Sunday, September 7, 2014


This is going to be my first post in September. Okay, I know I've been on a hiatus for about 2 weeks+ but that's because there has been so much going on! I can't spill the exact deets here but this is what I CAN say.

I got a good paying job that I did not expect to, found a prime location to stay at that I did not expect to and experienced talking to people that I did not expect to.

Suffice to say, everything fell into place like a friggin' jigsaw puzzle. That phrase never felt more true.

So I'll be starting work next month and right now, I am just concentrating on leveling up whatever skills I have.

Something I'm really excited about is that I can finally shop for stuff for my new room. WEEEEEEE! I have gone through an internship before but the feeling is TOTALLY different now. Now, I can have MY OWN room, a proper salary, prospects of getting a car... bla bla bla.

Aaaahhh, I'm so excited!

Oh and today is Mid-autumn festival! Gonna go eat some mooncakes at boyfie's house! BYEEEEE!

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