Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: OST Original Pure Vitamin C Serum

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This year, I've started incorporating serums into my skincare routine and I actually find serums really effective - especially since I'm already in my 20s (ahem). For me, serums are that extra powerful dose of goodness that provides a concentration of vitamins targeted at specific skin conditions. 

Applying my serum is the step I look forward the most in my skincare routine because I just find they give the most noticeable results.

My previous (and first) serum was the Nutox Oxyfusion Serum Concentrate - a hydrating and firming serum - which I really really enjoyed using. Highly recommended. The serum helped improve my skin texture and skin tone. 

So just as I was finishing that serum up, Natta Cosme approached me with a vitamin C type of serum - the OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 serum.

This serum is a very popular vitamin C serum from Korea. The brand is from a company in Korea called Wishtrend.

The O.S.T. serum is one of the more popular serums on the Wishtrend site garnering a lot of good feedback. It also claims to be a best-selling item in Singapore and Japan's e-commerce.

Wishtrend also have a YouTube channel called Wishtrend TV where they talk about Korean beauty trends and skincare. I've been subscribed to their channel for quite some time. So when Nattacosme gave me a chance to review this product, I immediately jumped at it.

Now, you don't have to order this product all the way from Korea because Natta Cosme, one of Malaysia's leading online beauty sites is selling this exact product!

It comes in a small darkened glass bottle and a dropper packed separately. Vitamin C is easily oxidized when exposed to sunlight and air. That is why the glass is darkened. Also, make sure you store it away from direct sunlight.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that's found in citrus fruits like oranges, limes and guavas. It has been widely known to brighten the skin's complexion, heal acne, remove blackheads and fade dark spots or scars.

Exactly what I need! I have quite a few dark spots on my right cheek, no thanks to a bout of acne that struck me last year. So I was very excited to try it out to help fade my spots.

When I first opened the bottle and tried out the serum with a dropper, the serum was transparent in color. After squeezing a few drops from the dropper onto my palm, I noticed that the leftover serum in the dropper started looking a little bit yellowish. 

That meant slight oxidation had taken place. I don't think you can really prevent oxidation because the very act of opening the bottle and using the dropper introduces air into the vitamin C concentration.

Enough talk. Now to my experience.

I use it at night because during the day, I'm exposed to sunlight. I'm not exactly sure whether you will experience any bad side effects from using it during the day, but I thought that using it at night would be the most effective. So there.

Vitamin C is acidic. I experienced a slight tingling sensation upon applying the serum. Nothing unbearable. If you have sensitive skin, well it could really sting. But for combination skin types like me, the tingling effect is not a problem. 

It finishes off to a slightly tacky finish so make sure to pat it in thoroughly. But I don't mind the tackiness because I enjoy patting it in and after applying my moisturizer, any remaining tackiness goes away anyway.

I've noticed that my face has brightened up and my scars have faded slightly. Good job! *pats back* I truly enjoyed using this serum, but to really get good skin you still have to watch what you eat, get adequate sleep and move about regularly. Good skincare are only like supplements to your lifestyle.

If you're looking to invest in a good affordable serum, this OST Vitamin C serum does the trick!


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Once again, thank you Natta Cosme for giving me the chance to try out this awesome product :)

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