Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Is Pretty Awesome

I'm blogging. See? See? It's the 3rd week of March and I'm on my 3rd post for the month.

Throwback of the month, first 3 weeks:

1. LFS opened!

That's the new CINEMA in my little town. Quite nice! I mean, it IS new so anything new is nice. Also got Kampar's first escalator. HAHAHAHAHAHA. KL people, you won't understand this feeling lah.

Made full use of the cinema by going on endless movie dates. Watched Journey to the West and Jack the Giant Slayer in a span of a weekend. Wanted to watch Wizard of Oz also, but my mum and bros said not nice :( Gonna watch another movie this weekend. HAHAHAHA.

2. Got 4th place in the open category of KLK chess tourney.

"Open" category means both men and women just in case... you know... never mind. Haven't been playing in a while, so I'm pretty darn happy I won something! Haha. More importantly, I won myself some pocket money. All my siblings won something too :D

Can you see me? No you can't. Here's another one.

3. Got selected to do a review by OnlyBeauty for a Maybelline product ;)

I'm not a "famous" blogger or anything boohoohoo. So I don't get sponsored or invited to do any reviews or stuff. Instead, what I get is having to APPLY for reviews and stuff and hope they'll pick me. Why do I sound so pathetic? ... Anyway, can't wait to get my FREE product! What's more, it's been something I wanted to buy. Weee :D

Ok, I left the best for the last. Hee.

4. Received news that I'm one of the chosen finalist for MGIM 2013!

That's Miss Global International Malaysia to you. Omo, omo... I'm soo excited! It's going to be held at Miri. Yes, Miri as in the Sarawak Miri. And yes, I auditioned for it last month. Just in case you think they just chose me from some yellow book. Loges, are you seeing this?? :D

So whoever's reading this, especially my relatives and rich friends HAHAHAHA, you can come see me. The grand final's on the 27th of July. And the entrance to the grand ballroom is RM160 to RM 800 per pax. That's why I said rich friends :P Drop me a message for more info. More on this later ;)

Oh yes, because I feel like it today, here goes:

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And that's all.

Wanted to ask you to follow me on twitter and instagram but then I didn't want to be that type of person who fishes for followers.... Nah, just joking. I'm too lazy to get the link.

See you all until the next time I brainstorm for my next post ;)


  1. yes, I'm seeing this... but kinda late.. sorry due to busy uni life...
    Wish you gud luck!
    P/s: Miri is far from my place... T_T. if u want to meet, either one of us need to
    take flight or travel by road for a very long long hours...