Monday, July 1, 2013

The tide is coming

So I was preparing my CV and resume yesterday.


And I am not ready for work life.... lol. I did say I was excited to work and earn my own money. But when the time comes, realization dawns upon you that once working life starts, that's it. There's going to be hardly any time left to do what you want. 

Unless of course, you love your work so bad and your passion is your 9-5 office job and your goal is climb the corporate ladder. Then that's all fine and dandy. 

For now, I have just too many things coming up that take up a heck of my time. Especially at this second half of the year. Let's just hope they pay off.

I'll just have to thread extra carefully. Just for this period. Things will work out :)

Now that it's the 1st of July, I have approximately 18 days left before I leave for Miri. Excited! June was pretty hectic. I thought I would be free once exams were over, but things just kept popping up one after another. Wonderful things. But unrelated things. Hahaha.

I've been working on my body. I haven't been following a consistent workout pattern because of my hectic schedule.

Actually, I don't think I'll ever have a consistent workout routine. hahahaha. Just that now my time is freed up, I can exercise more often. It's usually a jumble of sets of exercises. Each day different from the previous one. But I don't care. So long as it works. Haha.

Also, I'm surprised I've nearly completed my to-buy-list. Haha. Just need one or two more items and I'm done :)

On another note...

Yesterday's breakfast. Woke up at 7am on a SUNDAY... for THIS. 

It's good. GOOD, I tell you. Worth the early wake up call :) The food was all sold out by 8am. It's a shop in Kampar called Meng Kei... or something.

JULY, it's gonna be challenging. Still, JULY, I LOVE YOU!


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