Thursday, June 12, 2014


Mind block. Post exams and I'm bored. Don't know where my inspiration went. I need some form of motivation.

So my post exam life so far has been both enjoyable... and boring. 

After my exams, I wanted to start exercising again. BUT... IT'S BEEN HORRIFICALLY HOT LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS I TELL YOU. The last week has been dripping with heat. I can't even take a nap in the afternoon without waking up because of the heat.

I want to install an air cond unit in my room! Even my dad just yesterday installed one in his room. Although my mum has one in the master bedroom but never seems to use it because... better not say if not I get in trouble haha. How to exercise I tell you?

Remember I said I was planning to buy a laptop after my exams? I'm laying that thought off first because I have plans to go on a holiday. I'm doing all the research and planning for the holiday and although its just going to be a short holiday and not my first one, I'm scared because it's a... different case.

Now for a violent digression.

I am proud to say that I have already watched X-men, Edge of tomorrow and Maleficient. Because I deserve a treat. X-men and Edge of tomorrow was GOOD. I don't mind watching them again because they're that good. I especially enjoyed Edge of tomorrow :)

Maleficient on the other hand was boring as....

Maybe because I was watching it with my mum. Haha. Jokes.

Okay, a few problems I had with Maleficient.

*Spoiler alert* 

Why is the King so hell bent at killing Maleficient? Because she cursed his daughter? That's because you stole her wings you stupid. And if really the king loved his daughter so much, why did he send her away to live with 3 utterly incompetent fairies? Hahaha. The fairies are a joke. Not in the funny way, but in the unbelievably useless way. And after 16 years, Aurora returns. Guess what the King does. He hugs her briefly and locks her up in a room like she's some kind of property. 

Oh well, at least my baby sisters enjoyed it. I think. Hah.

Ah! One of my best buds just got engaged. No, not because she's preggo or anything, it's just... like that lah. Weirddd. Haha. But I'm still very happy for her. This whole getting hitched thing is all so new to me. Soon I'll be attending weddings. Not my parents' friends or relatives. But MY friends! Oh, oh. Age. 

OH OH OH. If ya know, I just ran my own little giveaway! IT WAS FUNNN. LET'S DO IT AGAIN :)))

Ok, I'm bored. Gonna go... do something. I don't even know what. 


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