Thursday, July 4, 2013

Killer Butterflies


Happy Birthday Papa!

Ok, next. lol.

I'm currently in love with 4MINUTE - '물 좋아? (Is It Poppin'?)' (Official Music Video)


My new favorite 4minute song :D

The song has a light-ish pop vibe to it. Not so loud and crazy. It's a song you can put on repeat and still concentrate on blogging. Hah.

And, HYUNA!! .... omggg.... how can you be so sexy??? I like her with black hair the best.

So last week was the Malaysian Masters, a special tourney held to select the Malaysian chess squad.

Because it was a week after my exams and with about a week to ready myself for battle, I thought I was gonna get slaughtered. 

But, I qualified for the national squad ;) Wee!

I know that previously I've been in the team before, but every opportunity given to me is still a blessing :) 

Top 6 women qualify. I got 4th. So logically speaking, top 6 men should also qualify yea? But I'm hearing top 8 for men. Oh I'm so confused. But whatever, if you're in the top 5, confirm your position will not be compromised. Unless you don't want to play..

Women results here. Men results here.

I love chess.

Pictures of my sleepy face in the hotel room first.

Sorry ah, just woke up. My free day that day :D

First round was in the Palace of the Golden Horses. 

Guest-of-honor was the prince of Perak, Raja Nazrin. Small talked with the players. When he got to the table my brother and I were playing at, he asked how old I was. So I told him and he went, ...wait for it, wait for it...

"Oh? You look so young!"


So happy... 

The presentation of the desserts there were really.... SO BLARDY CUTE CAN DIE MAN.



Subsequent rounds were at Swiss Inn at Petaling Street.


The men's section finished a day later. So that meant I had one free day for KL.

KL = shopping. Shopping was rad, babeh. Rad.

That day's buy.


In H&M's changing room... the purpose of this picture is not to show the dress. It's to show my DARK DARK SKIN. So a few days ago, I bought this. 

It was going to be either Sunplay or Biore. 

But Sunplay had one version in pink. So if it's pink, it's mine. Haha.




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