Tuesday, January 3, 2017



So today is 03.01.2017. I know this is a bit old-school but my first post is you guessed it, resolutions.

I think its really important to have resolutions or goals to look forward to and strive to achieve in life. Isn't that what life is about? :)

This year I shall resolve to:


I always have a tendency to not hear people out and interrupt them with my thoughts. And this attribute also lends to me making hasty and impulsive decisions.

So whenever I find myself in that situation, I resolve to STOP, BREATHE IN AND OUT SLOWLY, THINK and DECIDE WHETHER MY INPUT IS ACTUALLY VALUABLE TO THE HUMAN RACE *god sometimes i just need to learn to keep my mouth closed*


This point ties in a bit with point 1. My brain is constantly on overdrive.  Like it's always jumping around with ideas and things I want to say and do ALL AT ONCE. It is a boon at times (when it comes to getting inspiration and motivation) but when it comes to actually executing the plans I have and sticking to them on a daily basis, this is where I fail miserably.

Consistency literally applies to all aspects of your life: fitness goals, diet goals, whatever other goals you want to achieve.

I've been reading and watching a lot on productivity recently and for me, having a planner is super important because I get to jot down my plans and goals.

After setting out your goals, plan out how you are going to achieve those goals. Break them down to into small steps and do those steps consistently until they become ingrained in you. Goals change you, because you mould yourself to how you envision yourself when those goals are reached. You're gonna love the results ;)


Yes THIS is so important. I've been guilty of the above way too many times. But that shall CHANGEEE.

Because I really believe that the more we complain and rehearse about how bad a certain someone is or how bad your day was or how nothing is going right with life, the more the Universe will give you those kinds of unwanted experiences.

I know it's really tough to stop complaining especially since sometimes you just feel down in the dumps and all you wanna do is rant. On and on and on, to every single soul you meet, every day. We have to realise how dangerous that is because we're hard wiring those negative thoughts into our belief system.

I think ranting for a bit is okay. But after that, it's so important to STOP and move on.

One way to kill this habit is to just force a ban on certain topics that strike a bad chord in you and START telling a NEW story on what you would actually like to happen instead.What you look forward to in life etc.

Write affirmations and ALWAYS practice self-love. Never put yourself down or blame yourself because, damn you're worth it. Know that and embrace the fact that you are on the way to activating ALL that you were made to be.

So, I resolve to stop talking and rehearsing OLD stories and start CREATING NEW stories.

*  *  *

Whatever happened in 2016 has passed. This year, let's make it the best year of our lives :)

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