Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner

Today I am FINALLY reviewing the very popular Miss Hana gel eyeliner. I bought this quite a while back from As of now, it's sold out there but you can check out other online shops like Nattacosme, HiShop etc.

This gel liner comes in 4 colors:

1 Night Black (without shimmer)
2 Galaxy Black (with shimmer)
3 Choco Brown (without shimmer)
4 Golden Brown (with shimmer)

I got mine in shade 1. I wanted shade 3 but it was sold out :(

Shade 1: Night Black

Claims to be water proof and smudge proof. I tested the claims on my sister and they passed :) GOOD! In Malaysia, cannot cannot afford to NOT be smudge proof. If not smudge proof, better don't wear at all. Because you will look like a badly beaten up raccoon within 10 minutes of stepping outside.

Swipe of Miss Hana gel liner
After being smudged and wiped with water.
Please ignore the fact that my sister's arms are particularly... hairy? I do not know why. It's not usually that hairy. Ew. =.=

Here's a before & after picture for comparison:

What I'll say about this gel liner in shade 1 is that it is VERY BLACK. I actually drew on the liner quite gently on my eyes but the color came out surprisingly pigmented. It glides on okay. Not as smooth as my Dollywink liquid liner (it is liquid after all duh) but not bad for a gel liner I think.

And because I am a true potato when it comes to make up, I find gel liners more forgiving than liquid liners. Also, I like the minimal make up look, so I do prefer tight-lining my eyes over the normal winged eye look. Gel liners are better for tight-lining in this aspect.

Where I bought:

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