Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy February!

January throwback in Instagram mode.

Visited the newly opened Old Town White Coffee in... new town. Ada hotel punya feel~

First time at Scott Garden to register for the Miss Shanghai pageant. Yeah baby, I was one of the shortlisted girls ;) Little did I know the journey I would begin... 

Went on a bubble tea spree with Merlin - Par Tea Time, Ochado, bubbleone etc. I still prefer Chatime.

Lots, and I mean lots, of food dates with JB. 

Received my very own comic drawn calendar :)

Pizza! Just look at that cheese oozing out....

Mcd breakfast for every single time I came back from KL in the morning that month. 

Basically, the highlight of the month.

  1. The chance to participate in Miss Shanghai 2013 and appear on the newspaper
  2. Made so many new friends. I love them all! Broadens my social network
  3. Gained the experience to catwalk confidently, pose. I learned so much
  4. Discovered that smiling all the time on stage is no easy feat
  5. I enjoyed shopping for the pageant. It's like shopping for the prom I never had. The dress, accessories etc.
  6. Enjoyed taking care of myself for the upcoming show: masks, exercising. Having something to look forward to makes it that much easier to keep my motivation high
And then ah. Finally have been going on jogs/brisk walks with JB! :) That is an achievement in its own right.

Now February's here and all I'm thinking of is: studies, Valentine's, CNY

... and other in-betweens that I hope will turn out well ;)

I have been slacking too much in studies last month. So I'm gonna have to double the effort I put into my studies this month to make up for the time wasted.

Goals for the month is:
  1. Exercise more
  2. Study more
  3. Take care of my skin more
  4. Angpau moneeyyyy!
  5. And then save that money
  6. And then device a plan to strategically spend that money 
  7. Then spend that money *grins*
Ok gonna go to the pasar malam now. Have a great month everyone!


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