Friday, April 4, 2014


Hello humans. I am back.

I have been missing for a very long time because I ran out of fuel to return to Earth. But I am back. So.. yeah.

Ok, this is me just realizing that this post will be the first post of 2014.


To bring y'all up to date:

For the first 2 months of the year, I was interning in KL in one of the big 4's. Corporate life is so different. Just makes me appreciate being at home and having nothing to do so much more.

I passed P3, failed P4. What the faggot la. My first fail. Oh oh oh. But never mind, I have already passed the stage of feeling pitiful. I have only 2 papers left this June :) Then I am FREEEEE.

I had a disastrous big chess tournament and a good small tournament last month. I have another big tournament coming up this end of the month. Oh oh oh.

Oh and my beautiful potatoes, I am addicted to online shopping. Oh oh oh. Especially shopping for make up and skincare stuffs. I love Hermo.

Don't know why, but moolah kept rolling in the past 2 weeks and I bought so many things. I am so happy my potatoes. Oh oh oh.

I haven't gotten to the stage of being comfortable shopping for clothes online yet. I mean I do drool over those many many gorgeous outfit photos on instagram and all that but I don't feel comfortable buying clothes online, although I did buy some clothes online before, because of all the uncertainty of the sizing and cutting... what am I crapping about.

Oh oh oh.

Right now, I am really considering buying my own laptop because I can! *milestone unlocked* Probably I should save up just a little more first. I don't want to go back to scrimping every cent.

And I probably should start taking selfies again because I'm not getting any younger #perfectexcuse

Ok so there goes my first post of the year my humans.

I apologize for the lack of depth this post offers. I promise to update my blog more frequently now. Said the girl who breaks her promises.

No really. Because I am back.



  1. The problem with "I am back" posts is that the blogger will be absent for another year or so. So I never post "I am back" ever.

  2. Haha. Nah... Probably just 3 months :p