Friday, April 26, 2013

TT Mask Review


Lately (as in since the past few months), I've been having a slight obsession with face masks.

I'm addicted to the instant boost they give my face after each application. Also they're so convenient to use and bring around. They're like these customized power packs for my face. And some more, masks nowadays come in super cute packaging.

Ok enough.

So I've been lucky enough to have been selected to review some masks by Timeless Truth Malaysia in collaboration with The Butterfly Project :D

The lavender and pink printed opening letter :)

I'm so happy because

1. I get to save money
2. I'm a mask-lover
3. I get to save money.

I said that already.

So the mask they gave me to review is from the Moisturizing range and it's the INSTANTANEOUS BRIGHTENING COOLING one :D

They were generous enough to give me 3 complimentary masks! I already used up 2 last night! One for myself, the other for Jb.

And it's so good.

I really, really, really like this cooling mask. The sensation was so soothing and refreshing and minty and icy... and snowy.

And I guess my face did get brighter. But I don't care, I'm in it for the cooling effect.

The mask is made of a thin type of sheet which hugs the face perfectly. And I actually couldn't really feel the sheet on my face because it's so delicately thin. Which I like :)

I used it at night.

But the last one I'm saving up for when the weather's really, really hot. Which is like, in Malaysia, any day. I already feel tempted to order more of this mask online.

Anyway, today I'm feeling very happy lah. So many good things flowing to me recently. I feel so blessed :')

But I also have many things to do. Aiihhhh... I'll be sitting for 2 very major papers this June. I have to score well! I wanna pass as fast as possible and get a good job in KL ;) I can't wait to be earning my own big money. Cuz no matter what, money does give a degree of freedom. A very big degree.

After my exams, I'm going on a shopping + pampering spree! There's a looong list of things I have to get. CANNOT WAIT. It's gonna be so fun.

Right now, I'm also on a mission to tone my body.

1. Get rid of flabby underarms. I don't have much flesh under it but I still want it taut :)

2. Butt exercises. I want a PERKY BEHIND. Nuff' said.

3. S-line tummy. I don't want hard washboard abs that look like... they belong to a man. I just want a nice, firm, narrow waist.

How the hell does her tummy look like that? 

Ok time to go. Enjoy life!

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