Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last week

So last week has been pretty swell.

Few days ago, went on a family trip to Penang. Gurney Drive to be more specific. The Gurney area lah.

And when you go to Penang, all you take are pictures of food, food, food and... the sea..

Penang! One of the best things about going to Penang is definitely the ferry ride. The worst, hands down, goes to the amount of cars on that teeny island. Ho ma lord.

So cool right that spiral thingy. What is it anyway?

We did some shopping in Gurney Plaza. I bought this mask that I'm so excited to try out!

Now the pimple on my nose is BIG. So I can't wait for it to go down so I can try out the mask.

Diverging, because he was on a week long break last week, that meant movie time.

Oylmpus Has Fallen was nice, especially with Gerard Butler starring. But killings were predictable. Like ANY character that doesn't have more than 10 minutes of screen time gets shot down like nothing. Even if it's the president of South Korea.

But Oblivion was ohmaigad I-LOVE-IT. Reminds me of Moon but only better. Not the moon moon, but the film moon. Homaigad... Oblivion so good. 

Anyway, now that the week is over, my mid-April goals are:

1. Whip myself into shape. Like into this shape


She has the exact birth date as me! Down to the last digit :D

I'm so pathetic...

Ok lazy to write down other goals. 

Oh and if you've miss my face, here's a picture for ya ;)


Haha. Sorry lah, got pimple on my nose.

Went to KL that day to accompany JB to buy his Note 2. Yes NOTE 2 BAGGARS! And both his sisters recently bought PINK note 2s.... 

*looks at my S2* 

I also went down to redeem a free detox treatment at midvalley. And got pushed to buy their travelling skincare kit worth RM88 D:

Damn hardcore they sell their products... Like I was in this interrogation room. Kept saying no, no, no, but they kept pushing

Haih, whatever lah...

So anyway I bought this really cute Hello Kitty casing (see above). RM30. Is that a good price? 


Brain jam.

Ok, have a good end of the day y'all!

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