Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Belated Merry Christmas everbody!

Changed my blogskin! How do you all like my new header? My first time meshing an image with a background. Ok lah. Decent enough la kan?

It's been quite some time since I wanted to change the header. I had to learn up enough photoshop and picasa. Inspiration from some of my favorite blogs :)

So over the Christmas season, I've been in KL WORKING. My auntie got me a job as a part timer in Sunway Pyramid for a 4-day exposale. Basically, I promote a member card and my role to get as many sign ups as possible.

And these 4 days have been surprisingly fun! Tiring... but good :D Mostly cuz I had wonderful company during work.

I've made some really, really good friends. Our counter comprised of 4 girl promoters including me. We 4 really bonded over those days. My colleagues:(in alphabetical order): Ai Ginn, Lih Yeh & Sze Ghee. I'll miss ya'all!

They are so very awesome in their own ways *loves*

I kinda felt a little sad on parting on the last day.

I enjoyed chatting with the customers. Many of them are so outgoing. Also, a few cute guys asked for my contact information. So yeah, there you go ego. Haha.

Ben (my aunt's boss) & Josh the MC were there too and I was always getting bullied by them. In a harmless way lah. LOL. Guess what? Guess what? Ben had actually spent 4 days with LEE MIN HO! Ya, you read right, I'm talking about the hot korean actor in Boys Over Flowers.

FYI, Ben's not gay. He was just accompanying Lee Min Ho's visit to Malaysia as part of his previous job in Etude House. Ben got Lee Min Ho to be Etude House's ambassador. How cool is that?

So that's how I spent this year's christmas. No singing carols. No eating by the christmas tree. No kissing under mistletoes. But I did enjoy myself :)

My dad got my mum and sister new phones - Samsung Galaxy Y. So my sister gave me her old phone which is actually my original phone which... uh... long story. Suffice to say, I'm glad to have my original phone back. The ringtone, the display, the phone itself brings back good ol' memories :)

On an ending note, the past few days with him have been fuzzy and warm *loves*


Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am currently redesigning my blog but you can still peek in if you want, I am using a clear glass door. Check back soon when this message disappears.

Sorry for any inconvenience (told you this blog is under construction).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mowgli's bday, adventures with him & other random stuff

So anywayyy...

The last 2 posts were more like rants and ramblings and very dramatic expressions of personal feelings. Please ignore.

Now for the real dirt.

Last Friday was beloved Mowgli's 6th birthday :) I think this would be her first conscious birthday. I don't think she knew what a birthday was when she was 5... and below.

I took her out in the afternoon to choose her own cake. We went to something like 5 bakeries to find THE CAKE. And her choice = heart shaped with pink frills of ice cream. What to do. She takes over me :D

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I love this picture. It's so... romantic.

Her eyes so cute la :P

This is me playing with bits of icing and cake... and fire... and candles. Might as well jot down the whole list.

I will now write about my adventures with JB the past 3 days. Please skip this if you want to, as I don't have any pictures of us... or of the stuff we did. That sounded X-rated. NOT. Moving on.

On Saturday we planned to go with 3 of his other friends to Sungkai. Don't know for what, I'm guessing just a day trip. But the driver's brother needed the car so plan cancelled.

So instead, we did something better. We cooked lunch together :) His mother's kitchen is sooo hard to cook in. I guess I'm not used to the condition in there. I chopped the ingredients while he took out shells from the shrimps... or scallops. I have a small fear of taking out the shells. What if the shrimps or scallops are still alive? And their whiskers are so slithery and... alive. So just a small fear. Nothing big.

So after toiling for an hour plus in there, finally the food was ready for consumption:) The main star were the fried wontons.

From RasaMalaysia site. I didn't take any pictures of the food we made but they were pretty... flat. As in not puffy like in the picture. If that makes any sense. I think because the wonton skins were not big enough.

The issue I had with the fried wonton is the filling. Usually, normal wontons are filled with ground pork and shrimp/scallops (what the hell is the difference?) with bits of water chestnuts and mushrooms (depends on which recipe you're using lah). But the main ingredients would be ground pork and shrimp. Problem is I don't eat pork. I'm not an indian, it's just that I don't eat lah. Period.

So then I went on to find a vegetarian wonton recipe. And I found out to replace ground pork, I use mashed tofu.

And obviously, to season the filling, oyster sauce or soy sauce (with some pepper and salt) is a must unless you want to eat shrimp just like that. Eeew... Anyway, the almighty JB is a real noobie lah. Say no need seasoning and mushroom. Sheesh. I mean since we're not putting in pork might as well put in another ingredient in. The more the merrier ma.

And so, the Great Me incorporated both vegetarian + shrimp recipe (without pork) to make Miyen filling. Ok lah, I admit it's pretty easy to incorporate those 2 together. Anyone can do it.

So we made two batches. One vegetarian and the other one shrimp-filled. Both tasted good but I personally liked the vegetarian one better. Hehe. He said that the vegetarian one also tasted not bad. See? I told you so! Mushroom can one lah. Anyway, we did enjoy our lunch:)

Later at night he lost his keys to the house. Man, it was a looong night. And many things ensued with the neighbours getting involved. But after a lot of... um... drama, we managed to find a way and everthing was A - okay. Better than A - okay :)

And bla bla bla. Last night's dinner date was nice. We ordered salted baked chicken, claypot curry chicken and fried egg + onion while watching football. Nice food and MU won :)

Now for some randomness:

My sister's blinged up phone. Wonders what you can do to a RM90 phone. haha.
Sigh... those blings reminds me of my old SEX8 phone. Sexy... pexy. And that's not my feet or my hand fyi. My one nicer. HAHAHA!

Over the last weekend, my brothers participated in Perak Close (a chess tournament) held in Ipoh.

Skinny got 1st while Stick got 2nd :D I wanna be as strong as them la wei :( But me lazy. Me no practice.

Winner's trophies.

Have I told you I love love love Kampar's kai si hor fun? I'm gonna have it for dinner later :)

Oh guess what, guess what? Me going to KL in a few days time to go shopping with me beloved auntie Jenny :)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm facing life, my sun will rise.

All the days go so slow when you feel you're on your own, but I know it's just those little moments you feel so lost, so alone.

The world turns and you start to learn that everything around you might crash and burn. But always, know that you're not alone.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bleh. Tired of this.

You know, I do so many things and put in so much effort for someone I care so much about only to feel so damn unappreciated. Typical case of dead if I don't, dead if I do. Why go through all the effort when I'm gonna get slammed like I didn't put in the effort in the first place? I'm tied to this cycle. I feel caged in. I can't say how I feel cuz I don't want anymore drama. I just want to walk away and be someone else.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Mood: Good

There're so many things I need to update. I didn't feel like updating my last post in detail cuz I wasn't in the mood. But now, as the title says - me good mood people.

Starting with last week - the house was broken into by some muthaf***ing thieves. They stole my mum's new Samsung Galaxy W phone and a few hundred worth of cash from Stick's wallet.

And ironically, 2 of my siblings were awake pretty much the whole night... staring into the computer. Wonders what the internet can do to rob someone of their sense of the surroundings.

The thieves came up the balcony and through UNLOCKED doors.

The starting point of the scene of crime.

We've already pin pointed their route of crime and we are very positive that the thieves are living somewhere around our area - somewhere closer than expected.


Man, I can be a crime and investigation writer.

After this incident, family has learned to be much more careful. I'm still planning - together with my sibling(s) - to booby trap those thieves and whack the daylights out of them..... and then get back the Samsung Galaxy W.

But good thing that's all they managed to take. Worse could have happened and we could have lost much more.

Considering what happened the past month - kongkong's health scare, the car accident (which resulted in total loss of the car) and now this robbery - I think it's about time we're given a break. I mean, c'mon!

Moving on to lighter matters, family and I went to Ipoh a few days ago (we bought a new car). I've deduced that the clothes I see in Ipoh Parade - or Sungei Wang for that matter - are not suitable for me. My body type doesn't really suit those clothes.

I'm not the skinny, straight kinda girl. Neither am I petite. And I'm not kawaii. And I want to protect my modesty. You get the idea.

So for a change I've decided that I'm going to go for more classier pieces of clothings from stores like PADINI or SEED or whatever nonsense. Ok, so they might be more expensive but... nvm, I am just so happy with my purchases! :)

I bought a navy blue dress and a soft-lavenderish-kinda-navy-bluish flowy sleeveless top. I find I'm not very good at describing clothes.

I've decided against showcasing every piece of clothing I buy in my blog. Because I'm selfish like that :P

On top of that, sister and I went to Sasa and I stocked up on 2 more masks (have I told you that I love their masks?) and Merlin bought 2 bottles of nail polish - purple and white.

My manicured nails - mama's handiwork.

Moving on,

JB came back yesterday evening :D It's been sooo long since we got together - 11 days. No joke. lol.

I like being with him. lol.

Anywayy... guess what today is? It's Mowgli's BIRTHDAY!! My beloved Mowgli is turning 6 today! Will be going to buy the cake later and she's gonna choose :D

Will update more tomorrow.

Before signing off, Merlin curled my hair last week and here are some shots:

I like:D

But I think it'll look even better if my hair were another 5 inches longer ;)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feeling blue

I'm not feeling at my best. No thanks to someone.

Anyway, I've (finally!) completed my F4 last Monday. SO freaking relieved. I can finally play tetris battle without that nagging feeling :D

The questions were pretty straightforward and I must say I had it easier than I thought. But we'll see when the results come out.

It was the first time I sat for a written ACCA examination. All the papers are gonna be written from now onwards. I am sooo glad I met Esther there. She was so friendly and helpful to me especially since I was badly in need of directions since I'm not a Sunway student. Esther's my 2nd cousin by the way.

Anyway, on the morning of my exam day, my relatives (kongkong and bui kor & family) came down for a 3-day visit.

It's been a long time since we got together. So yeah, lots of chatter and... tetris battles.

I'm glad that kongkong is still so jovial and sunny and... football fetish-y.

They just left a few hours ago to go to Penang. Then after lunch something happened. Suffice to say, some people are just soo sensitive. And I'm f***ing pissed off... bordering on depression.

I'm moody. Very moody. Thanks a lot!!!

I shall stop here.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Signed up for churpchurp...

...again. Very short update today as I'm sitting for my f4 paper tomorrow!

Help me by signing up for churpchurp darlings! xoxo...

It's free and by signing up you help make everyone richer and happier! :D No kidding. WIth every sign up I get RM1 and I'll help return the favor ;)

Click the link below:
Now you can earn rewards by sharing through facebook and twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

Can't wait after me exam is over!!! Rawr!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NAPBAS 2011 Invitation

Omigosh. I just received a call from Nuffnang inviting me to their Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011!

It was very, very unexpected because I did not reckon that my submitted post would actually get chosen. Haha =D

I asked whether I could bring along a guest since if I were to go, I'd have someone that I know accompanying me. But nope, the invitation is only for me. Too bad.

Anyway, I decided to turn down the offer because it falls on the 16th of the December which is my sister's birthday and boyfriend & I have plans during that time. And I don't think I know anybody there - scary - and I don't have enough money yet.

But I don't think it's the correct time for me yet because going to an event like this, I reckon I need to do my hair, wax my legs, get a dress, high heels, make up and transport - it all needs money and since I'm not in the running for any awards, I guess it's ok to skip this one for now.

Oops, I forgot to ask them whether transport will be provided. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter since I'm not going.

Whatever it is, I am so, so, soooo very thankful for the Nuffnang crew for reading my post and actually inviting me! Ya, unexpected since this blog has been with Nuffnang for only a few months.

Getting invited to my first Nuffnang event (although turning it down) has opened my eyes. I mean, things like this don't come very often. I think I wanna participate in smaller Nuffnang events first and get to know fellow bloggers before tackling huge events like this.

But, oh wow.

Signing off!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Unexpected twist

Sorry for the lack of update this past week.

The past weeks has been a mixture of tragedy, miracles, joy and holiday spirit.

Tragedy because family and I were involved in a highway accident on the way to KL, with me as the driver. I won't elaborate on this.

Miracles because looking at the extent of damage done to the car, everyone was safe. Much, much worst could have happened. I thank whoever's been protecting and watching over us :)

After the whole thing settled down, I stayed over at popo's house for 5 days with Merlin to take care of grampa who was just recently discharged from the hospital.

Boy, was the week ahead busy. Out of the 5 days, 4 days was spent at Times Square, Lowyat, Sungei Wang either on shopping sprees with papa, skinny and Merlin or dates with boyfriend.

Papa bought a new phone - Samsung Galaxy W - for mama. It's... sexy. Lol. No, seriously. And it's affordable and 100x better than my Sony Ericsson X8 phone.

I want one!

Merlin and I bought this hair iron set from Watsons by Philips. We also bought one bottle of Liese hair protectant. After we bought it, I think we were constantly frying our hair for like 3 days straight. And we finished nearly half the hair protectant bottle.

Experiment ma.

Which reminds me, I need to buy some wax or foam or spray or whatever it's called to "hold" the hair.

Other than that, I bought some facial masks, a really pretty night dress, ate and ate and burned a hole in everyone's pockets, watched movies, walked until my feet were sore, visited more relatives and ate some more - all in good spirit.

There goes my savings.

Anyway, after returning to Kampar, I've been constantly reminding myself that I have to stay focused and stop being an airhead. The accident was way too close for comfort. And I don't want worse things to happen just so that I can learn my lesson.

My exam is in 15 days time and I haven't been studying much. I have to buck up. So I won't be blogging much, or none at all until I'm done with my paper.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Papaya for dinner

Wonders what eating fruits only for dinner can do.

"Eat like a King during breakfast, like the average man during lunch and like a saint during dinner."

Sooo true!

But nowadays, I (and mostly everyone else) has it the other way round. My lightest meal is breakfast and heaviest, dinner.

Anyway, I baked cookies yesterday and you know how when you bake cookies, you tend to eat them as they come out of the oven? So I ate and ate and ate a cookie from every batch that came out until I felt like puking. That was around 4-5pm.

And dinner came all too fast. And I couldn't take another morsel of food either made from wheat flour or sugar. I was sneezing the whole night (I don't have a high tolerance to flour) so I took some papaya since mama says fruits have medicinal properties.

Then the next morning, this morning, I weighed myself on the scale and woohoohoo~ Can't tell you how much I weight, but my weight was the lowest out of all the times I weighed myself throughout this month.

Maybe it's not due to papaya dinner last night ONLY but also other factors like moving my butt around more often. But still!

I always theoretically knew that eating less during dinner would worked and I did prove to myself many times that eating a small dinner would make one lose weight but those were the times where I didn't care so much about weight and stuff.

The body's digestive speed and metabolism slows down a lot (at least in my case) during the night.

That's why supper is soooo dangerous for the waistline.

Anyway I predict I will gain back the weight but oh well, it was good seeing those numbers on the scale today. LOL.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come

I can't help but feel like I'm back in primary school.

Back to the days when I was 10 years and naive...


Teacher has just given me an essay writing homework.

Write an essay about "why you want to attend the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011."

Pass it up by the 19th of November. If not, I tell your mother.

And so, 10 year old me attempts a story that goes like this.

"Once upon a time, there was this *ahem* beautiful girl who loved gowns and balls (not the balls on men but the Cinderella-go-to-the-ball-and-dance kinda ball) and everything nice. Her name was Cindermiyen.

One day, there was an invitation to one of the most prestigious events in town. TheNuffnang Blog Awards! People from all over the blogosphere would flock together dressed to the nines and drink in the limelight.

Cindermiyen had never thought of going to the event. She had so much work to do. And because the event was only open through special invitation, who would want to choose her? Cindermiyen was just a new girl in bloggie town. She was just a girl by the cinder.

So sad. Lemme get a tissue first.

But one day, as Cindermiyen was browsing through the numerous blogs that mentioned about the NAPBAS, she suddenly had a sparkle of desire to go. It was a spontaneous inspiration.

But who would help her? After all, she was... again... just a girl by the cinder. *sniff*

And then one day, she stumbled upon a lovely lady dressed in maroon and shimmering black. It was Fairy Godnuffnang!

Fairy Godnuffnang then told Cindermiyen that she would give her a special invite if only Cindermiyen could convince magical grannie over there that she wasn't just a girl by the cinder.
You see... this particular Fairy Godnuffnang isn't your typical fairy godmother. She's the NEW version. She likes fun and games and riddles. Feisty and young.

The real fairy godmother you read about 10 years ago is nearly reaching her 80s. So Fairy Godnuffnang is in training to take the place of Fairy Godmother.

And the 3 magical answers Cindermiyen finally gave was (have to be serious here ah):

1. I work so hard write this post. So gimme me a break and get me the goddamn invite la.

2. According to the fairytale, Cinderella got to go to the ball. Very big hint.

3. I love blogging and I love Nuffnang! Need I say more? (only valid one)

The end."

Teacher, can give me 5 stars ah?

Normal mode now:

For those who don't hae anything else to do other than stare in the computer (like me) and wanna join in the fun and stand a chance to win invites to NAPBAS, just write a blogpost titled "My Nuffnang Story" or "Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come."

Further details here.

I didn't choose "My Nuffnang Story" because I haven't been with Nuffnang for very long. So no heart touching story yet.

"Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott."

My neck very pain ady. BAI!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forever 16

I've always like Disney starlets.

First it was Vanessa Hudgens from High School Muscial. But then she got too... uh... wild. Now it's Selena Gomez! I like Taylor Swift. And I like Justin Bieber. Ya, I know, I'm 20. Who bl**dy cares?

I still don't know how an adult thinks. I stil think I'm immature and childish. Sometimes, I don't know how a 20-year old behaves. I still feel 16.

But I don't mind. It's better to think like a child rather than an adult. Life is simpler like that.

I guess it's true that age is just a number.

Why the hell am I preaching?

So anyway, here are some of my favorite outfits worn by Selena.

If I ever go to a prom or some big, glamorous event, I'd wear one of those outfits :)

FYI, I've never been to a prom!!! Noobie noob noob.

I went to 2 high schools. My school in KL did hold proms for 5th formers but I moved to Kampar at the end of form 4. F**k.

And ACS did not hold any prom. Not surprising. And it goes on like that. SO... yada, yada, yada.

Do you know that I need to study? Shiat. Exams in about 4-5 weeks time.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Of regrets and the road not taken...

Parents are outstation today.

Yay! No nagging for today!

You know, the past week, I've been thinking of working in Genting as a temporary croupier after my F4. Cuz no money, no fun. I also get to meet new people and learn how to conduct different types games.

But then I may have to give up other priorities. Grr... I predict that if I go for this croupier job, I probably will resign with the same reason as when I resigned from my GSA job in March this year.

Reason: A flaming, bl**dy chess tournament. Sigh. Chess matters just keeps clashing with things in life.

I really wanted to continue my GSA job especially after I got the admin position which is much more relaxed than all other positions. But chess got in the way. It's complicated.

Actually, I could have stayed on, but if only I did not open my big mouth and say that I wanted to participate in that tournament, everything would have been all fine and dandy. By the time I realized that I wanted to stay on, I couldn't. Technically I could, but I'd hurt "somebody's" feelings if I pulled out from something as big as this.

DAMN! So annoyed. I know, I know, things happen for a reason. But I can't help thinking of the amount of money I missed out making if I were to continue just for a couple more months :(

Genting pays good money. Like in my case as a GSA, I get to pocket nearly RM1700 every month after deducting SOCSO and EPF and all that nonsense. And that doesn't include incentives yet.

I could have gotten a good, RM2400++, i5 processor laptop by now AND still have lots of money left in the bank. ALthough Starbucks could severely lower the digits lah.

Karma, karma, karma...

If I ever decide to go for the croupier job after my F4, I will say "NO" to every freaking chess tournament I tell ya.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My final decision about getting braces

It’s been a few days to a week now and…

I have decided to not go for braces after all. LOL!

I wouldn’t say I chickened out. But the long wait to my dental appointment on the 29th (which has been more than one month) made me really think through my decision properly.

Funny that when you really, really want something and when it really comes to you, you change your mind. Doesn’t happen to everything thing, but it does happen la.
When I’m faced with the prospect of having my teeth tied with metal for the next 2 years of my prime life (21 and 22 years old), I suddenly start thinking of all the good sides of my teeth.

You know, a few weeks ago when I told some of my friends that I’d be going for braces soon, most of them were quizzed as to why I needed braces because they did not really notice anything that needed to be fixed. But I was still unfazed by my decision although something in me (my perspective) started changing.

And then I think of the cost of the treatment, the time and cost expended for going to and fro Taiping every month, the pain I have to endure, the teeth I have to extract and the inability to smile properly. I’d terribly miss my smile.

I also thought of all the missed opportunities (whatever they are) in the coming years due to the fact that I had braces on. I don’t want to go back looking like a nerd again :(

I like my smile. I like how my smile lights up my face. And after everything I’ve said about my teeth, I think my teeth structure is actually quite good. And come to think of it, I’m the only one who thinks I should get braces.

My upper row is nice and straight. It’s just that 2 of my bottom row teeth are crooked. But when I think about it, it’s not that bad. I remember my good friend Loges saying that it makes me unique :)

Aaahh... the time where my hair only reached my shoulder blade.

If my teeth were really bad, then ya, I’d go ahead. But it’s not the case here.
And with the money my dad can save now, who knows, I might get double allowance for next month. Nyehehehe.

I can’t believe I’m saying all these good things about my teeth now, when all I did a year or 2 ago is complain how bad my teeth are. It’s all in my mind. The mind is a cunning thing.

You see? Just by changing my perspective on something, I see my teeth in a much more different and positive way than I did last time. Best thing is I genuinely really feel good about my teeth now :) Like I’ve just gone through the treatment and I’m out with a new set of teeth.

I guess it was necessary for me to go through this period of contemplation to actually appreciate how my teeth are.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

What I did today

Soooo... today... I...

...had a great, great, greaaatttttt morning :D

Then later in the afternoon I met up with friends at KFC for lunch. Second time in a row. My last meal was KFC for dinner the night before. No surprise why my weight is remaining stagnant.

Why am I talking about food and weight? I'm supposed to be talking about my friends. So ya, we gossiped A LOT and caught up on each other on so many things. Had a really good time with them. Funny la :P Will miss them once they go back to university :(

Later in the evening, I went for a well deserved and very overdue jog at Rakan Muda. Feels good to be running again! Which reminds me, I need to update the songs on my playlist.

It's been some time since I actually made the effort to get out of the house and go for a jog. I much prefer skipping in the room, no trainers, no socks, no tight sports bra (oops...). Less things to prepare. But jogging burns up fat much faster. So... yaa...

Anyway, I just came back from dinner and my tummy is burning from the vegetable curry I had just now.

And then... ok, I'm getting bored of writing what I did today.

Ok, the end. Buh-bye.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life update


Approximately 5 weeks left until my F4 law paper. That bugging feeling is effing there again.

Since July, I've been squeezing in exams non-stop. It gets worse when you're self studying at home and forcing the whole syllabus into your brain is... torture.


But after all these months, self studying has taught me a few valuable lessons:

1. Responsibility

I guess I learn to take responsibility 100% for my studies and I know that everything is wholly my effort. Everything becomes more personal. I sign up for the exams myself; there's no formal class, just me and the study material... and my brains.

Every step of the way, every cent that needs to be paid, I do it myself. So in that sense, there's a sense of ownership about my ACCA course.

So I can't blame anyone(actually I still do) so I just have to suck it all in and get that information into my brain before the deadline.

2. Time

One good thing about studying by yourself is you set the studying pace by yourself. And almost always for me, I complete the whole syllabus as fast as possible *ahem*. That's because I have the mentality that since I'm not attending classes, I have to work a little harder lo.

So to make up for that "disadvantage", I speed up everything to the point that I get restless. Who cares whether I'm sprouting grey hair lah. When I'm self studying, there's no such thing as "weekend break, weekdays study". It's a "study whenever I can" thing.

Which basically means I can take a break whenever I want for however long I want. But usually I don't squander my time because I'd be digging my own grave then. Shiat...

In a way, it really makes me appreciate my time more (or not). But no, I still don't manage my time. I just do however much I can, and thank goodness I'm usually in the mood.

So my paper is on the 12th of December and once I'm done with that, I'll have my well deserved break. Slightly more than 2 weeks break for me :) But knowing me, I'd be mugging the F5 paper the very next day. Awww... yeah...

Anyway, enough about ACCA or I'll go crazy.

I shall now digress... by a lot.

So this week is a short semester break for all those studying in Uni. And lots of people are coming back.

Going to meet one of my close friends in a few days time. I don't have many friends here, I think due to the "strange" fact that I'm a banana in a chinese town? I dunno. Me outcast. Me sad. Boohoohoo. But those who I call friends here are those who really close and dear to me.

Anyway, prince charming is back... again. Actually, there's no real LDR lah. Haha. We meet as often as we did last time. So yeah... Say NO! to cursing!

That was random...

But I do enjoy our time together and try not to expect too much.

I think that's what's important in a relationship, where you just let it flow and not force things and just have fun.

I sound like a f***ing relationship guru la wei.

Digressing again... approximately 3 weeks to my first dental appointment. *squeals* Now why am I so thrilled about that?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Got my Glitterati status!


Finally got my Glitterati status from Nuffnang!

I thought something went wrong when I didn't get my status after a week, cuz I was expecting to get it in 4 days.

Anyway, today I checked my Nuffnang account in the afternoon and was so excited to see Glitterati on the screen. I'm officiall a Glitterati member! Wee~

Yay! So all's well and doodle :)

Now I can use Innit, create polls, use the Evangelist (whatever that is) and god knows what else. Imma excited to start experimenting.

But the thing I'm most excited to use is posting articles to Innit. I think it's a really good idea to have this sort of ultra specific Malaysian blogging community cum forum.

At least it's a place for like minded bloggers to come together (virtually) and exchange posts and links and ideas and... stuff. And I think if optimized effectively, it can really boost blog traffic. The best thing is that people coming to your blog will be Malaysians. So there a relevant and reliable element to it.

Definitely a win-win situation me thinks.

Can't wait to see the effect. KBAI.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

About Me section revamped!

Phew! Finally finished writing the "about me" sction. Never knew writing about myself could take up so much time and effort. Check it out!

About Me

It's 3 something in the afternoon and it's cold and I haven't eaten yet. Me hungry.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baking chocolate chip cookies

I'm sooo, so, so tired. Woke up to pee at 6 something in the morning, but never went back to sleep. Studied for a bit before going down to bake chocolate chip cookies =)

Mowgli has been pestering me for the cookies for several days already. So I decided to bake'em today for her to take to kindergarten.

Anyway... boring pictures of the cookies:

They're the soft, chewy type of chocolate chip cookies, just in case you're wondering why they're so flat.

Baking cookies is no joke wei. Preparing the batter and the pans itself is like 1 hour already. Then you have to check the oven like every 10 minutes until ALL your batter is used up. And I had to do about 15-20 pans into and outta the oven.

And then you have to be constantly clean up the crumbs from the table in case your mum comes down, sees the mess, and jeopardizes the whole baking process. After all that is done, you have to clean up the pans and the baking equipment. So after about 3 hours of baking and cleaning up... I'm kind of tired. But glad I made'em ^^ (purposely put a positive note in front of all the negatives).

Anyway, I found this picture of Boo at Teluk Batik last weekend. I didn't go. Was at that time of the month.

Such a snuggly woggly..!

Tonight someone's coming back ;) Looking forward to the weekend... and week ahead :) Loges is coming back with Meitheng this weekend too :)

I need to wash my hair. I think got batter stuck in it. But it's raining, so it's cold and up here tarak air panas.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

24-hour fast

This post takes an extremely detailed look at my weight and health outlook.

Aaagh... you know how frustrating it gets when you wake up in the morning, jump on the scale and found out that you gained a kg from yesterday??

I had a heavy dinner last night. Curry chee cheong fun with a generous amount of liu, a piece of dimsum and some char kuey tiao.

Anyway... today I am going on a 24-hour fast. Yeah, no biggie right. All I have to do is refrain myself from eating until 8.30pm since my last meal the night before was at 8.30pm.

And no, this fast is not because of last night. I've been meaning to go on a 24-hour fast for some time now, but always failed.

But I'm writing this on my blog, I have no choice but to go ahead without FAIL since its out in public.


I know it's only 12.30am at the time I'm writing this, but I getting a weenie bit hungry already.

I'm not a heavy sleeper. That means to say, I can't like sleep the whole day until dinner time. I'd like to of think myself as being hyper active bordering on insanity.

I've undertaken numerous 24 hour fasts during the years. Mostly for health reasons especially when I'm sick (I don't go to the doctor. Fasting is my medicine), but I haven't had one in a long time.

The longest fast I went through was for a total of 6 days. That was after my Russia trip last year. I was feeling sluggish and "fat" because Russia's a cold country and I really loaded up on the carbs there. I weighed 53.5kg after Russia.

Fyi, I gained weight. I wasn't like 60kg to begin with, just in case you thought that I dropped to 53.5kg.

Then I read a book by Dr. Jack Goldstein abount fasting and natural diet and I was truly inspired to fast. Not the normal 24-hour fast, but the really long fasts.

I'll give you a very short synopsis of his book.

So this guy, Dr. Jack Goldstein had been diagnosed with a very, very severe case of ulcerative colitis. Yeah, I don't know what that is either but all I know was that Dr. Goldstein suffered for 6 years under modern medical care having to undergo multipe medical tests that required sticking up cold instruments up his sensitive parts, endless pills and examinations, serious bouts of depression and god knows what else.

And instead of improving, his health kept deteriorating until he met Dr. Gross, a natural food practitioner.

And from there Dr. Goldstein was put on a 6-week fast at a health institution away from home. Yes, 6 weeks. Nothing but water and after that 6-weeks of abstaining from food, his health for the first time improved by leaps and bounds. Not completely recovered yet, but compared to the 6 years of torture, it was a huge, huge improvement.

And no, during the 6 weeks, the body did not eat itself. Just in case you're wondering.

From there, Dr. Goldstein adopted the natural way of living - organic vegetarian diet and fasting of different lenghts every once in a while. And after a few years, he regained full health, better than before he was even diagnosed with the disease.
So after reading that, I immediately made up my mind to go for a week-long water fast. Here's a breakdown of how my fast went:

1st day: Water only.

2nd day: Water only

3rd day: Water only

4th day: A cup of milk and a cup of sugar cane juice

5th day: Same as the above

6th day: Broke my fast in the early evening with fruits

So yes, not exactly 7 days and not exactly a full WATER fast, but it was a good experience. I experienced enhanced clarity of mind and positivity. There was a total weight loss of slightly more than 3kg. So 3-4kg loss in 6 days bringing my weight down to around 50.2kg. I think if I stayed on a water fast only, I could have lost more weight.

But fasting is not a means to an end. I still had to maintain that weight which I did not. I saw my weight fluctuating UP for a few months later until it stabilized at 50kg.

Now, it's gradually, very slowly, trickling, crawling, going down by careful eating. Oh, yay (?)... If you remember reading in my previous posts, my targeted weight is 48kg. Still not there yet. Shiat...

I mean, I'm studying at home in Kampar where all the good food are and my mum is always cooking yummy food. So, yeah, it gets a little tough if you're thrown in the middle of a food haven and asked to lose weight.

So yes, I do indulge every once in a while but it's less frequent than last time where I used to indulge everyday.

BUT! I know it's one thing to lose weight and another to starve yourself. I don't want to lose all my lady goods and come out looking like I just came out from a German concentration camp.

So that was that other dilemma. How to lose weight without losing my boobies? HAHA! But that's another topic for another day since I haven't lost to that weight yet and my boobies are still intact.

Anyway, back to the topic. Let's hope I can make it to 8.30pm. Yes, it's been a year since I fasted properly, so cheer me on! Al least until 8.30pm la.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Facebook Narcissism

Everytime I open my facebook page, I see statuses and updates that leave me laughing my butt off. I can't help but feel that facebook status updates nowadays are becoming more and more fake and attention-seeking.

What to do. Human nature what.

Here are some of the most common categories of facebook statuses that make me cringe in my seat.

1. Always posting mushy dushy, lovey dovey stuff
"I luv my lao gong zai sooo much. muacks muacks muackssssss!!"

"I miss you baby. I can't wait to see you again. I miss your eyes. I miss your smile. I miss your ass"

Feel da love.

"To the world you may be one person. But to one person you may be the world."
In other words: To the world you may be one person. But to one person you may be no one.

"You are my star, my sky, my sun. I cannot live without you. You are my soul, my breath. You are everything. Without you, my heart cannot beat. With you, it always...... puffs. Your love makes my heart puff. It will always puff so long as you puff with me. #forever puffing"
I definitely feel the... puff.

2. Emo statuses

"haizzz... No mood... Emo-ing..."

"You have broken my trust. How could you? I trusted you so. I can never trust anybody again. You have torn my heart to pieces. I hurt so much. My heart can never be mended. #forever dead heart"



3. Updating like every half hour
"Just had cereal for breakfast. Sooo good. I love HL milk. I love nestle coco crunch. Lovesss. xoxo"
15 minutes later

"Need to poop. Shiat..."
30 minutes later

"Getting ready for class now. Shiat... my skirt doesn't fit anymore. I gained a pound! Have to diet for a week now. Thank you nestle coco crunch and HL milk"
30 minutes later

"In the car driving to college. Shiat... forgot to bring my brains."
30 seconds later

Car bangs into lamp post. #forever car-less

4. Kawaii statuses a.k.a. bad, cutesy english.

"My dear dear n I just go 4 breakfast. D sun shining so brighter n brighter n brighter. My dear dear n I eat chee cheong fun. So tasty oh... Then my dear and I went to the movie and see movie. Then my dear dear give me a sweet kiss. So sweet, sweet oh ^^"

"2day I wan go outing with my lovely friendzzz... but it rain and rain and rain so long and long... so 2day appointment have 2 cancel... so sad cannot see my lovely friendzzzz... i wish tml no rain.."

Uh... #forever raining and raining.

On a last note, it's November!!
Whaddaya know?

Happy November everybody! =)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Increase blog traffic using Nuffnang and Innit


I've just signed up for Nuffnang!
You know that sensation when you have that sudden wave of inspiration or motivation? Where you just can’t wait to get into action?

That’s exactly how I’m feeling now.

Can’t let anything distract me now before that burst of motivation dies down. So I have approximately 10 minutes to get this post down pat.

I am so excited because I’ve discovered amazing and fun tips and advice on Nuffnang and blogging as a whole.

I know last time I did complain about not getting any benefit from Nuffnang but looking back, I admit it was partly (or more like completely) my fault.

I did not try and find out as much as I could about Nuffnang. I realized there’re actually so many ways to make use of the various features on Nuffnang. Today, I’m excited to say the least that I’ve just unearthed so much that I did not know about Nuffnang before.

I do read a lot, and I mean A LOT of material on blogging and how to generate income through it. It’s just that the material I read (usually from StevePav and Problogger) is on a global level. That means to say that the tips and advice are not exactly specific to my niche (not like I have a niche to begin with – exactly my point). There are some really, really good posts on blogging I HIGHLY recommend to be read:

How to make money from your blog
How to build a high traffic website (or blog)

Okay, enough liao la. If not all of you will go to their blogs and none will finish reading this post =(

Last time, my favorite past time would be ravenously devouring everything I could about stuff like this and sometimes (more often than not) get information overload. That’s because my brain is always in a flurry when I get bouts of these unorganized… uh… reading… uh… craziness. I just read and read and read.

Yeah, I can go on and on for hours. Anyway, the first time I signed up for Nuffnang, I didn’t really read what it was all about because amidst all the registration and code generating and ad pasting, I was also reading other material from a thousand and one other sites. Multi-tasking = not the brightest idea.

But I’m glad I did read all the materials and stuff because although they are not step by step instuctions on how to make money as a MALAYSIAN blogger whose blog is a PERSONAL blog (non-niche), they’ve given me a very strong base and extremely good ideas to begin with. The fundamentals are already embedded; it’s just that the structure on top is not built yet.

Skip the last sentence if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Cuz I just realized that I don’t know what I’m talking about either.


And that time, my blog was still a baby. Oh wait, my blog is still a baby. But at least my blog is not as baby-ish as last time. Last time, it was a zygote kind of baby. Now it’s a baby kinda baby. The milk suckling type.

Point is, I didn’t get any traffic = no income, got frustrated, cursed Nuffnang and then took down all their ads.

But this time, I believe it’s a good time to try again since my traffic has increased compared to last time. So…. Yaahhh…

Anyway… I’ve discovered a few SPECIFIC strategies make use of Nuffnang to my (and maybe your) advantage:

1. Submit INTERESTING posts with a highly relevant title on Innit. For me, I think the titling is damn important. No shit. Innit is a very interesting concept I just found out a couple of hours ago. I wouldn't call it amazing, but it's something I'm eager to try. Try to posts as many good posts as you can and hope that you get into the top 10 featured posts. Trick – the more NANGS (in facebook terms, NANGS are LIKES), the more likely will your post soar up the ranks.

2. Use the Innit chatbox to get as many links to your post. Be active, socialize! How hard can it be to socialize on a CHATBOX right? Pffftttt... So take advantage of it!

3. Attend Nuffnang events.

I haven’t had a chance to experience going to one yet. But from the way it looks, it sure looks like fun! And when you join and later blog about it and submit it to Innit, it seems very logical that many Nuffnangers will be interested on how it went. More traffic and more friends - bonus!

4. Another sure fire way to fire up you traffic (at least for the month) is to get chosen as Nuffnang’s featured blogger of the month! Omigosh, I think this particular aspect attracted me the most. It’s a golden opportunity to be their featured blogger of the month! To try your luck,

Credits go to Simple Blogger Tips.

But there’s one thing I would mention is that I don’t really like the Xchange widget. I had that widget last time, and personally, I thought it was a bit of a nuisance. It’s a tad too big and it covers up a significant proportion of my post, so I always have to minimize it to get a clear look at my whole blog. That’s just my personal opinion.

Another thing to mention is that to submit posts to Innit – and subsequently drive higher traffic to your blog - you have to be a Gliterrati member. That means your blog cannot have other ads together with Nuffnang ads. But I was sooo, so, so relieved to find out that Google ads work perfectly fine with Nuffnang ads and do not jeopardize the Gliterrati status. Yes!!!

So yay for me!

Some other humble strategies not Nuffnang-related to increase your traffic:

1. Submit relevant posts to forums.
My 2 favorite forums are lowyat.net and malaysianbabes.net (fyi, this is not a porn website). There’s a shit load of topics there and finding one that fits the theme of your post would be a snap. And I find that if I need inspiration on what to write, visiting forums help me a lot.

2. Post interesting posts on your facebook wall or in the form of facebook notes.
There’s a note application which automatically updates the latest blog posts. So every time you post a new blog post, your fb notes are also updated simultaneously. I tried using this application a few weeks back but decided to stop after 2 days because I felt that sharing EVERY single blog post on facebook would be a bit too… desperate. And again – just my 2 cents. But I don’t mind posting certain posts on facebook which are of interest to my friends. It’s just that most of my friends aren’t really bloggers. So posts relating to blogging – like this post – will not get on my fb wall.

3. And the golden rule of blogging - content is KING.
How true. It's tough to write good posts every time but it's satisfying once you've completed a post you're truly happy with. Worth all the time spent. But since I don't have a specific niche, it can get a bit hard for me. But I'm still going to write useless crap every once in a while.

4. Post bitchy pictures of yourself and bitch about people. Nuff’ said.
P.s: I’ll be submitting this post on Innit. So you know what that means? NANG it people! NANG it! No DANGs ah please. Now to figure out how to add the Nang button to my posts so that you don't need to go all the way to Innit to Nang it.

P.s v2: Tottenham won!!! WOoHOo! RM50 to da man!

Update: Dang, I have to wait until Nuffnang approves me as their Glitterati member before I can submit anything to Innit. Approx one week. Sigh...

Update: Woohoo! Am officially a Glitterati member today! Just posted this post up on Innit. Show some love and help get me some Nangs darlings :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Google Adsense - The beginning

If you might've noticed, I've put up Google ads all over my blog 2 days ago.

I really went ballistic with the ads as you can see. I have one on the sidebar, inline ads after every latest post and one right at the bottom of my blog. I also added a Google Search ad. See the search box on your right? That's it.

Ya, so pretty much everywhere.

I decided to start putting up ads because my blog traffic has been steadily increasing to a point where I believe that adding ads now might be able to generate some moolah.

Last time, when I first started out, I had nuffnang ads on my blog but they were practically useless because of my measly traffic... and some other unknown factors. I might put up nuffnang ads in the future again, like maybe the year end, after experimenting with Google ads.

I need to experiment with what layout works with what arrangement of ads, what content can attract the right traffic that actually makes people click on the ads and... uh... I forgot what I'm supposed to write.

Okay... got writer's block. Cannot blame me, this is the second post for today.


Some "friends"...

I really cannot tahan when "friends" (more like acquaintances) "invite" you to functions or gatherings or trips or whatever and then you're in a dilemma whether or not to go. But you decide to go because they're your "friend".

So you decide to go for old time's sake. And then when you arrive, the first sign that doesn’t go right is when you come along with someone else, and your “friend” just greets you with something like “hi” and goes all enthusiastic with your other friend.
As time goes on, you're deathly bored there. And you REGRET going because it's really, really, really stupid just sitting there while your “friend” entertains everyone else EXCEPT you. Plain stupid decision.

Why invite someone when you plan on ignoring them?

Complete waste of my time.

You want to be close to that person. But, wth, he or she just f***ing ignores you the whole time. And worse thing is when you’re with another friend or in a group of friends, that person totally ignores you. Like giving all his or her shitty attention to the other person or people and isolating you. I don’t know whether it’s on purpose or not, but that is just plain rude lor. And very awkward for that singled out person.

It’s like they’re trying to show off to you that their oh-so-popular and you’re oh-so-not-popular. The worst thing is that every time you’re together with them, they always ditch you.

But you give them chance after chance because you genuinely thhink that you could be good buddies and since your other friends are their friends and vice versa, why not? The more, the merrier.

But nooo. They want to keep ignoring you and make you a fool. And because I’m quite sensitive (something I need to work on), my self esteem suffers. I start questioning and doubting myself when I really shouldn’t. I’m unique. And if people can’t accept that fact, it’s their problem.

So I’ve decided that these people are not worth my time. I won’t expend any more energy on people who don’t like or don’t accept me.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday night

Ma hands hurt like hell.

Played snooker and lou fu gei at Uncle 2 in the afternoon. And later at night went to Ipoh for bowling. There were a crazy amount of people bowling. So put our names on the waiting list and passed the time playing pool. After 2 games of pool, finally had a vacant bowling lane for us. Feels good to bowl although I only got 2 measly strikes over 2 games =( Tarak form lagi la.

Now me fingers numb numb. I cry cry. Sob sob. Kawaii, kawaii. Sad, sad.

And I had KFC and McD today. What the f***. But it good man. Long time tarak makan McD la brother. Makan fries and sundae sampai jelak.

I suddenly am not liking burgers. Didn't even touch the filet'o'fish my brothers bought.

So just got back and I'm dead beat tired... NOT.

I'm not tired la. Still raring to go even though it's pass 12 midnight.

So no surprise that I failed to complete my lectures today (I mean yesterday, but I still feel it's friday when it's technically saturday already. But subjectively it's a friday for me. Got a problem with that???). 6 more to go. I guess I'll put my brainless brain to use now. Before that, I need to go to the toilet first.

Merry night!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Self-studying insight

When people ask me what I'm studying now, and I say "self-study at home.", they then give me that "oh" kinda expression.

And then most start doubting me. Ya I know my STPM results suck because I was lazy to study. So why should they believe that I can pass ACCA all on my own right?

I think that some of them actually look down on me or take pity on me(?). I mean, I have 5 other siblings and it's not fair if I use up all the money on education for myself.

Self-studying for your tertiary education at home? No proper college or university, no proper education environment. It's not in the norm, so they find it hard to understand.

I sometimes get really tired of explaining to them, when I don't really have to. And I didn't know how to act when they gave me that look.

But yesterday, I realized that convention means absolutely nothing. I've recently met some school dropouts that lead very, very colorful lives. They're soo good at things they choose to do. It's just that they're not intersted in books. That's all.

They have so much confidence and lust for life. Exploring every part of life and what it has to offer.

It's very inspiring watching them go through life. Best is, they don't give a damn to what others think.

So I learn that this is my life and I get to do whatever I want with it. About my choice to self-study, I just let those who doubt me doubt, let them think what ever they want. It's my choice and my life has never been more joyful.

I have so much free time at home. My schedule is very flexible. Good hometown food, free accomodation, familiar environment, amazing study material and entertainment (I've just realized that Kampar has a lot of entertainment provided you go with the correct people).

Contrary to what I thought last time, I've been hanging out with people dear to me A LOT more often than I thought I would. I've been going on trips every once in a while too. And most importantly, I find I don't have much distractions, so I can properly concentrate on my studies.

Also I have time to improve on other aspects of life and explore other opportunities that come with the advantage of controlling my own time.

I mean, if I were in university, I doubt I'll be getting braces or blogging this frequently or saving this much money.

I guess the circumstances now are such that god wanted me to experience self-studying when all I wanted to last time was to enter uni. I have a feeling that there's something about myself I need to change and the best place to discover that is home.

And once I start accepting the now and always seeing the glass as half full, only will things that I really want flow to me. Who knows, maybe I'll be going off to college next year because the circumstances are right (right frame of mind, financial freedom, discipline, right attitude).

I don't know what I'll learn finally when this episode is over, but I'm beginning to see the light in everything.

Ok, off to complete my notes and finishing up ALL the lecture videos today. 7 to go! If I finish'em up today, I can start on the past years by tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali!

Soo tired.

Hung out at Remy the bulldog's house for a few hours crapping nonsense. Then later, Meitheng, Remy and I went to Pushpa's house for Deepavali. 2 other girls, Mabel and another very familiar looking indian girl was there. Both of them didn't seem like they recognised me, so I didn't make any initiative to ask them.

Oh, oh, oh! Pushpa commented that I looked thin and pale. Yay! I was called THIN! To hell with the pale word. LOL. I am an optimistic person. The glass is either full or half full =P

Anyway, didn't do much there. Just sat around watching TV (gawd, some dramas are sooo... stupidly dramatic) and ate cookies. So after having an Indian late lunch at her house, I met up with JB at Uncle 2. The place was dark and air conditioned and really... I dunno... nice? You can spend hours there playing like a zombie. It's pretty addictive, especially when winning. Duh. Gambled for the first time and won RM20! Woohoo!

Imma treat KFC tonight =)

Can't wait to play again. But I must remember not to push my luck and get too greedy.

It just rained very heavily just now. It's stopped now, but still thundering a little. I hope it stops completely tonight. I really wanna go to the pasar malam!

Which reminds me, I need to finish up 3 lecture videos before I go.

I'll stop now because I need to poop.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

KL day trip III

I shan't bother titling my post "KL DATE TRIP WITH MY LOVE SO SWEET KAWAII LOVE LOVE MUAH MUAH CUTE CUTE SHY SHY" or write lovey dovey, mushy dushy content about today's KL date because I am way too full. And feeling obese doesn't exactly make me the most romantic writer.

We basically went gallivanting around KLCC and Petaling Street. Had fish porridge for breakfast with yau char guai (terrible spelling, but so long as you get the meaning, then keep your smart brains to yourself).

Later in the afternoon, watched What's Your Number which I felt was a bit draggy even for a girly girl like me *ahem*. But the company's all that matters ;)

We spent most of our time in KLCC just strolling around. Didn't really buy anything. I mean wtf can you buy there la? Other than rotiboy...

But we had a really nice dinner to compensate for that =) Had tomyam lala, prawns, sotong and ikan pari at Petaling Street again. A LOT for two people. Seriously very full, but it was good =)And surprisingly at an adorable price too. Wait. At an affordable price too.

That shop is located next to Hong Leong Bank, which is opposite the porridge stall. Only thing is that seafood stall opens from 5pm onwards. While the porridge stall caters for breakfast and lunch.

Am I confusing? Cuz I'm confused.

Sooo... anyway... on the way back to Kampar, we witnessed a burning car along the highway. The WHOLE car was literally in flames. It's like in the movies. No shit. And it was raining at that time. NO SHIT MAN!

Okay, I need to shit.


Shit la, why is the game loading sooo slow??? Machikedee...

Monday, October 24, 2011



I need a life!!!!

I cannot rot in this hell hole anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

I need something new!11 I wasn't born to get stuck at home and stupidly study fucking man made nonsense!!!!!


No backing out from braces

I will not back out from getting my braces! I've come to far to quit!

I shall not let the illusion of pain stop me!

F***, so dramatic.

Knowing too much about the procedure is not a good idea. Clarisse was telling me about the procedure. And what the hell man, before even putting on the braces, I am expected to have to go through 2 sessions of pain. Teeth cleaning and extraction. That's not even putting on the braces yet! @#$%

But why the hell does cleaning your teeth hurt "like hell" (in Clarisse's own words)? I asked my mum about the teeth cleaning process, and she said that it's gonna hurt. I don't know by how much. I guess it depends on the individual. Like the gum's gonna bleed or something. But then mum told me that the gum heals pretty fast, like 3 seconds or something. My brother has a high treshold for pain. So I hope it runs in my blood.

I did clean my teeth at the dentist before but that was a long time ago. And I don't recall any pain at that time. Maybe because I was such an idiot last time (still am now) I didn't know what the dentist was doing. So because I had no idea how it was supposed to feel last time, there was no pain associated with the experience.

Now, I'm a big girl. And the older you get, the more you know. And the more you know, the scarier everything gets. Even if it's actually all in your mind.

But you never know until you try right? So whatever...

I suddenly have no fear. Cuz writing about pain, uncannily erases my fear. What the...

Sooo anyway...

I have to finish as many lecture videos as I can today! Because it's gonna be a busy busy week ahead =)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

I suddenly have a craving to make chewy, cholate chip cookies. Maybe I'll make a batch at the end of the month after getting my monthly allowance to buy ingredients.

My little sisters love'em. And I wanna give some to other small kid friends I made recently too.

Sharing is caring. Tralalala..
Got this recipe from Joy of Baking.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe:1 cup (2 sticks) (226 grams) unsalted butter, room temperature

3/4 cup (150 grams) granulated white sugar

3/4 cup (160 grams) firmly packed light brown sugar

2 large eggs

1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

2 1/4 cups (295 grams) all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cups (270 grams) semisweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) with rack in center of oven. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

In the bowl of your electric mixer (or with a hand mixer), beat the butter until smooth and creamy. Add the white and brown sugars and beat until fluffy (about 2 minutes). Beat in eggs, one at a time, making sure to beat well after each addition. Add the vanilla and beat until incorporated. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as needed.

In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking soda, and salt. Add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture and beat until incorporated, adding the chocolate chips and nuts (if using) about half way through mixing. If you find the dough very soft, cover and refrigerate until firm (from 30 minutes to two hours).

For large cookies, use about a 2 tablespoon ice cream scoop or with two spoons, drop about 2 tablespoons of dough (35 grams) onto the prepared baking sheets. Bake about 10 - 14 minutes , or until golden brown around the edges. Cool completely on wire rack.

Makes about 4 dozen - 3 inch round cookies.

Note: You can freeze this dough. Form the dough into balls and place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Freeze and then place the balls of dough in a plastic bag, seal, and freeze. When baking, simply place the frozen balls of dough on a baking sheet and bake as directed - may have to increase baking time a few minutes.
I've made chocolate chip cookies before. But I have been searching for a recipe that yields large cookies where the batter really spreads in the oven. So I'm really looking forward to trying this recipe out.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I've spent so much money in like 2 days.

Bought 3 pairs of contacts from I-view. The monthly type. RM40 which is cheaper than the optical shop besides Watsons. I-view had stocks ready at hand, so no waiting for days to get my contacts.

Finally bought a pair of white mini shorts. I like it =)RM44. My striped blue Giordano shorts, which was like my all time favorite is getting very loose. And the looseness is really puffing up my rear end. So my butt looks like twice it size.

Other miscellaneous things like fast food, bubble tea(Angel and my honorary drink everytime she comes back from KL) and hair conditioner.

Yah, Angel came back the day before yesterday. And we discovered something related to boys that really led to some drama rama! I hope Angel can pull out of it A okay. Oh, and she also taught me a technique to massage boobies. LOL!

So anywayyy...

I had a pretty awesome day today =) Although I think I'm getting sick of KFC.

Oh yes, I also bought 3 bus tickets to and fro kl. Which leads me to...

Loverboy decided to come back yesterday =) Yey ya! But the KL date trip is still on next week. Yey ya again =)

Our longest streak would be 12 days apart now I guess.

So anywayyy...

I'm done with 2 lecture videos. Interesting man. 3 more to go. Yah, I aim to do 5 a day to complete the syllabus within this month.

I am gonna enjoy this weekend ;)

Bib bib.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yo~ Kappeeesshhhhh....

One more week to go until the Deepavali holidays! Wee~ This stretch of 16 days will make it the longest time we've been apart.

Imma nearly achieving ma stuff! I'm hoping to bang it all out in 7 days. Wee~ I don't expect you to understand what I'm writing. I will only fully interpret it after the Royal Assent.

The F4 paper is a law paper. And it's something like debate + I forgot what I wanted to say. Anyway, law in english is sooo interesting and sooo much more entertaining.

And Debbie Cross, my online lecturer is sooo good and sooo sophisticated! Tonight, I'm going to finish at least 1 lecture and print out notes. That leaves me ahead of schedule. Wee~

Then go skip rope in my newly arranged room. Break as much fat as possible before hitting the sack!!! Rawr!!!

ok. BYE!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yesterday and today, I ate the same type food at same intervals.

Breakfast: Cheese paratha with some mayo spread. Made myself. Its yummeh mummeh. But I felt like puking after that. And cold apple cider vinegar as my morning drink. Made it the night before while it was hot. I put half or what I made into the fridge yesterday. Today, I found out half of what was there was gone. I was left with a quarter. What the...

Lunch: A slice of marble cheesecake.

Tea snack: Slices of pears and oranges.

Dinner: Maggi mee. Again, yummeh mummeh. I love my maggi. I just love it. It's like it's so nice and bouncy and... it's so nice. And so fluffy. And I love it so. It's so nice, it's so fluffy, so bouncy. It's puffing with yummeh-ness. It's just puffing. Like it's puffing with bounciness. Like it's so nice...

I make a very bad food reviewer.

In conclusion, tea snack was the healthiest meal of the day.

Sooo... yeah. Glad I bought the Digi easy prepaid card! So worth it man. Free calls from 12am to 6pm to all your "buddyz". I've been abusing the free calls service for 2 days straight ever since I bought it.

I've started on my F4. I aim to finish the syllabus by the end of October. And then start on past years as soon as possible.

Ok, bye.

I love abrupt ends.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Like whoa! Secured braces.

I have finally secured my braces *sniff* happy tears *sniff*

I just got back from my CBE f3 exam in Ipoh yesterday and I passed! That paper was the most crucial one to date. It's a matter of braces or no braces.

So, I have officially completed 3 papers (knowledge module) in 4 months. Wee~~I am so farking relieved I tell ya! Farking, farking relieved. Liked really farking relieved.

Anyway, here're 2 weeks worth of updates:

  • Watched Source Code and The Moon. Super awesome movies. Very awesome. It really grips your heart and exposes our innate human fears in a very... uh... It's just good man. Go download it or something if you haven't seen'em. Life will never be the same again. At least for a few days until the effect wears off lah.

  • Went to the UTAR Festival of the Mind.

  • I asked Kaylynn about braces. I am soo glad I talked to her. She had her braces at Dr Foo's dental clinic in Taiping at a super farking affordable price weh. I have decided that I will be going to Taiping for my braces now!

    Sooo... today, I made my first ever dentist appointment by myself =)

    The last time I went to a dentist was like at least 5 or 6 years ago. And that was to watch my brother...uh... do something to his tooth. The last time I remember anybody doing anything to my teeth was during school. You know the government nurses who come to school to check your teeth? So I had tooth filling!

    Yeah, I don't know why I had it either. What does filling your tooth mean? Does that mean I have a hole in my tooth so they fill it up with white clay? Does that mean I have cavity? I still don't know. Not even to this day man.

    And I was always scared of the thingy that sucks saliva outta your mouth. The saliva sucker. It felt like air is forced into your mouth. You don't know whether to swallow your saliva or to just leave it. Feels so hollow.

    And the whizzy thing that makes me feel like the dentist is drilling into my teeth. Turns out it's a plaque scrapper thingy... to scrape off plaque. Eeew.

    People are afraid of the unknown.

    So anyway, am I afraid of going to the dentist? No. I think. Shouldn't be. I just turned 20. So I can't be. That would be embarrassing. Last time I was scared of the dentist, I was also scared of girl monsters under my bed. I will not elaborate further or I won't be able to sleep in my room tonight.

    So anyway (I'm using those 2 words a little too often now), I called Dr Foo's dental clinic. She's my dad's cousin which makes her my aunty =) The receptionist with a warm voice answered. And boy, is Dr Foo popular. She's full until early december! But the kind receptionist (with a very, very, very familiar voice. Could be Dr. Foo's sister-in-law according to my dad) managed to squeeze me in on the 29th of November. So good la.

    I asked her about the rate. This is what she told me:

    RM2500 INCLUSIVE of teeth mould and braces fixtures for upper and lower teeth and the braces itself.

    It's RM100 for the mould, RM250 each for lower and upper fittings and thr rest which I assume is RM1900 for the braces themselves. Payment of RM100 per month until RM2500 is fully paid. And anything additional, like for the retainers or the time exceeding the standard 2 years is free.

    Omigosh. Angels are singing. No wonder she's so popular. People from KL and Penang and god knows where travel down to her clinic man. Not to mention, her skills are really good, so I heard.

    For tooth extraction, the receptionist said that they will refer me to other dentists. I guess Dr Foo isn't young anymore. She's 10 years my dad's senior.

    But still, I don't mind. I've asked a few of my other friends with braces or have worn braces and devoured forums about braces. Found out that the average cost of braces ranges from RM4000-RM6000.

    Until I asked Kaylynn lah that is. But I think her rates last time are cheaper than mine lah. Her one is like RM2000 for the whole thing only. Exclude tooth extraction I think. And pay RM50 a month only.

    Most of my Perak friends did their braces at Ong Dental, Ipoh. RM4000 for the treatment, RM200 for x-ray and around RM100 for tooth extraction. That means RM100 one tooth extraction ah? Dunno lah.

    Anyway, I think I'll be doing my tooth extraction at Ong's. I hope I don't need to pull out 4 teeth. That is a lot of teeth. Seriously.

    OK. Got writer's block.

    BYE YO~
  • Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Working at Genting Q&As

    VERY OVERDUE questions.

    Was looking back at my old comments and I forgot to answer these comments about my Genting post. Sorry! I feel evil for not helping those people who asked for help from me. Anyway, better now than never. At the very least, people can refer here for reference.

    Anonymous said...
    Hey, thanks for sharing your experienced... I'm decided to work at Genting as GSA... Will interview at Genting this Saturday... Probably,
    1) What kinds of question their will ask us during the interview???

    Haha! Mine's a special case! I applied as a croupier. So they asked me to do BASIC mental mathematics calculations. Like what's 24x12 or calculations even simpler than that. Even if you take like 5 minutes on a single calculation, it's very likely that they will still take you in because the demand for employees is very high.

    But I think the most important thing about applying for croupiers are whether you have sweaty palms. The interviewer asked me to open and close my hands 10 times (or was it 20?). Then leave it open while I did the mental calculations. After about 5 minutes, she checked my palms. I passed. Your palms do not need to be extremely dry. So long as its not excessively sweaty, it's okay.

    But after the interviewer heard me speak good english, the interviewer asked me whether I would like to work as a gsa which offers a slightly higher pay than a croupier. So I accepted. I guess if you wanna apply as a gsa, just speak confidently and you'll get through. Questions are easy enough. And the interview I went for is an interviewer interviewing 2 people at the same time. So less stress that way.

    2) Is that we need for the 1st & 2nd interview???

    Nope. I only went for 1 interview and they offered the job to me on the spot. They'll give you a paper with everything on it. Like when you need to go up Genting to report, what you have to bring and things like that.

    For those who have worked there before, they'll put you on a waiting list because they will want to check your past records.

    For those who want to apply for higher posts, there could be a second interview session.

    3) How was the salary paid per month???

    Genting banks it straight into your Maybank account. If you don't have a Maybank account, they'll ask you to open one.

    4) I'm already graduated in my diploma but my diploma certificate is being process... My college will make the offer letter for my interview... Is that Genting will accept my interview without certificate but with the offer letter???

    Genting doesn't really care about your qualifications if you're applying for core positions like GSAs, croupiers and cashiers. You can come in with your SPM results and they'll most probably accept you. No worries! But for higher posts like PR, then ya, qualifications could be important.

    5)If i'm been hired, should i wear a formal attire for the reporting day??? (for Male)

    No, you do not. Casual would be fine. Basically, what goes on during the reporting day is that you are directed to the Human Resource department in... oh crap... I forgot which hotel. I think it was the Genting Hotel. Don't worry, there are signs and lots of other people there with you. Once there, you report yourself and fill up some forms. Then they'll take you to your accomodation and get your uniforms etc.

    Sorry for such a lot of question... Thanks again for your experienced... Hope can get your reply as fast as possible...^-^ All the best for your future and study!!!

    Next question.

    July 27, 2011 6:57 AM
    Vivi said...
    hi im going to genting interview as GSA next week so would like to ask u someting if u don mind ^^
    Do i nid to wear formal attire to interview? n isit vy hard to get tis job? thx

    Wear properly can already lah. I wore jeans and a collared t-shirt. It's very easy to get the job=)

    I feel like working as a croupier because of their coolness with cards. Yeng dao~ Maybe I'll apply as a part time croupier some time in the future =P