Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mid Year Goals & my first mille crepe

I apologize for my sporadic half hearted blogging recently. Bah.

But today, I've suddenly gotten a bout of motivation. Might as well capitalize on it.

I contemplated opening a Dayre. It's a mobile blogging app. Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers seem to like this app, especially since Dayre is being used by top Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers.

The "number of followers" and "likes" features remind me of instagram. But instead of a single picture, it's of a blogpost. Very interactive.

I decided against it though because a Dayre post is limited to only 500 words. I find it just a little bit too inflexible for me. Also, I wanna keep this blog active and with another blogging app competing, this blog may go into obsolescence. And I want to set aside some free time for my "secret project" down below. HEEHEE.

Dayre. Maybe in the future. Who knows.

So since it's June, which is the middle of the year (and also for the love of nothing better to do), time to list down my MID YEAR GOALS! *awkward smile*


Drink more water
This one no need to say. Been getting sore throat lately due to the HOT HOT WEATHER. Air cond or no air cond, my throat is still parched every morning after I wake up. You there. Get off your seat, walk to your nearest drinking water source, and drink like a camel. Done? Okay, continue reading.

Start drawing and re-learning photoshop... again
Bah... what taking too long a break can do for you. If you remember, I used to doodle and color them using Photoshop. I stopped because it was too troublesome using a shared computer/lappie. And if you read my previous post, I put purchasing a new laptop on hold. So yeah. This can only start once I get my lappie :(.

Secret Project
Okay, this one interesting! I've been meaning to get down doing it for the longest time possible! I can't tell you what it is yet (HAHA) because I don't even know how it's going to pan out. And it still needs a lot of "learning" and... stuff. Really excited :D

Improve my Chinese 
Very sien lo this one. Always say wanna improve but never do anything about it. So yeah. I say it again. Someone teach me ah~ Stupid JB don't teach me one.


So that day went to Nadeje with JB and friends in PJ. It seems Nadeje is famous for its mille crepes.

MY FIRST EVER MILLE CREPE!!! Wait, is mille crepe the same as kek lapis? If it's not, then I repeat myself. MY FIRST EVER MILLE CREPE!!!

This one is the ORIGINAL flavor which I LIKE A LOT. YUMMY YUMMY. But cannot eat too much if not jelak. Look at those layersssss. SO good.

This one CHOCOLATE RUM. Quite tasty also!

This one is the MANGO YOGURT flavor which unfortunately, tasted... weird :( Blehhh.

If you wanna check Nadeje out:

Address: Dataran 3 Two Square, Jalan 19/1, Section 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours: Daily : 11:00am - 10:00pm.


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