Sunday, December 19, 2010

The past 2 days

These past 2 days haven been HECTIC! Just got back from Ipoh a few hours ago and am exhausted. My eyes are really heavy.

I've just finished my first DoTA lesson with Jb and to say the least, I am thoroughly CONFUSED. Ok, not really. But the amount of information he gave me was just freaking overwhelming. He feeds them to me like I'm a computer. But DoTA is quite fun. Once I get the hang of it, I think I'm gonna be addicted to the game. Oh shit.

So anyway, after an hour of destroying towers, collecting money, buying items and chasing his hero around the forest, I decided to call it a day.

Today (it's 2 am on a Sunday morning) wait yesterday(Saturday), JB and I watched Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale and Harry Potter 7: Part 1 in Jaya Jusco, Ipoh.

was surprisingly good. It was funny and the storyline was enjoyable. I liked it. The characters are cute and the ending was so sweet! I just love happy endings. Aww...Initially, Jb told me he's gonna fall asleep during the movie since it's a "Disney Princess" movie. But he enjoyed it too.

Fact: 19 year old boy who thinks he's cool likes watching Rapunzel. LOL.

Harry Potter on the other hand was...long. Kinda draggy but it was okay compared to previous movies. Not as good as Rapunzel though. The most interesting part of the movie was when Nagini, Voldermort's snake, attacked Harry and Hermione at Godric's Hollow. I guess Harry Potter movies can never measure up to Harry Potter books.

Surprisingly, there weren't many people in Jusco, especially since it was a Saturday. There weren't many people in the bus back to Kampar either. So we took advantage of that, if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

On Friday, family accompanied me to temple to get blessings before leaving for Genting. On the way there, the sun was blazing hot, like white hot. And I was wearing jeans. On the way back, it was drizzling. So after 2 hours, I was wet, sticky and sweaty when I got home. But in good spirit.

Then I spent an hour plus galavanting around town in a light drizzle to buy some stuff. I purchased a shirt which took like 40 minutes to decide on. I was on a budget so I had to choose wisely.

Do you know how terribly annoying it is to try on clothes with specs and hair tied in the fitting room ? I went in and out of the fitting room like 4 or 5 times. My hair kept getting messed up and shoving my specs up and down my face wasn't a pleasure either.

Right after that, I had to rush home to get ready for Remy's sister's, Jasmine's, wedding. I'm proud to say that I only took half an hour to get ready, from bathing to doing my hair to making up. Unfortunately, I had to go to the wedding with wet hair tied in a bun. Oh well, no one noticed.

My final look: a Korean doll. I know I'm very syok sendiri. I wished I snapped a few pictures though. But I had to gooo. After coming back, I was so goddamn tired and cold. The night was cold and I was wearing a short dress with no sleeves. So yeah, nada pictures.

Anyway, I hate the fact that it's super troublesome to upload the pictures from the camera into the computer. I have to chuck in the micro SD card from camera to pc. Then wait and the picture file may or may not appear. If it doesn't appear, end of story. The other day, I spent like an hour finding the picture file but to no avail.

If it does appear, that's another 1 hour of editing and uploading the pictures here. I want to get a camera that doesn't need to to deal with all the micro SD card nonsense.

I just want a normal camera with a USB slot and a fast microsoft pictures task manager. Now!


Jasmine's wedding was held at Dai Zhong restaurant. The food was very nice. I had to refrain myself from stuffing my face considering I hardly ate the whole day. I had to act all demure and sweet because I was wearing something sweet. Wedding dinners are a posh occasion. So I had to behave myself lah.

I sat at the same table as Pushpa and Meitheng. Pushpa wore a dress that reminded me of countrysides and flowers. Meitheng's greenish-brownish leather-like shirt was cool. If it was black, I'll look like a rock princess with it on.

Poh Lee on the other hand had to sit with Remy away from us. Well, I guess being the bride's brother's girlfriend does have some perks. You automatically level up and get to sit with all the tai lo's of the family. She wore a prom-like black dress that cost a bomb. Courtesy of her "crazy-over-her" boyfriend. LOL.

The bride looked amazing. I had lots to talk to girlfriends. So all in all, I enjoyed myself.

It was a good 2 days.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why I started blogging (again)

I love writing. Yes I do.

I like writing in the spur-of-the-moment, unplanned and unstructured. I write best when I'm not bound by any rules or structures. It's more fun writing off the cuff rather than writing like how they teach you in school.

Sometimes, I get this crazy impulse to start writing. And usually I write it in my private diary away from prying eyes. I still do write in my diary once in a while. But I miss blogging. There's a certain danger in writing openly that's so...fascinating.

And of course there are times when I don't feel like blogging anymore. The love for writing is still there, but just not in blog form. The more recognized your blog gets, the more insecure you get. And before you know it, you're writing for other people and not for yourself anymore.

So what turned out to be something you do for yourself, backfires on you at the end of the day. At least that's what happened to me. I think that's the number one reason for the deaths of all my previous blogs.

Mentality problem lah. So I've decided to be completely thick-skinned about this. Easy to talk only la I.

Anyway, mental issues aside...

After numerous discontinued blogs at different intervals of life, I figured that the secret to a prosperous, long-lived blog is inspiration. Good, healthy inspiration that's safe to be written about in public.

I'd describe my life back then as either too private to be blogged about or just bland. I don't even want to be reminded of what I do at home everyday. Cut the long story short, I was in exile. It feels so good to be out in the material world baby!

Back to the point.

My writing style

I like writing really, really long posts that will make you feel like never visiting my blog again. But, hey, it's my blog. The longer a post, the more satisfied I am. I'm evil like that. I don't really have a topic to write about. I just sit in front of the computer and start writing whatever that pops into my mind. Only after I'm done with writing a deliciously long post, do I start thinking about the topic.

I read a lot of stuff and lately, I've been reading a lot of blogs, partly because I've just started blogging again. And partly because I'm a hopeless busybody.

But I find that I've got to choose my reading material carefully or risk being influenced by other people's writing styles. I don't mind being influenced by people with amazing writing skills, but not those people with hopelessly broken english or a hopelessly emo life.

Blogs also have personalities. There was one time when I was so engrossed in reading this particular personal blog, that once I finally managed to tear myself away from the computer, I felt different. Like I was that person instead.

Much like a movie. If you can relate to a character deep enough, you'll find that you start acting like him or her soon enough. The effect didn't last too long on me. Good thing too.

So I make sure I don't read too many blogs for too long at one go, or risk suffering from multiple-personality disorder. Scary!

One blog I love reading though is Steve Pavlina's blog. It's about personal development. So it's very inspirational and positive. I always leave the site feeling good and optimistic. I like his writing style too. It's straight to the point and every post offers some new, different insight.

Which brings me to another matter...

Problems about personal blogs that it gets pretty mundane if you don't have anything interesting happening in life. Who wants to know that you just farted 12 seconds go? Not me. It's okay to blog about your fart that stinked like a gigantic skunk. But if you blog about farting everyday, the only thing people would want to do is fart in your face.

If you don't have a specific niche, and the only thing you can write about is what you had for breakfast, then good luck to you.

So I've decided that to prevent this blog from suffering the same fates of my other dead blogs, I won't only be writing about what I had for breakfast (kidding, I don't even take breakfast). I'll also be writing about other timeless topics that are not bound by what I do on a daily basis.

But the majority of my posts will be what I had for dinner lah.

And as much as I love writing long, wordy posts, I also enjoy long picture-filled posts. An alternation between long word posts and picture posts should be good.

Okay, I've finished crapping. And I hope that you managed to get to the end of this posts in one piece.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recap: Form 6 one and all

Form 6 is now just a memory. These 2 years have been all in all, a memorable one for everyone.

Friendships were made, some were broken. For me in particular, I've forged new friendships with people I can now call my best buds. Aquaintances I barely knew and old friendships have been rekindled. Those friendships that have been broken, I hope that someday, they'd be mended back again.

I'm going to miss all my friends.

Dedication to peeps who made my life in form 6 less dull:

Loges, Meitheng, Clarisse, Pushpa, Pohlee, Remy, Mok, Harsherin.
I call them the bio gang because most of them are from bio except me and Loges. They are a crazy fun bunch of people! Without them, 6th form would be boring.
A small bunch of people yet so much...drama. If you get what I mean. *wink wink*

I'm not in the picture since I'm the photographer. Not bad right I take?

Since Harsherin isn't in the above picture, I'll use this photo instead:

Another of my close friend, Angel, has been an amazing friend to me during these 2 years. We shared so many secrets together. We discovered boys, fashion and make-up together.

Now she's going to be working in a posh jewellery shop in KL. I'll miss those loooong walks from old town all the way to new town under the hot sun. When we started hanging out, we were just 2 pitiful girls with huge fat ass dreams. Now, we've come a long way from where we first started and our dreams have become from impossible to possible.

To my darling ex-KACSIANS: Sen Ee, Pick Yin and Hor Yan. I always have so much fun gossiping with you girls. HAHA.

To Nanthini, I know what somethings are better left unsaid, but I hope that things will work out between you and everybody else. But know that you're always my friend.
And can you believe it that I've reunited with so many of my national service friends right here in form 6?

Jeng Haur (I only got to know we were in the same camp after I entered form 6), Jia Mei, Ah Kheong, Yang Yie (he attended for half a year) and Sen Ee.

So many right? Crazy or what?

And of course I didn't forget my genius classmates. I'm going to write a post specially about them soon but not here. It's going to be a long one!
If I were to list everyone out here, I'd take all day. You all know who you are.

Besides friendship, romance was in the air too. Some relationships that were believed to last a long time were broken. While unlikely match-ups became realities.

Some relationships were started in 6th form and ended then too... O.O

Sigh...So many of my friends have found new loves throughout 6th form. We're all growing up. *sniff*

I've compiled a list of photos of couples. Just because I like to see happy couples of people I know. Makes me feel like life is a romantic fairytale.

The "Famous" couple:

This one a lot of drama lah, but I'm happy that at the end of the day, the boy got the girl. Heehee...

The "Newly-weds" couple:

So sweet kan?

The " sweet" couple:

I know Nick is not in 6th form, but Abbie and Nick have been together for a long time. They look so cute together, I just had to include them.

Harsherin also pergi couple dah this year. But I don't have her dude's picture.

Meitheng + Mr *ahem* = love perhaps? LOL.

To thenga: Please don't kill me. Mr *ahem* could mean anybody yeah? I'm not aiming at anybody specific. LOL. (I'm a very bad liar)

Don't you just like seeing happy couples especially if they're your friends? I do.

So many couples among a small group of people in form 6 alone lah. Can set record like this la.

So, Form 6 = Happy Ending for everyone!

p.s. I wanted to write about my classmates later in the day, but I'm too exhausted right now. So I'll write it tomorrow lah.

My 6-day goals after STPM


Phew, that took a lot of energy.

My life can now officially begin.
I'm gonna start by listing out some small goals I'd like to achieve before taking off to Genting by the 22nd this month which is in 6 days time. I figured if I put my goals out in the open, I'll be more motivated to get them done.

So here's a list of those goals.

1. Get bangs a.k.a. a fringe.

I'm bored with my Azula hairstlye with the long front hair(you know, Zuko's evil sister in the Last Airbender, the cartoon).

If I were to tie my hair up in a pony tail or bun while letting my front hair down, I'll look too casual for work purposes. I'm aiming for a soft, light and textured look as opposed to "blocky" bangs with razor straight edges.

These pictures might give you an idea about the kinda bangs I'm aiming for:

Dunno why, but there's a really big celebrity-bangs craze right now.

The last time I had proper bangs was way back when I was in primary school. So time for a change!

2. Lose weight

As of the 16th of December, I weigh BLANK. Haha. No way am I gonna reveal my weight. Anyway, I don't even know what my weight is now. Gonna weigh myself later in the day.

Whatever my weight right now is, I aim to lose at least 2 pounds or 1 kg in 6 days. No problem la, aiya. I've been eating two main meals a day for the past month, that is lunch and dinner. I'll be keeping up that practice.

Sometimes I have snacks between lunch and dinner, and also after dinner which is usually a glass of milk or some kinda cream soup...or ice-cream *gasp*. I don't eat breakfast. Don't find the need to since I feel more energetic if I don't stuff myself the first thing in the morning.

I need to cut down on the amount of milk I drink though. I love chocolate milk but it's kind of fattening if consumed too much. I can gulp down like 3 glasses in one sitting. But mad meh. I won't do that even though I'm very tempted to.

During the past exam-week, I drank an average of 2 glasses of chocolate+fresh milk a day. I think that amount is adequate if I want to maintain my weight. Problem is during that time, I hardly moved around.

Also, when I was studying, I was constantly thinking about my next meal break. So there were days when I ate more than I needed to. Combined with lack of movement, I was either remaining stagnant or gaining weight.

It seems that most of my friends claim that they gain weight during the exam season, but contrary to what some of my friends do, I wasn't constantly munching on something. Thank god, if not I'd have easily gained 2 to 3 kgs. So it's safe to say that even if I did gain weight, I don't think it was much.

But the point is, I still haven't reached my ideal weight yet. If I want to lose weight, I'm going to have to cut down to a glass of milk a day and move around a lot more often. And I'll have to cut down on after lunch or dinner snacks too. That means I have to keep myself busy enough to take my mind off food.

I don't think that will be a problem after STPM because I'll be busy hanging out with friends, baking cakes with my sister, working out, surfing the net or watching dramas online. I can spend hours on those things and not think about food. Losing weight should be a cinch.

If I get to a weight I'm happy with (not my IDEAL weight, but a figure I'm satisfied with), then I'll post my weight here in the open before leaving for Genting. If I don't achieve what I'm happy with, then don't dream.

3. Jog daily

Yes, everyday! No lah. Joking. Some evenings I won't be free. And I'm not a morning person. So no morning workout sessions.

But for those days where I'm free (and fully-awake) in the evenings, I am so going to work my butt off for at least an hour. Combined with all-out toning and stretching exercises, I am almost guaranteed of going to Genting with aches all over.

I think I'm going to enjoy those evening sessions as I haven't managed to get in a good, all out workout during the last one month. The must-have thing when jogging though is good music and a sane brain.

Sometimes, I have a tendency to slack. So to make sure I get those goals completed, I'm going to make small daily-goal notes and stick them up on my desk where I can see them. For example, my day 1 post-it note may go something like this:

  • complete a one-hour jog this evening

  • no milk for today!
  • etc..

And for every task I complete, I just cross it off my list. It's satisfying to see how many things I've accomplished throughout the day by looking at my post-it notes at the end of each day.

So now I'm equipped with a strategy that's loaded, I'll update you all on the 22nd about this again.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our December

I'm so glad you made time to see me. I haven't seen you in a while.

The past one week, I haven't been sleeping. Studying late and keeping small talks short with you. When your messages come, I leave them unanswered for hours.

We've been good but priorities took our time away from each other.

The first one month together saw fear creeping into my mind. Probably because I was scared to lose what we have.

It turns out I've got a good thing here. I've learned to trust you and your ways. When I think of you, I dream of the day where we could just be us.

I'm glad we have time for each other now. When I think of you, I dream of the day where we could just be us.

When the nights are quiet, I go back to those beautiful moments with you. When you're holding my hand, I smile.

Realized I loved you when we're apart. I miss your tan skin and sweet smile. Your charming personality and the way you tease me.

I still remember that cold September night, the first time we opened up to each other. Everything was magical after that.

I'm so glad what we have now is not a figment of my imagination.

I wouldn't change a thing.

My December won't be so lonely anymore.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another exam blue update

Slept at nearly 4am last night trying to cram up as much knowledge as I possibly can into that dangerously small space left in my brain. I woke up at 10.30 am. I wanted to wake up at 12pm lah. Why am I waking up so early considering the inhuman time I slept at last night?

I am now officially an owl. Who am I? I'm Owl-girl.

That was lame.

Now it's 3 something in the afternoon and I'm not studying yet. Actually, I planned to study for 1 hour before lunch. Only 20 minutes into my study session and my baby sister was crying and screaming for god-knows-why.

And there I was upstairs trying my very best to unravel the mysteries of probabilities while fighting the urge to kick my sister into the jungle opposite my house. I think I sprouted a fresh new batch of grey hair back there.

So not surprising that my morning study session lasted a little less than 30 minutes.

Point is, I don't do afternoon sessions. I just can't focus during that time. I guess it's the same for most of us. In the afternoons, we're not as alert as compared to morning and night times.

Thank the sweet lord that maths exam tomorrow starts at 2pm. So I still have time to do a few more last minute questions before being quarantined in the exam hall for 3 hours of pure bliss.

Update: It's now 5 something in the evening. Took an hour break from the computer and I'm back at it now.

Since I have nothing else better to do (actually I have. that is to study...duh. but I'm gonna save that for the owl in me later at night) and since I'm obsessed with food, I shall tell you what I had for lunch.

I had a bowl of instant noodles with tofu. Then I had several scoops of vanilla ice-cream with choco+fresh milk.

My sister is now in the process of baking a chocolate cake. She says her cake is going to taste better than mine. But I think not!

If I have the time, I shall post the picture of her very ugly cake here.

I'm not sticking to the topic at hand. So let me return to writing about exam blues.

Truth is, I'm sick of writing about exams already. I'm also sick of seeing other people update their facebook status on exams. So as the saying goes, "like attracts like." So I shall stop whining about exams before I turn into a naggy, old, unhappy woman.

But hey, there's only another 3 days to go! 3...more...days...

I'm going to update my facebook status now. So that's the end of this exam-blue post. And I promise, for the greatest good of all, that this post shall be the LAST of my exam-blue posts.

The next post will be in the next 3 days. That's when I'll be completely free from exams!

See you in 3 days time!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My poor bank account

I'm not supposed to be blogging or even be sitting in front of the computer, but I really beh tahan with studying already! It's sucking up all my life energy lah! Really!

Okay lah, don't want to complain about studies anymore lah. aiyo. Let me complain about other things lah.

My bank account is very unstable. I've wasted a lot of money on way too many unnecessary things.

Like for example, I found out that the contact lens I blindly purchased online through my friend which cost RM90 (RM30 per pair) was way too "dramatic" for my liking. I actually wanted a very natural-brown colored contacts with an eye-enlargement effect.

I saw my friend wearing them the other day and it looked nice on her. I guess it's because I'm used to seeing her wear bold-colored contacts while I'm not used to seeing myself wear them. So my fault lah because one man's food maybe another man's poison (forgot the exact words but who cares).

I tried wearing one pair out the other day but I don't know why, my eyes kinda rejected it. They got all teary and stingy when I was putting the contacts on.

When I finally managed to get the contacts on properly, the colors were way I looked like I had a cat's eye. And that was with just one side of the contacts on. So I couldn't be bothered with putting on the other side. Although they were brown (at least they're not blue or something), it was the very light kind of brown. My natural eye color is a much darker shade of brown.

I guess some people might think it looks nice but I'm not used to wearing such "bold" colors, especially since I'm going to be wearing it daily to work. I don't mind wearing the "cat eye" contacts to clubs or parties, but not on a daily basis.

Anyway, the point is, I should have just gotten a pair first and tried it out before splurging on all 3 pairs. I was too naive to believe that all brown colors equates natural-looking eyes. How was I to know that some brown colored contacts could be so bold?

Last time, I purchased a pair of really nice, dark brown-colored contacts which really "opened" up my eyes yet looked natural enough for me at Peking Optical in Kampar. Problem was, they cost RM50 per pair! But there's no denying that those contacts were good and comfy.

I bought those contacts a few months back, so they've expired since. Although those were really pretty, I wanted a cheaper alternative to wear in Genting . I guess I don't have a choice now but to spend RM50 to get a pair of those same contacts again. There's no way I'm going to wear the contacts I bought online to work. At least not yet or until I've mustered up enough courage to wear them to work lah.

Moving on.

Things that I still need to buy:
  1. A pair of brown-colored contacts (already mentioned)
  2. Another pair of heels (the pair I bought wasn't very comfortable)
  3. Jeans and long-Ts

All these could easily come up to another RM200. What's more. I'm already on a tight budget. Sigh. If I spent carefully before this, I could have easily saved up a few hundred bucks.

Truth is, I had quite a lot to start off with, and if I spent wisely and wasn't influenced to buy so many unnecessary things that I was made to believe were necessary, I'll have more than enough money to cover my first month expenses and still be able to have fun with friends before going to Genting.

Actually, I should go to my mum for advice when it comes to things like this. She's experienced and although her taste is more to practicality rather than to looks, it's much better than those I bought.

Right now, I've set aside an amount of money that I estimate will cover 1 and a half months up in Genting comfortably enough until I get my first paycheck. But that's that. I won't be able to spend too much with my friends before going anymore. Sad. I hope to get extra pocket money loh.

Once I've stabilised my bank account, I vow to spend only when necessary and trust my instincts when it comes to personal stuff.

I still want to get a good camera to post pictures on this blog. Before purchasing anything that has got to do with gadgets and computers, I'm going to seek advice from dad first. I don't want to make another poor investment, especially when it comes to something as big as cameras.

Honestly speaking, whether you like it or not, parents are the best people to seek advice from.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maths T1 finished!

Yeah! Done with maths T1. One down, two to go.

Right now, I don't know what to feel. I'm happy yet unhappy. How paradoxical. Pfttt.

I'm happy because...

This is the first time I actually know how to do most of the questions in a maths T1 test! Before this, when I looked at the paper, I didn't even know what I was supposed to do. Pathetic.. Ok, maybe I did have a slight inkling on what to do, but just enough to prevent me from getting an egg.

And this is the first time I was feeling on a roll during the test. No more aimlessly blinking down on my paper and trying to work out something non-existent on my answer sheet. I'm confident in getting those marks (update: Not really feeling confident now. Just feeling blank. I'm careless by nature, so I really hope I kept my carelessness to a minimum during the test).

Not bad considering that I only studied "intensively" (not really lah) for 2 days. I just did 3 sets of papers and during the past 2 days and I'm surprised maths is surprisingly easy if you put your heart to it. But I don't think that 2 days is enough for an A. I mean, you know how lazy I've been. Studying what takes a year in 2 days is quite an accomplishment. And I'm not a monk.

Okay. Finished self-praising *ahem*

But, but seriously, this is the only paper that I've ever taken in my whole form 6 that I really know how to do. Let's just hope that the results show it.

Of course there were 2 or 3 questions in which part of it I did not know how to do. But compared to previous maths T1 papers in which I totally left out 5 to 6 questions, and gave up on a few parts of another 3 to 4 questions, this paper is a stark improvement for me.

And now on to why I'm unhappy...

I left out the last question because there wasn't enough time! And that question carried a helluva lot of marks! But after handing my paper, I found out that the last question was peanuts! The first part of that question carried 6 marks! 6 free marks! So goddamn easy but I didn't do it just because I didn't even bother looking at that question! *smacks head*

Aargh! Another factor was that I didn't have any more answer sheets so I couldn't even do a final, last push scribble for that question. It would be stupid to be asking for more blank papers 3 minutes before time up. I'd have to wave my hand and wait for the examiner to spot me, and then slowly walk towards me. 1 minute gone like that lah.

And for those questions that I did manage to do, not all are going to be correct. Duh.

But still, now I'm optimistic in getting a CGPA of more than 3.33 for maths (update: just checked with my friend and found out that I actually lost a lot of marks. what is this, man! aiyo, I'll be very happy with a 3.00CGPA now. please lah gimme a 3.00 CGPA). 3.33 CGPA is damn low, I know. But considering that I'v never really studied in my whole form 6, that kind of CGPA would really boost my morale.

So I've got to work hard in maths T2 now that I've proven what 2 days and a few sets of papers can do to my maths T1 performance. Maths T2 is in approximately 5 and half days counting today. I'll have more time to prepare for this so-called "tougher" paper (why is maths T2 considered more difficult? Same what. Both also tough if you don't study, both also easy if you study and you're not stupid. I don't get it.)

Mission for the next 5 days: Do as many sets of T2 papers as possible!!!

Important self-note for T2: after being allowed to open the paper on exam day, immediately skim through the whole bloody paper so I don't miss out an easy peasy question at the back. Once bitten, twice shy! And! Ask for extra sheets of normal paper from the start so I don't panic at the end.

If I can pull off a high score in T2, my chances of getting A for my maths paper will skyrocket. Only thing is, they have this thing that if the first paper is easy, the second one will be tough. Oh, to hell with that. I'm not going to let it scare me.

I sorely need as high a CGPA as possible to cover my poor performance in chemistry.

Oh yeah. Talking about chemistry, I've got chem paper 1 as my last paper 2 days after T2. Paper 1 carries a small portion of marks compared to paper 2 but it's more detailed and leans towards calculation. I hope to collect as many marks as possible from this paper although I'm not feeling very optimistic about paper 1. I haven't seen past year questions on this paper yet.

Maybe I'll get a book complete with explanatory answers tomorrow. My timing on purchasing revision books is impeccable. But thank the sweet, sweet, sweeet lord that I'm assured of at least 9% from practical work a.k.a. paper 3 done throughout the school year. So that leaves me to collect 30% more from paper 1(got hope) and 2(no hope).

And to boost my mood for today, a simple "8 more days to go!" would suffice.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merdeka for SPM candidates! (well, almost)

Here I am on a lazy, hot wednesday afternoon just after having a chocolate Sundae. Which means: No dinner!

Let me digress from the topic at hand first while I rant about my weight. Oh wait. I'm not supposed to think negatively about my body.

Okay, so anyway, my form 5 bro has just finished his biology paper today and as far as he's concerned, SPM is over and done with! I mean, not entirely. He's still got one last paper next wednesday, but it's EST. Who studies for EST? It's like sitting for another normal english paper.

I am so jealous! He can basically start holidaying already!

I mean, I've still got maths tomorrow and another maths paper the following tuesday. And my last paper is chemistry next thursday. Gah! 3 more tough papers to go!

Never mind. 9 more days! I can do it!

I think I'm really going to enjoy my holidays. The past exam-filled weeks have been tough, tough, tough. You know the feeling when you're denied something you desire for so long, then when your desire has finally manifested, you tend to treasure that thing even more than before?

Well, that's how I feel now. The feeling of being free from studies seems so near yet so far. And I'm definitely going to appreciate my time after exams. I aim to make the best use of it.

Since I'm in no mood to study just yet, I'm going to take some time and list down a few simple pleasures of life I'm planning to do right after STPM:

  • Sift through and download nice Korean songs, especially those from K-dramas. I'm listening to one of the theme songs from the K-drama Delightful, Choon Hyang. Brings back "aww..." moments. Great song if you're in love! *lovesss*

  • Go out with school buddies. It has been sooo long since we went out for an after-school yumcha session. Wee~ I hope we can work out a trip to Ipoh together too. Girlfriends and I never had an outing to Ipoh in which all of us could make it. It's going to be so fun and I want to take as many pictures as possible cuz I don't know when we can see each other again.

  • Go jogging everyday. Yeah! I kinda miss my jogging sessions. When you're jogging alone in the evenings and admiring the scenery with good music playing, you tend to just jog on and on. Especially when I'm free of exams, I can just spend an hour or two just being with myself and clearing my mind. And I could really lose like 4-5 pounds before I go to Genting. With exams going on, I can't really enjoy my jog cuz I'm busy feeling guilty.

  • Watch some good cantonese dramas online. It's been a long time since I watched tvb dramas. That's because I don't really watch tv cuz there's no astro. But I really need to improve my chinese since I'm dealing with customers for my job. Anyway, I kinda enjoy watching dramas, so I won't mind switching K-dramas with TVB-dramas. So long as the leading characters are good-looking ;)

  • Go on Ipoh-movie dates and just spend time with JB without both of us having to worry about the next paper. It's been 2 months since we went to Ipoh! I miss those times. Boo...Due to exams, we haven't properly spent time together. It's been sporadic. Short dinner dates don't count. So we've definitely earned our post-exam time yea.

I planned to visit my relatives and grannies in KL before going to Genting. But it seems that I've got to cancel my plans since I've got to conserve cash because I think I'm only going to get paid at the end of January next year.

So I've got to spend wisely for the first one and a half months. I'll definitely be visiting them after I get my first salary (!)(the very thought of earning money excites the hell out of me). And then do some freaking serious KL shopping. Woohoo!

Hmm...blogging does help me release stress. So it's already 6 something in the evening. Guess I'd better hit the showers (I'm sweaty. Blame the weather!) and then do another set of past year papers.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Of STPM and lessons learnt


Yesterday, I received an unofficial PA 1 answer scheme from ah Chai. So I checked my answers and I only got 42 or 43 marks out of 60!

That's frigging low compared to the rest of my classmates who are easily scoring about 50 marks! I have to admit the paper was pretty easy. The calculation part was kid's stuff but can you believe it that I got 2 wrong out of 15 from that part? Damn! I can't afford mistakes like this in STPM. What is wrong with me?

And for the other parts, if I just spent a little more time on my books the day before, I could have easily picked up 3 or 4 more marks. That's 5 or 6 more marks! I am so annoyed.

I mean this is STPM! Sigh. I'm hoping to get an A- for PA which carries 3.67 CGPA points. I expected an A but with my attitude towards exams right now, I don't think I can expect that high anymore.

I feel STPM is definitely my worst performance out of all my big exams I've ever taken in my life. I've never had such a laidback attitude when it came to major exams, except for STPM.

I started losing interest in studies right as I entered form 6. So excuses like chess tournaments or friends or whatever don't apply here. It's just me.

It's maybe cuz I'm growing up, moving on and having other interests that lie elsewhere. I don't even know what I want to be when I grow up. Career-wise I mean.

Actuatlly not having a so-called "future ambition" that doesn't bother me because I don't mind being inspired as I go through life.

But I have to admit that I do regret not taking my studies seriously during the past 1 and a half years in 6th form. If I were a little bit more hardworking. That could make all the difference.

Oh well, what's done is done. At least I've learnt something from this. Don't slack or procrastinate, expecially in studies. You'll regret it when the results come out.

For me, maybe because I'm used in getting straight As for all my previous big exams, all the fun and laziness over the past 1 and a half years just wasn't worth it anymore.

Getting my STPM results next year may be a blow to my self-esteem *touch wood* Now, I just aim to get above 3.00 CGPA. And I'll also be very grateful if I passed my chemistry.

I just have to move on with life and take this STPM experience as a lesson. That is:

Do the best you can in anything you do!

Looking at the positive side of past one and a half years:
  1. I made lots of new friends in form 6 from other schools. For example, Pei Yuan, Sentosa, Seri Kampar and Malim Nawar.
  2. Some acquaintances and former schoolmates I knew have now become my real bosom buddies!
  3. I represented Malaysia in the Olympiad in Russia for the first time ever! I experienced snow although it was very light.
  4. I got my National Women Master (NWM) title!
  5. I got my motor license. Wee~
  6. I went out for the most yumcha sessions with friends in these 1 and a half years out of my whole life.

Parents have given me the most freedom I've ever had since coming back from National Service and starting from this year, I experienced a very substantial increase in pocket money to spend. So yes, it has been fun this year.

There're many, many more positive stuff and the list could just go on and on. But I don't want to reveal all. Suffice to say, 6th form has been a pleasureable experience, minus the studying part. Yeah, my fault.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've always wanted perfectly straight teeth ever since i um...well, grew up and started getting all self-vain. I'm not saying that I have horribly crooked teeth, but it could do with some improvement. Good, white teeth equates a dazzling, hollywood smile.

I mean, look at Vanessa Hudgens's smile. It's gorgeous! A perfect smile is always a valuable asset.

Her laugh is so sweet. Problem is, to have perfect teeth is not something you can control.

It's fustrating like that. If you were overweight, you can always hit the gym and go on a diet. If you have bad skin, there are tons of skincare products, facials and treatments all lined up. Eat well too and you're on your way to healthy skin.

What I'm trying to say is getting a hot bod and glowy skin is something we can fix ourselvesand isn't 100% controlled by genetics.

But if you have bad teeth, there's nothing much you can do. If you have the money the only alternative would be to go for braces and suffer in them for like 2 years.

But seriously, even if I had a ton of money in my bank account, I'd still hesistate to go for braces. I'm 19 and I don't want to ruin my prime age of 20 and 21 by prancing around with braces.

Let's say you're on a date and you want to kiss after dinner, then how? Bits and pieces of food will definitely be sticking out of your braces. It'll get awfully embarassing. I'm just saying.


I came across a post from Xiaxue's blog about this product called INVISALIGN that straightens and corrects your teeth just like braces but they're INVISIBLE!

How cool is that. I want!

If you want to read her post about Invisalign, it's all here.

Her post is way more interesting than mine cuz hers is filled with really pretty and glossy pictures. And she really did her research on it not to mention she's a living testimony of the product.

I wish I could do a full-fledged post like that but I'm not really in the position for now because I'm in the middle of STPM a.k.a. no time (why am I even blogging. I should be studying.)

I also am lacking in a good camera. It's no fun taking pics with some cheapalak camera with the pictures coming out all grainy and blur. I'm thinking of getting a camera when I get my first month salary from my Genting job at the end of January but that's for another post.

Anyway, back to the story:

If I had the money, I am definitely going for Invisalign!

It's invisible, removable and gives you a set of glamorous teeth that makes your smile look like Angelina Jolie's. Even smiling close-lipped looks sexy cuz her teeth are properly aligned.

The length of treatment is around 6-15 months but you can take them off when you're eating and stuff. It doesn't need to be on 24/7.

But the main factor that attracts me the most (and I'm sure many people out there) is that it's INVISIBLE. I don't need to smile close-lipped or watch my laugh or anything with them on. It's like a second skin!

Invisalign pretty much is like a magical product that boosts one's confidence. Unlike braces where the journey to beauty is filled with lots of ugliness, Invisalign is a straight road to the swan phase :)

The down side is it cost $6-$8k. Converted to RM and it'll give you a very high figure. Obviously there will be payments in installments and blah blah blah. But I couldn't care less about it right now.

Xiaxue did hers in Singapore at Orchard Scotts Dental. So if you're really desperate for straight teeth right now and have the money, you can go there. I don't know if they do Invisalign in Malaysia. You can do your own research.

Basically Invisalign is god-sent for those who are at their young adult stage who want to fix their teeth without being obvious.

I'm definitely putting Invisalign on my list of desires. Whether my wish come true is all up to me :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

About Genting and Netbooks

I scoured the internet on forums about Genting job experiences since I'm going up there soon and most of the genting ex-staff and current staffs said that it gets pretty boring up there. They claim that it's a bit monotonous with the entertainment. Movies, bowling, themepark, snooker and that's that.

What? I don't get them. That's practically heaven! I don't mind having to "monotonously" pass my time like that. And what about the cable carts and the breathtaking sceneries and the cold walks in the misty night? What about clubs and the crazy lights and blaring music?

And the thought of being cooped up in a shopping mall for 3 or 4 months does nothing to turn me off. Maybe because I'm a hardcore shopahalic :) And I'm very excited at the prospect of spending Christmas in Genting with friends! Me loves!

I mean Genting is a Resort Theme Park! Hello! Well, maybe it could get pretty boring if a person doesn't have friends or a partner. Or because you don't have enough money. Well then that's what we're up there for. The money right? ;)

Or the working hours are just too darn long, so much so that you won't have any energy left at the end of the day. Which doesn't have anything to do with the so-called minimal amount of entertainment there. It's more like the maximum amount of energy a person has in a day.

I don't think I can comment much about it because I haven't experienced anything yet. Whatever it is, it's definitely better than staying at home and mopping the kitchen floor. And I aim to make it a magical time up there!

Still, I wanna get a lappy not just because of the possiblity of feeling bored up there, but because I just want to get a laptop I can call MY OWN.

Preferably I'd like to get a netbook cuz I reckon I'll be carrying it around. And make it a pink one at that. But the only pink-colored lappies that I like were Vaio laptops. And the Vaio brand is a bit too far out of my budget. RM2500 is not in my budget.

So today I went through the papers and a really cute white and pink acer netbook caught my eye.


Yes, as the name suggests itself, it does make me happy. And it sounds so cute!

I'm a girl who loves pink, attention and pastels, so I'm definitely in love with the sweet Candy Pink version.

Best thing about acer notebooks are that they're affordable unlike the Vaio brand.

The newspaper stated a price of RM1299 only. See? So affordable. The specifications are quite good too. I'm not a heavy gamer. I usually download and listen to songs, blog, facebook and normal surfing around the net. That's pretty much it. Light surfing doesn't require too high a spec.
Specifications (base version)

Manufacturer: Acer
Model name: Aspire One Happy
CPU type: Intel Atom N550
CPU speed: 1500 Mhz
Graphics: Intel GMA 3150
OS: Windows 7 Starter
Display Size: 10.1" 1024 X 600
RAM: 1024 MB
Hard Disk: 250 GB
Keyboard: YES
Mouse Pointer: YES
Weight: 1250gm / 44.1 oz.
Size (w/h/d mm): 259/23/185 mm
Size (w/h/d inches): 10.2/0.9/7.3

So far, reviews about it are pretty encouraging. I won't be buying it immediately. I'm gonna go up there and experience life netbook-less for a week or so before decing to buy it. I mean, what if it's terribly difficult to locate a wifi-zone or I just don't have the time to go surfing due to extreme busy-ness? Just saying.
But sooner or later, I'm gonna get this baby, whatever the conditions are in Genting.

Friday, December 3, 2010

About life right now.

Hey! Me first post. Ok, let's get started.

It's 3.22 in the afternoon at the time I'm starting to write this. It's the rainy season so I'm kinda feeling chilly right now. Nice, cuz I'd choose cold, chilly afternoons over lazy, hot afternoons any day.

I'm feeling fidgety. I'm in the middle of STPM. I should be studying PA right now. But it's bo-ring. Very boring.

I've been doing maths instead although PA is on Monday, which means a day and a half from today. It's like I'm being forced into this "collect as many CGPA points as you can!" game that I'm not the slightest bit remotely interested in.

Maths is fine although I suck in it. And that's just because I'm pure lazy. But right now, with the first maths paper on the 6th, I don't have a choice but to study. But whatever it is, maths is like 10x more interesting than PA.

You know what? When you're living in a house that's always in "party" mode due to, I don't know, the sheer number of residents at home or maybe the very young age group prancing around the whole day, you'll find it a tad bit difficult to study. That's an understatement.

Cut the long story short, I can't wait till it's over and done with. 12 more days to go~ Woohoo!

Once this whole episode is over, I am sooo free! I'll have approximately 6 days to totally go crazy before leaving for Genting for my first ever job! And yes, I've never "worked" before and I'm looking forward to it.

Aaah...Which means I need to snap out of my day dreaming and start on the Dasar-Dasars of PA. Back to reality.