Sunday, April 13, 2014


I've been in such an impossibly foul mood the past week. Damn you PMS.

But my mood's gotten better 2 days ago because of my mom and a shopping trip to Ipoh. Yes, another mini shopping haul :)))

Funny thing is, about 4 days ago, I met up with my National Service buddies in Ipoh. And I didn't buy anything.

But it was a fun outing :D I already miss all of them! Next outing, Ipohmali friends come visit Kampar for a change :)


So the reason for another short post today is because I am panicking.

It is already mid April and I only have one and a half more months to go until EXAMSSS. I panic. The fact that it's the two last papers of my course makes it that more scary. It's like walking on a tight rope because I do not want to re-sit *touch wood*!!!!


I will study until 2am today!!!

Random: so today I find that fruits and sweet potatoes can only fuel me for a few hours before I start starving. How does one stay full with just fruits and vegetables? I cannot lah. I need my grains and flour goodness.

My brunch earlier today.

So I posted up this picture on instagram today and in all honesty, I thought that this picture was ugly. Haha. But I still got likes. Lol.

Last time fruits and vegetables could keep me content, but lately I've been eating small morsels at multiple intervals. Like many many many intervals. Like 10 times a day. But tiny morsels each time cuz my tummy shrank. Again. But my appetite got bigger.

Do I make sense to you? Cuz I don't know what I'm talking about.

So I treated my self with tom yam pan mee at 大家姐. THE BEST tom yam pan mee in the world! Merlin enjoyed it too :)

I feel like eating more sweet potatoes now.

Signing off,
The sehssi potato

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