Friday, August 8, 2014


Kong Kong, if you're reading this, your grandson is now in Norway representing Malaysia in the Olympiad :D

If you're wondering who that ang moh dude is, he's the current World Champion... and my suitor :P


AND KONGKONG, this granddaughter of yours just officially completed her studies today!!! I received my results a few hours ago and I PASSED both my final papers! THAT MEANS I HAVE FINALLY PASSED ALL MY PAPERS! I'm an ACCA Affiliate!!!


I seriously was this close to having a mental breakdown last night. I was that nervous. MY GOD. You don't know how scared I was. The stakes were really high. Receiving the results this time round no joke man because I was only ONE STEP away from completing my studies. Just one fail would mean another 6 months of time, energy and money.

Phew. Best news of the year to date. I'm a free person now :D

But I tell you first ah, having so much nervous energy pent up in me this whole time got me sick. Having the flu now. Lol.

Ok that's all. Will try to update more frequently now that I've got a clearer mind.


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