Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pictures in Jan & Feb

As I have a horrible backlog of pictures in my phone, I decided to do a picture post this time for the months of January & February :)

2-month internship stint

So I had 2 close colleagues in the audit department where I worked in. Due to the nature of my work, I hardly got to see the other interns. So I was mainly hanging out with permanent staff, namely these 2 haha.

Trina :)

Ana :)

Laura is from the tax department but we still remained close throughout my intern period :)

On the last day, my seniors surprised me with this! You have no idea how touched I was :')

As it was my last day, my colleagues and I went to celebrate at Antipodean, Bangsar.

Bukit Putih hiking + waterfall

Meet up with Annilis

Attended mum's convocation in KLCC

Attended my aunt's colleague's wedding

There are more but the above is enough to remind myself as to why I need to get fairer HAHA.

I recently hauled quite a few things online. So I'm gonna do a review soon :))

And lately, I have been quite active on Instagram because... I don't know. If you haven't, follow me there! I'm Miyenfong over there :))


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