different. She had really straight bangs and long, glossy hair. And she looked fairer too. Without specs, she looked quite pretty.

Not fair! I want a makeover too! Boohoo! But I'm gonna to wait another 4 months for my hair to grow to my desired length before I do anything major to it.

And for my weight. Sigh...Workout lo. Eat less lo.

Gawd...I'm so tired of thinking about my stupid weight which just refuses to drop. I'm 52 kg and I hate the number 5 infront. Doesn't look nice for a girl. I want to drop to 48kg!!! Grr.

Thanks, Miss Ginormous Appetite.

I tell ya...I'm not going to go on a diet anymore. Doesn't work la wei. I'll just....not think about it. Concentrate on stuff that are important like.......STPM AND CHESS!!

Anyway, I have something to look forward to. JB's coming back either today or tomorrow! Me loves <3

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A day at the beach

Today has been FUN! Spent almost the whole day at Teluk Batik. It's been a loooong time since I went to the beach. Had a good time in the sea.

After a glorious day in the sun...

I could pass off as any malay girl...

I can still taste the salt water in my mouth and the cool breezy weather under the palm trees.

I went on the BANANA BOAT which was super fun! I was holding on for dear life but I was still flung off the boat into the sea at the end of the ride.

On our way back... dead tired but contented.

Lil sis and I.

Tomorrow's a Sunday. Not that it's supposed to mean anything since I'm neither schooling nor working. But it's JB's last day at work. Good for him! Yay!

Now for tomorrow's to-do list. I don't want to be a procrastinator again. Discipline, girl, DISCIPLINE!! Damn...

  1. Sign up for my L-driving license! I'm turning 20 *cringes* this year (still 19 ok) for the love of god!!!

  2. Organise my room and study desk. If I'm planning to re-sit STPM, my room cannot be looking like a warzone.
  3. Spend at least 1 hour on chess if I plan on coming out of National Championships alive.
  4. Do any kinda INTENSE workout for an hour. I have a big ass. Period.

Ok, 4 items should suffice. Now to park my big ass in bed by 12 midnight.

Tell you something, for the past few nights ever since coming back from Genting, I've been sleeping consistently at 3 am. Thanks, Robo Defense...stupid, darn addictive game...

Goodnight world. May the stars in the sky bless me with sweet, crystal clear dreams =)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Goodbye Genting!

Home sweet home after nearly 3 months in Genting. It's been a while hasn't it?

I'm not on my 4-day break. I'm actually home permanently!

Yes siree, I've resigned from my job as a Guest Services Assistant (GSA) 2 days ago and I'm back in my warm, sunny hometown. A stark difference from the cold and sometimes gloomy atmospere in Genting.

I resigned because I thought of furthering my studies. But I'm not sure now. That's because I'm still undecided. It's sooo irritating. Very, very irritating to choose what to study. My shoulders are so stiff, you'd think my shoulders are made of wood.

I love writing, talking and designing. But I was brought up to think that science is cutting edge technology and if I don't take up something like nuclear physics, I'd be losing out on a lot and I'd be banned from the human race, forced to live as a primitive forever.

What's more, I'm a science student for like 12 years.

But my STPM results suck so I don't think I can qualify for those high end science courses. In a way, maybe it's god's way of narrowing down my choices. I dunno.

Dad suggested I re-took STPM and this time really study well. So that's my dilemma.

Anyway, enough of that or else my wooden shoulder muscles will turn to adamantium (the hardest metal known, Stan Lee).

Now for a trip down Memory Lane in Genting...
  • I'm damn lucky. Just to get this GSA job is something I'm so thankful for. It's the highest paying job for a school leaver. Plus you get free accomodation and really nice uniforms. And the staff quarters are only walking distance to and fro work. The staff food courts cook really good food with cheap prices.
    This is me in the toilet, the only picture showing a part of my room.
  • I also feel farking lucky to be transferred to 2 different departments: membership datebase admin and marketing services admin. Originally, I was in membership services. So all in all, I experienced working in 3 different departments in 2 months which basically allowed me to experience working in a customer service environment, a back office deskbound job and the dreaded telemarketing. Not bad for a newbie. To top that off, I was the only GSA chosen from membership services to work in recruitment during the CNY season for a whole 2 weeks. I've made so many new friends there.

  • This is Yih Foong. I'm gonna miss this boy a lot. He's so darn fun and refreshing to talk to. And so funny too!

    Here's more pictures of my recruitment buddies:

  • One place I'll miss is the library. I always spend time there during my laundry sessions or just to release stress. The silence and those big red sofas with a good read at hand always keeps me cooped up there for a long time. Library trips are especially useful because I can have some alone time after a hectic day at work. After work, I have always have loads of fun. I can't remember a day in Genting in which I was totally bored after work. Almost always I'd have something to do. And when I do sleep, that's when I'm really tired and not because I have nothing else to do.
  • Starbucks: my favorite hangout place. Before coming to Genting, Starbucks was somewhere I'd go to once in a bluemoon. But in Genting, I'was hanging out at Starbucks at least once a week. Now I'm a Starbucks fan. I like the F&B there and also the atmosphere. The comfy armchairs and a good heart-to-heart talk with a girlfriend are priceless!

This isn't exactly at Starbucks. It's at Coffee Bean actually. I had a really good heart to heart talk with my bestest girlfriend there.

  • Friends! I've made so many amazing friends up there. People have been so friendly to me and it really makes me feel at home. Special mention to Shereen who's been such an understanding friend!

She gave me a Body Shop perfume as a farewell gift. So sweet...!
I'd like to list down every single person who's helped me and made my time in Genting so memorable, but if I do that, it'll take an entire day. So y'all know who you are *wink*wink*
Friends come and go, and I'm okay with that, but I'm still gonna miss them.
  • I celebrated Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's all in Genting with friends! This only happens once in a life time, and although I did not get to catch any firework displays (thanks to the weather and my shifts), it's still memorable. One thing I'm quite happy about is that I celebrated V-day with JB! It's the first time I actually have a boyfriend on V-day. With previous boyfriends, we always got together after V-day and broke up before the year ended (my bad). So no V-days with them. LOL.

  • I've had an absolutely lovely time with JB up on the hill. I'll miss those cold, chilly night walks outside and simple meals together at the canteen. We've gotten so much more closer and stronger. I can't wait till he comes back to Kampar in a few days time. Yeah, he handed in his resignation right after he escorted me to the Skyway station on my last day. Hehe..

  • Movie sessions with pals have always been a blast. I watched every single movie there was screening up in Genting. Gulliver's travel, The Sanctum, What Women Want, I Love HongKong, I am Number Four and...I can't remember.

  • Late night supper sessions down in the canteen with friends has always been something I look forward to. Ever since JB introduced to me the "maggi mee" time which starts from 11pm onwards, I've been addicted to the canteen's maggi mee menu. Who knew maggi mee could be so good?
  • Expensive dining. Yes, I had my dose of expensive dining up here too. Coffee Terrace, Vietnam House and Hou Mei serve good food in a really nice ambience with very "nice" price tags. But aaahhh...a taste of how the rich live and eat is worth it.
Me at Vietnam House.

And that, my dears, is the end of another chapter of my life.

Update: I've been receiving a lot of comments asking more about working in Genting. So I've written another post trying my best to answer all your questions posed. Click HERE.